How To Manifest Someone: 7 Easy Steps That Actually Work

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Check out this exciting 7-step process on “how to manifest someone” that will help you attract your dream partner into your life.


Adorable Couple Who Knew How to Manifest Someone So They Manifested Each Other

You know the feeling – A new romantic blockbuster movie comes out, and all your friends and their partners are going out to watch that movie. You’re sitting on a sofa dreaming of yourself and your lover holding each other’s hands, cuddling and enjoying while watching the movie.

Suddenly, the “dream bubble” bursts, and you realize you’re back again in the lonely world.

It hurts so bad, right?

Give me an honest answer:-“Are you HELL tired of being single forever?”

If you’ve landed on this post, your answer would probably be a yes!

So, why not fix your life’s emptiness forever by manifesting “someone special” in your life?

Just hop right into the post where I’ll give you a step-by-step process on “how to manifest someone?”

Trust me. Manifestation works like magic!  

What Is Manifestation?

Undoubtedly, There is a lot of hype about manifestation these days. People are discussing so much about it on social media. 

I’ll tell you what it is.

Manifestation is using your thoughts to create something you wish to have in your life. It is putting your desires out into the universe and trusting that the universe will deliver them to you.

Manifestation is all about positive thinking and visualizing the life you want to live. Further, you use your thoughts and feelings to attract the things you want into your life.
You can even consider manifestation as the law of attraction in action.

You might think there would be some limitations regarding the things you can manifest, but it’s not true.

You can manifest almost anything in this world! They could be things like money, relationships, or material possessions.

There are many techniques you can use to manifest your desires!
Some people prefer manifesting by writing it down. Some love to visualize, and others prefer to create vision boards.  

Personally, I prefer writing. But, it’s entirely your choice how you want to practice manifestation.

Can You Really Manifest Someone? 

Yes, you can manifest someone. Maybe, a person who’s your dream partner. 

But, both of you must desire each other!

It is because manifestation works on the law of attraction, and the law of attraction only brings people into your life with similar vibrations. You can’t simply force a specific person to love you without their will.

You cannot manifest someone whose vibrations don’t match yours!
For example, you cannot manifest your ex if he (she) doesn’t want to be with you anymore. You cannot even manifest someone who doesn’t like you, and you just have to force conversations with them.

Even if you choose to manifest in both the cases I’ve written above, your relationship would be one-way, toxic, and unhealthy.

I am pretty sure you don’t want that, right?

Is Manifesting a Specific Person Wrong?

In most cases, there’s nothing wrong with manifesting a specific person. In fact, you might even attract the best match for you, someone who would give you butterflies in the stomach for a lifetime.

It only becomes wrong when you manifest a specific person with bad intentions or against their will. For example, it’s absolutely wrong to manifest someone already in a happy relationship.

How To Manifest Someone: 7 Simple Steps to Finding True Love

Let’s jump on to your most awaited question:- “How to manifest someone?”

So, Here’s an effective 7-step process that will help you attract someone into your life:-  

1. Tweak Your Mind. Tweak Your Vibes.

Tweak Your Brain. Tweak Your Vibes.

Let me ask you:-“where does manifestation start from?”

From the mind, right?

But what if your mind is full of unnecessary thoughts, negativity, and terrible emotions?
Manifestation won’t work!

So, the first step you need to perform while learning how to manifest someone is to declutter your mind.
You have to empty all the trash in your mind that might become an obstacle in your manifestation journey.

But how can you optimize your mind?
The answer is simple. You have to improve your control over “what’s already in it” and “what comes into it.”
To achieve better control over your mind, you can practice gratitude, meditation, yoga, mindfulness activities, etc.

Once you’ve completed decluttering your mind, you have to focus on boosting your vibrational energy because positive vibes play a vital role in manifestation. When you start vibrating at higher levels, you send signals to the universe that you’re ready to receive your soulmate into your life.

To raise your vibrations, you can try the following methods:-

  • Spend some time in nature’s magnificence.
  • Help someone.
  • Spend meaningful time with friends and family.
  • Let go of anything that hampers you or your emotions.
  • Eat nourishing food.
  • Surround yourself with friends that uplift you.

2. Figure Out Who’s “The One” for You.

Is it possible to get someone special into your life if you haven’t decided the definition of “special” for you?

Of course, not!

So, in the next step, you have to describe the kind of person you would consider your ideal partner, someone who rules your dreams that you truly want to manifest.

Further, You have to be specific as much as you can. You can ask yourself questions like:-

  • What is the type of relationship that you want to manifest?
  • What does your partner look like?
  • How does your partner smell?
  • How does your partner dress?
  • What qualities are you looking for in a partner?

Ensure to include your every desire because the universe will take care of anything you would leave “undescribed.”

When you’ve finished the practice, write down all your desires in a journal so that nothing skips your mind when you have to recall those desires every day.

Everything you’ve done just now will help you inform the universe about the requirements it has to fulfill.

3. Clarify Your Intentions. Cleanse Your Faith.

When you’re manifesting a specific person, you need to have clear intentions behind your desire. 

In other words, you have to figure out your “why.”
Why do you even want to manifest a relationship? 

Is it because you’re just desperate to have someone in your life, or do you genuinely want to fall in love?

When you back your manifestation with “positive intentions,” you raise your vibrations because of which you attract good people into your life. However, when you manifest with “negative intentions,” you attract the wrong people into your life.

So, if you truly want to manifest a healthy relationship, make sure your intentions are free from selfish reasons and more focused on radiating and receiving love.

Besides achieving clarity of intentions, you must have complete faith in the process of manifestation. Stop worrying about how or when it will happen and have “simple faith.”

You must realize that you’re the creator of your desires, and if you don’t believe in something, it can’t become true.

4. Envision.

A Guy Lying Under the Tree Visualizing His Dream Partner

In the fourth step, you have to visualize how you would feel if your dream partner manifested right now?

Allow yourself to immerse in your imagination and fully enjoy the moment. You can imagine situations such as:-

  • How would your lover change your life for good?
  • What would it be like to have someone by your side? Someone who’s always there to listen to you?
  • How would you dress up when you would go out for a date? Which perfume would you wear?

Finally, you can even choose to write down these incredible feelings in your journal.

5. Program Your Subconscious.

Have you ever realized the power of your subconscious brain?

Maybe not!

Here’s an example that might shock you:-
When you eat something, your conscious mind suddenly flies away from the moment, and your thoughts reach another planet. However, you keep eating the food normally.

Does it ever happen that you start eating the utensils? 😂

It is because your subconscious mind comes into play and controls your actions for the moment.

In the same way, won’t it be fantastic if you could train your subconscious mind to help you out in manifesting a specific person? 
It will help you recall your manifestations, keep your energies aligned, and raise your vibrations when required.

The best way to train your subconscious is to write down your manifestations on paper. Further, keep the “manifestations paper” on your desk or a place where you can see it a few times a day.

Don’t keep looking at your manifestations intentionally for the whole day. Otherwise, you’ll get over-obsessed with it, which will lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

6. Align Your Actions.

A Guy Who Was Able to Meet His Dream Partner Because He Aligned His Actions With Manifestation

You already know extremely well that you can’t achieve anything without taking action. 

The same applies to manifestation.

Manifestation will help you reach halfway on the journey to meet a specific person. 
For example, in an online dating app, you’ll get a lot more matches. Your old friends might try contacting you through social media. Or you might meet a beautiful person in the gym.

Please don’t ignore these signals because they represent that the universe is working in your favor to make your manifestations come true.

Once you start receiving these signs, don’t just keep sitting idle and expect someone to approach you begging for a relationship. Instead, grab every opportunity, meet many people, and go out for dates.

If you want to boost the manifestation process even more, you can practice the “love affirmations for a specific person” daily.

7. Let It Go.

Finally, you’ve completed all the steps of manifestation. Your vibrations are high and energies aligned with desires.

It’s time to surrender yourself to the universe and let the magic happen.

Get rid of the excessive boundaries from your manifestation. 
For example, don’t expect your “specific person” to enter your life within one week or one month. Or don’t expect the person to meet you the way you’ve chosen them to meet you.

Allow the universe itself to decide a few things for you. Maybe, you will get to meet someone much better than your expectations, someone you never expected.

Have patience because sooner or later, it will happen!   

How To Know if Someone Is Manifesting You?

How To Know if Someone Is Manifesting You

There could be two types of people manifesting you:-

  • The first person could be someone who isn’t there in your life yet, but their energies and values align with yours.
  • The second person could be someone who already knows you.  

These are the 17 signs you shouldn’t ignore that indicate someone is manifesting you:- 

When the Person Manifesting You Is “Unknown” Right Now

1. There’s an unobvious and sudden appearance of a person in your life. For example, you met someone in your neighborhood park and felt comfortable with them.

2. You feel like there’s someone constantly pulling you towards them like a magnet.

3. Something feels missing and incomplete from your life.

4. You have a strong desire to be accompanied.

5. You dream about your ideal partner a lot more often.

6. Your emotional turbulence is all-time high!

7. The universe is giving you signals through nature. For example, you see feathers, dogs, ladybugs, or doves more than usual. 

Further, you might even observe sequence numbers all around you. For example, whenever you look at the watch, it shows 9:9 or 10:10.  

8. Even if you were hurt excruciatingly in past relationships, you’ve suddenly decided to move on and give someone else a chance.

9. You’ve started doing things you hated before. For example, you’ve started using Instagram even when you once hated social media.

When the Person Manifesting You Is Already There in Your Life

10. You observe a change in the other person’s behavior.

11. You feel the need to talk to them.

12. You start craving their company.

13. You can’t get their thoughts out of your head.

14. Your friends discuss about them with you.

15. You’re able to see them clearly in the crowd.

16. It feels as if they’re always around you.

17. You feel the necessity to improve yourself on the spiritual journey.

End of the Line

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

~Tony Robbins

It’s your call to decide whether you want to “hold the thoughts of being single and loner forever” or “use your thoughts to manifest your soulmate and live a joyful life.”

Stop procrastinating and start manifesting today. 
Your dream partner is eagerly waiting to meet you!

Good luck.



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