27 Affirmations for Job Seekers To Help You Land A New Job

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Tired of not getting a new job? These 27 incredible affirmations for job seekers will help you manifest and land a new job easily!


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Are you tired of giving multiple job interviews but never cracking even one of them? Or is it worse that you’re struggling with a lack of job opportunities?

You are not alone.

It happened to me once when I was a newbie looking for my first client as a freelancer. Let me just tell you that getting your first client as a freelancer is almost the same struggle as getting a job.

I was tired of constantly pitching many clients daily but never receiving a single reply. Honestly, I was about to give up.

Right before giving up, I thought to give it a last shot. So, along with taking action, I decided to use affirmations.

Do you know what happened next? I actually got my first client!
Further, I decided to use affirmations to grow my family business, and they worked pretty well again.

Since then, I’ve been using affirmations to manifest a lot of things in life.

Coming back to you, would you also like to land a new job or your dream job using affirmations?

If your answer is yes, let’s jump right into the post, where I’ll share some incredible affirmations for job seekers that will help you manifest a new job and crack interviews easily.  

27 Killer Affirmations for Job Seekers To Help You Land A New Job

1. I exude enormous confidence that helps me crack any job with ease.

2. My resume reflects the wide variety of skills I possess.

Affirmation for job - My resume reflects the wide variety of skills I possess.

3. Getting hired for a new job is a piece of cake for me.

4. I deserve to get placed in my dream company.

5. I have all the skills, qualifications, and talent required to land my dream job.

6. I have endless career and job opportunities.

7. I am getting offers from companies that are willing to reward me with plenty of money.

8. I work hard, which gets me rewarded hard.

9. I am quickly attracting a new and most suitable job.

10. I am super happy with my work and strive to become the best at it.

11. I am open to receiving and reviewing job offers.

12. I deserve an excellent job role that matches my work expertise and experience.

13. I deserve a job that allows me to experience freedom and do what I love.

Affirmation for a new job - I deserve a job that allows me to experience freedom and do what I love

14. My bubbly personality makes it easier for me to connect with others.

15. I blend easily in any workplace environment.

16. The universe has paved the way for me to reach my dream job.

17. The universe wants me to crack my dream job.

18. Just a single thought of going to a new job is enough to make me float in the air.

19. I let go of any beliefs holding me from making significant career progress.

20. The positivity in my thoughts has opened doors to endless career opportunities.

21. My bold and stunning personality can impress anyone on the interview panel.

New job affirmation - My bold and stunning personality can impress anyone on the interview panel.

22. Nobody is better than me for my dream job.

23. I have peak performance and motivation levels.

24. Every job I switch gets me one step closer to financial freedom.

25. I’ve perfectly aligned my energies to land my dream job.

26. I possess boundless potential.

27. I have complete faith that my abilities will help me flourish in the new job.

How To Write Affirmations for Job?

There could be a few instances where the previously mentioned job affirmations aren’t serving you, or you don’t want to use them. In such a case, you can create a few custom affirmations.

Here’s how you can do that:-

  • Don’t write the affirmations in the future tense like “I will become a software developer.” Instead, write them in the present tense like “I am a skilled and experienced software developer.”
  • Your tone must reflect positivity. Instead of affirming, “I am unable to save in my current job,” try “my job pays me so well that I live a healthy lifestyle and stay free from debts.”
  • Your affirmations must be realistic and believable. For example, if you want to land a high-paying job, affirming, “My company pays me a million dollars every year” wouldn’t make any sense.
  • Ensure that your job affirmation is specific. For example, when applying for a position as a software developer, your affirmation could be, “I am a skilled and experienced software developer.”
  • Finally, your affirmations should touch your heart. They should inspire you to keep striving in your career.       

How To Use Job Affirmations in 5 Simple Steps?

There are a lot of reasons to use job affirmations. The most obvious reason is that they work! (Even science proves it) 

But there are other reasons, too. 

When looking for a job, it’s vital for you to stay positive and focused on your goals. Repeating job affirmations can help you do that. 
They can also help you stay confident during the interview process. If you’re feeling down about your job search, repeating job affirmations can help you turn things around.

Now comes the big question:-“How to use these job affirmations?”

I’ll let you know.

Follow this 5-step process, and you’ll be using them effectively.

how to use job affirmations

Step #1: Select three job affirmations for yourself. They can either belong to the list I shared above, or you can even pick your custom ones.

Step #2: Write down your selected affirmations in a journal.

Step #3: Re-write those affirmations at least thrice every day. You have to write them repeatedly until you start believing them. 

You can even choose to speak them in your mind or read them aloud. However, in my opinion, writing is the best option.

Step #4: Once you’ve started believing them and they’ve lightened you up, take action! Push your resume to multiple companies, give interviews, and keep looking for new opportunities. 

Step #5: Stick to the same job affirmations until they don’t serve you anymore.

End of the Line

While using the affirmations I shared, you need to be patient because it may take some time for the results to appear.

As it’s said:

Good things take time

Don’t just expect the results to appear overnight. They might take some time, but I bet they will appear!

Summing it up, these were all the 27 affirmations for job seekers. If you use them correctly, they will surely help you manifest and land a new job.

Make sure to comment below if they helped you. Forward this post to your loved ones if they would find it helpful too. Also, hit the bell icon if you want to stay updated with similar upcoming posts.

I’ll see you in the next post!



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