50 Law of Assumption Affirmations To Achieve Wildest Dreams

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Do you want to apply the law of assumption efficiently and achieve your dreams quickly? These 50 law of assumption affirmations are all you need!


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Are you on a journey to bring your wildest dreams into life but tired of waiting forever? 

If yes, what if I tell you there’s a method to help you massively speed up the process of achieving your dreams?

Sounds interesting, Right?

The method is known as the “law of assumption.”

In this post, I’ll tell you, “what is the law of assumption.” Further, I’ll share 50 law of assumption affirmations to help you apply the law better and achieve your dreams much faster.

Let’s dive right into it.     

What Is the Law of Assumption?

The law of assumption, proposed by “Neville Lancelot Goddard,” simply says that if you believe you already have what you want, your desires get fulfilled automatically.

The law is based on a belief that nothing exists outside human consciousness and our entire life experience represents where our consciousness presently stands. Thus, we need to change our assumptions and beliefs if we want to change our life.

Why Use Law of Assumption Affirmations?

One of the most crucial parts of practicing the law of assumption is that you must have unwavering faith that your manifestation has been fulfilled already.

It may seem like a simple task, but it’s actually quite hard. Your mind is constantly bombarded with negative thoughts and doubts, so it can be hard to silence these voices and believe that your desires are already yours.

Using the law of assumption affirmations is the best way to overcome these doubts and level up your belief. When you repeat these affirmations, they become more and more ingrained in your subconscious mind. Further, you start believing them and create a positive mindset accordingly.

Use These 50 Law of Assumption Affirmations To Create Your Dream Life

1. I am living the life I’ve always wished for.

Law of assumption affirmation - "I am living the life I've always wished for."

2. I am phenomenal.

3. It’s easy for me to assume and create.

4. I have everything I have ever dreamt of.

5. My assumptions quickly become my reality.

6. My visualization leads to stunning manifestations.

7. I have a serene mind free from any toxicity.

8. Law of assumption works exceptionally for me.

9. I let go of all the worries that hinder my law of assumption application.

10. I don’t have any self-limiting beliefs.

11. I have a lot of optimism.

12. Meditating is a piece of cake for me.

Meditating is a piece of cake for me

13. No distractions can distract me.

14. I create all that I want.

15. I control my consciousness to create what I want.

16. I have an unwavering belief in the law of assumption.

17. My vibrational frequency is perfectly aligned with my desires.

18. I can raise my vibrational energy easily.

19. I don’t let negativity come close to me.

20. I am crystal clear about my desires.

21. I don’t allow anything to keep my manifestations away from me.

22. My assumptions always have a positive intent.

23. The universe gives me all I want.

24. My assumptions are practical and perfect.

25. I have no fears.

I have no fears

26. I never settle for less than I desire.

27. My assumptions help me create an extraordinary life.

28. I let my assumptions go wild.

29. I am a magnet to brilliant opportunities.

30. I can quickly navigate my emotions and thoughts to where I want.

31. Life offers me endless possibilities.

32. My assumptions have successfully turned into reality.

33. I’ve already received everything I desired.

34. I am much more powerful than my fears.

35. I am open to massive change.

36. I have a high amount of patience and perseverance.

37. All my blessings result from my beautiful inner state.

Law of assumption affirmation - "All my blessings result from my beautiful inner state."

38. Everything around me is an outcome of my consciousness.

39. I am open to a better life.

40. It is absolutely possible to get what I want.

41. My visualization power is insane.

42. My assumptions are packed with creativity.

43. I am proud that I’ve become how I always wanted to be.

44. I am an expert at using the law of assumption.

45. I am grateful that I’ve received all my desires.

46. I realize I am the only writer of my life story.

47. I am worthy of receiving all I want.

48. Miracles often happen in my life.

49. I craft my external reality by positively influencing my internal state.

50. I am a powerhouse of positivity.

I am a powerhouse of positivity assumption affirmation

How To Use Law of Assumption Affirmations?

Here are a few tips for using the law of assumption affirmations effectively:

1. Choose affirmations that resonate with your desire.

As you’re practicing the law of assumption, you must have a desire already. 

If not, identify the most necessary thing you want right now and pick (or create) five affirmations that align well with what you want. Just ensure that the affirmation must be specific, short, and simple.

2. Repeat them often.

The more you repeat your affirmations (loudly), the more likely you are to believe them. So make sure you say them to yourself several times every day.

3. Write them down. 

Writing down your law of assumption affirmations can help make them more powerful. Every time you see them written down, you’ll strongly feel you have what you desire.

4. Be patient.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to change the way you think and feel about yourself. 

So, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Just keep repeating your affirmations, and eventually, you’ll start to believe them.

End of the Line

If you have a burning desire to get everything you want, the law of assumption and its affirmations will surely help you out.

I know the method looks a bit weird but giving it a shot won’t cost anything.

Whenever you apply the law, just have complete faith in it. You might get blown away by its results!

I hope all your dreams quickly come true.   



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