10 Most Amazing Ways To Increase Productivity

Updated On: December 24, 2022

10 Most Amazing Ways To Increase Productivity · Do What You Love · Use Timelines · Reward Yourself · Short Breaks · Prioritize · Stay Motivated…


Amazing Ways to Increase Productivity Featured

You know how it feels when a day goes unproductive, and we do not carry out even a single task for our self-development on that day. We expected our productivity to be at its peak level, but it didn’t happen.

Well, it feels utterly disgusting until it was a pre-planned break. Right?

The situation worsens up even more when you are an ambitious person, and you had some goals for the day, but nothing went as expected.
Frustration and self-doubt that follow are immeasurable.

I’ve been through it a lot, and the best part is that I know how to deal with it.
It never happens to me again! At all!

Want to know the solution? Go through the article carefully.

Let’s start with the very basics. What is the definition of productive?
As the word suggests, productive means to produce something. A productive person is one who consistently works on self-development and keeps on achieving the targets that he sets for himself.

Everybody wants to be highly productive, but only a few become. The only differences are the techniques.

Right now, I am going to list out some tips for you on how to be much productive and efficient.

Don’t worry. I’ll ensure that the methods are exciting and easy to follow. Plus, I can guarantee you that your productivity will get 2 to 3 times better than its current status upon following the methods.

List Of Easiest Methods To Increase Productivity

1. Do What You Truly Love

It is the most valuable point to consider.

Just think of the task in which you want to multiply your productivity and then ask yourself, “Do I love what I am doing currently?”

If the answer comes out to be a No, then, You have to develop that love for whatever you are doing or find something else to do.

What you can do to develop the love is:-

  • Stop forcing that particular task upon yourself. Do it only when you feel like doing it.
  • Take some time to develop an interest in that particular task.

I am 101% sure that you will be glad to see the results.

2. Impose Timelines To Have Better Productivity.

The next way on the list to increase productivity is to set a time limit for everything you do.

You have to be accountable for your deadlines. It would have three benefits:-

  • Your life will be much more disciplined.
  • You will complete tasks on time.
  • Productivity will automatically increase.

Just make sure, do not make any unrealistic targets and deadlines that are impossible to fulfill. Also, try not to be too harsh on yourself in the beginning. It isn’t an overnight process and will take some time.

3. Keep The Distractions Aside

Don't let distractions distract you.
Pic credits: Whataftercollege

You might not have noticed, but your mobile phone, laptop, or any other device might be consuming a lot of your time.

Keep those distractions in the places where you can’t access them. If your mobile phone distracts you a lot, turn on the focus mode, which comes with most smartphones nowadays.
It will drastically improve your efficiency.

4. Reward Yourself

It is one of the most exciting methods to try out!

Make milestones for whatever you are doing. After achieving those milestones, reward yourself with whatever you can. For example, you can reward yourselves with a few minutes of mobile phone usage or a small break after hitting a small milestone.

What happens in this method is that the brain gets tempted to get what it likes and sometimes ends up doing wonders.

5. Short Breaks

It is yet another one of the most powerful ways that can help you to be more productive.

Taking short and regular breaks in between the work could help in maintaining interest in that work. For example, you can take 10-15 minutes of break after every hour of work.

It will help you to stay productive during the working hours without any loss of enthusiasm.

6. Prevent Multi-Tasking

Multitasking can decrease Productivity.

Multi-tasking can hamper your productivity to a great extent.

Try to focus on a single task while working. Don’t involve your mind in too many places else it won’t be able to work efficiently. Above all, it’s easier and more relaxing to work on a single task instead of carrying out multiple tasks.

Try this out, and you will complete all of your tasks in a much lesser duration.

7. Prioritize Tasks To Enhance Productivity

The next thing you could try is prioritizing the tasks.

Prepare a to-do list of every task that you have to complete and prioritize the one which you feel is the most important and most enjoyable to carry out.

In this way, you will be having much more enthusiasm and energy for the upcoming task.

8. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated does not mean that you should rely on external sources of motivation. It means to be internally motivated.

Have great enthusiasm for the tasks that you are doing. Always stay energetic to carry them out.
If you ever feel low on motivation, think of it why you started all of it and what you want to accomplish from it. The fire inside you will ignite instantly.

9. Get Enough Sleep To Increase Productivity

Sleep the Productivity Booster.
Pic credits: medlife

You might have heard from a lot of places that you should only sleep 4, 5, or 6 hours a day, but in my opinion, I won’t suggest it at all. Instead, I would advise you to take the amount of sleep that your body requires.

Once, I tried to cut off a few hours of sleep to become more productive, but the results were horrible.
I felt dizzy each day, and my brain was unresponsive most of the time.

10. Chill Out, It’s Life

The best way to be most productive is to be unproductive for the day when your body doesn’t want you to work.

Don’t always force things upon yourself. Give yourself a break when your body demands it.

Relax for the day and gather energy for the upcoming days.


Now Start Working.

You can slowly introduce these steps to your daily routine.
Realize the fact that it won’t be an overnight process to increase productivity. Instead, it might take much longer than you might expect. But one thing is for sure that your productivity will get multiplied over time.

Always remember, you have no limits!


A1. Reading books, working for dreams, working on self-development are some of the best productive things you can do.

A2. Further listed are the quotes that I like the most:-

  • Becoming excel at something is not an overnight process. It is the sweat, hard work, and determination that builds you.
  • Either you can enjoy today and suffer the rest of your life or work today and enjoy the rest of your life.

A3. Yes, several apps can help you in the process. Some of them are:-

  • Evernote (To make to-do lists and notes)
  • Screen Time (To limit your time in front of your smartphone)
  • Focus Booster (For alternate work break schedule)
  • Trello (For making to-do lists and co-operating with teams)
  • Anydesk (For remote access)



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