13 Confirmed Signs You’re Blinded By Love! (+Quiz)

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Do you think you’re blinded by love? Honestly, the chances are exceptionally high! These 13 signs will reveal whether you’re blind in love or not.


Signs You're Blinded By Love

You would have seen two types of relationships:-

1. A relationship in which one partner is highly obsessed with the other, makes adjustments according to their needs, and gives immense effort to achieve relationship success.

2. A relationship with a perfect balance, and both partners give equal effort. It looks like the couple is made for each other.

Let me ask you. Which relationship is more likely to become successful?

The second one, Right? But why?

It’s because, in the second case, none of the partners are blinded by love.

Do you feel you’re blind in love too, which is steering your relationship in the wrong direction?

Honestly, the chances are exceptionally high!

In this post, I’ll tell you the exact definition of being blinded by love. Further, I’ll share 13 signs that confirm you’re blinded by love.

Let’s dive right into it. 

What Does It Mean To Be Blinded by Love?

Have you ever seen movies (or series) where the actor is so devoted to the actress that he crosses all the limits to be with her?

A relevant example of such a TV series is the global hit “You (2018),” in which the actor “Joe” would do anything (even kill people) to end up with “Beck.”

A person like “Joe” can be considered blinded by love.  

Coming onto the exact definition, when you’re blinded by love, it means that you’re so intensely in love with your partner that your relationship is far from practicality. Your partner is your whole world, and you’re so wrapped up in feelings for them that you cannot see past them. 

You no longer see them for who they are and only see them the way you want to. You can’t see their flaws and focus on all the good things about them.

13 Signs That Clearly Indicate You’re Blinded by Love

1. You’re a Puppet, and Your Partner Is Your Puppet Master.

You're a puppet and your partner is a puppet master

When you’re blinded by love, you always nod to your partner no matter what. You cower in fear of hurting their feelings.

You always agree to whatever they want, no matter how unreasonable or stupid it may seem. You blindly follow them, even if it means doing things you actually don’t want to do.

You believe they know what is best for you, and you can’t survive without them. Further, you become a puppet, and your partner controls your every move.

What Happens in the Long Run?

When you let your partner control you, they can dictate what you do, where you go, and how you feel. It can make you feel like you are nothing without them.

You end up in a relationship where you are constantly at your partner’s mercy. You give up your own wants and needs and become entirely dependent on them.

Eventually, the relationship becomes toxic. Your partner starts treating you like a doormat, and you resent them.

2. Everyone Tells You That You’re Blind in Love.

Sometimes, your close ones can see what you can’t see in yourself.

After entering a relationship, you start spending lesser time with friends and family (which is quite obvious). They understand you and give you space.

However, the problem arises when you’re so much into your partner that you forget about those family members and friends. And that’s when your behavior starts affecting them.

As you fade from their life, they may feel sad and express concern that you’re blinded by love.

If they say so, don’t get offended. You may actually be blinded by love!

What Happens in the Long Run?

You lose sight of the concept that “Every relationship has its own place and importance in life.”

Your close ones start disconnecting from you because they feel you don’t care about them. They think that your whole world only revolves around your partner.

Further, when they leave you, you start feeling alone and isolated and regret what you did in the past.

3. You’ve Lost Individuality.

You've Lost Individuality

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, “After entering the relationship, have you started feeling that you have to seek your partner’s approval before doing anything (even some random petty stuff)?” 

If so, you may be blind in love!

Often when you’re blinded by love, you lose individuality. You forget that you have your own life and your own dreams. You no longer see the world the way it is. You only see the world the way your partner sees it. 

Finally, You stop being yourself and start living vicariously through your partner.

What Happens in the Long Run?

When such behavior continues in the long run, you become a carbon copy of your partner.

You lose the ability to make decisions for yourself. So, whenever you get stuck in any problems, you find it extremely difficult to get out of them on your own. 

4. You Have Developed Fake Self-Talk.

When you’re blinded by love, it’s hard to see the reality around you. You live in denial, hoping your partner will realize how special you are and make your life complete.

You develop fake self-talk in your head, telling yourself that you’re happy even when you’re unhappy. 

You convince yourself that everything is okay. And sell yourself a beautiful story that you don’t have to care about anything else because you’ve found your true love and nothing else matters.

Is it true?

Not at all! Most of what you tell yourself is a lie. In reality, you’re just going through the motions. You’ve lost your happy way of living. But you don’t try to see the truth because you’re so in love with your partner.   

What Happens in the Long Run?

After spending some time in the relationship, your false confidence slowly but surely erodes. You begin falling apart.

You try to believe that you’re strong when you’re really not. You think that you can handle anything when, in reality, you’re crumbling underneath the weight of your feelings.

You keep assuring yourself that everything will be okay when it’s not! And in the end, you’re hurt even more.

5. You Only See Your Partner’s Perfections.

You Only See Your Partner's Perfections

Nobody is perfect in the world, and your partner isn’t an exception.

Accepting and appreciating your partner’s strengths and flaws is vital in a relationship.  

However, when you’re blinded by love, you can only see the perfections in them. You’re always looking for the good in them and willing to believe the best of them no matter what. You put so much stock in their opinions and take everything they say as gospel. 

You form an immense belief in your partner. So, even when they do something ridiculous, you support them because you think they can never be wrong.

What Happens in the Long Run?

Two scenarios can happen in the long run.

Firstly, the thought that your partner is flawless can make you feel inferior to them. You start pinpointing your own weaknesses. Hence, you start lowering your self-image and feel your partner deserves someone better than you. 

Secondly, When you’re too focused on your partner’s perfection, you don’t expect them to make any mistakes. You create an unrealistic standard for them in your head.

But the truth is that they’re just a human. And humans make mistakes.

So, when they’re at fault, you quickly judge them and put them down. You feel disappointed because they couldn’t catch up with your expectations. Soon, it turns into toxicity in the relationship. 

6. You Aren’t Free To Speak. (But You’re Okay With It)

Your freedom to speak is constantly questioned when you’re blinded by love.

You always need to think twice before voicing your opinions. A lot of times, you even have to keep your emotions and feelings with you. You’re worried about how your partner would feel or react. 

Further, you’re always on edge, waiting for your partner to lash out or ignore you.

What Happens in the Long Run?

When there’s a lack of proper communication in the relationship, you don’t get to know each other well. Your partner doesn’t realize that you are so pressurized in the relationship. 

Further, it can lead to misunderstandings and create severe tensions and conflicts in the long run.  

7. You’re the Only One Who Adjusts.

You're the only one who adjusts

True love is when both partners make equal efforts and adjust according to each other’s needs.

So, do you feel that your partner adjusts for you? or is it you who always compromise?

If it’s the latter, you may be blind in love.

When you’re blinded by love, you’re the only person making all the efforts to keep your partner happy and satisfied. But they continue to do what they’ve always done.

You’re willing to compromise your happiness for them while they prefer themselves over you. You adjust your schedule according to them, but they argue if you ask them to do it for you.

In short, it’s just a one-sided relationship.

What Happens in the Long Run?

Ultimately, you get tired of constantly chasing your partner and making limitless compromises. You realize that your partner doesn’t value you as much as you do.

So, you choose to loosen up things, and that’s when the relationship starts falling apart. 

8. The “Real You” Is Missing.

After entering the relationship, have you stopped doing your favorite things, searching for passions, or pursuing your goals?

If “yes,” you may be blinded by love.

When you’re blind in love, you entirely become someone else and don’t even realize it. You’re so busy in your new relationship that you barely have time for your old self. 

You’re never happy unless you’re with your loved one. Your hobbies don’t excite you, and you don’t care about your well-being anymore. 

You stop enjoying life and all its simple pleasures. You’re so consumed with your partner that your “true self” gets lost somewhere.

What Happens in the Long Run? 

You start feeling dissatisfied, lost, and unhappy after a period of losing your true self. You miss the activities you once loved doing. You feel like you’re living in a way your partner wants and constantly trying to meet their expectations.

Further, you start blaming your partner for everything that’s happened to you, leading to severe conflicts in the relationship.

9. You Bear Too Much Abuse (But Don’t Let Them Go).

You Bear Too Much Abuse

Conflicts and quarrels are a part of a healthy relationship. However, they must be peaceful and conclude on a constructive note.

The problem arises when the relationship takes a wrong turn and the couple abuse each other excessively.

When you are blind in love, you can’t see the hurt and pain being inflicted on you. You turn into a victim of regular verbal and emotional abuse. You don’t realize how much pain you’re in until you take a step back and look at your life. 

You’re always on edge, fearing the next blow.   

The relationship becomes toxic, but you’re too afraid to break up because you feel you’ll lose the person you love.

What Happens in the Long Run?

Even when you know something’s wrong, you’re afraid to face the fact that this relationship is not what you thought it was.

Over time, you become too submissive. You stop voicing your opinions and start accepting everything that your partner says. You stop fighting for what you believe in and start giving up.

Your mental health keeps degrading. You may also have difficulty trusting and connecting with people. 

You wait for your partner to change and keep giving them chances, but it doesn’t work.  

10. You’re Always Busy Fulfilling Your Partner’s Needs.

When you’re blinded by love, you’re always busy fulfilling your partner’s requirements. They’re always asking you to do things for them, and you feel you must accommodate them all the time. 

You think you have to be there for your partner no matter what. You’re never able to do anything for yourself because you’re always busy taking care of your partner. 

It’s hard for you to get a break. You feel like you’re constantly on autopilot. You’re always trying to be perfect but still feel your partner isn’t satisfied with you.

You’re always putting your partner first and feel like you’re becoming less and less yourself. You’re stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and self-loathing but don’t know how to break free.

What Happens in the Long Run?

When you’re always fulfilling your partner’s needs, you may feel like you can never relax or enjoy your own life. And you’re constantly on edge, waiting to fulfill your partner’s every whim.

You may feel like a puppet on a string, always moving to ensure your partner is happy.

Such a relationship can be suffocating and limiting. The constant stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health and lead to a lack of satisfaction in your own life.

11. You’ve Lost Your Self-Respect.

You've Lost Your Self-Respect

When you’re blinded by love, you start to think of your partner as a God. You begin to worship them and consider them the only good thing in your life.

You bow down to their every command and do whatever they want, no matter what it is. You no longer have any sense of self-worth.

You chase them even when they treat you in the wrong way. You stay silent even when they disrespect you, your family, and your friends. You become a pushover who can’t stand for yourself. And your partner walks all over you, but you keep tolerating it.

What Happens in the Long Run?

When you lose self-respect, it’s hard to get it back. You don’t feel confident in yourself anymore. You may find yourself struggling to make decisions or feeling overwhelmed by tasks that used to be easy.

You start doubting your abilities and see yourself as a worthless person. You believe you are not important or good enough and don’t deserve to be loved.

12. You’re Damn Too Obsessed With Your Partner.

Do you think that you always require your partner’s presence? Either on call, by text, or in person?

If so, you may be blinded by love.

When you’re blind in love, you always think about your partner and can’t notice what’s happening around you. You don’t give them (and yourself) any personal space.

You’re constantly thinking about what they’re doing. You’re always waiting for them to text, call, or come over. Also, you hate being alone or without them.

What Happens in the Long Run?

When you’re too obsessed with your partner, it can have serious consequences. 

You may feel like you can’t live without your partner for a moment. So, you always seek their presence which becomes suffocating.

You are unable to focus on anything else. You start neglecting your own needs, becoming clingy and controlling, and engaging in destructive behavior.

You may stop going out with your friends, doing fun things, or enjoying your hobbies. You may even become so obsessed with your partner that you stop dreaming of anything else. 

13. You’re Going Way Too Fast in the Relationship.

You take even the biggest decisions without giving them proper thought when you’re blinded by love.

You don’t take the time to get to know each other. Nor do you spend time building a relationship. 

You’re just jumping into things. Moving in together, meeting each other’s parents, and sharing too much about each other on social media are done too early. 

What Happens in the Long Run?

You and your partner need to be on the same page for the relationship to be healthy. You must be in sync with each other and understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. There must be proper communication between you. 

However, rushing a relationship doesn’t let you achieve any of these. It sometimes even leads to a lack of trust, communication, and intimacy in the relationship. 

In reality, love needs to be felt deeply and enjoyed thoroughly. Every small but beautiful moment turns into a lifelong memory.

When you rush too much in the relationship, you don’t actually experience it the way you should.

Am I Blinded by Love Quiz

Despite looking at the signs, are you still confused about whether you’re blinded by love or not?

If so, attempt this “Am I blinded by love” quiz to clarify:

Am I Blinded By Love Quiz

Am I Blinded By Love?

1 / 10

1. Do you see your relationship just the way you want to see it?

2 / 10

2. Do you always ignore people’s negative opinions about your relationship? (Even when you know they may be right)

3 / 10

3. Do you always sacrifice your happiness for your partner’s happiness?

4 / 10

4. Do you never question your partner?

5 / 10

5. Do you have no other interests except your partner?

6 / 10

6. Do you feel a gap was created between you and your family (or friends) after your partner entered your life?

7 / 10

7. Do you feel that your partner is flawless and way too perfect?

8 / 10

8. Do you feel your partner makes all the decisions but doesn’t even value your opinion?

9 / 10

9. Are you highly obsessed with your partner and keep thinking about them?

10 / 10

10. Do you often justify your partner’s bad behavior?

NOTE: Please be honest while answering the questions.

End of the Line

It’s crazy what a heart blinded by love can force you to believe.

~Jourdane Erasquin

Love can turn out as the most beautiful or the most painful thing in the world for you.

The way you handle love decides where it takes you.

Being blinded by love can steer it in an extremely unhealthy direction.

Act mature and try to balance things well. You may actually experience your fantasy love life.

I hope your relationship turns out to be a massive success.

See you in the next post. 



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