57 Insane You are Amazing Quotes To Raise Your Spirit

Updated On: December 24, 2022

These 57 you are amazing quotes will definitely make you and your lover feel special.


You are Amazing Quotes Featured

Looking for some “you are amazing quotes” to express your heartfelt gratitude to your loved loved ones?

Well, you’ve just landed in the right place.

Here are some of the best quotes you can share with your loved ones to let them know how amazing they are.

You are Amazing Quotes for You

To all the readers of this post, You’ve taken a step ahead to appreciate yourself and your loved ones which most people don’t do. They take themselves and their loved ones for granted as they never realize their worth.

But, as you’ve already realized the worth, I just want to say – “Yes! You are amazing.

I really appreciate you. So, here are a few “you are amazing quotes” coming straight from my heart, especially for you. You can also use them as positive self-affirmations.

1. You’ve always stood strong against the toughest phases of life. You are amazing.

You've always stood strong against the toughest phases of life.

2. You are amazing, as you always had a never-give-up attitude. You gave your best and never left the ground until you succeeded.

3. You are amazing because you believed in yourself and your dreams even when nobody else did.

4. Your struggles and life story are an inspiration to millions of people out there. You are amazing!

5. You can perceive the positive in every negative situation, and not everybody can do that. It’s simply amazing.

6. You always strive towards becoming the best version of yourself, and that’s truly amazing.

7. You are amazing as you don’t worry about the past and keep working for a better future.

8. You have a laser-sharp focus on your goals, and you know how to set your priorities right. Not everyone is so responsible and amazing the way you are.

9. In a world where most people are fake, it isn’t easy to find such amazing and genuine people like you. You are rare!

10. You are astonishing, the way you are, emotionally stronger than you feel, and wiser than you think.

11. You have a stunning aura that can literally turn a person’s sadness into happiness, and that’s really amazing.

12. You are amazing as you count yourself accountable for everything wrong that happens in your life when most people are busy blaming others.

13. You have a bold personality along with leadership qualities which is amazing.

You have a bold personality

14. The way you handle and solve the complicated problems of life is truly amazing.

15. You smile even during the toughest of times, and that’s what makes you amazing.

16. You are amazing because of the simple perception and approach that you have towards life. It’s rare!

17. You are always ready to help the ones in need without expecting anything in return. You are amazing!

18. The way you make correct and accurate decisions in life is really amazing.

19. The way you maintain the work-life balance to ensure healthy relationships and strong finances is absolutely stunning.

You are Amazing Quotes for Her

Fill up her heart with happiness by appreciating what she has done for you. Use these “you are amazing quotes” to trigger her feelings and emotions from the bottom of her heart.

20. You’ve supported me in every situation of life. You are amazing, my love.

21. Since the day you’ve come into my life, I’ve turned into a better person than ever. You are so amazing, dear.

22. I felt all alone before I met you. Your presence made my loneliness fly away, and I feel better than ever. You are a miracle in my life, darling.

23. You know how to handle me at my lowest, which nobody else in this world could do. You are amazing!

24. You are amazing, my love because your presence makes me feel complete.

25. Every meeting feels the same as the first time I met you. I get butterflies in my stomach, and my heart beats faster.

26. Every moment spent with you turns into an ever-lasting memory because you are simply amazing.

27. I am blessed to have such an amazing girl like you in my life. You are an angel to me, dear.

28. Your heart and soul are so pure. You are such a transparent girl, and that’s the reason you are amazing.

29. You’ve shared everything about your past life and relationships with honesty, and that’s really amazing.

30. The way you love me and care for me makes me feel so special. I am so glad that I have you in my life.

31. You are amazing as you don’t care about what others think about us. You just listen to yourself and your heart.

32. You are amazing because you’ve always wanted the best for me.

33. You love me for who I am and don’t want me to change even a bit. Thank you for accepting the way I am, love.

34. You are the most beautiful, positive, and kind-hearted person that I’ve ever met. Please always remain the same, dear.

35. You remain calm in every situation, and not everybody can do that. You are amazing!

You remain calm in every situation, and not everybody can do that. You are amazing!

36. Your smile melts my heart. Your touch makes me shiver, and your hug feels like home. Thank you for giving me such heavenly feelings every time I meet you.

37. You have the superpower to turn my sadness into happiness in an instant. I sometimes wonder how do you even do that because that’s really stunning.

38. Whenever I feel exhausted, bummed out, or frustrated from life. Being around you makes me feel relaxed and stress-free. All because you are amazing.

You are Amazing Quotes for Him

Being a guy myself, I can surely say that most of the guys have a common question in mind and it’s “Whether my girl finds me fit for her or does she really like me and my personality?”

Through these “you are amazing quotes,” you can make him feel better than ever and appreciate him for always taking care of you.

39. Whenever you are around, your presence makes me feel secure and comfortable. You are amazing.

40. I can be myself with you. I feel free and enjoy every moment without any worries. All of it is really amazing.

41. You always support me even in the lowest moments of my life. You make me feel stronger, and that’s amazing.

42. You always guide me in the right direction and help me make better decisions in life. You are amazing.

43. I can share anything with you without giving it a second thought because you are the one who understands me well.

44. Life feels much simple, better, and beautiful with you because you are amazing, my love.

45. You are the closest friend of mine with whom I can share any of my thoughts and secrets. All because I know you are the one who could protect them.

46. The way you respect me and treat me could never be defined in words.

The way you respect me cannot be defined in words.

47. You always make me feel proud, dear. It’s because you are amazing.

48. Nobody could care for me the way you do. Thanks for all of it, my love.

49. With you, I feel like a bird because you always give me the freedom to do anything that I love, and that’s amazing.

50. No matter how busy you are in life you always take out some time for me. You are amazing!

51. The memories that I’ve made with you are the best memories of my life. Thank you for making such special memories for me, my love.

52. You give me the shoulder to cry on, make me calm, and comfort me when I am at my lowest. You are amazing!

53. The three simple words in which I can describe you are… you are amazing.

54. I can’t choose a single thing that I like about you, because in my eyes, everything about you is perfect.

55. You don’t need to try and become someone else because you are already so amazing.

56. You work on yourself each day to become a better person, and that’s what makes you special.

57. You are a mature, wise, and amazing man. If someone would ask me about your personality, you are a pure gentleman.

Parting Words

Expressing your feelings to your loved ones and appreciating them makes them extremely happy. They feel that someone acknowledges them, respects them, and knows their worth.

Those feelings are a reward to them for everything they did for you. It is a gift better than any other gift in the world.

It’s just priceless!

I hope these “you are amazing” quotes made your day brighter.
If yes, stay tuned for the upcoming quotes and make sure to turn on the bell icon to stay updated with such fresh quotes.

So, that’s all for now. Let me know in the comments what was the reaction of your loved ones.

I’ll catch you in the next post.
Till then, stay happy. Stay peaceful.



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