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Updated On: December 24, 2022

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Have you ever missed out on something that you wanted to do but didn’t try as you were too afraid to fail?

If Yes, do you really think that your decision was right? Are you sure that the probability of failure was higher as compared to the probability of success?

Just think of it for a few minutes.

Isn’t it possible that your life could have been totally different if you would have tried it?

If the answer is yes again, the chances are massive that the fear of failure is forcing you to settle for average when you can become exceptional.

So, without any further dues, let’s get this fear of failure out of your life.

What is the fear of failure?

Fear of failure is when you want to try something that you love, but you can’t take any steps forward because you are not sure that you will succeed.

5 Signs to know that you are afraid to fail

Here are the five signs to look for if you are unsure whether you are afraid to fail or not:-

1. You are reluctant to try something new

It means that you don’t try something new that might have a significant impact on your life.

All of it could be because of your fear of failure. There is a 50-50 chance that you might succeed, but you don’t want to experience the 50% attached to failing.

2. You have a quick give up attitude

You don’t try again and again once you fail at something. It is because you know that your reattempt might fail again in the future.

That too, my friend, is the fear of failure!

3. You are unwilling to leave your comfort zone

The worst place in the world where you can be is known as the comfort zone.

You know that there are multiple risks and severe hard work outside the comfort zone.
You might be afraid to fail, and that’s why you are unable to leave your comfort zone.

4. You don’t want to disappoint the society

You already know that you will disappoint your friends, family, or others if you fail.
That too could be concluded as fear of failure.

5. You make too many excuses

All of your excuses are lies that you say to yourself to justify yourself.

You make excuses when you don’t want to do something that involves taking risks.
It is nothing but the fear of failure that’s stopping you.

9 Ways to Defeat the Fear of Failure

Conquering your fear of failure isn’t an easy task. It requires rigorous mental training and changes in daily habits.

However, I am with you, I trust you, and I know that you can do it.

Here are the nine methods that you can try out:-

1. Realize that you are not alone in it

Don’t feel that the fear of failure isn’t something that isn’t common. It is a fear that 1 out of 3 people have. Thus, there is no need to feel demotivated alone.
Realize that there are a lot of people out there with the same issue. However, it’s your choice if you want to stay in the same category or achieve something exceptional.

2. Start playing with it

It’s time to look into the eyes of the fear that haunted you for most of your life.

It’s the time to change things and fight back.
Change your attitude and start doing the things that you love.

3. Change your expectations

Now is the time to change your perception about doing what you always wanted to do.

Stop considering your path as an easy one and accept the fact that you will fail. Stay confident enough in yourself that you will bounce back upon every fall. Fear of failure will vanish.

4. Be positive

It is vital to stay positive when you want to defeat your fear of failure. Don’t visualize what will happen if you fail. Instead, envision how it will feel when you’ll accomplish the goal.

It is always better to look at the winning probability and work for it rather than staying focused on the losing probability and getting demotivated.

5. Make a backup plan

Backup Plans
Pic credits: Rentacomputer

If there’s a huge risk involved in some task, it is better to prepare a cushion before taking the leap of faith.

Thus, making a backup plan before the execution of the master plan could be a great benefit.
You will feel mentally safe as there would be no harm in case of failure. Thus, you won’t feel afraid of taking the step.

6. Think of the regrets that will follow

Think of what will happen if you miss out on the opportunity right now? Will you regret it in the future?

If your heart says yes, you have only two options:-

1. Fear the failures and live your whole life in regrets.
2. Try it out and live your whole life as a king.

The choice is yours.

7. Ignore the Naysayers

It isn’t required to listen to anybody who says no to your dreams. It is your dream, and you are the one who wants to live it.
Don’t let them drown your feeling towards your goals and trigger the fear of failure in you.

Trust Yourself. Not Them.

8. External Push

There is nothing better than external motivation when you want to get a quick boost forgetting any of your fears.
You can read our inspiring posts, have a look at motivational videos, or read about failures who became successful.

The point is to pick up whatever gives you a quick start.

9. Don’t Overthink. Take the Actions

Stop Overthinking to Overcome Fear of Failure
Pic credits: Medium

If you’ve already thought about whatever you want to do, it’s better to prevent overthinking and take action.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t think about anything and start doing everything blindly.
I just mean to say that overthinking won’t give you any benefit. The only task that it will do is increase the fear of failure inside you based on the fake consequences that don’t even exist.

Why Failing is Important

Why Failure is Important

The no.1 reason which I feel why failing is important is that it makes you a WARRIOR.

  • It teaches you to fight the toughest of situations and makes you a strong personality.
  • Success can never teach the lessons that failure can.
  • Lessons learned from failures are the ones that are lifetime remembered.
  • Failure makes you stubborn to reach your goals.


You’ve got one life, dear. Don’t be afraid to fail.
Do what you want to do and live the way you want to live.

Let’s make this life, A memorable one.

So, that’s it for this part of the FAILURE TO SUCCESS series.

I hope you enjoyed it.
In case you’ve missed out on the first part on overcoming failures, here is the link.

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See you in the next part. Till then, Stay fierce. Keep Working.


A1. Fear of failure kills your internal motivation. It shows you the negative aspects of a situation instead of the positive factors, thus, preventing you from taking the required actions and making you step back.

It is a Dream Killer!

  1. A2. Fear of failure develops with time inside a person. There could be several reasons involved, such as:-
  2. 1. Society, parents, or friends who teach you to live to avoid failures.
  3. 2. Second reason on a personal level could be that you always lived too cautiously, preventing failures as much as possible.
  4. 3. The third reason could be your family situation, which doesn’t allow you to take risks.

A3. Fear of failure is the greatest barrier to success as it paralyzes you from taking any action and moving towards your dreams and goals.
You can achieve success only if you dare to overcome the first step towards success, and that is, fear of failure.



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