How Can You Miss Someone You’ve Never Met? (15 Reasons)

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Wondering how can you miss someone you’ve never met? These are the only 15 reasons you need to check out to answer your question!


How can you miss someone you've never met featured

Have you met someone online (not in person) with whom every moment spent felt just perfect, but they just went away? 

Let me guess what happened next. 
You would’ve lost your focus, and you would constantly be thinking about the other person.

So, is there something abnormal happening to you?
Not at all! You may be just missing the other person.

Now, you might be wondering, “How can you miss someone you’ve never met?”

To get the answer, jump right into the post where I’ll share 15 real reasons behind how you can miss someone you’ve never met.

Can You Miss Someone You’ve Never Met? (Isn’t It Weird?)

Yes, you can absolutely miss someone you’ve never met, and it’s not at all weird!

“Missing someone” is an emotion, and it doesn’t come with any strings attached. 

A heart-to-heart connection doesn’t happen when the other person’s outer appearance holds the beauty. It happens when their heart holds true beauty.  

You start missing someone when they make you feel good, you have a deep bonding and powerful connection with them, but they aren’t present with you. 
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve met online or in person. You would miss them equally in both cases.  

How Can You Miss Someone You’ve Never Met? (15 Big Reasons)

1. You Were Addicted to Spending Time With Them.

you were addicted to spending time with them

Think about how you spent time with the other person.

Did you have long conversations, watch online movies, or enjoy other online activities with them?

If your answer is yes, you may be addicted to spending time with them.

Once you spend so much time with someone every day, they become a part of your routine. You wind up all your tasks right before when it’s time to have fun with them. Even when you’re busy somewhere, you try to find some space in which you could spend just a few minutes with them. Each moment spent with them turns into memories that keep going around in your head.

So, when the other person is not with you, something feels incomplete from your schedule. As a result, you start missing them even when you’ve never met them.

2. You Were Emotionally Attached to Them.

As you were having conversations with the other person over text or call, you may be wondering:-“How is it even possible to be emotionally connected just by talking to them?”

In reality, it’s not just the conversations. It’s the type of conversation both of you had.

I’ll explain.
Whenever you talk to any casual friend, the duration of the conversation is short, and mostly, there’s a purpose behind it. Thus, there isn’t a strong emotional bond.

However, when talking to the other person, you may be having deep conversations revolving around “knowing each other” and “sharing life insights.” As you learned more and more about each other’s lives, you formed a powerful emotional bond with the other person.

Finally, when you’re connected so emotionally with someone, and the other person isn’t available, you start missing them even if you’ve never met them.

3. One of You Manifested the Other Person.

If you don’t have any idea about manifestation, here’s a brief explanation:-

Manifestation is the act of making something concrete or bringing something into being. It’s the ability to take an idea or a desire and make it real. 
To manifest something, you must have complete faith that it can turn into a reality. You must visualize it and feel that it’s already yours. From there, you take inspired action to make it happen.

Manifestation doesn’t have any limitations. You can even use it to attract a specific person into your life.

Further, manifestation can be the answer to the question, “how can you miss someone you’ve never met?”

Let me help you understand.

You and the other person might have crossed paths because one of you was manifesting the other.
Just because you aren’t with each other right now doesn’t mean it’s all over! The manifestation could be still in place, and one of you could still be manifesting.

Further, when one person manifests the other, there’s a strong desire to be accompanied, and the universe tries to attract you towards each other. In such a case, you can miss someone you’ve never met. 

If you want to identify whether the other person is manifesting you or not, you can check out the “signs to know if someone is manifesting you.”

Quick Note: You could also be the one who was manifesting, but you might be unaware of it. Maybe, you just wanted to have someone to give you company, and the universe heard you. Further, it sent the other person into your life. 

4. They Were a Member of Your Soul Family.

they're a member of your soul family

Have you ever heard about “soul family?”
Maybe not!

Soul family is a group of individuals who have similar mental, physical and spiritual levels as your soul. Your soul tribe members play an essential role in your overall growth. 

Basically, if you surround yourself with your soul family, you experience immense growth in every aspect. Further, physical distance doesn’t matter when interacting with your soul family members.

It may be possible that the person with whom you interacted was a part of your soul family.

Being a part of your soul tribe, the other person offered you superb companionship, and you were experiencing growth with them, which led to happiness.
But now, you’ve lost a beloved companion, and there’s a sudden halt in growth because the other person isn’t there in your life. Thus, you might be missing them even when you’ve never met them.

5. Both of You Had Similar Qualities and Interests.

Like birds fly together.

Whenever you interact with someone similar to you, there’s an instant connection, and it feels like it was your destiny to meet each other.

Did it happen with you and the person you met virtually too? 
Did both of you have similar attitudes, likes and dislikes, and a sense of humor?

If yes, I am pretty sure both of you were able to blend really well! You would’ve never run out of fun ideas. There would’ve been lesser conflicts on “what to do” and “what not to do” as you had similar interests.

So, if a person who is exceptionally similar to you exits your life, you will surely miss them.

6. You Are Hell Bored!

Do you get thoughts of the person you met online only when you’re sitting idle and starting at the wall?

If yes, your boredom might be the reason you’re missing them!

In the era of smartphones, people find it difficult to sit idle even for a few minutes.
Maybe, when you felt bored earlier, you interacted with the other person, and they entertained you. They cracked a few jokes, you played games with them, or both of you binge-watched a few movies online.

So, now when you have moments in life when you’ve got nothing to do, you can miss them even when you’ve never met them. 

7. The Suspense Has Faded Away.

What happens when you first meet someone?

You get to know them, Right?
So, when you and the other person met virtually, you would’ve started learning about each other.

In the same process, you may have developed extreme excitement and curiosity related to the other person (I mean, who doesn’t like some extra spice in life).

Everyone’s life has different chapters! 
Maybe, you wanted to know more about them and listen to their exciting stories and experiences.

If such a person leaves your life, you don’t get answers to “what happened next” in their life. Further, you don’t even get to know them properly.
Both the suspense and spice faded away from your life which could be why you miss someone you’ve never met.

8. Both of You Were Each Other’s Priority.

both of you were each other's priority

Being someone’s priority is a special feeling! 

You feel worthy, confident, and most importantly, know that someone’s always got your back. You know you can always share your feelings with them, and they will support you.

Did you and the other person consider each other a priority? Were they always available for you when you needed them most?

If yes, you may be missing the other person so much because you miss the special feeling of being their priority.

9. You Feel Lonely Without Them.

Did you know that you might feel lonely even after being surrounded by a lot of people?

One reason behind it could be that you never had quality relationships. Maybe you just focused on the quantity of relationships.

But, here’s the kick! 
You cannot just create a healthy relationship by yourself. A healthy relationship is a two-way street, so you must have a company willing to put in equal efforts.

Right now, the people you’re surrounding yourself with may not be putting any effort into fostering the relationship, and you might be making the efforts alone. Finally, you feel lonely because you actually don’t have companionship even when you’ve got people around you.

However, the person you met virtually may have offered you a mutual relationship. Thus, you felt fulfilled and complete. They gave you the company you’ve been longing for.
So, now when they are not around, you’re back to the “lonely” phase, and you miss them.

10. You’ve Imagined Yourself With Them.

The great gift of the human imagination is that it has no limits of endings.

~Jim Rohn

When you were interacting with the other person virtually, you might have visualized them in your mind. 
You could’ve created an image of the first meeting in your mind. For example:-

  • What would the other person look like? 
  • How would they smell? 
  • What would you wear?
  • How would you greet them?

You may have even imagined your future with them. Your mind could’ve gone wild imagining a lot of things with them. Further, you would’ve felt super excited after such a deep visualization.

However, all the dreams shattered when the other person went away. The excitement faded away too!

If that is the case, you can miss someone you’ve never met.

11. You’re a Bubbly Personality.

A bubbly personality is someone who has an optimistic approach towards life and is always happy. They are outgoing and have a lot of fun.

Bubbly people love making lots of friends and being surrounded by people. Also, they are the ones who seek attention and want all the eyes on them.

Let me ask you:-“Are you a bubbly personality?”
If yes, you may hate it when someone leaves your life (especially when it’s someone with whom your vibes match so much). So, if the person you met virtually had the same vibes and you enjoyed their company, you would’ve wanted to stick with them.

When it didn’t happen, you started missing them even when you’ve never met them.

Quick Note: If you’re unsure whether you’re a bubbly personality or not, you can check out the “signs of a bubbly personality.”

12. You’re in a Storm, and You Need Them To Hold You.

You're in a storm and you need them to hold you

Everyone suggests finding the solution to your problems on your own, Right?

It’s true, but I also believe there are some problems where you need someone to support you! Maybe, they wouldn’t directly help you solve the problem but having them by your side eases your journey.

So, Did the other person support you during problems when they were present? Did they hold your hand until the storm calmed down?

If your answer is yes, the “absence of their emotional support” could be why you’re missing them even when you’ve never met them! 
You may be stuck in a massive problem right now and want them to be with you, but they aren’t there.

13. They Reminded You of a Loved One.

Have you ever lost any loved one? Maybe they moved away or are deceased?

If Yes, Did the person you met virtually remind you of your loved one? Maybe, they had matching voices, looks (if you had seen the virtual person’s images), behavior, or attitude toward life?

If your answer is yes again, your memories recall justifies, “how can you miss someone you’ve never met?”

Even if your loved one left a long ago, there’s always a scar that never gets healed. Whenever someone touches the scar, the memories of your loved one are back again (which might be painful sometimes).

Whenever the other person was with you, they might have given life to your old memories. However, it didn’t pain much this time because you felt your loved one’s vibes and presence. Further, you enjoyed being accompanied by them as you enjoyed being with your loved ones.

As the person left, all the memories got buried again, and you started missing them and your “loved one.” 

14. You Were in Love.

Do you think it’s impossible to fall for someone without meeting them?

You’re wrong!
As per research, “2 out of 3 people believe it’s possible to fall in love without meeting in person.” 

So, were you among those two?

Let’s figure it out.

  • Did you unusually enjoy bearing the other person’s tantrums?
  • Did you wait for the other person every day to call you or come online?
  • Did you crave hearing their soothing voice?
  • Did their presence make you feel important, loved, and cared for?
  • Did you feel comfortable sharing details about your personal life with them?

If it’s a yes for all of them, you could be in love, mate! Maybe, you ignored it because you had a perception that you couldn’t fall in love online.

Finally, If you were actually in love, missing the other person when they’ve left your life is extremely obvious.

15. You Made Them a Part of Your Life (Unknowingly).

you made them a part of your life

Once you’ve spent so much time with someone and developed an emotional connection, they start taking space in your life.

As you talk to your family members daily, talking to the other person becomes your habit. You can’t peacefully sleep without hearing them for once. You’re concerned about the other person, the way you’re concerned for your family.

You feel happy, comfortable, and free the same way you feel around your true friend.
All of it, even when everything was online!

Unexpectedly, the day comes when the other person becomes an essential part of your life! You feel they’ll always be with you, but soon, they vanish. 

In such a scenario, you can miss someone you’ve never met. And yeah! It may be painful as hell.

End of the Line

If possible, Have you ever tried to bring back the person into your life you’ve been missing so much?

Or is your ego stopping you from dropping them a single text?

Trust me. It’s hard to find good people these days.
Rather than letting “someone special” leave your life so quickly, it’s better to let go of your ego and make efforts to hold onto them before it’s too late.

Don’t let your ego destroy your relationships forever. 

Save your relationships. Save your smile.



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