11 Perfect Intentions for 2023 to Have Your Life’s Best Year

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Want to achieve massive self-growth in 2023 by setting intentions? Here are 11 killer examples of intentions for 2023 to make it the best year of your life.


11 Perfect Intentions for 2023

I’ll ask you a simple question:-“Were you able to achieve your new year resolutions in 2022?”

If you fall under the category of 80% of people who drop their year resolutions by the end of February, Your answer would probably be a NO!

So, Does it mean that you should feel guilty and worthless just because you couldn’t accomplish your past year’s resolution?

Of course not! I’ve got another excellent idea for you!

You need to set intentions for 2023 rather than setting goals (Goals + Intentions could be a killer option). 
Intentions are stress-free, easily achievable, fulfilling, and they would surely make you feel ecstatic at the end of this year because they don’t have any links with failures at all.

Already excited? Let’s dive right into the list of intentions you can set for 2023 to become a BEAST version by the end of this year.    

If you have any doubts regarding intentions like “what are intentions” or “how do they work,” you can check out our post on setting daily intentions. I’ve answered all your questions in that post.😁 

11 Intentions For 2023 To Make It a Year Full of Opportunities Instead of Regrets

You can set one or more intentions for 2023 as per your comfort.

Here’s how you can write down your intention(s) on a piece of paper and 11 examples of intentions for 2023 you can select according to your self-improvement needs.

This Year, I Intend To:

1. Break the Rules and Live Freely. 

Intention to Break the Rules and Live Freely

Burdened by family and societal expectations, we often forget to live how we truly want to live. 
We keep following the pathetic rules society created for us to limit ourselves. Further, we lose our real identity and interests just because we keep chasing what others want to be.

At last, we turn into puppets and start feeling hollow from inside.

Do you feel like a slave too? 
2023 is the year when you can get over it forever by setting an intention to live free.

Free from everyone’s expectations, free from the societal rules that were always holding you back from being your authentic self, free from everything that made you feel “Lifeless.”

2. Be Gentle On Myself. 

Working towards achieving your dreams is great. However, The problem appears when you choose to overwork. 
You start sacrificing your sleep and health (mental and physical). In other words, you pretend to be a “Robot” instead of being a “Human!”

What happens as a result? You experience sadness, frustration, and long burnouts.

So, if you feel that you are always too harsh on yourself, setting an intention to be gentle on yourself could be a wise option for you.

Sometimes, all you need to do is slow down or give yourself time to relax, allow yourself to break discipline barriers, and let your heart take control over your head.

3. Live Mindfully. 

Do you think a lot more while getting a lot less done? 
It might be because your thoughts are mostly racing between past and future, and they aren’t just letting you focus on one task.

Want to know the solution?
It’s mindful living.

If you want to improve your focus and learn to be in the present, setting an intention to live mindfully in 2023 could reward you with a massive benefit.

4. Have a Positive Mindset.

How do you react when you wake up in the morning, and something terrible happens to you at the start of the day?

You start feeling that your whole day has been ruined, Right? 

Contrary to the above situation, how do you react when something good happens at the start of the day?

Do you ever feel that your whole day is going to be super bright?
Of course, Not!

As humans, We tend to weigh the negatives more than the positives, and the concept is known as negative bias.
All of it turns into a problem when the “negative bias” starts impacting our relationshipsdecision-making abilities, and a lot more crucial things in life.

If you feel that negativity bites you hard and often, you should set an intention to have a positive mindset in 2023. It will help you tackle daily life problems and situations exceptionally well. 

5. Make People Smile.

Have a look at these two options:-

  • Someone gave you a gift on any occasion.
  • You gave a gift to someone who really needed it and brought a smile to their face.

Which of the above options would make you feel happier and fulfilled?
Obviously, the second one, Right?

So, as a part of giving back to society, you can create an intention to make a lot of people smile this year. It feels excellent to make someone’s day better. Further, it will also lead to internal satisfaction and fulfillment.

6. Try New Things.

Intention for 2023 to try new things

There is no denying that exploring and trying new things is hard. You have to get out of your comfort zone, make difficult decisions, and take risks.

But, have you ever taken a moment to realize how long you’ve been living the same old lifestyle? In the same pathetic loop that you’ve created for yourself?

Nope? You don’t even have an idea about how much of your potential is going in vain. You could be at a much better place in life regarding personal growth, career, and goals.

2023 is the year when you can change it. You can set an intention to try new things this year, something that you always wanted to do, and identify your true potential.  

You never know when you come across a hidden talent that turns your life around.

7. Be My Favorite.

Did you know? :- As per research by Claremont, social media has a significant contribution to disordered eating, eating disorders, and body dissatisfaction in college-going women.    

You might be present on one or another social media platform, and you would have indeed looked at all those good-looking film stars/influencers/models with a lavish lifestyle. 
Thus, it becomes easier for you to look at someone else’s lifestyle, body, looks and feel jealous of it.

However, the unrealized fact is that you don’t even know the dark side of their life, and you want their life.

So, Why not be satisfied and feel gratitude for what God has given you in life? 
For the same purpose of loving yourself, you can set an intention to be your favorite and live a better life.   

8. Enjoy Every Moment.

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.

~Gerard Way 

Often while chasing our goals, we forget the purpose of life – “Being truly alive.” We constantly grind to achieve worldly things that would help us impress people who don’t even matter.

Do you know what’s sacrificed in the never-ending run?
Our happiness!

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?    

We’ve all been given one short life. The best part is that one is enough if you truly enjoy every moment and make the most out of it. 
In 2023, you can set an intention to enjoy every moment of this beautiful life.

9. Hear My Heart.

People often advise you to listen to your heart rather than your head.

Well, It isn’t true for all situations.

There are times when you need to listen to your heart to be able to hear your inner self and prevent suppression of your emotions. Remember, being always practical prevents you from doing things you enjoy and really want to do.

So, if you feel that you make decisions that mostly sacrifice your happiness, you can set an intention to listen to your heart often. You’ll feel lively.

10. Reconnect With the People To Whom I lost Touch. 

Reconnecting with the Old Friend

We’ve been continuously chasing goals, success, money, and lots of other stuff, Right?

Did you ever take a moment to stop and look back? Look back at the people who made you smile but got left behind?

If Not, Your intention for the year could be to reconnect with all of them and make new memories.

Try it. Your life would be happier and feel much more complete.

11. Express Myself.

Have you ever kept any feeling inside yourself for so long that it started suffocating you? It felt excruciating and frustrating, but you didn’t share it with anyone else?

Being unable to express yourselves sucks (sometimes), Right?

You try to be strong and don’t share yourself with anyone else because you don’t want to pressure them or hurt them. 

However, in reality, you might be wrong!

If you never let anyone know what you’re going through, you won’t be able to vent yourself. You might feel that you are becoming emotionally powerful while you are actually getting weaker day by day.
Finally, after long-suffering, the situation worsens, and you just explode. 

You cry a lot, feel helpless, and there’s a lot of emotional trauma.

Why not prevent such situations and control them before it’s too late?
Rather than exploding at once, you could choose to share yourselves bit by bit with your close ones.
You need to understand that it’s not only about them, and it’s about you as well. You have to express emotions to free up yourself from the burden.

If you feel that you find yourself inexpressive most of the time, you could choose to create an intention to express yourself whenever possible. 

I don’t mean that you need to be open about everything. Instead, you can choose to be wise about what you share.

End of the Line

I hope the intentions I shared in this article will inspire you to figure out and create your own intentions for 2023.

Through these intentions, you can make this year one of the most memorable years of your life. 

Make sure to write down your intentions in your journal right after reading this post.

I don’t want you to make any excuses at the end of this year. You are capable of doing wonders. 

I believe in you, mate!



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