27 Unique Crown Chakra Affirmations for Quick Healing

Updated On: December 24, 2022

These 27 powerful “crown chakra affirmations” will help you heal the crown chakra imbalance and improve your connection with the divine.


Lady in yoga pose using crown chakra affirmations

Are you a spiritual being who’s stuck on the journey of improving his connection to God?

If your answer is yes, you just arrived at the right post. 

Did you know there’s a chakra in your body that directly connects you to the universe? 

Nope? Let me tell you, the best part about the chakra is that it could even help you drastically improve your connection to God. Once you activate it, you can experience something far beyond human imagination.

The chakra is none other than the white-colored crown chakra, also known as Sahasrara (thousand-petalled).

Affirmations are a great way to heal the crown chakra, and you can use them to help you increase your spiritual connection.

Right now, I’ll tell you everything I know about the chakras. Also, I’ll share more details on the crown chakra and how you can heal it using the crown chakra affirmations.

What Are Chakras?

To understand the meaning of crown chakra, you first need to know what chakras are?

“Chakras” is a “Sanskrit” word that refers to the energy points in our body that lie on our cerebrospinal axis (along the spine). Even though chakras mean “wheels” or “circles,” they are actually triangle-shaped.

These chakras help us maintain physical and emotional well-being by providing energy to organs and the mind.

Fundamentally, there are seven types of chakras:-

Location of chakras in human body

1. “Muladhara” or “Root Chakra” (located at the perineum).

2. “Swadhisthana” or “Sacral Chakra” (located above genitals).

3. “Manipuraka” or “Solar Plexus Chakra” (located right below naval).

4. “Anahata” or “Heart Chakra” (located right below where the rib cage meets).

5. “Vishuddhi” or “Throat Chakra” (located at the throat).

6. “Ajna” or “Third Eye Chakra” (located between eyebrows).

7. “Sahasrara” or “Bhramarandra” or “Crown Chakra” (located at the top of the head).

What Is Crown Chakra?

As the name suggests, Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) is a chakra situated precisely at the soft spot on the top of the head. It is the seventh and the highest chakra of your body. Also, it is “one of two chakras” that lie outside the physical body.

The essential purpose of the crown chakra is to enable spiritual growth, pursue spiritual peace, and connect your body to the higher consciousness or the universe.

When a person activates the crown chakra, he enters the state of an abyss and becomes unexplainably joyful. It’s like he becomes unavailable and inaccessible. Further, he gets a similar feeling of being drunk. 

One can experience Sahasrara (crown chakra) and come back but can’t stay there permanently because the body can’t stay there, and he cannot function effectively in such a state. It is a place where a person goes just to get lost for some time, and there’s no motive of self-exploration involved.

When a person dies, his soul can exit the body through any chakras. However, if the soul leaves through the crown chakra, it is considered the best death. 

The 7 Most Common Signs You May Have a Crown Chakra Imbalance

Signs of Crown Chakra Imbalance

A chakra is said to be imbalanced if it either becomes overactive or underactive (blocked).

If the crown chakra becomes overactive, you reach a state of extensive meditation where you get disconnected from the world, and the experience is heavenly.

If the crown chakra becomes underactive, you lack faith in the universe and God. Further, you experience a lack of purpose in life.

Here are the seven quick signs to identify that your crown chakra is imbalanced:-

  • You’re confused about your life’s purpose and direction.
  • You’re addicted to over-meditation.
  • You experience difficulty connecting with others.
  • There’s a lack of connection or guidance from a higher power.
  • You experience severe headaches.
  • You’ve become extremely narrow-minded.
  • Your mental focus is blurred.

27 Crown Chakra Affirmations You Must Use To Heal Its Imbalance

After reading the signs shared in the above section, if you feel that your crown chakra is somehow imbalanced, you can use “crown chakra affirmations” to heal and balance it.

Repeating just 3-5 crown chakra affirmations each day will help you realign your energy centers and send healing vibes to the crown chakra.

1. There’s a deep connection between me and the divine.

2. God has directed me towards the most beautiful path of life.

3. I am entirely open to fresh, unique, and better perspectives.

4. God has blessed me with a precious life.

5. I’ve got the clarity and focus required to live a stunning life.

6. I let go of my doubts regarding God’s existence.

7. The universe is my teacher, and it teaches me astonishing things every day.

The universe is my teacher and it teaches me astonishing things each day

8. The divine is my only inspiration.

9. I am well aware of my life’s purpose.

10. I surrender myself to be enlightened by the divine.

11. My spirit is at ease.

12. Nothing can influence my unwavering faith in God.

13. The divine and the universe cherishes me.

14. I respect the almighty.

15. I let go of attachments with material things.

16. I’ve opened the doors to receive any knowledge that the universe sends my way.

17. I am in sync with the universe’s flow.

18. My crown chakra is active and well-balanced.

19. My spirit is experiencing growth every moment.

20. I am always mindful of the things happening around me.

21. I choose faith and light even if everyone else chose the path which is not bright.

22. Divine energy flows quickly and smoothly through my crown chakra.

23. My meditation practices are healing my crown chakra each day.

Crown chakra healing affirmation- "My meditiation practices are healing my crown chakra each day"

24. I emanate love and light.

25. I realize the importance of my existence in this world.

26. I’ve channeled my energies in the right direction.

27. My life is in absolute balance, and I am not obsessed with meditation.

End of the Line

The crown chakra serves as a secret portal to the divine.

The traditional method of activating the crown chakra is through prayer and meditation. However, daily practice of the “crown chakra affirmations” can also help you in the process of activating it, healing it, and experiencing divine guidance. 

I hope that the affirmations I shared above will help you advance your spiritual journey. 
If they do, comment below and inspire others to use them too.

I’ll see you in the next post.



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