9 Steps To Manifest Someone To Text You (+Busting Myths!)

Updated On: December 25, 2022

Dying to receive a reply from someone? This post on “how to manifest someone to text you” will help you quickly manifest a text from their side.


How To Manifest Someone To Text You Featured

What happens when you text someone and keep waiting for their reply?

You’re constantly wondering when you’ll receive the text, every notification sound makes you instantly pick up your phone, and you waste time checking messages throughout the day.

But, what’s the result?

Either they leave you on “seen” or reply an eternity later.

It feels soooo disgusting, Right?

However, what if I told you that you could actually make someone text you using “text manifestation.” You can even use it when you want to interact with someone but want them to make the first move. 

Your life would become so much better. Also, you won’t have to struggle with incomplete and suspense-filled conversations ever again!

Sounds interesting?

So, in this post, I’ll tell you everything about how to manifest someone to text you and bust a few myths around this concept.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into it.   

Can You Really Manifest Text From Anyone? (Busting the Myths!)

You may have come across posts that say you can manifest text from anyone in this world, but it’s simply not true!

I’ll prove it.

Ask any “manifestation guru” to manifest text from Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer). Allow them 100 years to do the same.

Will any of the manifestation gurus receive any text?
Obviously, not!

These are a few things you need to keep in mind while practicing text manifestation to make it successful:-

  • Apply it to someone already on your contact list. 
  • You can try manifesting a text from someone you desire to have in your life, and you only know their qualities. Just make sure your desire is realistic.
  • You cannot manifest text from a person with whom your conversation ended on pathetic terms or who told you they never want to talk to you again. Because the law of attraction only helps you attract people with similar vibes. Also, you can’t force someone to text you against their will. 

A point to be noted:-Your text manifestation may sometimes lead to interaction with the person in other ways, for example, meeting them at a party, in the office, or at the gym. So, be accepting and don’t limit yourself.

Can You Manifest Text From Someone if They’ve Blocked You?

If someone has blocked you, I assume there must be a big reason behind their action. Maybe, both of you had a significant conflict, the other person wanted to remove you from their life, or they just wanted to move on.

So, in such a scenario, you cannot manifest text from them because it’s totally against their will. You cannot use manifestation and the law of attraction to force someone to do something!

Can You Manifest Text From Your Ex?

Yes, You can manifest a text from your ex, but they must also be willing to become a part of your life again. It could happen only when they haven’t found a new partner, can’t get you off their mind, and have decided to give you a chance.

If your ex left you on bad terms, manifesting and expecting a text from their side would be senseless.

How To Manifest Someone To Text You: 9 Steps You Must Try!

Here is a detailed step-by-step process to help you learn how to manifest someone to text you:-

Step 1: Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the negative perceptions about yourself, others, and life that keep you stuck in the same place forever. They’re often negative, self-defeating thoughts you believe because you speak them to yourself repeatedly.

Your limiting beliefs could be a huge obstacle when manifesting someone to text you because they contradict your desires and diminish your faith in the manifestation process.

When you’re stuck in your own way of thinking, you believe “nothing will work out.” You feel powerless and hopeless.

But when you let go of our limiting beliefs, you open yourself to greater possibilities. And when you do that, you create miracles.

To manifest text from someone, you must first let go of any belief pulling you down. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up; it means opening yourself up to receive. And when you open yourself up to receiving, you attract the right circumstances, people, and situations into your life. 

A few examples of limiting beliefs could be:-

Examples of limiting beliefs
  • Nobody wants to talk to me.
  • The other person is far better than me.
  • I have a poor and unattractive personality.
  • I don’t have any true friends in life.
  • Nobody cares about me.

The first step you need to perform for effective “text manifestation” is that you need to get rid of all your limiting beliefs

Identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations is one of the most effective strategies to overcome them. 

For example, if you think, “I am a boring person with whom nobody wants to talk.” Replace it with “Everyone loves my company and enjoys having conversations with me.”

Step 2: Raise Your Vibrations.

Vibrational energy is a universal life force that flows through everything. In fact, we are all surrounded by vibrational energy at all times.

We can feel this energy when we touch, smell, hear, taste, see, or experience things. Our thoughts create vibrations that influence almost every aspect of life, including emotions, health, relationships, spirituality, etc.

Your vibrational energy also plays an extremely vital role in turning your manifestations into a reality. 

When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you attract things at a higher vibration (law of attraction) and thus, reach the optimum frequency for manifestation.

To raise your vibrational energy while manifesting someone to text you, try these tips:-

Step 3: Clarify Your Exact Desire and Pen It Down.

Right now, you might want the other person to give you a reply asap. However, it’s not just enough to manifest text from someone.

If you want your manifestation to become successful, you must have a clear and well-defined desire. This way, the universe will know what you exactly want and bring it faster towards you. 

When you’re manifesting a text from someone, ask yourself these two questions:-

  • Why do you want them to text you? (Intention)
  • What’s the text that you want to receive?

Once you’ve answered both the questions, pen it down, and your manifestations will look similar to these:-

Step 4: Use Any Manifestation Method.

In step four, you have to use any of these manifestation methods to manifest someone to text you:-

369 Method.

How to manifest someone to text you 369 method

Pick the intention you clarified in step three to perform the “369 method” to manifest someone to text you. Further, Prepare an affirmation based on your intention. 

For example, you want your ex to text you so that both of you patch up and get back into a relationship. Thus, your affirmation could be, “My ex wants to get back into a relationship with me.”

Now write this affirmation:- 

  • Three times in the morning just after you wake up. 
  • Six times in the afternoon with a clear mind. 
  • Nine times in the evening before going to bed.

Two-Cup Method.

You must take out two cups to practice the two-cup method for text manifestation.

Pour water into one cup and label it with your present situation. For example, “My crush doesn’t reply to my messages.”
Label the empty cup with your manifestation. For example, “My crush replies to me quickly.”

Focus on your present situation. Now imagine how it would feel if your manifestation turned into reality.

While holding onto the feeling, pour water from the filled cup into the empty cup and drink it. Finally, take out the “present situation” cup label and hold onto the “desired situation” cup label.

Whisper Method.

One of the simplest manifestation methods is the whisper method.

In this method, you imagine yourself walking toward the other person. You visualize them wanting to text you and holding their phone in their hand. Further, you picture yourself whispering, “go ahead and text me,” into their ear, and they’re typing the message.

The technique works even better if you attach the text you want from them with what you whispered into their year. For example, “Go ahead and text me that you miss me a lot.”   

Step 5: Text Yourself.

Unwavering faith in the manifestation process plays a significant role in making the “text manifestation” successful.

In this step, you text yourself the message you want to receive from the other person. This method helps you strengthen your belief that you’ll get a text from the other person. Further, the universe responds to your faith and gives you what you want.

Here’s how you can execute this step:-

1. Save your contact in the name of the person from whom you want to receive the text.
2. Send a message to yourself by typing the message you want to receive.
3. Click a quick picture of what your phone screen will look like after receiving the text.

Step 6: Visualize Receiving the Text.

Visualize receiving the text

As per research by Dr. David Hamilton, your brain can’t differentiate between real and imaginary. Thus, visualization can help you trick your subconscious mind into believing your desired reality.

Once you reprogram your subconscious mind, you break your limiting beliefs, overcome negative thoughts, and your faith immensely deepens. Thus, your text manifestation automatically becomes even more powerful.

Here’s how you can visualize the text:-

  • Calm yourself and close your eyes.
  • Imagine hearing your phone’s notification sound and picking it up.
  • Recall the mental picture of receiving your desired text (from the last step).
  • Feel the excitement and happiness you would feel after receiving the text.

Step 7: Use Positive Affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that help you create the life you desire. They’re powerful tools for creating change because they permit you to be who you truly are.

When you say things like “I am happy,” “I deserve this,” or “I’m worthy,” you’re permitting yourself to live your life exactly as you want.

To use affirmations effectively, you need to believe them. When you repeat positive statements out loud, you’re actually saying those words to yourself over and over again.

This repetition helps you internalize the affirmation and makes it real. It’s like taking a mental picture of the statement and storing it away in your subconscious mind. 

Once you’ve stored the affirmation in your subconscious mind, you can use it whenever you feel down or stressed.

Affirmations work because they tap into your subconscious mind and allow you to access the power of your thoughts. Reciting positive affirmations every day could help you raise your vibrations and signal the universe that you’re ready to get what you desire.

These are a few examples of affirmations you can use when practicing text manifestation:-

  • “My crush can’t resist talking to me.”
  • “My ex wants to get back into a relationship with me.”
  • “My friends care for me.”
  • “I have good relations with my friends.”
  • “The other person is excited to know more about me.”

Step 8: Express Your Gratitude To The Universe.

Express gratitude to the universe

We ask for a lot of things from the universe and even receive them.

However, we forget to thank the universe and move on to our next desire because we think it’s the universe’s job to fulfill all our needs.

What happens as a result? 

We develop a scarcity mindset and focus only on the “things we don’t have” rather than focusing on “what we have.” 

When you express gratitude towards the universe, it converts your scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset. And when you attain an abundance mindset, you feel blessed, happy, and satisfied with everything you have.

Hence, you send powerful signals to the universe that you acknowledge and value the things it has sent your way. Also, it proves to the universe that you deserve fulfillment of everything you wish to have in life.

These are a few ways you can express gratitude to the universe:-

  • Thank God heartfully for everything he gave you.
  • Bring a smile to others’ faces.
  • Pen down five things you’re thankful for each morning.
  • Appreciate the minor things you have in life.
  • Pray for others.    

Step 9: Let It Go.

The last and the most vital step to manifest someone to text you is that you have to detach yourself from the outcome.

You need to put your phone down and stop obsessing over the thought of receiving a text from the other person. You must have complete faith in the universe that everything will work out just fine and allow it to do its job at its own pace.

This detachment helps you be more creative and open to possibilities. If you constantly worry about whether or not your manifestation will come true, you will limit yourself. And that lowers your vibrations and affects your ability to manifest.  

How Long Does It Take for Text Manifestation To Work?

I’ll help you answer the question yourself.

Firstly, tell me, “who’s responsible for turning your manifestations into a reality?”

Universe, Right?

So, is it possible for a human to guarantee how much time the universe will take to make your manifestation a reality?

Not at all!

Therefore, there isn’t any specific timeframe in which your text manifestation will work! 

Still, if you want a rough idea, text manifestation generally takes less than one week to work for most people.

6 Reasons Why Manifesting Text Is Not Working for You

It is a fact that nothing in the world is foolproof (including science). The same goes for text manifestation. It isn’t a 100% surefire to receive a text from someone as well.

However, It really works for most people who perform it correctly!

So, If you’ve been practicing text manifestation for a long time, but it doesn’t seem to be working, these could be the underlying reasons:-

Reasons why manifesting text is not working
  • You don’t have enough faith that your manifestation will work, and you’ll receive the text.
  • You do not match the other person’s vibrational energy.
  • You are obsessed with getting the text from the other person, because of which you are constantly checking your phone or thinking about when you will receive the text. Thus, you can’t harness the true power of surrendering to the universe.
  • The other person is not at all willing to talk to you.
  • Someone better and more compatible with you is on the way to entering your life.
  • You’re manifesting with a “scarcity mindset” rather than an “abundance mindset.” 

End of the Line

If you are trying to manifest text from someone (for example, your crush) you already know but haven’t interacted with before, it would be better to make the first move and ask if they’re willing to have conversations.

However, it doesn’t mean that text manifestation won’t work in such a case. It’s just that; beginning the connection yourself would undoubtedly be a wiser bet. Further, you’ll save a lot of time.

Once you’re into conversations, you can start making the best use of the “text manifestation” technique and receive replies faster.

With all that said, it’s time to end the post.

I hope you’ve now learned everything about how to manifest someone to text you. Apply it and let me know in the comments below how it worked and whose text message you were able to manifest.

I’ll see you in the next one! 



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