Diljit Dosanjh (Farmers Supporter): 6 Inspiring Facts To Know

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Diljit Dosanjh (Farmers Supporter): 6 Inspiring Facts To Know · #DiljitvsKangana on Twitter · Facts · Inspiration From Facts…


Diljit Dosanjh Featured

With #DiljitvsKangana trending on Twitter for the past few days, Diljit Dosanjh is under the limelight on the platform right now.

Punjab’s Urban Pendu’s replies to Kangana Ranaut have made him a star on Twitter, and his followers increased by over five lakhs in a matter of a few days.

As the topic is currently on fire, I wondered how this guy has such a bold character and went across a lot of facts about him.
These facts are not only inspiring but can teach you some brilliant lessons as well. Thus, I felt like sharing them with you, and here we go.

What is #DiljitvsKangana on Twitter?

Let’s start with what has happened between Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut in the past few days.

Kangana Ranaut misidentified an elderly Sikh woman participating in the farmers’ protest 2020 as Bilkis Bano of Shaheen Bagh, who was, in fact, Maninder Kaur as per the video shared by Diljit Dosanjh. Kangana also said that the Bano, the Sikh woman protesting in the favour of the farmers, was available for hire in 100 Rupees, which made the controversy between Diljit and Kangana even worse.
Diljit, in defense of the respected lady, and the mothers of Punjab gave some strong replies to the actress. These replies made Twitter go crazy with #DiljitDestroysKangana and #DiljitvsKangana.

8 Interesting Facts about Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh
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1. ‘Diljit’ isn’t the actual name of Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit changed the spelling of his first name from Daljit to Diljit when he released his first album in the year 2000.

2. He made it all by himself

Diljit was born in a small village named Dosanjh Kalan of Punjab. He has made it to the top all by himself through constant hard work and dedication for his career. Now it’s his success that speaks for him.

3. Diljit isn’t much comfortable speaking English

Diljit prefers Punjabi or Hindi over speaking in English. He has pride and respect for speaking his mother tongue and speaks it the way he wants to.

4. He started his career at the early stages of his life

Diljit chose his career and passion over anything else and knew what he wanted to do in life. He used to sing kirtans, and with time, his passion for singing grew up to a whole next level.

5. Kareena Kapoor was his motivation

Working with Kareena Kapoor Khan was always Diljit’s dream. He fulfilled his dream by working with her in Udta Punjab, which was his Bollywood debut movie.

6. Diljit Dosanjh believes in giving back to society

Diljit Saanjh Foundation

Diljit is a philanthropist and actively gives back to the community. His Saanjh Foundation NGO, which he launched in the year 2013, works with underprivileged children and seniors.

7. Diljit has two clothing brands

He owns two clothing brands named ‘Urban Pendu’ and ‘Weared 6’. Our Jatt Boy received the title of Urban Pendu from his fans, which he later turned into one of his clothing brands.

8. Diljit has huge heartfelt respect for his mother

Diljit respects every mother and considers his mom before his god. His respect for elders is commendable.

How Diljit Dosanjh Inspires Us

Diljit is a great inspiration for us. There are several lessons that we can conclude from his life. Some of them are as follows:-

1. It doesn’t matter whether you were born in a village or a city. If you want to accomplish something in life, you can do it if you really want to.

2. You don’t need anyone to help in your life. You can do it all by yourself. Just a little support and lots of dedication can make you fulfill your dreams.

3. Be proud of your mother tongue. There is nothing known as the standard language. It is just that majority of people around the globe understand English. Speak what you want to, and in any of the languages that you prefer.

4. Always give back to society. There are a lot of people who need what you might have in excess. Helping them could change their lives.

5. Be humble. It doesn’t matter how many heights you achieve. Remember to stick to the ground and stay humble.

6. Respect your elders. They are the reason you made it until this far.

Parting Thoughts

Every person has their own story with some new inspiration to gather.
I have covered Diljit Dosanjh, one of the most humble actors in Bollywood this time, and soon will cover other personalities as well.

All of it to keep the flame of inspiration burning inside you!

Also, Don’t forget to let me know “What you think about our beloved Diljit Dosanjh” in the comments section.


A1. Urban Pendu is the name that Diljit has received from his fans. It means that our Jatt Boy, Diljit, is a perfect mix of urban and village culture.

A2. Following are some of the must-watch blockbuster movies of Diljit:-

  1. Punjab 1984
  2. Jatt and Juliet (1&2)
  3. Ambarsariya
  4. Sardarji
  5. Udta Punjab
  6. Soorma

A3. It is no doubt that a party feels boring without Diljit’s songs. Some of the songs that I love the most are as follows:-

  1. Proper Patola
  2. 5 Taara
  3. Patiala Peg
  4. Laembadgini
  5. Ik Kudi (Reprised Version)
  6. Panga



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