Here’s How You Can Enter Beast Mode By Overcoming Failure

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Here’s How You Can Enter Beast Mode By Overcoming Failure · What is Failure · 19 Reasons Why You Fail · How to Deal with Them…


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Pop quiz. What applies best to you in most situations?

1. You failed. However, You dared to fight back against your failure. You won
2. You failed. You fought back, but you lost.
3. You failed. You wanted to fight back but had no idea how to do so.

If you lie in the first category, you are already a strong fighter, and you know how to face your failures. However, If you lie in the second or third category, do you regret stepping back from those situations?

If the answer is YES, then it’s the right time to take yourself to the first category. It’s the time to punch those failures in their faces and activate your beast mode. 

So, let’s start.

What is Failure?

Let’s begin with the definition of failure.

Failure is nothing but an attempt or a SINGLE idea that didn’t work out. However, it doesn’t mean that no idea will work.
It has become our mentality to link failure with a dead-end, while that isn’t the truth. The reality is that you have to learn through those failures to gain massive success.

If you want to learn how to deal with failure, it’s mandatory to realize the reason why you failed. It even helps to prevent the same situation in the future.

19 Lesser Known Reasons Why You Fail

So, here we have some of the reasons “Why you might have failed.” Check for the one that applies to you.

1. Inability to Get Out of Comfort Zone.

The first ingredient for success is getting out of the comfort zone.

You did not get out of your comfort zone and push the limits. You tried to achieve it all by staying in your comfort zone as you never wanted to experience the pain of discomfort.

2. You’re Addicted to Procrastination

You made up your mind to do something really exceptional. You knew that the idea would work. However, when it came to implementation, you started to procrastinate, and what you wanted to accomplish was never accomplished.

All because you decided to do it later!

3. Lack of Consistency

Consistency has a significant role when someone thrives for success. Maybe, you gave input of 110% on one day while it went down to 60% on the other day. You have to be consistent enough to defeat failures.

4. You Never Wanted it as Bad as You Want to Breathe

In simple words, you weren’t determined enough to do what you wanted to do. Maybe, You had no subtle reasons to accomplish what you wanted to achieve, which led to a lack of constant drive.

5. Lack of Patience

Success isn’t overnight. It requires patience, sweat, and hard work.

Lack of patience could be one of the biggest reasons for your failure. It could be possible that you wanted massive results in a short period, which isn’t possible.

6. You Had Too Many Excuses

Stop making excuses

An excuse is a superb method for self-justification, and that’s why we make it.
Making too many excuses for why you weren’t able to reach your daily goals could be the reason for your failure.

Winners don’t make excuses. They break excuses.

7. Poor Self-Belief

You had a poor self-belief, and deep down, you knew that you would not be able to succeed. It all starts with the mindset to achieve the goal. You have to believe that you can do and that’s when you reach the “I did it.”

If they can do it, why can’t you?

8. Unwillingness to Work

You had your goals set. You had the right action plan. But, when it came to the work, you weren’t willing to take the action.

It is important to realize that nothing happens all by itself. You are the only one who has to work for it and make it successful.

9. Give Up Attitude

A give-up attitude instead of a fightback attitude could be the reason behind a failure. You gave up just because your first few attempts didn’t work out.

Remove the “I Quit” word from your dictionary and keep trying to figure it out until you get the answer!

10. Ignoring the Lessons from Past Mistakes

Past is a great teacher, but most of us forget the lessons from the past. When you ignore the past teachings, you commit the same mistakes repeatedly, which ultimately leads to failure.

11. Narrow Mindedness/ Advice Refusal

It is no doubt that you should do what you want to do. However, ignoring advice or opinions from others could lead to wrong moves. You never know which piece of advice might prevent you from making a blunder.

12. Distractions

Ask yourself:-“Were you too distracted while working for your goal?” The distraction could be your friends, smartphones, TV series, or anything else. Distractions hamper the quality of your work, which could have led to the failure.

13. Poor Self-Accountability

Self-accountability is how you feel accountable for your failures.

Were you busy blaming others for the task that you weren’t able to carry out?
If yes, then it’s the reason you failed.

The day you become accountable for yourself is the day when you start walking towards success.

14. You’re Too Afraid To Stand Against Society

If you’re unwilling to stand apart from the crowd, it is more likely that you’ll fail at doing something that others aren’t doing.


It is because the external voice matters to you much more than your internal voice.

15. You Took the Wrong Actions

You had no idea what to do and when to do it. That’s why you ended up making several wrong decisions, and it didn’t work out.

If you think that the decisions you made were somehow wrong, Here’s a short and simple guide that might help you make better decisions than ever.

16. Improper Time Management

Time Management Tips

Time management might be the possibility why you were unable to finish up your tasks on the decided time. Time management is crucial when there’s a deadline for you to complete a task and your goal.

Here’s a guide that might help you with time management and make the most out of it.

17. You regret your past

Learning from past mistakes is necessary, but being stuck in the past could be devastative. The reason for your failure could be the past that you regret, and maybe you are not able to get over it. That guilt does nothing but consume your time and energy.

18. You never really wanted to do what you do

If you are doing what you never wanted to do, maybe due to societal pressure, there are high chances of failure.

Do what you really want to do, and you’ll be amazed to see how capable you are.

19. You Relied Too Much On Others

Some people might rely too much on others. Did you do the same?

If yes, then realize the fact that it’s your dream. You are the only person who can envision it and make it real.

Asking for small favors is fine, but total dependence might have a highly negative impact.

How to Deal with Failure

It isn’t about that you’ve failed. It is about whether you want to stay a failure or get back up and keep hustling.

Everyone, at one point or another, fails in life. After all, nobody is perfect.

So, if you’ve failed, that’s okay. You can conquer this, and I am always there for your support.

Let’s fight back with the situation and triumph!

Here are 12 Things You Can Do to Overcome Failures:-

1. Don’t Avoid Failure, Face it! 

It is the human brain that tends to run away from mentally stressful situations. Thus, we avoid facing failures.

You can avoid failure, but you can never overcome it by this method. If you really want to overcome it, the best option is to face it.

Face it fiercely!
Is your failure BIGGER than you? Nope, it’s not.
You can do it.

2. Realize What Went Wrong

Analyzing your failure and what you did wrong is a method to learn from failure.

It happened to you. That’s okay.
But, Do you want to learn anything from it? That’s your choice.

If you learn from it, you won’t commit the same mistake ever again. But, if you don’t, life wanted to teach you a lesson, and it might happen again and again until you learn it.

3. Avoid Using Temporary Unhealthy Methods

Using temporary pleasures such as alcohol is another way that people use to distract themselves.
But, the point is, will you be distracted forever? NO!

All of it is temporary, and sooner or later, you will have to face it. But, the consequences of those short-lived pleasures might be lifelong.

4. Be Accountable

Be Accountable For your Failure
Pic credits: Julettemillien

Blaming your failures onto someone won’t turn them into success. It was your dream, and you were the one who had the vision. So, it was your responsibility to make it real.

Be accountable for what happened to you was your fault. As soon as you become responsible, you stop relying on others for your success, and you prevail.

5. Use External Motivation

Yeah, I know that internal motivation is much better than external motivation, blah, blah, blah.

But, you know what?

At this time, when you are already low, external motivation sources will help you to get a kickstart. Thus, your bounce-back will be MASSIVE.

The external sources I am talking about are inspiring videos, failure stories, and inspirational books.
You can even check out our inspirational posts. Trust me! They are just superb. Make sure to give them a try.

6. Stop Regretting it

Right now, you have two choices:-

1. Keep regretting that you failed and spend all of your time thinking about your failure.
2. Get back up, learn from the failure, live for the future and leave the past.

The first option won’t do anything rather than drain you even more. However, the second option will make you get over the failure quickly, try again, and become successful.

I won’t write much of it. The choice is yours. I know that you know what’s right for you.

7. Stay Positive

You can relieve yourself a lot just by staying positive and keeping your head high. You would have heard a lot that everything happens for a reason, and that is totally true. You can’t guess the reason why it happened right now, but trust me, you’ll get to know it.

Stay strong because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it never rains forever.

8. Spend More Time in The Activities You Love

Spending time in the activities you enjoy could be a huge stress buster. It will even help you to overcome failure in a much more positive way.

Here are some suggestions for you:-

  • Spend time with your friends and family.
  • Enjoy the games you love.
  • Watch your favorite TV series.

Just do what makes you HAPPY.

9. Don’t Overthink. Just Relax

I know that you have to face your failure. Still, if you want some time to relax, take it. Enjoy every moment of your life.

Relax your mind and body, take a short break or go out on vacation.
The whole point is to relax.

10. Don’t Lower Down Your Self-Image

It happens with almost everybody. You blame yourselves so much that you end up lowering down your self-image. You start to over criticize yourselves, and things become worse.

Even if you know you lost, don’t worry. You are a human, and humans do commit some mistakes. There is nothing known as a foolproof plan. Let it go and avoid lowering your self-esteem.

11. Create a New Plan To Success

Plan to success
Pic credits: Bookboon

Now it’s time to stand back again. Prepare your plan for success, leaving your failures behind.

Craft a new strategy keeping in mind what went wrong, and start moving on it without any second thought. It is important to try again.

Victory will follow!

12. You Are Already In Pain. Get A Reward From It

A wounded lion is more fierce than a hungry lion.

You are already hurt and already in pain. Make the best out of it by working even harder.

Channelize it to your ego “how can you even fail?”

Chase your dreams. Run after them.

Parting Thoughts

Let’s end this article on a strong note.

Do you know what I feel about you?

You are a warrior, my friend. You are better than 95% of those who don’t even try.
You are the one among that 5% who tried and failed.

I am proud of you, and you should be too.

I want you to keep going no matter what!

Keep trying and win!

That’s it for this article. See you in the next post.
Till then, Stay hungry, Keep working.


A1. Don’t lose hope. Keep trying, and you will surely succeed. There isn’t any mark that you cannot accomplish.

A2. Nobody remains a failure forever. It depends upon you how you see yourself. If you want to visualize yourself as a failure, you will always see yourself as a failure.

However, if you want to change your perception, go out and work on yourself.
Don’t sleep until you reach your daily goals and your inner voice says:-“Yeah! You did it.”

A3. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, failed more than 40 times and still became a super successful personality.



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