37 Sweet Love Affirmations For a Specific Person

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Want your dream partner to become a reality? These 37 love affirmations for a specific person will help you attract them into your life!


Love Affirmations for a Specific Person Featured

Do you have a specific person on your mind with whom you would love to have a heart-to-heart connection? 

You just landed on the right spot! 

Right now, I’ll share some really amazing “love affirmations” that will help you attract a specific person towards yourself like a magnet.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter whether the person is someone you dream of or someone already there in your life. The love affirmations will work pretty well in any of the cases.

So without any further delay, let’s dive straight into the post.

The Big Question:-“Do Affirmations Really Work?”

If you are new to the topic of affirmations, you might be wondering:- “Do affirmations work, or are they just a waste of time?”

It totally depends on how you use them and the result you expect from them.

Affirmations won’t just magically work if you do nothing and take no action. For example, you can’t just sit at home, use love affirmations for a specific person, and expect “someone special” to fall into your life. You have to make some efforts by yourself.

If you truly want to benefit yourself by using affirmations, you need to be patient. Further, you have to show your faith in them and take the necessary actions that will help you convert them into your reality.

Can Affirmations Attract Specific Person?

The simple answer to this question is, Yes!

Affirmations are a great way to manifest things you want in your life, including the person you want to be with. They are a great way to change your thinking and, as a result, change your life.

When you use affirmations to attract a specific person, you send a clear signal to the universe that you are ready to receive them. 
You tell your subconscious mind that you want to believe a statement. Over time, your subconscious mind starts to believe it. Hence, it changes the way you think, feel, and behave.

Love affirmations can help you attract a loving partner into your life or improve an existing relationship. They can also help you to feel more confident and love yourself.

How Do You Manifest a Specific Person?

How Do You Manifest a Specific Person

Here are five simple steps that will help you manifest a specific person into your life if you don’t know them yet:-

Step #1: Know What You Want

When manifesting a specific person, you need to be crystal clear about what type of person and relationship you want. Have clarity about the other person’s qualities, personality, mentality, and what you want them to add to your life.

Step #2: Fake it Till You Make It

The next step is to visualize and feel the presence of the specific person you desire in your life. 

Think about what they will bring to your life and how those additions will improve your life. Further, Imagine the relationship working out positively where you and your partner are super happy.

Step #3: Affirmations Time!

The third step is to use the “love affirmations for a specific person,” which I’ll share in the next section. 
You can choose to write down those affirmations or speak them every morning. You don’t have to pick all of them, and only 2-3 would be enough.

Step #4: Take Actions

Be ready to accept people into your life. You can’t just keep your arms closed and expect someone to hug you.

You have to meet several people to find the person you’ve been specifically looking for. 
Go out and make some friends. Get to know people through social media. If you’re going to date someone, opt for dating with a purpose. You can even try online dating apps if they work for you.

Step #5: Surrender

Finally, if you don’t get to meet the specific person even after loads of effort, it’s time to surrender and let the universe perform its job. 

Keep using the affirmations, and naturally, the time will come when someone special will enter your life.

37 Powerful Love Affirmations For a Specific Person that Actually Work!

Moving ahead, below listed are the 37 love affirmations examples, from which you can choose the best ones for yourselves and practice them daily.

Love Affirmations For Attracting a Specific Person You Haven’t Met Yet

You can use these love affirmations for attracting a specific person into your life who has your desired traits and qualities:-

1. I am getting one step closer to my specific person every moment.

Powerful Love Affirmation for a Specific Person - "I am Getting One Step Closer to my Specific Person Every Moment"

2. I am damn sure that my better half is looking for me the same way I am looking for them.

3. I am ready to accept my soulmate with open arms.

4. I can already feel the deep love and connection between me and my soulmate.

5. My partner and I will shower each other with love and affection.

6. The universe is doing its best to unite me and my love.

7. My better half is waiting for me.

8. I deserve the specific person I desire to be a part of my life.

9. My soulmate is beautiful, both inside out.

10. I will have a selfless and blooming relationship with my specific person.

I will Have a Selfless & Blooming Relationship with My Specific Person

11. The universe has chosen “the best one” for me.

12. My soulmate and I are longing for each other’s company.

13. My specific person and I are excited to meet each other.

14. My partner and I are willing to accept each other despite any flaws.

15. My specific person and I would have a great time together.

16. My soulmate and I have enormous respect for each other.

17. After I meet my specific person, We will hold each other’s hands till the last breath.

18. My specific person and I want to have a healthy lifelong relationship.

19. I am worthy of love, care, and being pampered.

Love Affirmations For Attracting a Specific Person Who’s Already in Your Life

If you’ve already found your specific person, but they don’t talk to you, know you or feel the same for you, these are the love affirmations you can use that will help you ignite the connection:-     

20. There’s no one better than me for my specific person.

21. I love being around my partner. My partner loves being around me.

22. My specific person and I would form the best couple in the world.

My specific person and I would form the best couple in the world

23. My soulmate has all the qualities I desire. He (She) is way beyond perfect.

24. My better half is cute and joyful.

25. My partner is always lost in my thoughts.

26. My soulmate can’t get his (her) eyes off me.

27. Nobody can separate me and my specific person because of our eternal bond.

28. My better half and I feel extreme gratitude for having each other in life.

29. My specific person and I have so much in common. Undoubtedly, we are “made for each other.”

30. My specific person feels safe and comfortable with me.

31. My partner has complete faith in me.

32. My specific person and I have a peaceful relationship with each other.

Love Affirmations for a Specific Person - "My Specific Person and I have a Peaceful Relationship with Each Other"

33. My soulmate sees their future with me and wants to spend their entire life with me.

34. I have beautiful memories with my special person.

35. Time flies away when I’m with my special person. Even an hour feels like a minute.

36. Whenever I imagine my future, I see my soulmate always holding my hand.

37. My specific person and I are always there to support each other.

End of the Line

These were some of the best love affirmations that I handpicked and curated just for you. I truly hope they will help you attract your specific person much faster into your life.

Comment below and forward this post to your friends if these affirmations worked well for you.

All the best. 
I’ll see you in the next post.



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