11 Secret Steps on How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Fed up working day and night to achieve your dreams? Check out these 11 secret steps on how to make your dreams come true with ease!


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Do you WORK YOUR ASS OFF to make your dreams come true but end up quitting because you were exhausted and couldn’t bear the stress anymore?

You aren’t alone!

Every one of us goes through the times when all those motivational speeches& videos on the internet stop working. That’s when those who achieve success keep going while the other ones quit.

So, does it mean that journey of turning dreams into reality should always be difficult?

Of course not. 
But that’s what we are hard-wired with! We feel that going through the most painful route could only lead to success.

What if I say there’s an easy and stress-free method that could help you accomplish your dreams?

Sounds tempting, right?

So, in this blog post, I’ll share 11 secret steps that would help you turn your biggest ambitions into reality.

Let’s get started. 

11 Easiest and Most Practical Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

1. Realize if it’s Really Your Dream.

The first step most of us often miss when we want to achieve a dream is that we don’t think if it’s our dream or not!
By the above statement, I mean that your dream should be only yours. It shouldn’t have been manipulated or influenced by society or someone else.

Ask yourself:-“Do I really want to achieve this dream? Will it make me happy, or am I doing it for someone else’s happiness?”

If your heart says that you aren’t happy and it’s a fake dream that you don’t want to accomplish, just stop and start searching for what you truly want to do. Because even if you continue with it, you’ll end up losing interest in it, or maybe fail at it.  

Otherwise, if your heart says you truly desire to accomplish the dream, you can move on to the next step.

2. Have a Role Model.

Have a role model

Smart people learn from their mistakes. But, the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.

~Brandon Mull

Open up yourself to new role models. There must be someone who has already achieved whatever you want to achieve.

Read their biographies, books, or anything that you can get to know about them. 
Further, learn from their experiences and try to avoid the mistakes they made. Get a roadmap of how you can achieve your dream.

Trust me. It will help you get the right guidance and make you feel that achieving your dream is possible.  

3. Change Your Mindset.

The third step is to STOP CALLING YOUR DREAM, “A DREAM.”
Call it your AIM or your GOAL! 

You aren’t working on something virtual. It’s your reality. You dream when you are asleep while you work on your goals when you are awake.

So, when you call your dream a goal, it feels achievable. Your focus shifts from “Can I achieve the goal?” to “How can I achieve the goal?” and you start looking for answers instead of questions. At last, you get prepared for the action. 

4. Write Down Your Goals and Prepare a Weekly Report.

write your goal down

As you’ve turned your dream into a goal, it’s time for you to write it down to a place where you can see it often. For example, your table, sticky note on your laptop, wall in front of you, or anywhere else.

But why do you even need to write down your goals and have a weekly report for them?

As per a study by Dr. Gail Matthews, people who regularly write down their goals and prepare a weekly report are 76% more likely to achieve them. 
Here are the five reasons for such a massive jump in success achievement probability:-

  • Writing down your goal helps you clarify what you really want to achieve.
  • The written goal in front of your eyes helps you to beat procrastination and stay consistent. It keeps reminding you that something needs to be accomplished before the end of the day.
  • A written goal helps you to laser focus on a specific task which ultimately improves your productivity.
  • Having a weekly report helps you to identify the areas where you lack the most.
  • The weekly report helps you to be self-accountable.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of your Goal.

Don’t you think working on your goals is a better option than having the regret of never working upon them?

Working on achieving goals isn’t a war! You don’t need to worry too much while working on them neither you have to be afraid of them. You just need to take it smooth and calm.

All you need to do is to develop is a mindset that revolves around carrying out tasks. Don’t fear anything and get started.

As Sarika mam, in Kota Factory said:- “Fear of anything is more frightening than the thing itself!”

Sometimes, you just need to trust your gut and take the leap. 

6. Break Down Your Goal into Small Achievable Tasks.

You can’t reach the top of the mountain in a single step! You need to take one step at a time to get there. 

This step resonates a lot with the Kaizen method. To make the journey of achieving goals a lot easier, you need to break down your goals into smaller and more manageable tasks.

Here’s how you’ll do it:-

  • First, think about, what’s your ultimate goal? For example, your goal is shedding some weight.
  • Then think about the smallest yet most manageable step you can take to work for your goal. For example, you can just get out of your bed and take the first step outside the home. Next, you can think about taking one more step and so on.
  • Get amazed by your results. Soon, you realize that every single step you took turned into a 15 minutes walk. Those walks turned into your weight loss over weeks.

7. Make Minor Improvements in your Routine.

If you feel that you can’t spare extra time to work on your goals, here’s a better solution for you.

Don’t worry about managing time for adding those small tasks to your daily routine. All you need to do is to make some minor improvements.

For example, on the way to your office in a cab, instead of watching Netflix, you can switch to watching one video per day of the course that you always wanted to learn.

These minor improvements would increase the odds of your success. If you can’t even make these, you don’t actually want to work.

8. Opt for the Best Decisions on the Way.

You make the decisions, and those decisions make your life. 

Every success journey involves preventing a lot of wrong decisions. If made correctly, even the smallest of decisions can deliver a huge impact on your life and the probability of your success.

For example, your goal is to start an online business as a side hustle. So, when it’s the weekend, you’ve got two options:-

  • Either you relax, chill out or enjoy the whole weekend.
  • Or you pick up your laptop and get started.

If you go with the first option, undoubtedly, you will never be able to start your side hustle. But, if you go with the second option and spend just a small amount of time on your side hustle, you will become successful one day.

Whenever you feel lazy to work, just think about the first step and take it. You’ll be able to maintain the flow.

9. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help.

While working for your goals, there will be times when you’ll feel a lack of knowledge, resources, and motivation, and that’s when you need to seek help.

It is a fact that you can’t always walk alone and you don’t even need to!

If you feel that you can’t learn something by yourself, get a mentor. If you feel a lack of motivation, reach out to your parents or your best friend.

Just make sure to reach out to the right person, the one who believes in you and doesn’t pull you down but helps you go up.

10. It’s Okay to Fail.

You already know that failures are a part of success. But, the problem arises where you don’t take the required steps to succeed because you are afraid to fail.

Don’t you think that failures make the journey interesting? Why not consider them as our friends rather than foes?

Failures teach you the lessons that you remember for a lifetime. Just learn those lessons and take the next single step to keep going. 

11. Reward Yourself Often.

Rewards make everyone happy, Right?
So, for performing well, why not give a small gift to yourself each day? A gift that you love.

For example, if you love gaming, you could reward yourself with an hour of gaming at the end of each day. Or, if you are a sweet tooth, you can reward yourself with chocolate at the end of the day.

These small rewards will make you feel proud of yourself, help you improve your self-image, and keep you motivated to continue working on your goals.  

Voila! Your Dreams Turned into Reality.

With the help of the above steps, you can achieve your dream life and some of your most ambitious goals without even stressing out. 

Still, feels unbelievable?

Try them out once, and you’ll be shocked to see your dreams come true. 

So, what are you waiting for? What is the best decision right now for you? 
Isn’t it getting started right away?

Go! Go! Go!
Go ahead and achieve wonders. I believe in you!

PS: When your dreams turn into reality, make sure to throw me a party btw!



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  1. Wow…very interesting site you have here…happened across it while reading up on Eminem’s bullied childhood experiences.

    Huh, seems there’s a lot of great stuff here….so far, I’ve only read about the 11 secrets to making your dreams come true, but I’m looking forward to reading through the whole site.

    In the ’11 secrets’, you’ve written mostly the same positivity tips that’s written everywhere else, but some things have a little twist or two, and writing first to second person just somehow seems more inspiring, or perhaps it has hit me at the right time, I suspect both are true.

    Everyone suggests writing down your goals, but that ‘weekly report’ thing, now that spurs me into thoughts of actually holding a board meeting with myself—pen and paper in hand— which would be more productive than just looking over a list that did not get completed and silently moving on with my day…a meeting such as that would create some personal accountability and cause further action for continued completion, same as facing a boss at any other workplace….hmmmm… 🙂 🙂 The ‘meeting’ would be a great action tool to deter hesitation and procrastination….to help provide eventual success.

    Thanks for a more innovative way to write up the ‘success to-do list’.


    1. Hi L.A.,

      Thanks a lot for such a lovely and detailed comment!

      And Yes! You’re absolutely right about preparing a weekly report.
      A weekly report really helps as it keeps giving you insights about the things you left unfinished in your past. Further, if they are still unfinished (by the end of the week), there’s an immense regret and your “Ego” helps you to get your tasks done.
      Finally, you never ever leave your tasks unfinished again as you don’t want the creepy regret to hit you anymore.

      Best of luck with your “success achievement” journey, Dear.

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