7 Things to Know If You are in a Toxic Karmic Relationship!

Karmic Relationship Couple

Have you ever felt an instant attachment with someone at your first meeting? Such a pure connection that it felt like you’ve known each other for ages.

Now, you might say it’s love.

But what if I say not all pure connections are love, and some are just karmas that brought the two of you together?

Shocking, right?

These are called karmic relationships. Unlike love, they are extremely painful and go through a lot of suffering. 
There’s a little happiness and significant sadness involved in them.

So, if you’ve recently entered a sudden unexpected relationship, reading this post and having all the information about karmic relationships is a must for you.

Let’s get started!     

What is a Karmic Relationship?

As you can observe from the term “karmic relationship” itself, these are the relationships that are formed because of your past life karmas.

These relationships are bound to happen, and you find yourself into something that doesn’t even make sense! 

One of the most relatable examples of a couple in a karmic relationship could be Romeo and Juliet.

Karmic relationships are extremely turbulent and involve too many sufferings. It is because they are considered to be made of unresolved issues and conflicts from the past life.

These relationships are there to teach you lessons and make you attain growth in life. The cycle goes on, and they keep repeating themselves until all the karmic debts have been cleared and you’ve learned the lessons that you were supposed to learn.

One of the most amazing facts about a karmic relationship is that you can have it with literally anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your lover or not! It could be your friend, cousin, sibling, parent, child, or anyone else.

Do all Karmic Relationships End?

In short, the answer is yes! 

These relationships come to an end when you’ve learned the lessons or paid off your karmic debts. 
They are supposed to end for you to break free and live a happy, peaceful life.

Another fact about Karmic relationships is that they are intensely addictive. 
You feel the need to get out of the relationship, but you can’t do it easily. You are afraid to imagine life without your karmic partner, but that’s where your happiness lies.

Now you would ask:- “What can I do to identify whether I am in a karmic relationship or not?”

Well, I can help you figure it out. 

Here are 18 signs of a karmic relationship. Read them carefully and get to know if you need to get out of your karmic relationship soon.

18 Signs of a Karmic Relationship: Are you in One?

1. You feel Like You Already Know Each Other.

When you first met, there was an instant connection between you and your karmic partner. There was great chemistry between both of you, and you were suddenly attracted to each other.  

It felt like you and your partner already knew each other. The reason why it happened is that there was a relationship of karma between both of you.

2. There’s an Excessive Addiction.

As there’s an instant attraction towards your partner, the relationship feels addicting. Even when you know that things aren’t going right, you have no way to exit as you feel too much attached.

3. Too Much Emotional Highs and Lows.

As I’ve told you before, karmic partners have to face a rollercoaster of emotions.
Sometimes, you might be feeling on top of the world, and suddenly, you would start feeling sad and frustrated.

4. You Can Observe the Negative Signals.

Negative Signals are signs of karmic relationship

In a karmic relationship, you often find yourself asking these questions:-

  • Why am I in this relationship?
  • Why does everything feel so unsettled?
  • I know this isn’t a healthy relationship, but why can’t I exit?

You might even notice some red flags like anger outbursts, excessive frustration, stress, etc. 

5. You’ve Turned into Someone Completely Different.

You can see yourself turning into someone you never imagined.
You are mostly filled with anger and rage. You prevent the company of other people, including friends and relatives.
If you were an extrovert before entering the karmic relationship, you’ve now turned into an introverted person. 

You can see that your personality and attitude have changed a lot, but it doesn’t feel better.

6. You are Mostly Unhappy.

There’s a lack of fulfillment in your life. 
You want to be happy, but your brain is mostly filled up with negative thoughts. 

You don’t enjoy the activities you loved before entering the relationship.

7. You Feel Unsafe.

There isn’t a sense of security when your partner is around. You also feel they can’t take care of you. 
Whenever there’s a conflict between you and your partner, you have thoughts that they might even hurt you. Thus, you are always trying to control the situations before things get worse.

8. There’s a Lot of Miscommunication.

You feel that you can’t share your feelings or secrets with your partner because they can’t protect them. 
There’s always a communication barrier between both of you. Even though you are close, you need to think multiple times before sharing anything because you are always afraid of their response.

Thus, you choose to be quiet and reserved.

9. You Experience Insecurity.

There’s always a thought in your mind that your relationship will end one day or another. Thus, you prefer to be an introvert and don’t open up too much. 

Even after being in an abusive relationship, you might find yourself obsessed with your partner and try to have them around. All of it so that you can spend maximum time together before both of you separate. 

You might not even have a proper night’s sleep and positive mornings because your mind is mostly filled with thoughts of losing them. 

10. Small Issues are Over-Exaggerated.

Arguments over small conversations turn into huge conflicts. These conflicts last for a few hours or even a few days. Meanwhile, you might not talk to each other, but you get back together once both of you calm down.

Your partner picks every minute flaw in you and over-exaggerates them. Thus, your self-image degrades, and you start feeling bad about yourself.

11. You Have to Face your Fears.

Your partner makes you face your fears related to love and relationships. 

For example, you never wanted a toxic relationship, but you are in one. You expected a life-long relationship, but you know that it’s short-lived. You wanted to forget your dark past, but they are reminding you of it again and again.

12. There are Intense Conflicts.

Both of you have a lot of disagreements, and there’s no scope for mutual agreement. There are loud and abusive arguments between you and your karmic partner. Nobody backs out and tries to settle things.

It all just turns into a bullfight.

13. The Relationship is Destructive.

While most healthy relationships are expected to be constructive, you feel that your relationship is destructive.
You feel overwhelmed by the relationship problems and can’t find a way to fix them. You experience negative self-growth, and your life seems to be headed in the wrong direction.

14. You Don’t Get What you Expected.

You don't get what you expected in these relationships.

Everybody wants a happy and peaceful relationship, right?

But you didn’t get what you wanted! Instead, you landed up in a toxic relationship.

Even though you have someone with whom you are so much attached, you still feel lonely
You feel that you are unheard of, and you can’t vent out your feelings. You need support, but you can’t get it.

There’s emptiness all around, and you feel lost.

15. You Feel Drowned in Karmic Debt.

You feel like you are always giving in to the relationship, and they are always asking. You put all your time and efforts to fix things up, but they aren’t willing to change a bit. You give them the support, love, and care they need, but you don’t get any of it when you need it.

It feels like you are paying some kind of debt that doesn’t seem to come to an end. 

16. You are Mostly Frustrated and Exhausted.

Being frustrated and irritated has become a part of your daily routine. You overthink almost every topic and panic over silly things.

You are tired and fed up with everything’s that going in your life right now. All the drama, conflicts, and pathetic experiences have started affecting your mental and physical health.
Instead of feeling positive, you expect negative things to happen in your life.

17. Repeated Breakdowns

The make-up and break-up cycles take place again and again. Even when the problems between both of you are solved, they don’t get fixed permanently. They arise again and again, and there’s no end to it. 

For example, your partner had no time to spend with you and some days were like you didn’t even have a conversation with them. 
Therefore, both of you decided to spend at least 30 minutes over the call at night. As per the mutual decision, your partner did the same for 2-3 days, but after that, they stopped picking up the call and giving you the time again.   

18. You Feel Stuck.

Even after so much trouble and pain, you find yourself stuck in the same place. You feel that you can’t get out of the rut of your toxic relationship.

Even though you want to break free from the relationship, you feel that you can’t live without them. Thus, you find yourself hopeless, helpless, and nowhere to go.

Still, Confused? Take this Karmic Relationship Quiz to Make it Clear

Created by df9f1518675d329248d28c9641db9836?s=32&d=mm&r=gVarun Pahwa
Couple in Karmic Relationship

Karmic Relationship Quiz

1 / 13

1. When you met your partner, did it feel like you've met before?

2 / 13

2. Do you ask yourself often:-"Why the hell did I enter this relationship? "

3 / 13

3. Do you want to leave your partner, but you can't do the same because you feel that you can't survive without them?

4 / 13

4. Do you feel unpleasant around your partner?

5 / 13

5. Do you feel that your partner often misunderstands you?

6 / 13

6. Is your relationship filled with disturbing fights and arguments?

7 / 13

7. Is your relationship filled with a lot of drama?

8 / 13

8. After entering the relationship, do you feel that you've started experiencing negative self-growth?

9 / 13

9. Have you started feeling disconnected from your family and friends after entering the relationship?

10 / 13

10. Do you feel like you've lost your freedom after entering the relationship? (For example, you have to take permission from your partner before going anywhere or doing anything new.)

11 / 13

11. Does your partner focus more on your weaknesses rather than strengths?

12 / 13

12. Do you feel that your partner doesn't want to put in the effort to grow in the relationship?

13 / 13

13. Do you feel exhausted and want to break free from the relationship?

8 Lesser-Known Stages of a Karmic Relationship

Stages of karmic relationship

Until now, you would’ve surely realized whether you are in a karmic relationship or not.
If you are in it, it’s time to know the exact 8 stages your karmic relationship would go through.

1. Meeting and Attraction.

Just like any other relationship, a karmic relationship starts with your meeting with your karmic partner. In a karmic relationship, it is no big surprise if you’ve met unusually and unexpectedly.

At the first meeting, there is an instant connection between both of you, and you start getting attracted to each other. The bond seems to get stronger with time, and everything seems to be going perfectly.

2. Feeling of Familiarity.

After you’ve had your first meeting, you and your karmic partner feel that you know each other already. It feels like there’s already a deep connection between both of you. The meeting feels like you were destined to meet each other.

3. Addiction for Each other.

Now, the karmic cycle has begun, and your past relationships have brought you together.

As you and your karmic partner get closer, the bond deepens. Soon, you find yourself addicted to each other. This addiction might even turn into an obsession that you might be spending most of your daytime with each other.

4. Relationship Becomes Extremely Toxic.

Everything was going well until now, but suddenly, the obsession between both you and your karmic partner turns into frustration. Your sweet conversations turn into intense arguments in no time. 

You stop working on achieving your goals. You can’t focus anymore because your brain is mostly occupied by the thoughts of your toxic relationship. You justify your partner’s actions and find yourself on the defensive side.

Now you feel stuck in the relationship, but your addiction doesn’t let you do the same.

5. Settlements never work out.

You tell your partner about the poor situation of your relationship. So both of you decide to improve it and give it one more chance. 
Further, after mutual agreement, you come up with solutions that don’t work out much. 
You try your best to implement the solutions. They work for a few days, but soon everything gets back to the way they were, pathetic. You find yourself back in the never-ending conflicts once again.

Do you know what happens next?
You constantly keep giving chances to the relationship to become better.      

6. Realization that Your Relationship is Karmic.

After infinite chances, when nothing seems to work out, and you are totally exhausted. You finally realize that you were in a karmic relationship. This is because you can now clearly see that your relationship has turned you into a puppet where you had no freedom.

You accept that you need to take the final step to allow everything to fall back in place.

7. Decision to Break Free.

Now comes the final step. You decide to break free from your karmic relationship.
You feel that you’ve tried your best to hold onto the relationship and restore it, but it just doesn’t seem to work out. You feel the need to give up now to restore your mental and physical health.

So, in the end, you break up so that your life gets back on the right track.

8. Everything Starts Getting Better.

After being free from your karmic relationship, It feels like you’ve just found a new life. Things start to get normal. You get over all the trauma and attain mental peace.
You feel a lot lighter as you’ve paid your karmic debt. Everything heals day by day, and once again, you start interacting with your friends and family.

After going through so many hardships, things seem to settle down, and you turn into a new personality. This time you are wiser, calm, and better than ever.

In this stage, you look back, smile, and realize why you were there in a karmic relationship. You feel proud for what you’ve been and what you’ve become.

Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame Relationship: Here’s the Minute Difference

Karmic-Relationship Vs Twin-Flame-Relationship

Have you read our post on twin flame relationships?

If yes, you might be struggling to figure out the difference between both of these relationships.

So, to make things easier for you, I’ve listed out 6 differences that exist between a karmic relationship and a twin flame relationship.

  • Everybody gets into a karmic relationship at least once in a lifetime, but entering into a twin flame relationship is rare!
  • Your soul is actually searching for your twin flame. However, you meet your karmic partner as a part of your destiny even when you weren’t searching for them or expecting them.
  • Twin flame relationship helps you to attain growth in life while karmic relationships negatively affect your growth.
  • You feel a connection of love with your twin flame. On the other hand, you feel addicted to your karmic partner.
  • Karmic relationships are relatively more toxic than twin flame relationships.
  • Karmic relationships end once the karmic debt has been successfully paid. If not in this life, maybe in the next one. However, after separation, twin flames might reunite and experience a heavenly relationship.

Should You Stay in a Karmic Relationship?

Well, the answer is, it depends.

While most of the karmic relationships are supposed to end, you can try giving a chance to yours.

If you feel that you and your karmic partner are willing to get out of the toxic relationship together, then things might work out. Otherwise, if there are single-sided efforts, you could prefer to leave the relationship.

Remember, you need two hands to clap. A single hand can only be used to say goodbye.

How to End a Karmic Relationship?

Just like any other relationship, ending a karmic relationship won’t be an easy task. In fact, it might be even more difficult depending upon the extent of addiction that you had with your karmic partner.

Ending a karmic relationship is the breaking of your karmic cycle. It happens only when you’ve paid your karmic debts and have learned your karmic lessons.

Somedays, you might even feel the need to get back to them and give one more chance to your relationship. But, the harsh truth is it won’t work.

You need to have strong willpower to overcome the attachment for the betterment of your life.

Here are a few quick tips that might help you break free from your karmic relationship.

  • Despite having excessive urges, don’t try to get back to your partner.
  • Look back on your relationship and remember what it has taught you.
  • Be proud that you’re strong and you’ve been so far.
  • Accept that moving away was the best option.
  • Spend some time alone and let yourself heal.
  • Do what you always loved (you’ll find interest back in it). 

I must say it’s difficult to get out of the karmic relationship, but it’s worth it!

Parting Thoughts

Coming towards the end of the post, you might be thinking that the karmic relationships are pathetic.

In my opinion, it’s not true. 

Karmic relationships are there for a reason. They give you experiences that you can’t otherwise get from your life. 

Further, why not repay if you’ve done something wrong to someone? It’s justice, right?

So, that’s it for this post. 

I’ve shared everything about karmic relationships with you, and now it’s your turn to spread the word. 
Share it as much as you can to help the ones in the karmic cycle right now. Let them know they aren’t alone.

If you loved the post, make sure to let me know in the comments section and hit the bell icon to stay updated with such astonishing posts.

I’ll see you soon!



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