How Does a Guy Feel When You Ignore Him? 13 Reactions

Updated On: July 30, 2023

Understanding the male mind: Ignoring him revealed! Discover how does a guy feel when you ignore him.


How does a guy feel when you ignore him?

“How does a guy feel when I ignore him?”

If you have started reading this article, this question has popped up. Well, yes, your dearest friend is here to answer it for you. 🙂 

So, my question to you is – “Who are you ignoring right now, and what’s the purpose behind it?” 

Perhaps it’s a guy you like, and you’re curious about what might be going through his mind. Or, it can be just a random thought inside your head. 

Whatever it is, you’re in the perfect place! Ignoring a guy could make him think you’re busy, uninterested, and so on. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your boyfriend, friend, crush, or anyone else; this blog covers what everyone feels when you ignore them. 

Sounds like something you wanted to know? Perfect! Read on! 

How Does a Guy Feel When You Ignore Him? 13 Possible Reactions 

I understand your anticipation to know what might be happening with him. I have covered thirteen possible reactions in the following list. See if it can help you unveil what you’re looking for! 

1. You’re Not Interested. 

A girl who's uninterested in a guy.

One of the first thoughts to strike his mind would be that you’re not interested in him or don’t want to initiate a chat. Naturally, if he likes you or wants to ask you out, he’d try starting a conversation or drop subtle hints. 

He’ll take it as a NO when there’s no reciprocation after repeated tries

My friend Punit had a crush on a girl from college and tried his ways (respectfully) to get her attention. However, that didn’t serve any good because she wasn’t into him. 

Punit understood it after repeated attempts. A few months later, she was in a relationship with another guy. 

It was just one example. Many other instances show the girl’s ignorance toward the guy because she isn’t interested in him

So my dear, if you’re ignoring a guy, be mindful of your behavior. If he likes you, but you’re not interested in him, respectful and constant ignorance will eventually push him away. 

2. You Should Give Him More Time.

Now, my dear, it’s evident that your close ones will want or expect you to have a good time with them. 

If you ignore them too much, they might feel you need to give them more time and priority! 

It might be your boyfriend, friend, or anyone close to you. Too much ignorance might upset them, and they can have the feeling of spending more time with you. 

I have been through something similar. During my final year, I became so occupied with my studies that I ignored everything around me, including my boyfriend, Ankit. 

How would you feel if a person close to you did the same? I understood how wrong I was when Ankit confronted me and said I should make him feel he belonged. 

So my dear, if you’re caught up with work or anything, just let him know about it instead of ignoring it; that opens the door to transparency. 

3. You’re Busy With Your Work.

A girl who's busy with her work on a computer.

Another reaction from him could be very simple. He’ll just think you’re busy with your work or academics and need more time to respond to him. This thought is more apt if he’s your friend. 

Friends have a deeper understanding of each other. They know your schedule and when you’re busy or free. 

I have experienced this multiple times in my life. Even though I never meant it deliberately, sometimes my work pressure would implore me to ignore calls or texts from my friends. 

I even apologized for the ignorance. However, that never created a complicated feeling; my friends were very cooperative.

In short, If you’re ignoring a friend or a close one for your busy schedule, chances are they’d understand you’re occupied with work. 

4. You’re Very Rude.

Now, returning to a stranger or someone you have recently met. So, If you’re ignoring someone as such, they might immediately think you’re rude. They don’t know who you are because they aren’t close to you. 

So, the first thought that strikes their mind is your rudeness. They might think you’re ill-behaved and lack the courtesy to be gentle to someone. 

I have seen something similar. In high school, I met Dinesh, who was initially very ignorant. All my friends, including me, would think he was rude. However, with time we bonded well; he became a super helpful soul. 

So my dear, if you’re ignoring someone new to your life, he might take it as your rudeness and ignorance to bond with him. 

5. You Like Him.

It is hilarious but true! If he’s just an acquaintance, a friend, a colleague, or an enemy, and you keep ignoring him with no possible explanation, he might think you’re into him. 

A typical human psychology is to “avoid” the person we like for fear of getting caught. 

I can totally relate to this feeling. Ankit and I would ignore each other in the beginning. Sometimes, it hurt me, but sometimes, I felt he likes me. The same happened to him. However, we eventually got into a relationship. (Thanks to our lovely friends, who set us up) 

So my dear, are you ignoring him because you’re into him? Are you ignoring him because you’re afraid? What if he understands your feelings? Then, I must tell you there are chances he can sense your feelings without explanation. 

Please take my advice, be vocal about your feelings, or try befriending him. Who knows, it might work wonders soon. 

6. He Will Be Hurt.

Does it hurt a man when you ignore him? HELL, YES! 

Being ignored is worse than arguments and quarreling. If you constantly ignore a guy, he may feel deeply hurt, no matter whether it’s your partner, a friend, or a guy who has a crush on you.

Just pause and think for a moment. How would you feel if someone was ignoring you without any communication? 

You have been searching for answers but have nothing to convince yourself. Won’t you feel bad? Won’t you be sad that a person is ignoring you? 

The same is true for a guy as well, especially if he’s someone who cares about you. 

If he’s your boyfriend, he might be discouraged. If it’s a friend, he might feel confused and not know what to do next. In case it’s someone who likes you, he’ll feel a bit embarrassed too. 

Regardless of the equation, it would be best to convey what’s wrong. You can respectfully let a guy know you’re not romantically interested in him. In the case of a partner or a friend, you can discuss what’s bothering you and make a mutual decision. 

7. He Might Overthink.

A guy who's constantly overthinking.

No, this isn’t a great thing, but actually true. The guy might begin overthinking when you ignore him with no suitable explanation. He might begin to question himself. 

“What did I do wrong?” 
“Won’t she talk to me again?”
“Why is she doing this?” 
“Doesn’t she like me anymore?” 
“Did I offend her?”

These are just a few examples of the thoughts that might pop up in his head when you ignore him. 

It is primarily valid for a guy close to you or a super sensitive person who notes everyone’s behavior around him. 

Ignoring a guy suddenly, unintentionally, or intentionally can bother him with unlimited thoughts. And, for a close person, it’s natural to overthink this kind of behavior because the last thing they’d want is to lose you. 

I go through this a little, be it anyone who’s my close, so I know exactly how he might feel. 

8. You Want Attention.

This is embarrassingly true. When you ignore a guy, he might even think you want attention. 

It’s another human tendency to ignore a person actually to draw their attention toward you. 

It can be ignorance outside; however, deep inside, all the heart wants is attention.

Not going to lie; I did this myself. That was my talking stage with Ankit. Sometimes, I’d ignore him to see if he made an effort. I wanted to test if he’ll still be interested in talking to me if I was ignoring him. 

Yeah, there might be better ways to test someone, but it is fun sometimes! 😉

So, here’s a question, “Are you ignoring him actually to get his attention?” 

If yes, let me tell you he might understand your motive behind this. He might give you the desired attention or not pay attention at all just to see your reaction!

HAHA! So, my dear, be very thoughtful before you ignore him. 

9. You’re Over Him.

A girl who's completely done with a guy, moving away from him.

Another thing he might feel could be you’re over him or no longer interested in him. 

This will be mainly in case he’s your boyfriend. If you start ignoring him suddenly and have zero explanations, he might think you’re no longer interested in him. 

He could even be someone you have just started seeing, and nothing’s official yet. You start ignoring him, and he might think you’re not interested anymore in taking things ahead with him. 

If he’s just a friend, he might think you don’t need him anymore or that you have better friends and want to cut ties with him. 

This is something I have dealt with myself. Earlier, If I ever ignored Ankit, he’d think I was over him or unwilling to continue. That was in the initial stage of our relationship, though. However, even if you have a great bond, too much ignorance can implore him to think this way. 

10. He Is Not Important.

He might also think he’s unimportant to you or doesn’t hold that place in your life that few others do. 

He can think he’s just a mere acquaintance in your life and that you don’t consider him essential in your life. That’s why you ignore his presence. 

This is true. We tend to ignore someone who doesn’t hold much importance in our life. However, while doing so, you might not unintentionally consider the other person’s feelings and hurt him. 

Even if you did that with intention, that might not be a very kind thing to do.

So, if you’re unwilling to allow someone in your life, you can always ignore them respectfully. It’s better to keep things clear with someone than to hurt their feelings, especially when they have good intentions for you. 

11. You’re Angry With Him.

A girl who's angry with a guy.

Another answer to what he thinks when you ignore him might be perceiving you as angry with him. He might think something he has said or done has made you upset, and that’s why you’re ignoring him. 

It’s again true for someone very close to you because we are only angry with the ones we love or care about. 

It is prevalent between Ankit and me, and we ignore each other during an upsetting situation. However, clear communication is better though the heart takes time to prepare for the conversation. 

This is just one example. Many other couples and friends have been through this. The heart is a unique place, and it’s challenging to understand which way it wants to feel right! 

So, if you’re ignoring him because you’re angry, or he did something that you didn’t like, he might guess it. It’s better to let him know what’s bothering you, which will reduce your suffering. 

12. You’re Playing Mind Games.

If he’s super intelligent or deeply understands a girl’s psychology, he can catch what’s in your mind. He might think you’re playing mind games with him and want to see his reaction. 

If you’re doing that and he gets it, it might be a problem. Because instead of paying attention to what you want, he might reverse the situation. He might start ignoring you, too, to see how you will make your next move. 

Ankit and I often do this, even today. Sometimes, we start ignoring each other, and we know what’s on the other person’s mind. After a point, it’s suffocating because it’s difficult to ignore the person you love. 

So, if you’re being playful, play your cards well. If the guy gauges your intentions, there might be a different outcome for you! 

13. You’re Not Ready.

It is usually true in the case of a new friendship or if he has given you a romantic proposal. 

If you ignore him right after the proposal, he might feel you need more time to be ready to consider his proposal and take your time to make a decision. 

Life tests us with unexpected situations, which could be just one of them.

Another possible scenario could be that the guy might have asked you out on a date. You weren’t ready for it and didn’t know how to respond. Out of that uncertainty, you started ignoring him. 

If he’s understanding and intelligent, he’ll think that you’re taking your time to have a say or that you’re unsure about your next step. 

The romantic proposal is something that I have yet to face personally, but I can recollect several instances. 

My friend Shreya had been through this when his current boyfriend, Rachit, proposed to her. For a few days, she ignored him because she wasn’t sure how she should react. 

Glad that she accepted the proposal after a few days. They’re happy together now.

Wrapping Up 

With that, I conclude this blog on how a guy feels when you ignore him

The reactions can be different based on the scenario and the guy’s position in your life. Sometimes you won’t have an explanation for why you are ignoring him, and sometimes it might just be intentional. 

If you’re to take my suggestion as a friend, please be open about your thoughts. It clears up a lot of misunderstandings and saves both parties the possible emotional pain

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