101 Positive Affirmations on Self Acceptance That Work!

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Do you struggle with self acceptance? No more! These 101 self-acceptance affirmations will ease up everything for you.


101 Self Acceptance Affirmitions Featured

Did you know that positive affirmation can help you to feel way better and more confident about yourself?

Looking for some positive self-acceptance affirmations that can help you kickstart your day with lots of positivity?

If yes, you just landed on the right spot!

Right now, I am going to share with you, some of the best affirmations which will make you fall in love with yourself. Just practice them every day and your life will be changed for good.

Without any further ado, let’s start.   

101 Extremely Powerful Self Acceptance Affirmations

1. I am working hard to become the best version of myself.

2. I accept myself despite my flaws and imperfections.

3. I am in love with my personality.

4. I let go of my past mistakes to build a better self.

5. I am trying my best to achieve my best.

6. I am unique and nobody is capable enough to be compared to me.

7. I don’t want anyone. I am enough for myself.

8. I deserve the best.

9. I am limitless.

10. I am proud of my character.

11. Yes, I make mistakes but I learn from them. I don’t need to excessively criticize myself whenever I make any mistake.

12. I don’t judge myself negatively anymore.

13. I am a beautiful person, both from inside and outside.

Positive Self Acceptance Affirmation - I am beautiful person from inside & outside

14. I am capable of doing wonders.

15. I am bold and strong.

16. I can achieve all of my dreams.

17. I am getting better every single day.

18. There isn’t any challenge tougher than me.

19. I deserve compliments.

20. I love every part of myself.

21. I don’t have to become someone else.

22. I don’t need to fake myself.

23. I have achieved accomplishments.

24. I radiate positivity.

25. I respect my life decisions.

26. I enjoy myself.

27. I don’t allow my fears to hold me back. 

28. I have unlimited capabilities.

29. I care for my loved ones.

30. I am satisfied with everything that I have.

31. I am self-accountable. I have no complaints with anyone.

32. I don’t need to change myself to become acceptable to others.

I dont need to change myself to become acceptable to others

33. I am realistic with my goals.

34. I am patient enough to wait for results.

35. I am an action taker.

36. I don’t require anyone to make me feel worthy.

37. I am becoming self-disciplined each day.

38. I value my strengths much more than I value my weaknesses.

39. I am not afraid to fail while working on the path to achieving success.

40. I reward myself for accomplishing the smallest of my goals.

41. I am not exceptional but I am me.

42. My self-image matters much more than what others think of me.

43. My productivity is improving each day.

44. Nothing can stop me, I am unstoppable.

45. My life has endless opportunities.

46. I always try to give my best.

47. My life is full of happiness and hope.

48. Better things are waiting for me.

49. I have a balanced life.

50. I have a positive aura and people enjoy my company.

I have a positive aura and people enjoy my company

51. I take care of myself.

52. I am confident in my intuition.

53. I release all the self-hatred and feel positive about myself.

54. I don’t have grudges against others.

55. I am capable enough to make big decisions in life.

56. I don’t require the approval of other people. My own approvals are sufficient.

57. I don’t aim to be perfect. I just aim to be better.

58. I forgive others for my inner peace.

59. I allow myself to heal with time.

60. When required, it’s okay for me to ask for help.

61. I change what I can and let go of what I can’t.

62. I am my biggest power.

63. I listen to my heart.

64. I do what I love, and I love what I do.

65. I appreciate everything that I’ve accomplished so far.

66. I cry sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak.

67. I am where I need to be.

68. I live in the present.

69. I live the way I want to live. Nothing else matters.

70. I don’t let others’ opinions drown my inner voice.

I don't let others drown my inner voice

71. I am the guardian of my mind and I don’t let any toxicity enter my mind.

72. I am full of life.

73. I don’t give a F**K to others’ opinions about me.

74. I am kind to myself.

75. I deserve to be loved and cared for.

76. I don’t judge anyone, including myself.

77. I am courageous enough to win the harsh battles of life.

78. I can love myself unconditionally.

79. I am peaceful.

80. I love my life, the way it is.

81. I search for the positive in every situation.

82. I choose myself over anyone else.

83. I am a beast. I don’t give up.

84. I don’t need to beat myself up for everything.

85. I accept my limitations and choose to focus on my capabilities.

I accept my limitations and choose to focus on my capabilities

86. I can deal with everything that comes my way.

87. I am one but I am enough to make a difference.

88. My potential is limitless.

89. I can learn anything that I want to learn.

90. I value my knowledge and skills.

91. I praise myself and others.

92. I quickly adapt to changes in my life.

93. People respect me.

94. I am courageous.

95. Each time I fall, I get back up.

96. I take my stand.

97. I have all the qualities of a leader.

98. I don’t feel pity for myself anymore.

99. I am a diamond that shines really bright.

100. I am honest and truthful to myself and everybody else.

101. I don’t need to prove myself to anybody.    

Did You Try?

Save this page as your bookmark, and make sure to try these positive self-acceptance affirmations each day for at least 10-15 minutes in a day.

I am 100% sure that you’ll see the results. 

Make sure to let me know in the comments section if they worked for you.



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