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Neymar Jr Biography Featured

It was a match between Santos FC and Oeste on 7 March 2009 when Neymar Jr made his debut on the football pitch in the last thirty minutes for the first time. 

The Pacaembu stadium was filled with fans cheering for both sides, and the air was extremely energetic.

It was a dream come true for 17-year-old Neymar Jr, whose family was once unable to meet their daily expenses.
He was super excited and confident on the field. Still, he was a bit confused about whether he should applaud or wave back at the fans or do something else. 

Since then, Neymar Jr’s whole journey started.

Neymar Jr Biography

Who is Neymar Jr?

So, if you’ve landed on this Neymar Jr biography, I am pretty sure that most of you already know much about him.

For those who don’t know, Neymar Da Silva Santos Júnior, aka Neymar Jr, is a Brazillian professional football player. He currently plays as a forward for the club Paris Saint-German. Also, he is one of the most crucial players on the team.

Neymar Jr Early Life

Neymar Childhood Photo

Neymar Jr was born on 5 February 1992 in Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil) to his father Neymar Santos Sr and mother Nadine Santos. 
He only had a younger sister, Rafaella Santos, who was born on 11 March 1996. She is presently into the modeling career and is pretty much successful. 

His Family’s Financial Condition

Neymar Santos Sr (Neymar’s father) was once a footballer who had to stop playing football after he was left with a broken hip bone during a car accident. Thus, he had to do multiple jobs to earn bread and butter for his family.
Neymar’s family’s financial condition in the early stages was extremely poor. You can imagine how bad the situation was, through the fact that their house didn’t even have electricity. Before Neymar was born, his family couldn’t even afford an ultrasound to check their baby’s development.

In an interview, Neymar once exclaimed that he loved to eat cookies when he was a child. Once he asked his mother for some money to purchase cookies, but his mother replied that the family couldn’t afford cookies.

The small Neymar Jr could have cried to get his demand fulfilled, but it was the day when Neymar committed to his mother that he would earn a lot of money.

His Childhood Fatal Car Accident

When Neymar Jr was just four months old, he miraculously survived a car crash in which his father was driving, and an oncoming vehicle bashed into their car.
The accident was so fatal that Neymar Jr was fully soaked in blood and got a cut on his head due to a shred of glass.

Fortunately, they received help at the right time, and the whole family was safe.

His Football Journey

Neymar Jr had football sport in his blood as his father was a Brazillian football player as well. 

Neymar Jr started his football journey by playing with his friends on the streets. Further, at the age of six, his father enrolled him in indoor football or futsal at a highly competitive club, “Portuguesa Santista.” 

Futsal enormously helped Neymar to develop techniques, quick reactions, and short moves. Soon, he was the best player in the club, and fans loved to watch his tricks and dribbles.

Neymar Jr eventually entered into football when the legend of ‘Santos FC’ coach ‘Lima’ saw him playing futsal when he was just 13 years old. 
Lima was too much impressed to see Neymar’s skills and style. Thus, he asked his father if Neymar could start playing football as well. 

Neymar’s father agreed, and for the first time, a team was formed at the Santos FC club for Neymar’s age group.

His Trials at Real Madrid

Neymar, along with his father, went to Spain for trials with Los Blancos. He cleared the Real Madrid trials, but the transfer negotiations failed because his father wasn’t interested in what Real Madrid had offered.

The deal broke, and Neymar’s father decided that Neymar would continue to play for Santos.  

Neymar’s Santos FC Journey Continues…

Due to the fear of foreign teams taking Neymar away, Santos increased his contract from 10,000 reais to 1,25,000 reais per month.

The Santos FC contract improved Neymar’s financial condition, and his family’s life became better than ever.

The best part is that the Santos FC bet was worth it! 

Neymar Jr was always comfortable on the pitch. His tricks were a lot more beneficial for the team. In an instant, he was one of the best players in the club.

Success at Santos FC and the Brazil National Team

Neymar was called to play for Brazil’s under-17 national football team.

As soon as he turned 17, Santos FC also offered him his first professional contract.

Neymar further helped Santos to win Campeonato Paulista, Copa do Brazil, and Copa Libertadores. 
He even helped Brazil national team to win the 2011 South American Youth championship. Also, he was named twice as South American football of the Year.

Neymar’s Transfer & Success at FC Barcelona

Barcelona MSN Attacking Trio

Around June 2013, Neymar entered into a five-year contract with FC Barcelona after the trade between Santos and FCB. The transfer was worth a whopping amount of $76 million. Also, it was one of the most expensive trades in history.

Soon, Neymar became part of Barcelona’s MSN attacking trio which consisted of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar himself.
All these legends helped Barcelona win La Liga, Copa Del Rey, Champions Leauge, UEFA Super Cup, Supercopa de España, and Fifa Club World Cup.

Under the presence of the Trio, Barcelona also became the first Spanish team to win the continental treble twice (The first time in 2008-09 and the second time in 2014-15).

Neymar became the winner of the golden boot in 2012 and the nominee of Ballon D’ Or during the 2014 Fifa Ballon D’ Or Award. 

Neymar’s Criticism to Success Journey at PSG

Everybody knows well about Lionel Messi and how great he is. So, to continue growing further, he wanted to get out of the shadow of Lionel Messi. Thus, Neymar joined PSG in 2017 for a record-breaking transfer fee of €222 million. 
It was the most expensive transfer of all time, and it still holds the record. Also, it made Neymar the third highest-paid soccer player in the world and the sixth-highest paid athlete in the world.

Neymar initially received a lot of criticism from PSG fans. The fans booed him at various events. Neymar cried, but he never gave up. Soon, he was able to win back the hearts of the PSG fans through his exceptional performance.

Neymar, along with the attacking members of PSG (Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappe), helped PSG win the domestic treble, quadruple, and reach the champions league finals for the first time.

Neymar Jr is undoubtedly one of the best players of soccer history, and there’s a lot more to come. As he continuously thrives to improve himself, we might even see him as the best soccer player in the upcoming years.

His Personal Life

Neymar Jr Son and Parents

Neymar Jr Son

Neymar had a son with his first girlfriend, Carolina Dantas when he was just 19 years old. Both of them started dating in 2010 when Neymar was 18.

The boy child was born on 24 August 2011, and they named him David Lucca da Silva Santos. He is also known by the nickname “Davi.”

Due to an unsuccessful relationship, Neymar and Carolina separated soon after David was born. Still, David spends half time with his mother and half time with his father.

Neymar finances Carolina for a good upbringing of the child. He tries to be a good father and spends as much time as possible with his son.    

His Relations with his Parents

Neymar’s parents had a great relationship in the beginning. However, it became tumultuous, and they divorced each other in the year 2016. 
Still, Neymar has a great bond with both his mother and his father. He has huge respect for both of them. 

Neymar’s father has always been a mentor and a guide to him. He is the one who still has a major role in decisions regarding Neymar’s football career. 
Neymar’s mother always stood by his side and supported him in every phase of his life.

They are the ones who have played a big role in Neymar Jr’s career success.    

6 Life Lessons from Neymar that School Never Taught You [INFORGRAPHIC]

Life Lessons From Neymar Jr Biography

17 Insane (But True) Neymar Jr Facts that Even the Football Freaks Don’t Know

1. Neymar received a golden boot in indoor soccer when he was just 10 years old as he was the best player of the year.

2. His father (Neymar Santos Sr.) divorced his mother (Nadine Santos) in 2016.  

3. Neymar’s father still has command over Neymar, and he is the one who still guides and takes decisions for him.

4. His father was a professional football player in a low-tier Brazillian team.

5. Along with his passion for football, Neymar also knows how to play Piano.      

Neymar's Hidden Talent - Piano

6. Neymar scored his 100th goal against Palmeiras on his 20th birthday.

7. Real Madrid almost grabbed Neymar when he was 14 years old.

8. Neymar had a son “David Lucca da Silva Santos,” at just a mere age of 19, with his former girlfriend “Carolina Dantas.”

More Neymar Jr Facts

9. Neymar’s mother was recently dating Tiago Ramos (a gamer and a model), who is 23 years younger than her.

10. The tattoos on the body of Neymar have different meanings. Some of them are love phrases for his dad, which he recites before every match. Others depict his religious beliefs and fearless attitude.

11. Neymar is truly religious and has a deep belief in Jesus Christ. 10% of his income straight away goes to churches.

12. He has appeared in several movies, including ‘Return of Xander Cage,’ ‘Money Heist,’ etc. 

13. Neymar is the PSG’s costliest transfer purchase. He currently holds the record for the most expensive player in the world.

14. When Neymar was a child, he promised his mother that he would earn a lot of money one day. He fulfilled his promise as his current net worth is $200 Million, and his basic salary is €3.68Cr.

15. In the years 2012 and 2013, Neymar was recognized as the most marketable athlete in the world by “SportsPro magazine.”

16. Neymar is a humanitarian as well. He is a social worker who anonymously donated €775,000 to Brazil in 2020 for the battle against COVID. He also donates money every year for the better education and upliftment of students in Brazil.

17. A woman (Ms. Trindande) falsely accused Neymar in 2019 of a rape case. The court dismissed the case upon lack of adequate proof.

End of the Line

Neymar is a huge inspiration for all the football aspirants out there. His story on how he went from dirt-poor to ultra-rich through his passion makes him a great example for everyone who’s going through hard times. 

His struggle and success are proof that anyone can achieve anything no matter what.

In the end, it does not depend upon where you start. It only depends upon where you end.

So, that’s everything I could tell you about Neymar. I would highly suggest you guys check out the Neymar quotes as well.

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Till then, keep grinding.


Ans. Yes, Neymar’s son David Lucca da Silva Santos loves to play soccer as well. He even has a Barcelona club membership with ID 155,675. 

Just like Neymar, Davi also plays futsal at the present moment, and you can have a look at his futsal videos over the internet. 

Neymar spends time whenever possible with David and trains him. Maybe, he enrolled Davi in indoor soccer so that Davi could also learn skills and tricks like him.



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