How to be 10X Consistent in Life: The Formula for Success

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Do you feel that your inconsistency is the reason you can’t achieve success in life? I got you! Here’s how to be 10X consistent in life.


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Let me ask you a question in the beginning, “Do you dream of a life where you have financial freedom, stress-free living, a healthy lifestyle, and a happy family?”

Now, I am pretty sure that you are already aware of the consistency, hard work, and dedication required to achieve such massive success.
Further, ask yourself, “what do you lack the most among these three ingredients of success?”

If you have prepared your life goals, I bet your answer would be consistency.

Who Am I to Share the Consistency Tips with You?

To be honest, I was in the same boat as you a year before when I started to work on my goals.

I worked for two days and used to take a day off. Soon, I decided to change myself for good.
It is no doubt that I am still chasing my dreams, but the best part is, my consistency is better than ever.

Now, I work for 8 hours straight in the morning (7 days a week). Further, I go out and have a nice workout in the gym. Come back from the gym and get back to work again.

Looks pretty clean, right?

On top of it, I want to assure you that I am in absolute love with my work.
Yes, I feel a bit overworked sometimes, but all the charisma is back again after a night’s deep sleep.

So, do you want to know how did I achieve such consistency levels within a year?

Just go through the post carefully, implement the methods described, and you will see exceptional results in no time.

Why Consistency is the Key to Success

Consistency is the constant efforts at regular intervals that a person takes while working towards their goals.

Before moving ahead, “how to be consistent in life?” It is vital to know, “why is it even required to be consistent?”

I’ll make you realize its importance yourself.

So, answer this question, “Will you see any results in a year if you go to the gym for six hours once a week and spend the rest of the week at home?”
I bet your answer would be NO!

On the other hand, “Will you see the results in a year if you go to the gym one hour a day for six days?
Of course, YES!

Such massive is the power of consistency!

Here’s another example of it from nature.

When multiple droplets fall on a single spot on a rock for a long time, they create a dent or a hole in it.

Amazing right?

In the same way, you might not witness instant results for your efforts. But, if you keep working on your goals, again and again, it is a fact that you will see the results for sure over time.

How to Be Consistent: 21 Best Tips and Tricks for Getting Things Done

So, we’ve already had a lot of conversations about consistency. Now, it’s time to know how to develop the habit of being consistent in your life.

I’ve had a job as a content writer for a tech startup in the past.
I am a student right now. Along with it, a hustler, working on this website, youtube videos, and various other social media platforms.
Therefore, I feel competent enough to share different tips for people in different stages of life.

So, let’s get started.

How to be Consistent in Studies

1. Realize the Reality of Life.

At a young age, we don’t realize how exactly life works. It’s because we are unaware of the responsibilities of adulthood.

Yeah, I agree that you should focus on the present rather than the future. But you must also be aware of what’s going to come ahead of you.

As an adult, you need to have adequate finances and resources to sustain yourself and your family. Therefore, you need to have a “healthy plan” for a “wealthy future.”

So, does it mean that you need to be afraid of the future all the time?

Not at all!
You just have to keep it in mind.

Maintain a balance between your studies and enjoyment. Knowing the truth of life will help you stay on track and be consistent in life.

Trust me. Literally, nobody is going to pick you up when life knocks you down. They’ll be standing right there criticizing you for your defeat.

2. Turn your Biggest Enemy (Distractions) into Your Friend.

Avoid Smartphones

Smartphones are one of the biggest sources of distraction in this era. So, if you are a student, you might be unknowingly spending too much time on your smartphone as well.

Answer honestly, Isn’t it true that whenever you pick up your phone to watch a single video for refreshing yourself, it turns into endless scrolling? You don’t even realize when your preset ‘smartphone chill’ deadline of 5 minutes turns into half an hour, and you are left in vain.

So, what’s the solution? Should you throw your smartphone out of the window?

Hell, No!

I don’t suggest you totally stay away from the technology and cut off from the world. Instead, there are relatively better solutions.

  • Never take a “smartphone break” between your study sessions. You can use it once you have accomplished your daily syllabus completion goal.
  • If you feel addicted to social media, try social media detox for a few days until you get control over your social media usage.
  • Look for videos of unclear topics related to your subject. You never know what piece of information clicks your mind better.
  • Switch your smartphone to focus mode while studying. Preferably, distance yourself from it by keeping it in another room.

3. Set Achievable Goals for Yourself.

Consistent in Life: Set Achievable goals for Yourself

As a student, do you feel that you waste a lot of time wandering about which subject to study?

Well, you’re not the only one in this situation.

I have been where you are. In fact, All of us have been there.

The best way to get out of this sinking ship of thoughts is to set daily goals and stick to them.

You can’t be consistent if you don’t have goals set for yourself.

Every weekend, prepare a syllabus planner for the upcoming week. The syllabus completion goals set by you must be achievable and realistic.

Make sure to write down the goals on a piece of paper because, according to research conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews, you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.

Further, when your goals are pre-written, you feel responsible and motivated to accomplish them. Soon, you develop the consistency that you always wanted.

4. Reward Yourself. (Extremely Important!)

Answer this, can you accomplish something without having any motivation for it?

Not possible, right?

In the same way, you need the motivation to study, and as a student, small rewards are the best sources of motivation.

If you want to become consistent with your studies, start rewarding yourself whenever you complete your homework or memorize a paragraph.

Set these milestones according to your study goals.

The best methods to reward yourself could be:-

  • Take a chill-out walk for 15 minutes.
  • Listen to your favorite song.
  • Have a small chit-chat with your family members.
  • Hang out for half an hour.
  • Sweet 45 minutes nap if you feel the need.

These rewards will create a dopamine effect in your mind, which will also help you to develop an interest in studies. Hence, consistency will be automatically improved.

5. Don’t overburden yourself. Chill mate!

It is no doubt that the studies and curriculum these days are much stressful. Moreover, the extreme competition among students becomes a cherry on the top.

All of it could negatively impact your consistency levels if your ability to perform well gets deceased under pressure.

So, what to do when things start to go down, and you feel overstudied? Throw the books away and relax for a week?


You can’t let your flow break. So, here are the solutions:-

  • Stop comparing yourself with anyone else. Don’t let the competition negatively impact you.
  • Close the books for a day and hang out with friends.
  • Enjoy watching your favorite series or tv shows (just for one day).
  • Relax and chill out! It’s life. Keep it balanced.

Try it out, and you will feel fresh within a day itself.
Further, on the next day, start where you left off, and continue to achieve your study goals.

6. Have a Sleep Routine.

Everybody has different performance zones.

You need to figure out the timings when your performance levels are at their peak.

As Adams Grant Said: –

Adams Grant Twitter
Source: Twitter

So, It doesn’t matter whether you are a morning person or you love to burn the midnight oil. Your efficiency is what matters the most.

When you’ve figured it out, you need to maintain a proper schedule of going to bed and getting out of bed at the same time each day. Soon, you’ll witness your consistency levels going up.

Btw, don’t forget to take a relaxing eight hours of sleep each day!

Quick Suggestion:- For all the midnight oil burners, please try to revert to the morning routine when your exams are up (or you’ve accomplished any other deadline). Not because it will harm you, but because it will soon turn into frustration.

7. Physical Activity is a Must.

Our society has a false belief that studying the whole day is the only way to achieve good grades.

Due to this reason, most parents lock up their children at home and don’t let them play.

Here’s the myth-buster.
As per CDC (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention), students with higher physical activity and fitness levels have improved cognitive performance, which means they have better concentration and memory.

If you’ll be able to concentrate better, you won’t feel overstudied, neither you’ll require to skip any day.

Hence, go out, play, and let your consistency outshine others (Don’t forget to study as well).

How to be Consistent in Job

8. Love What you Do.

According to the global poll conducted by Gallup, a massive 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs.

The truth that most people don’t realize is that it isn’t possible to be consistent at something that you do not love.

So, if you don’t have an interest in your job, how can you do it happily for a lifetime?

Not possible, right?

Then what’s the solution for it if you can’t quit the job due to your responsibilities?

Here are two answers for it:-

  • Try to look for a new job that suits your interest and passion.
  • Develop interest in your existing job. Try to pick up other projects that are related to your current position. You never know which new role might be your new interest.

Soon, you’ll observe that your willingness to work and your consistency will start improving.

9. Develop Boss Attitude.

The #1 problem with most employees is that they consider themselves as just an employee. They don’t consider themselves as the owner of the company.

Everybody wants to become a boss, but how is it even possible if you can’t work or think like a boss?

A boss is consistent in life and diligent with his work. He is the owner of the company. So, he works his level best to achieve profitability and sustainability.

If you want to be consistent with your job, don’t just work to complete the tasks and earn money. Work to become a part of your company’s success.

Aim to be the future boss. Your responsibilities will automatically make you consistent in life.

10. Aim for Quality.

Give me an honest answer, “Do you work to deliver exceptional quality, or do you work just to complete your work and quickly get back home?”

I am pretty sure most of you would answer, “complete the work and go back home.” It might be one of the biggest reasons you aren’t consistent with your work.

But, how is quality linked with consistency?

I’ll explain.

Whenever you try to deliver quality work, you learn new things to make it better than ever. All of it keeps you interested and engaged in the work. You wake up every morning with excitement to try something new. Your job becomes fun for you, and you automatically become consistent in life.

So, the next time you receive a project, take it as a challenge to accomplish it a few days before the deadline, along with better quality compared to all of your previous projects.

You will observe the positive change in your consistency yourself.

11. Don’t Procrastinate.

Procrastination is the most common habit that all of us have.

However, it’s not just our fault. Our brains have been designed to stay away from anything that doesn’t fall under the comfort zone.

Procrastination directly affects consistency as it makes us delay the tasks that are assigned to us.

So, if you want to be consistent with your job, stop pushing the tasks to the next day.
Finish them off right away to stay motivated for the next day. It will prevent the piling up of tasks and help you stay light.

12. Be Responsible.

Being self-accountable can do wonders if you want to be consistent with your job.

So, ask yourself, “do you hold yourself accountable if anything goes wrong with your project?” or “do you shift the blame to your team or someone else?”

The moment you start being accountable for your work, you will become responsible for its completion. All the hurdles, such as procrastination, will be gone forever.
So, as soon as you become responsible, you are bound to complete the project on time, and you become consistent.

13. Manage Your Time Effectively.

maintain a work-life balance
Pic Credits:

As you are in a job, I know how difficult it is to maintain a work-life balance.

Some of your days might be going straight towards office hours with no personal space and time at all. Still, you might feel that your work isn’t getting completed.

All of it turns into frustration, and you start to waste office hours or try to skip a few days. As you get demotivated, your productivity and consistency levels go down.

So, what can you do to prevent all of it?

The best way is to improve your time-management skills.

Set your task accomplishment list according to the priorities. If you feel a project has to be delivered on an urgent basis, focus on it first. Instead of overworking on a single day, work an extra half an hour each day if the deadline is close.

When you start working on time management, your consistency will skyrocket automatically.

14. Learn to Say No!

Do you feel that you take up extra work from your boss even when you don’t feel like doing them just to get promotions and bonuses?

If yes, it might be seriously affecting your consistency levels.

Working constantly without any breaks would eventually deteriorate your mental health. It might not affect your mental health immediately, but it happens in the long run.

So, if you want to be consistent for longer periods, take up only that amount of work that could help you have a life-work balance (Not work-life balance because life should always come before work).

How to be Consistent as a Hustler (Working on a Side Hustle or Your own Business or a Startup)

15. Trust your Dream.

You’ve started something as a side hustle, so it’s pretty obvious that you love it, and that’s why you started to work on it.
As a hustler, the biggest question that mostly comes into our mind “Am I working in the right direction?”

If you really want to be consistent as a hustler, you need to trust yourself and your dream.

Trust me, a significant amount of time goes wasted when you keep circling in your own doubts and thoughts. So, if you’ve leaped, rather than worrying about your failures, working hard to increase the probability of success is a better option.

The day you’ll start doing the same, you’ll become more committed and consistent with your dream.

16. Never be Satisfied with Yourself.

Unlike a job, there’s nobody who’s going to pressure you while you’re hustling.

If you want to be consistent in life, you need to be internally motivated.

How can you do it?

Never be satisfied with yourself. Aim to work better and harder each day. Set your goals one level higher each day and work for them. At the end of each day, analyze how you performed and how your day went. Look for what you could improve next.

As long as you’re unsatisfied with yourself, you’ll keep winning at life and stay consistent with your goals.

17. Avoid Burnouts (But Don’t Let the Flow Break).

Avoid burnouts
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If you are a hustler, I won’t suggest you take long breaks even when you are feeling overworked because it will affect your consistency again and again.


You would’ve observed it yourself when you work for 5 days and take an off on the 6th day; the flow developed during the whole week breaks up. All the progress resets, and you have to work again to get the momentum back on track.

All of it harms your consistency as you have to build momentum each week. So, whenever you take a break, make sure it’s for a few hours or half a day.

So, When can you take a break for a longer duration or a vacation?
The answer is simple After achieving your quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly goals.

Try this out, and you’ll feel more consistent and productive than ever.

18. Don’t Allow Failures to Hold you Back.

The journey to achieve something remarkable isn’t easy. Failures will try to stop you, but you have to keep going until you win.

However, those failures could have a major impact on your consistency if you haven’t developed the ability to face them.
A failure, if not handled well, might even hold you back for a few days or even a few months. Further, you will have to start from the beginning once again.

Therefore, if you want to be consistent even after going through failures, you need to develop the ability to learn through them.
Realize that they are just stepping stones in your progress, and you don’t have to stop when they come in your way.

So, when you start to consider them as your friend, they won’t stop you in your journey towards success, and you will become more consistent in life.

19. Work Against Your Will.

In other words, start doing the work even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Stay away from excuses. If you make excuses, you will always find a way to skip your tasks. You decide whether you want to work or you want your excuses to work.

The first step towards achieving success in every journey is the most difficult one. Once you take that step, the momentum automatically builds up, and you start working on the path of success.
The same goes for achieving consistency. If you want to stay consistent in life, you have to take action every day. Even when your heart denies, just begin with the work.

Don’t pick up difficult tasks. Start with the easy ones. Soon, you’ll feel immersed in the work.

20. Have a Positive Self-Image.

Having a positive self-image can help you to improve your consistency.

A positive self-image removes self-doubt and makes you feel that you are capable of achieving everything.
You look at yourself as a person full of confidence and enthusiasm. You start to take higher risks and make better decisions.

A positive attitude towards yourself will also ensure a positive attitude towards your goal, thereby, will help you to stay consistent with it.

21. Realize that it’s your Dream!

You can only be consistent when your heart and mind work in the same direction, and that is to achieve the goal.

You need to realize that it’s your dream, and no one else in this world is going to accomplish it for you. You are the only one who could achieve it by taking the right action.

Stop expecting others to help you out or believe in you. If you believe in yourself, that’s enough.

Stop overthinking and start taking action. Make each every day count.
As soon as you become aware of reality, you will automatically become responsible and bound to achieve your dream. All of it will ultimately lead to a consistent life.

End of the Line

I am proud that you kept reading till the last, and you are determined to achieve what you want to achieve.

But do you feel that reading this post is enough?
Of course not!

It’s time to take action and make a change in your life.

I know that you have what it takes to fall among the top 5% of the world’s most successful population.

Don’t let your potential go wasted. Start your journey today!

Also, make sure to comment down and share it with your friends if you found it helpful. Help me increase the percentage of successful people on the planet.

I’ll see you in the next post. Till then, keep grinding.




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