Blame Game is for Cowards! Develop Self-Accountability Today

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Do you have a habit of blaming circumstances or people if you fail at something? This post can help you achieve self-accountability today!


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Do you have a habit of blaming circumstances or people if you fail at something?

If yes, let me ask you one more thing, does it solve the issue or make you successful?

Your answer would definitely be a NO!

Ever wondered, “What’s the real reason behind your failure?”

It’s you! Literally, nothing or no one else.
It has become your habit to transfer your mistakes to someone else so that you don’t have to feel any regret. 

It is simply a lack of self-accountability.

So, Do you want to achieve mastery in the skill of self-accountability? Are you determined to become a better version of yourself and achieve all your dreams?

Follow up through this article, and I’ll let you know everything you could do to become self-accountable from now onwards.
Let’s start! 

What is Self-Accountability

Self-Accountability, also known as Personal-Accountability, is when you hold yourself responsible for every action in your life. You don’t blame others for what happened to you, whether it was a success or a failure. 
In case of a failure, you consider it your fault and try to improvise it with time. Also, when you succeed, you acknowledge it as your hard work and celebrate with happiness.

For better clarity, here’s an example

Imagine yourself working in your dream job, and your boss fires you because you weren’t able to deliver the projects on time.

So, if you practice self-accountability, you will count yourself as the one who didn’t work hard and didn’t manage time effectively.
On the other hand, if you aren’t self-accountable, you will blame your teammates that they worked inefficiently, due to which you were unable to deliver the projects on time.

Importance of Self-Accountability

Importance of Self-Acceptance

Before moving onto how you can develop personal accountability, you need to know the reasons “why is it important to be personally accountable?”
So, here are the six reasons:-

1. Nobody Else Gets Hurt

Sometimes, you unknowingly blame your loved ones if something goes bad with you, even when they weren’t even involved. You curse them and yell at them, but they keep listening. 
Deep down, they feel so much pain and start considering them as the reason behind your failure, which isn’t the truth.

As soon as you master the skill of self-accountability, you stop blaming your loved ones. They don’t get hurt, and you invest the same time and energy to improve yourself.

2. You Make Better Decisions

Being personally accountable improves your decision-making skills upto a great extent. You start making sound decisions keeping all the consequences in mind as you are the one who’s going to face them.
You pre-calculate the risks that are involved with a particular decision instead of directly taking the risk. Further, you cautiously take action based on your decision.

3. Probability of Achieving Success Increases

The moment you become in charge of every moment in your life, the chances of achieving the heights of success increase.
When you work on your dreams, you take steps and sometimes even fail. But, instead of looking into the flaws in others, you look for the reasons why you failed. Further, you start working on those weaknesses and ultimately succeed.

4. You Work Harder

When you become personally accountable, you realize the fact that you are the only one who could make your dreams come true. 
Therefore, you stop expecting results from others. You start working harder and try to carry out all the tasks that you can accomplish on your own.

5. Better Control Over Actions

Personal accountability is also helpful when you feel that you do not have the desired control over your actions. For example, you get distracted quickly, or you are unable to focus as much as required.
So, when you develop the skill, you automatically become more focused because you consider it your responsibility to carry out every task before the deadline.

6. You Develop a Get Things Done Attitude

As you start putting more and more effort into your work, you develop an attitude of completing the tasks in one way or another. Even if you have to be awake the whole night to learn something new, you do it anyways. 
Thus, you start completing even those tasks which you once considered impossible.

6 Simple Steps to Become Master at Self-Accountability

Steps to develop self-accountability

Now, let’s answer your most awaited question “How to develop the skill of self-accountability?”
So, let’s start:-

Step 1: Prepare Yourself

First and foremost, you have to develop a strong mindset before getting started. You need to commit yourself to growth. You have to motivate yourself to be self-accountable from now. You need to be responsible for every action in your life if you want to achieve something exceptional.

No more excuses. Only results. 

Step 2: Plan with Patience

The second step in achieving personal accountability is planning before execution. 

Prepare a daily to-do list and list down all your goals in it. Make sure that the goals are tied with deadlines and are REALLY achievable. 
Also, Create a realistic time management schedule that has breaks in between it. You can keep the schedule light at the beginning and make it difficult with time.

Step 3: Execute with Impatience

The planning is complete. Now it’s time to execute the plan. So, whenever you feel like doing nothing, don’t overthink. Just start doing only one task at a time, not more than that.
You’ll feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but soon, you’ll enjoy working. 
Value your time and stick to the schedule that you made earlier. Try to have maximum control over yourself.

Step 4: Review Yourself Daily

It is the time when you have to hold yourself accountable for everything that happened during the entire day. 
Analyze the level of energy and productivity you had. Check the percentage of tasks you were able to carry out from your to-do list. Think about whether you were able to achieve your goals in your desired timeframe or not.

Step 5: Act Responsible

Now you have your progress report.

So, if you were able to achieve your target, reward yourself. Have a positive feeling that you are the only one who made it successful, and you are the only one accountable for your success.

But, if you were unable to achieve your goals in the desired timeframe, punish yourself.
It may be harsh, but you have to do it! 
If you can reward yourself, why can’t you punish yourself?
Don’t try to justify yourself through lame reasons. Stop telling lies to your brain. Accept the fact that you failed yourself, and there was no other person behind your failure.

Further, list down your weaknesses. Search for the scope of improvement and the reasons why you failed. Improve over them and try again.

Step 6: Repeat

You have to challenge yourself daily and keep leveling up until you get total control over your actions and brain. 
So, whenever you fail, consider it as your fault and try to keep looking for a scope of improvement.

Keep making mistakes, hold yourself responsible for them, learn from yesterday, and keep pushing. 

The victories were yours. The defeats are yours too. 
Nobody had a role in them, nobody held you back, and that’s the truth.

A Heartly Suggestion, Just for You ( Because I Care for You and I Don’t Want You to Give Up)

Burnout due to constant self-growth efforts

In the process of mastering self-accountability, there will be times when you’ll fail at convincing yourself that it was your fault. 
You will blame someone else and get frustrated because you REALLY don’t want to.

You might start experiencing mental burnout at this stage, and you’ll feel like giving up.
But, the fact is that self-growth requires time.

Burnout means that you just need to take a break rather than giving up.

Stop pushing yourself at this moment and relax
Give yourself a big reward that you pushed so far. Take a vacation from everything and attain your mental peace.

Regain your energy and get back to improving yourself whenever you feel comfortable. 

Parting Thoughts 

While following the steps that I’ve mentioned above, soon you’ll realize that you always had an unexplored potential of controlling everything in your life.
You’ll start feeling confident and positive about yourself. You’ll feel as if you are a one-man army, and you can achieve everything if you want to.

Trust me! All the efforts will be worth it. Your personality would be better than ever, and your maturity level would be at an all-time high.

Try it once. Let me know how it goes.


Ans. We avoid being self-accountable so that we don’t have to face the negative consequences of the result.
We try to provide a fake justification to ourselves that we were not the reason behind the failure or disappointment. Instead, we find a way to escape the situation by blaming the circumstances or the people involved.



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