11 Spiritual Meanings of Feeling Drawn to Someone You Barely Know

Updated On: August 10, 2023

Feeling drawn to someone you barely know? These could be the 11 spiritual meanings behind the strange attraction. Don’t miss out!


Feeling drawn to someone you barely know spiritual meanings.

“Why am I drawn to someone I barely know?” 

If you have opened this post, this question must be there in your mind. You might be wondering why this is happening to you and if it has a deep spiritual meaning. 

Well, my dear, the universe has various ways to send you messages in different phases of your life. Those messages are a reminder that no matter what, it is with you to protect you from bad experiences. 

If you’re feeling drawn to someone you have recently met, it could carry a robust spiritual meaning. Feeling excited and interested to know what it could be? 

Perfect! I’ll take you through 11 possible spiritual meanings of being drawn to someone you barely know. 

Feeling Drawn to Someone You Barely Know? These Are 11 Possible Spiritual Meanings

The human mind is unique; you never know how or when it will catch feelings for someone or start feeling drawn to someone’s presence. 

Let me unveil the 11 spiritual meanings of feeling attracted to a stranger. 

1. It’s Just an Unspoken Connection.

Unspoken connection between a girl and a guy.

Sometimes, explaining every emotion you feel is difficult, and this is the one. 

Feeling drawn to someone you barely know could be a spiritual meaning that you two share an unspoken bond that will yield amazing results in the coming days. 

I can totally relate this to Ankit. When we first met, we felt an intense connection but were unaware to express it. I didn’t know how he would react neither did he. Back then, we never realized why we were so drawn to each other even though we were new in each other’s life. 

Today, as I look back, I understand it was the universe’s way of telling me that I share a beautiful unspoken connection with this new guy and that a lovely journey awaits me. 

The same could be true for you as well! 

This new person you barely know you’re obsessed with could have an unspoken connection with you, causing this intense attraction. I suggest you let everything fall in place with time.

2. They Remind You About Someone Close. 

Another possible spiritual meaning of feeling drawn to someone you barely know could be that they resemble someone very close to you.

It is yet another strange thing but true to its core. 

There could be someone in your subconscious mind who has been very close to you, and this new stranger might be reminding you of them. 

It’s the universe’s signaling that something exciting or refreshing can happen in your life. Further, you should be ready to embrace new experiences with open arms. 

I haven’t experienced it with Ankit because he never resembled anyone close to my heart. But few of my acquaintances have been through it. 

Even though you don’t think of them, they might have been there deep inside your mind, much to your unawareness. This new person is helping you to connect with them (the person in your subconscious mind). 

3. You Have a Third Eye Connection.

A cosmic third eye connection between a girl and a guy.

The universe and its signals are amazing if you take note. Another spiritual meaning behind your attraction toward a stranger could be the 

third eye connection.” 

Now, what is that? Don’t worry, my dear. I’ll explain everything to you. 

This connection signifies that you share the same spiritual wavelength and can feel each other’s energy. That connection, my dear, draws you to this new person you barely know

Even though you aren’t aware of it, there is intense energy between you two already, and that’s the main reason you’re attracted to them, and perhaps they are too! You might even feel that you have known them all your life.

You share a powerful connection, a constant flow of feelings that none of you can ignore. The setting is so powerful that people around you can observe it or at least sense something spicing up between you. 

4. You Have to Learn Something from Them. 

Life is strange, and it accompanies you with numerous learnings. You never know from where or whom your next lesson might come

And this, my dear, can connect this strange feeling with someone you barely know. 

One of the most apparent spiritual meanings behind feeling drawn to someone you have just met may be that you have something to learn or gain some experience from this person. I cannot say whether learning will be good or bad: but it can be something. 

It’s just the universe’s way of telling you you must be open to the new lessons that come your way and derive the best out of them. 

5. The Soul Searching Quest.

Two soulmates - a girl and a guy, holding each other's hand in a beautifiul sceneric picture.

Another essential spiritual meaning of feeling drawn to someone you barely know could be the “soul searching connection.” 

Now, what’s that? Simply put, it’s about the thirst to feel loved or belonged. 

Let me explain it a bit. You might have been mistreated by someone who meant a lot to you. Or, you might have been abandoned by your ex-partner or a dear friend

It could be anyone else who has been very close to you. With that heavy mind, you have been searching for someone to treat you the way you deserve. And this stranger might be the one!

If you’re feeling drawn to them, it might be the universe’s message that good days are ahead and this person will care for your heart. Your soul search quest is almost coming to an end. 

6. You’re Experiencing the Intense Similarity Effect.

It is weird but true. One of the most prominent spiritual meanings of being drawn to someone you barely know is that you have many things in common. 

Those similarities are not revealed when you have just met and might unveil with time. But, if you have recently met and you’re attracted to them, this might be a spiritual sign. 

When I met Ankit for the first time, I felt something inside me. That time, I’d tear myself up thinking, why am I so drawn to him when we barely know each other?

Well, as time revealed, we had many things in common. That might be true in your case, and there might be some interesting chemistry between you two shortly. 

You never know what your future holds, so try not to overthink!  

7. They are Your Soul Mentor.

A spiritual guru guiding a child.

They are your soul mentor: this can be another spiritual meaning behind feeling drawn to someone you barely know.

Yes, my dear, that is possible! Being attracted to someone doesn’t always have to do something with a romantic feeling or connection. Sometimes, it can be beyond that, too, and you deserve spiritual mentorship from them. 

By soul mentor, I mean they’re someone who will help you achieve your goals and guide you through the spiritual path. That person is a knowledgeable individual with a great sense of wisdom. You can benefit from him. 

Sending such a person in your life could be the universe’s way of reminding you that you’re here to achieve bigger goals in life and that they need a check. 

You need someone in your life who will guide you in the right direction to help you reach your destination. This person, whom you’re attracted to, might be the one.

8. Both of You Have Been Through Something Intense.

It isn’t easy to understand the universe’s indications sometimes, and you might need help finding a satisfactory answer every time. 

Your attraction for someone you barely know might spiritually mean both of you have been through intense emotions. You might have been through something very harsh, that has left you in despair. 

That person may have felt a similar way or have experienced something too intense which has broken their heart. 

The range of emotions you both faced during these phases was similar. And that similarity, my dear, is pulling you closer. 

It could be the universe telling you that you’re not alone in this pain or that someone is here to share your grief and be there during your dark times. 

I suggest you, my friend, embrace the sign on a positive note and prepare your next steps mindfully. 

9. You Have a Weaving Connection.

Now your mind is asking, “What is a weaving connection?” 

I’ll explain it to you, my dear. 

It’s nothing but the feeling of seeing this person again. Something inside you is telling you that no matter what, you’ll be in touch with this person for a very long. 

This weaving connection might be a solid spiritual meaning behind feeling drawn to someone you barely know. 

You might have met them once or twice, and you constantly feel there are obvious chances of meeting them again. Even though you don’t want a meet-up, destiny will bring you face-to-face again. 

This weaving connection is the universe’s way of telling you that this new person is inevitable in your life, and he may be in for a better chance. 

Once you start interacting with each other and getting to know more, it will gradually become impossible for you to step back because of such a vibrant connection. 

10. They’re Your Happy Place.

A couple being happy and laughing together.

A popular quote on social media says, “Sometimes, a home is a person.” That is very true. Few feelings can make you feel at home around them. 

So, this might be the case with this new person you have met. 

From the very first meeting, you have vibed with them and feel like you have known them all your life. 

Even though you haven’t admitted yourself yet, deep inside, this person makes you feel at home: that’s another spiritual meaning behind the attraction. Their company keeps you energetic, and you can’t stop but crave more. 

Ankit and I had felt a connection but were too introverted to initiate a chat. However, this homely feeling came quickly when we gradually started to know each other. That’s when I knew he was the ONE!

It might be too early to judge if they are for the long run. However, don’t let that spoil your present moment with them and the great company you enjoy.

11. The Soul Contract.

A soul contract might be another spiritual meaning of feeling drawn to someone you barely know.

A soul contract between two people is an agreement their souls make before birth to connect and experience a relationship in this lifetime. The purpose is to learn, grow, and evolve through that relationship.

So, If you’re actually having a soul contract with the person, you are bound to connect with this person. Your souls intuitively know they need each other for mutual spiritual development and healing.

By fulfilling the contract, both of you will expand your consciousness and understanding. 

Wrapping Up

We discussed the possible spiritual reasons for being drawn to someone you barely know. 

The reasons could be any of the above ones or something different. What I suggest is to keep your patience and be in the moment. 

You can’t keep pressuring yourself to figure out exactly why you are feeling as such for a stranger. Take a deep breath and let the incidents follow. 

Trust me, my dear. The universe has the best plans for you! 


  1. I can relate to a whole lot of these insightful posts.
    My soul keeps yearning for someone special I know so little about. I strongly believe that the feeling is mutual but she’s either fighting or figuring it out gradually. I’ve expressed my sincere feelings but she’s in denial. These strong affection for her hasn’t changed for over 3years now but it’s so frustrating that she won’t talk to me , yet I can’t stop thinking about her.
    I’ve tried seeing other ladies but I can’t fully involve myself in any potentially romantic relationship with other women and it’s incredibly frustrating to say the least

    1. After so much efforts, it’s time to let her go, Emmanuel. I know if it’s very difficult but if there’s actually a mutual feeling and universe’s planning, she’ll hopefully come back automatically to you.

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