Problem-Solving: A Definitive Guide

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Problem-Solving: A Definitive Guide · Problem Solving Definition · The #1 Problem That We All Have · Process To Solve Your Problems…


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Do you mostly find yourself stuck in a situation where you have no place to go? Are you looking for a guide to improve your problem-solving abilities?

Then, you are in the right place.

This article has all the killer tips and tricks that you can use to improve your problem-solving skills.

What Is Problem-Solving?

Problems are the situations that we face in our daily lives. Problem-solving is the ability to find a way out of those situations without being stuck for long.
People with good problem-solving skills tend to quickly get out of the problems that they face along with a positive outcome.

The #1 Problem That Needs To Be Solved

The real challenge is the challenge that we never face

Before dealing with the situation that you currently have, there is a problem that needs to be solved permanently.

Have any idea what that problem is?

It is the problem of running away from difficult situations.

Almost all of us have it, but many of us never even realize it.

I’ll ask you a question:-“Can you permanently solve a problem by staying away from it?”
The answer is no! You have to deal with it until you find a working solution.

So, How can you stop running away from life problems and difficulties?

The answer is simple. Just start facing what you haven’t dealt with until now. Convince your brain that you have to deal with such situations regardless of their difficulty. You have to do it, and you can do it.

Fight until you win! 

The Best Problem-Solving Process

If you have now convinced yourself to fight the situations, you are now ready to face the problem that you currently have. Whether it is difficult or easy, it doesn’t matter. You are much stronger than it.

If you are struggling to improve yourself and don’t know how to be the best version of yourself, here is a method that can solve this problem.
Else, here is a step by step process that will surely help you to get out of any other situations:-

1. Don’t Rush Anything

The first step is to take the required time to solve the problem instead of rushing out to conclusions. Rushing out to the results can lead to incomplete information of the underlying aspects of the problem and can lead to a wrong solution too.

It is better to think wisely right now than to regret it later.

2. Examine the Problem

The second step is the in-depth examination of the problem. In this step, think about the various aspects of the problem and how serious the situation is. Further, list out how it will affect you and your loved ones’ lives.

3. Make the right decision

It is one of the most necessary steps in the process. Only the right decision can lead to a proper solution to the problem. Else, the problem might remain unsolved.

If you want to learn more about how to make better decisions, here is a guide with every detail that can help you out to make the best decisions for yourself.

4. Review the solution

This step is highly mandatory before the execution of the solution. It is necessary to review the solution such that you don’t miss out on anything crucial. Make the changes if you feel that you have left out something.

5. Prepare a plan

Now you are almost ready to execute the solution. Preparing a master plan before the execution can only lead to the desired results. Lack of planning might lead to uncertainty, along with the unsolved outcome of the problem.

6. If still confused, take advice

You might still be confused about the solution and whether you have built the right plan with a working solution. Validation of the idea from someone reliable can fix it and will help you gain confidence over the solution.
You can even make some changes according to that person’s advice, but you’ll have to follow step 4 once again if you do so.

7. Time to get in action

It’s time to make the plan in working. Execute your solution and trust that it will work.

Voila! The problem just flew away.    


Problem solving Conclusion

If you only see the problem, you won’t get the answer. If you search for the answer, you won’t see the problem.

Keynotes of the problem-solving process:-

  • Some problems might take some time to solve, no need to rush to any conclusions.
  • Carefully examine the situation and its consequences.
  • Make a suitable decision.
  • Review the solution to ensure that you haven’t missed out on anything.
  • Prepare a good plan before execution.
  • Good advice can help you to feel confident in your solution.
  • Finally, Engage.

I am with you whenever you need me. Write your problem to me if you are still unable to solve any of it.

Let me know in the comments if the tips provided in the guide helped.


A1. Problem-solving is a soft skill, which means that you cannot learn it through books. They improve with time as you start solving more and more problems.

A2. It is important to have good problem-solving skills to deal with the hardest situations of life. A good problem solver never gives up.

A3. Nope, it isn’t true at all. A person who has a good experience of life regardless of age can make brilliant solutions.



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