23 Signs of a Bubbly Personality (+7 Hacks To Be One)

Updated On: December 24, 2022

These 23 signs will help you know whether you’re a superstar bubbly personality of your group or not! If not, the 7 hacks will help you become one!


Girl Having Bubbly Personality With Her Two Friends

We all have that one friend who’s always high on life and has loads of positivity inside—the one who blends well with any group and soon becomes the center of attention.

That friend of yours is none other than a bubbly personality!

Let me guess, Have you started wondering if it’s not your friend who’s the bubbly person but you?

Jump right into the post, where I’ve shared 23 signs that will help you identify whether you are the show-stealer, bubbly personality of your group or not. 
If you don’t think so, you can even use the seven incredible hacks that I’ve listed to become one.  

What Is Bubbly Personality?

In simple words, A bubbly personality is a person who is always cheerful, lively, and happy. 

Bubbly people have a positive perception towards life and are always searching for the good in every situation. They are often very social and outgoing and enjoy being around others. They have a tendency to make friends easily and are often very likable.

I am pretty sure you already know that your friend circle matters a lot in life. So, If you’ve got a tribe that pulls you down through negativity, the company of bubbly people would feel like heaven to you. 


It’s because bubbly people are very optimistic, which can be a refreshing change from more negative people.

Is It Good To Have a Bubbly Personality?

In my opinion, it’s actually DAMN GOOD to be a bubbly person!

I know that being bubbly has its own downfalls, but I think the benefits massively outweigh them.

If you’re confused about whether you should be a bubbly personality or not, I’ll share the advantages and disadvantages that will help you make a wise decision for yourself.

Pros of Being a Bubbly Personality

Pros Of Being a Bubbly Personality
  • You live joyfully.
  • You live your own way.
  • It’s easy for you to make friends.
  • You look for happiness in the present moment.
  • You always look at the brighter side of every situation.
  • Everyone loves you.
  • You make the best out of each moment.
  • You’re always enthusiastic and excited.

Cons of Being a Bubbly Personality

  • It becomes hard for you to get personal space.
  • People might take your opinion for granted in making significant decisions.
  • Others might consider you in the “kiddo” category.
  • You crave attention when you’re in any group. You might feel bad if someone else gets it but not you.
  • It becomes almost impossible for you to stay alone.

Are You Bubbly? 23 Signs You Have A Bubbly Personality

These 23 signs will help you identify whether you are a bubbly personality or not:-

1. You Are the Group Conversations Starter.

When bubbly people are around, awkwardness can’t surround.

Have you ever noticed the awkward silence when you and your friends have a group meetup after a long time?

Yes? Then who’s the one that breaks the silence and ignites the conversation?

If it’s you, then you might be a bubbly personality.

Bubbly people are generally the ice-breakers in any group when it comes to conversations. They pick up the topic of common interest and start talking about it. They don’t even let anyone feel left out because they know how to pull people into the conversation.

2. You Enjoy When Others Laugh.

Bubbly Personality Sign - You Enjoy When Others Laugh

Are you a funny person who often makes others laugh?

Bubbly people do that too!

A bubbly personality often comes up with jokes in every situation. Sometimes, even if those jokes are cringe, their laughter after cracking those jokes makes others laugh.

Bubbly people are literally one of the best people to be with when feeling low.

3. You Are Super Friendly.

Bubbly people are extremely confident and know how to mix up with almost any kind of people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert; they’ll figure out how to interact with you.

Further, they are easy to approach as they’re humble and welcome everyone with open arms. You don’t have to worry whether they’ll judge you or not because, in most cases, they won’t.

You just have to talk to a bubbly personality once, and BAM! they will be able to talk to you forever.

4. You Always Got Some Pals Who Never Let You Feel Bored.

Everyone goes through times when they feel super bored and have no one to talk to, right?

A bubbly personality doesn’t face such times!

Bubbly people have a massive list of contacts they can call and meet up with anytime. The best part is that those contacts are even more willing to meet them because of their stunning personality.
Thus, bubbly people can’t be lonely until they want to. They always have several choices. 

5. When You Start Laughing, You Become Unstoppable.

A person with a bubbly personality is joyful and light-hearted. It is easy to make them laugh aloud, even at the cringiest jokes. Once they begin laughing, they just don’t stop until their stomach aches or eyes get teary.
Their broad smile is so glamorous that it can fill your heart with happiness and enthusiasm. 

The experience of being with bubbly people is just pure bliss.

6. Social Media Is Love.

As bubbly people love to interact with others, you’ll usually find them on almost every social platform. 
However, this doesn’t mean they’ll be addicted to social media. It’s just that they love to share themselves with others by posting what’s happening in their lives.

7. You Love To Live Each Day.

A bubbly person wakes up with enthusiasm and determination to make the best out of each day. They just free themselves from all the past or future worries and focus on living in the present.

Their goal is to be happier each day rather than crawling through life and stressing about small things.

8. You Spend Your Energy On Your Goals Too!

Just because bubbly people are busy nurturing relationships and living in the present, others might assume they’re wasting their energy and time and have no future goals.

But in reality, that’s not the case!

A person with a bubbly personality spends an equal (or more) amount of time and energy on their goals as they do with other people. While they may not show it to you, they’re actually working on their dream life by making the best use of the present.

9. People Can’t Resist Getting Attracted To You.

Imagine- You are at a party and see someone having a good time. 

What would happen? You would naturally get drawn toward them, Right?

Similarly, People are attracted to bubbly people who seem to be enjoying life. It is because bubbly people have open hearts and are constantly vibrating at a high frequency. 

The sparkle in their eyes and the positivity they spread in the surroundings make others so ecstatic that they can’t resist interacting with them.

10. Staying Upset For Long Is Not Your Type.

Staying Upset for Too Long is Not Your Type

Anger is a human emotion, and bubbly people do get angry! However, if they’re upset with you, the duration won’t last long because of their forgiving nature.

A Bubbly personality knows how to move on pretty well. They don’t prefer to hold onto grudges because they believe in fostering healthy relationships.

Just one heartfelt sorry is enough to restore the relationship with them. 

11. Smallest Things Make You Jump in Excitement.

Bubbly people do not attach their excitement and joyfulness to a specific thing or an event. They know that everything in life won’t go according to their plan, so they try to find happiness even in minor things.

Whether there’s a party at a friend’s house or their mother preparing their favorite dish, you’ll find them floating like a bubble in the air within a few seconds.

12. Embarrassment Doesn’t Bother You An Inch.

Bubbly people are fun-loving. They don’t judge others and are neither afraid to be judged by others. They simply do what makes them happy, even when it’s anything silly or embarrassing.

13. A Party Feels Empty Without “You” and a “Coke.”

There’s always a friend in every group without whom a party feels incomplete. If that friend isn’t attending the party, most other group members cancel their plans too!  

That same friend who’s the “life” of the party could be a bubbly personality. 
When they are at the party, the enjoyment reaches another level. The crazy stuff they do and how they make everyone laugh make them the center of attention.

A bubbly person’s presence is the reason the party goes lit!

14. You Easily Let Go of Your Ego.

Another common misconception about bubbly people is that they are highly egoistic because these people are always looking for attention and are only interested in themselves.

Contrary to the stereotype, bubbly people are, in fact, amiable. They are often some of the most compassionate and generous people you will ever meet. Their optimistic side even leads them to be more helpful and giving.

Sometimes, even when there’s no fault from their side, they are willing to apologize and keep their ego aside to save the relationship.

Such a great attitude is why bubbly people have so many friends and are able to maintain healthy bonds.

15. You See the Bright Side of Everything.

Bubbly people are highly optimistic, and they look for the positive no matter what life throws their way. Their perspective is brilliant, and they know that the quickest way to turn any situation around is to look at its brighter side.

Even when the times get tough, you’ll always find them smiling and thriving through the pain. All because of the positivity that’s filled inside them.

16. You Aren’t Just Silly. You Are Smart.

Just because of the jolly nature of bubbly people, some people have a false perception that they lack intelligence. 

In reality, bubbly people are always curious and always learning. They know that there is no “one right answer” to any question, and they are constantly exploring new ideas and new ways of looking at the world. They also know that it’s never too late to learn, and they are always open to new information.

They might not be book smarts, but they are mostly street smarts. You can easily observe their high intelligence levels through their ability to control emotions, deep self-understanding, creativity, and understanding of the world.

17. Others Crave Your Company.

The companionship a bubbly person offers is just mind-blowing. Their stories and punchlines are the ones that make others laugh. The positivity and the vibes they carry make them feel good. The never-ending list of topics that a bubbly person has keeps them engaged.

Further, it’s not that bubbly people keep blabbering all the time. Instead, they are good listeners too, which gives others an equal chance to share themselves.   

Once someone spends time with a bubbly personality, they get addicted to them!

18. Your Happiness Can’t Fade Away.

You can call bubbly people “happy perky” because they are genuinely happy people who see the good in every situation. They are always up for having fun and love to surround themselves with positive people.

A bubbly person enjoys life and has an easy-going nature. Their enthusiasm and high energy help them maintain smiling faces forever.

19. You Crave Attention.

Bubbly Personality Trait - You Crave Attention

Bubbly people love being the center of attention in a group or a community. They might lead the conversation, change the topic, or take the first action.

At parties, they might even pick up their phone and click a group selfie so that all the eyes are back on them.

They just don’t like it when someone else grabs the group’s attention.  

20. Your Friends Can’t Stay Away From Your For Long.

Bubbly people have a lot of friends, and they love them all. In the same way, their friends love them too.

As a bubbly personality offers one of the best companionships, their friends get exceptionally attached to them. 

The way bubbly people treat their friends with care, support, and compassion makes it difficult for those friends to lose touch. Further, their friends contact them regularly for quick conversations and hangouts to keep in touch with them.

21. Your Inner Child Frequently Pops Out.

Bubbly people have their inner child alive, which actually comes out and flourishes in many situations.

One moment, they’ll behave maturely as hell, and at the other moment, they’ll commit silly mistakes and keep laughing. Their playfulness and curiosity make them try new things. Further, their childlike innocence and openness help them meet new people and mix with them easily.  

22. You Love Lengthy Conversations.

A person with a bubbly personality is a great conversationalist. They enjoy long conversations and have no problem talking about any topic. Further, one of the most amazing facts about bubbly people is that they never run out of exciting things to say. 

If you’re feeling low, a bubbly person would console you and make you feel comfortable. They are the ones you want to talk to when you want to have a good time.

23. Making New Friends Is Your Passion.

Individuals with bubbly personalities enjoy making friends. They are usually very social and outgoing, and they enjoy being around others.

Bubbly people make great friends because they are always willing to put in the effort. They are ready to go out of their way to make someone feel welcome. They also tend to be very loyal friends and are always there for their loved ones.

How To Be Bubbly: 7 Hacks That Actually Work

If you aren’t a bubbly person yet but aspire to become one, these seven hacks will help you out:-

How to Become a Bubbly Person

1. Greet people with a proper handshake.

2. Step out of your home. Meet a bunch of new people. Make new friends.

3. Steal everyone’s attention through engaging conversations.

4. Take the initiative to call your friends for a party.

5. Stop worrying about society. Do what makes you happy.

6. Always carry a stunning smile on your face. It’s free!

7. Try to maintain a positive perception in every situation. 

End of the Line

Before ending the post, I would love to answer the most common question:-“Is it ok not to be a bubbly person?”

Becoming a bubbly person is just a tweak to your personality. If you make a few additions to your existent traits, you’ll soon become one.

However, this does not mean that you aren’t enough the way you are! The people who love you do so because of your true identity.

Always remember that you’re unique. You don’t need to lose your originality to become someone else.

Finally, being a bubbly personality is just a choice. You don’t have to consider it a necessity.




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