Do You Fall Under This Rare Category Of Twin Flame Relationship?

Updated On: December 24, 2022

What is a Twin Flame Relationship · 13 Signs That You Have Found Your Twin Flame · Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship


Twin Flame Relationship Featured

Remember those romantic movies where the hero and heroine acted as if they were two different bodies with a single soul?

Everything seemed so perfect, as of they were inseparable. Even if they went away, the universe brought them back together.

It all looked so unreal and hard to believe, but I am pretty sure that you would have made it your childhood fantasy to have such a partner when you grow older.

So, let me ask you a question:- “Do you really think it was just a fantasy and it does not exist?”

You will be shocked to know that such relationships do exist in reality.

Yes, you heard it right! Your fantasy was real.
Such relationships are known as Twin Flame Relationships.

So, here’s the exact definition for you.

What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

A twin flame relationship is an intense bond and attraction between two persons. It is what we hear in the movies – “One soul in two bodies.” Also, it is based on the concept of when a single soul splits and enters into two bodies.

So, does everybody has a twin flame?
Well, the answer is NO. Twin-Flame is extremely rare.

You will find a lot of information saying that everybody has a twin flame and you may not meet them in a lifetime. But, the belief is not true.

13 Signs That You Have Found Your Twin Flame

If you are in a relationship, it is time to figure out whether you have found your twin flame or not. So, here are the signs that you can look for:-

1. When you first met, It felt like you’ve met before

There was an instant connection between both of you when you first met. Your partner was already able to complete your communications and understand you well. Plus, there was a ‘strange’ sort of attraction between both of you.

Both of you feel that the bond was a lot older than it actually is.

2. Both of you accept each other the way you are

You don’t expect your partner to change, neither they want you to change. Both of you are satisfied with each other’s looks, behavior, attitude, and nature. You feel that your partner is perfect and complete in every term, and he/she is the best match for you.

3. You perfectly balance each other

Twin Flame Balance Each Other

Your partner’s strengths perfectly balance your weaknesses, and you too balance your partner’s weaknesses in the same way.

Your twin flame teaches you vital lessons that help you overcome your fears and develop a new self-personality.

4. You can’t stay without each other

Your day feels incomplete and pending without each other. You always feel the need to have your partner with you. You even feel a bit frustrated and sometimes experience severe mood swings.

5. You have an exceptional connection

Your connection with your twin flame is much deeper than you’ve ever experienced before if you’ve had any past relationships.

You are unable to sleep comfortably when your partner isn’t comfortable. You feel sad when your partner is sad.

Yeah, I know it is just like those romantic movies, but it’s really true.

6. It feels like home

Your partner’s company feels like a home to you. You never miss your home whenever you are with them. Every location instantly feels like a comfortable place with no worries or problems. You are present in the current moment, and you feel happy for yourself.

7. You experience growth with each other

You feel as if you are a stronger person than ever. You are a better personality. You feel mature and much improved both mentally and emotionally.

It is such growth that you’ve never experienced in your lifetime.

8. You don’t need to justify yourself

Conflicts and misunderstandings are common in relationships. However, there is no need for you to justify what you are saying is the truth. Your twin flame understands you well and blindly trusts you.

You also never exploit them due to their blind faith in you, as you know that the faith once lost can never be retrieved.

9. Your values are similar

Both of you are pretty similar in terms of behavior, nature, and values. Your words, while you speak, might even be the same at some moments. You experience the same feelings in some situations.

You feel so interconnected that the bond seems to be unbreakable.

10. You experience a different sort of freedom

When you are with your twin flame, you feel as if you can now be your original self. There are no fears, tensions, or worries.

Your partner protects you and shields you. You feel you’re in safe hands and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You experience a freedom that you’ve never experienced before, not even with your family.

11. You complete each other

Twin Flame Complete each other

You feel empty without each other. Having your partner by your side makes you feel complete. You feel satisfied as it was all that you ever wanted.

12. You can’t stop thinking about each other

You feel lonely even if you don’t get to talk to each other for a single day. You and your partner keep wandering about each other, the time you’ve spent with each other, your sweet memories, or anything that you could recall.

In case of any conflicts between both of you, you can’t just stay apart. Else, you get too frustrated due to overthinking.

13. Your relationship is sometimes tumultuous

Your relationship might be on and off, but you always find a way back. Even if you separate, your connection and the universe bring you back in no time.

There might be moments when things might seem to fall apart. Still, you and your twin flame get through them.

Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

As you now know, whether you have found your twin flame or not. Here are the stages which a twin flame relationship goes through:-

Stage 1: Excessive Longingness of your Missing Part

It is the initial stage when both of you realize that the other half of your soul is somewhere out there. You feel that something is missing from your life. Your longingness will constantly keep increasing, and you start internally preparing for meeting your twin flame.

Stage 2: You Start Searching for your Twin Flame

You start searching for your partner
Pic credits: Happify

In the second stage, you start searching for the other half of your soul. You don’t know whether your twin flame is searching for you or not, but you follow your intuition. Now you might even travel, take up new interests, and enter new areas of life, All of it to cross paths with your twin flame.

Stage 3: Sudden Meeting of your Twin Flame

The meeting would be sudden, and your search for the other part of your soul will come to an end. You’ll get instant recognition at the time when you’ll look at each other. There would be a sort of satisfaction, and your longing will come to an end.

You will feel as if you’ve met for the first time but have known each other since the beginning.

Stage 4: Honeymoon Phase of your Relationship

As now you’ve met your twin flame, higher chances are that you will enter a relationship. Feelings will eventually deepen, and your connection will keep getting stronger. You will start feeling that both of you are true soulmates. You will complete each other, and the love and affection at this stage will reach their peak.

Stage 5: Challenging Stage

No ship always sails smoothly.

It is the time when the real test of your commitment begins. Quarrels and conflicts will happen, and you will start pointing out each other’s flaws. Both of you will start feeling the relationship as a cage and will get frustrated.

At this point, it will depend upon you whether you’ll fail the test and give up or bounce back with an all-time strong relationship.

Stage 6: Emerging Disinterests

As the arguments will keep on increasing, there will be a moment when you’ll feel the need for a long break. You’ll start losing interest in the relationship. It will all be too intense till both of you eventually agree to go apart. You might not wish to see each other for a long time.

Stage 7: Pursue Stage

The pursue stage

As one partner decides to step back and move away, the other twin flame might also step back or start chasing. During this stage, both the partners get physically separated, followed by severe disappointment and emotional instability.

The one who decides to go away is the runner, and the one who decides to chase is the chaser.

Stage 8: The Give Up Stage

After so many hurdles in the relationship, you begin to open up again. You discover a new inner self.

At this time, you might begin a new relationship with a different person. However, you will always be wandering of your twin flame, and when will both of you reunite again.

Stage 9: Reuniting and Coming Back Home

Twin flames have a deep connection. Still, there’s a chance that you might not reunite. This separation might even be for a lifetime.

However, A forgiving attitude, patience, and acceptance can still reunite you.
If you are lucky to be back again, the reunion would be so strong that you can’t even imagine, and the relationship might even be lifelong.

At last, both of you will be back where you really belonged.

Parting Thoughts

There’s no doubt that the twin flame relationship is one of the best and purest forms of relationships. However, it simply doesn’t mean that your partner necessarily needs to be your twin flame for your relationship to be healthy.

You will be shocked to know that sometimes, twin flames don’t even enter a relationship or get committed.
It solely depends upon you and your partner how you handle the relationship and live happily.

So, that’s it for this post. Make sure to comment if you liked the post and hit the bell icon if you want to stay updated with the Relationship Series.

Stay Happy. Keep Loving.


A1. A twin flame relationship means a deep and soulful connection. So, when your lover is thinking about you, you’ll feel magnetic energy pulling your heart. You won’t be able to defend yourself from it, and you’ll feel irritated if you try to do so. You might also feel as if your other half is calling you or someone needs you right now.

A2. Here are the most compatible twin flame zodiacs:-

  • Leo or Sagittarius with Aries
  • Pisces or Scorpio with Taurus
  • Aquarius or Saggitarius with Gemini
  • Cancer with Virgo
  • Gemini, Cancer, or Saggitarius with Leo
  • Capricorn with Virgo
  • Libra with Cancer
  • Pisces or Cancer with Scorpio
  • Aquarius or Gemini with Saggitarius
  • Pisces with Cancer
  • Aquarius with Virgo
  • Taurus or Virgo with Capricorn

A3. Yes, a twin flame relationship might become toxic when there are a lot of arguments between both partners. At this stage, the flaws of your partner seem much more powerful than the strengths.

It might also happen when the twin flames mostly disagree with each other in most conversations.



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  1. Thanks, Varun for this beautiful article. I read it & learn many more things. Your thoughts are awesome. I also have the same point of view about relationships. Great article.

  2. i never believed in twin flame before i met mine❤️
    All of the signs stated above are so true that i kept thinking about him while reading those points.
    It’s hard to believe that i have a person in my life who knows every feeling of mine be it a happiness or sorrow, whether i tell him or not he is always by my side.
    Your article just made me miss him more.
    Great article😁
    Keep writing articles like this👍

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