17 Reasons to Never Force Anyone to Talk to You (+7 Quotes)

Updated On: December 24, 2022

These heart-touching quotes & 17 undeniable reasons will make you realize why you should never force anyone to talk to you.


Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Featured

You know the feeling – You text someone on Instagram/WhatsApp with whom you eagerly want to talk, but the other person leaves your text on seen. 

It’s just disgusting!

What happens next? 
You text them once again and keep checking your phone the whole day, but they still don’t reply. 
You lose your mind and contact them through multiple social media just to get one reply from their side.

After an eternity, they finally reply to you. 
However, the same process keeps repeating.

Do you really feel that forcing conversations can help you make people stay in your life?
Obviously, Not!

You should never force anyone to talk to you if you want to build true friendships or healthy relationships in your life.
Want to know why? Just dive right into the post!

Quiz to Know if Someone Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

First and foremost, you need to identify the people who don’t want to talk to you, but you’re unknowingly forcing them to talk. Here’s a quiz that will help you figure out the same:-

Guy who Doesn't Want to Talk to Girl

“Other Person Doesn’t Want to Talk to You” Quiz

1 / 9

1. Whenever you text the other person, do they give you replies?

2 / 9

2. Do you feel that you always initiate conversations?

3 / 9

3. Does the other person try to cut short conversations with you?

4 / 9

4. Does the other person openly share themselves with you?

5 / 9

5. Does the other person listen to you attentively?

6 / 9

6. Does the other person’s body language make you feel they’re hesitant to talk to you? For example, they don’t make any eye contact with you.

7 / 9

7. Does the other person ghost you often?

8 / 9

8. Do you feel the other person tries to avoid you? For example, they just run away from the scene.

9 / 9

9. Does the other person avoid making plans with you?

17 Undeniable Reasons to Never Force Anyone to Talk to You

Further, I’ll explain why you should never force such ignorant people to talk to you.

1. You Lose Respect.

The first and foremost consequence of forcing someone to talk to you is that the other person loses respect for you.

They constantly give you signals that they are least interested in having you in their life, You even notice those signals, but your stubbornness makes you go after them repeatedly.

Do you know what happens next?
They feel that you don’t deserve any respect and create a perception that you are someone who doesn’t value other people’s choices. They consider you a creep without boundaries who love to interfere in other people’s lives and doesn’t respect their privacy.

It’s harsh, but it’s true.
Thus, you should never force anyone to talk to you.

2. You Look Desperate.

Whenever you try to force conversations, it makes the other person feel that you are too desperate and clingy.

They feel like you don’t have anyone to listen to your BS because nobody likes you, so you’re hunting for company, and they are the next on your list. 
The conclusion that “nobody likes you” instantly strikes their mind, and they form a perception that you aren’t a good person to be with and they won’t like you as well.

3. Extrovert Turns into AWKWARD.

If you consider yourself an extrovert, let me ask you, “Do you love talking to new people?”

Your answer would surely be a Yes! 

However, Did you ever try to figure out whether other people are equally interested in talking to you or not?

Nope? Then you might have observed that a lot of people ghost you often! Everything’s going well, but one day when you try reaching out to them, they just don’t respond. 
Your extrovert nature turns awkward for them, and they find it extremely weird when you try to get “too close too early,” even when it’s just your nature.

So, if you are an extrovert, make sure you never force anyone to talk to you unknowingly.

4. The Other Person Never Enjoys Your Company.

Others don't enjoy your company

The most fulfilling relationships or friendships are in which both the people enjoy each other’s company. 

Whenever you force anyone to talk to you, the other person stops enjoying your company because they feel pressurized to do something against their will. Furthermore, the other person may be physically there with you, but they are mentally absent, and thus they do not consciously listen to you. 

They realize they won’t be able to express their true self and have quality conversations with you, so the joy of being together is always missing.

5. Everyone Stops Approaching You.

Forcing someone to talk to you who’s a “mutual friend” can be disastrous!

As I previously stated, Forced conversations may make the other person feel that you’re clingy and create a poor impression of you.

If your mutual friend has a negative impression of you, they may spread it to your other friends (People love bitching, mate). Further, the rest of your friends (except true friends) might form a similar image of you. Hence, they may avoid spending time with you or approaching you just because of all the negative things they’ve heard about you.

6. They Don’t Value You.

“Nothing worth having comes easy.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

When you force someone to talk to you, the other person doesn’t realize your worth because they feel you are eager to talk to them. They treat you like an option with whom they could pass the time while getting bored, not as a priority. 
The other person knows they could easily reach out to you anytime as you’ll always be available for them. However, they don’t even bother you when you need them the most.

If you want people to value you and treat you right, you should never force anyone to talk to you.

7. The Other Person Loses Interest in You.

The other-person loses interest in you

Whenever there’s a beginning of a relationship (be it love or friendship), both the people are curious to know more about each other, Right?
They ask each other questions to figure out each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.

Starting a relationship with someone by forcing conversations is like “losing them at hello.” 
Right at the beginning, the other person realizes that they won’t waste much time with you because you aren’t someone they would love to have in their life. Further, they automatically lose interest in knowing anything about you.  

8. Both of You are Incompatible.

It takes one moment to connect with someone who matches your vibe but forever with someone who does not.

If you’re having a hard time interacting with the other person and you have to force conversations, it could be because both of you are incompatible. 

It doesn’t mean there’s a fault from your side or the other person’s side. 
It simply means that both of you are different. Your opinions, perception, thought processes, preferences, or other essential qualities might not resonate with them.

Thus, Never force anyone to talk to you who’s not compatible with you because if you do, you’ll have to face a lot of problems in the long run due to personality differences.

9. You Hamper Self-Image.

As you know, people start preventing you and moving out of your life when you force them to communicate with you. When it happens, you begin searching for the reason behind your abandonment and realize it was all your fault.

You pinpoint all the flaws and imperfections in you. Further, you turn into an enemy for yourself and start practicing negative self-talk. You develop a feeling that you aren’t worthy of love and you don’t deserve good people in your life.

In the end, your self-image takes a massive negative hit and reaches rock bottom.

If you don’t want to land in such a pathetic situation, never force anyone to talk to you. 

10. You Don’t Get the Tribe You Deserve.

Let’s just assume that you became a friend with several people by forcing them to talk to you.

If you’ve come this far in the post, you already know what would happen next. Those people will treat you pathetically, ignore you, avoid you, and the list goes on.

Is it truly the kind of people you deserve in your life?
Of course not!

You deserve a much better tribe. 
People that will love you, support you, care for you, and treat you well. Finding the ones belonging to your soul family would be a cherry on top.

11. You Lose Hope.

After getting ignored and kicked out of many people’s lives (because of forcing them to talk to you), you start losing hope that any good people are waiting for you.

You start considering yourself a loser from whom everyone loves to stay away. Slowly and steadily, loneliness starts biting you, and you stop making any efforts to search for the company you deserve. 

12. The Relationship Turns into a One Way Street.

The relationship turns into a one way street

Any relationship or friendship is a two-way street in which both people make equal efforts so that the relationship can blossom. 

You should never force anyone to talk to you because it eventually turns the relationship into a one-way street where you keep giving lots of effort while the other person does nothing. You’re always there for them, but they’re never there for you. They just keep running away from you while you’re always busy chasing them. 

13. You Start Preventing People.

When you lose the other person despite forcing them to talk to you and making so many efforts, you start feeling that you can’t get anyone good into life.

So, you give up on making efforts to have good people in your life.

Everything that happened with you in your life backfires, and you turn into a person who prevents people. Your personality changes completely, and you avoid staying around people for long so that you don’t get attached to them.
Finally, you start living life in a bubble and choose to be a reserved person.

To avoid experiencing such a devastating scenario, you should never force anyone to talk to you.

14. The Other Person Feels Emotionally Abused.

When you force anyone to talk to you, you try every means to communicate with them. You text, call and stalk the other person until they revert to you.

Does it make you win them? Or Does it make them feel happy?
Obviously, Not!

The other person feels suffocated and emotionally abused because you’re constantly chasing them when they simply want you to stay away. You breach their privacy and try to enter their personal space, which makes them develop anger and frustration towards you.

You must realize you should never force anyone to talk to you because it doesn’t make them generate any feelings for you. Instead, it just results in emotional damage and makes them feel disgusting.

15. There’s Negativity All Around You.

Forcing anyone to talk to you creates an unhealthy environment for you.
You keep worrying whether the other person will reply to you or not and If they do, will you get a positive reply from their side or not.  

Further, you keep preparing action plans to help you get in touch with them and grab their attention. Your life constantly revolves around them only.

Finally, all your strategies worsen the situation, and the other person distances themselves from you even more. You start feeling bad about it, and your mind gets tense. Further, it hurts your ego, so your attraction turns into an obsession.        

16. The Other Person Might Feel You’re After Something.

In a world filled with self-centered people, When you force anyone to talk to you, the other person might feel that you’re a selfish person trying to interact with them for a purpose.

The other person might even consider that you want them to do any favor for you that will benefit you. Thus, they become more cautious and vigilant while interacting with you, so they don’t get carried away.

Thus, never force anyone to talk to you if you genuinely want to start the relationship on good terms.  

17. The Time and Energy You Invested Goes into Vain.

time & energy you invested goes into vain

It is a fact that building any sort of relationship with someone requires time and energy. While building a new relationship, whenever you force anyone to talk to you, the effort becomes 10X.

Forcing someone to talk to you is just like watering a dead plant.

What do you get in return?
An unsuccessful relationship!

What do you lose? 
Bunch of resources, time, and energy.

Instead, you can use your precious time and energy in a more productive direction and make your dreams come true. Why not become someone with whom everybody wishes to talk?

When Can You Force Someone to Talk to You?

You should never force someone to talk to you in most instances. However, there are a few exceptions where you can actually force conversations. Three of them are:-

1. When You Had a Conflict with Your Partner.

Arguments are a part of every relationship. 

However, the problem arises when these arguments lead to a significant relationship problem. They might turn into a severe misunderstanding which could impact your relationship in the long run or even lead to a breakup.

Keeping your anger and ego aside, if you feel that your partner is upset with you, you can force them to talk to you and make the efforts to heal the relationship.

You won’t regret your decision.

2. When The Other Person is in Pain and Needs Support.

Some people become more reserved when they’re low or suffering from emotional pain. They don’t know how to express their feelings. So, they keep them inside. 
They feel suffocated and want someone to be with them at such moments, but they just can’t ask for help.

If you know someone going through the same phase, you can force them to talk to you and relieve their pain. Try to make them feel you’re there for you and bring a smile to their face.

There’s nothing better than lifting someone from their lowest point in life.

3. When You’re at Fault.

Sometimes, you make a mistake and realize it’s your fault, but you don’t apologize to the other person. The other person stops talking to you, but you feel that bowing down in front of them would lower your image.

What happens as a result?
Some of your purest relationships and friendships vanish from your life!

If you want to prevent losing some of the most special people in your life, you can apologize to them and force them to talk to you. Allow them to vent out their anger, frustration, and feelings against you. Don’t just say anything and listen to them patiently.

Finally, when they’ve released all the anger, you can clarify things and move on.

7 Heart-Touching Never Force Anyone to Talk to You Quotes

1. It is never so hard to connect with someone if you’ve touched their heart.

2. Whenever you force anyone to talk to you, you actually force them to never talk to you.

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You quote1

3. Never force anyone to talk to you if you want to be considered as their priority, not as an option.

4. People who care for you come into your life when you stop caring about people who really don’t care.

5. Someone who wants to stay in your life needs one reason to be in it, while someone who doesn’t want to, needs one reason to be out of it.

6. Your behavior makes another person accept you. Pressuring makes them reject you.

7. Strong relationships aren’t forced. Forced relationships aren’t strong.

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You quote2

Parting Words

Conversations and connections are natural. 
If someone wants to talk to you and stay in your life, they will. You won’t ever have to force them to be with you or make relentless efforts to be with them.

Pressuring another person to talk to you won’t ever benefit you, the other person, or your relationship! It will make it worse.

Let’s end the post right here. Make sure to comment below if you loved it and found it helpful.

I hope you find the best tribe for yourself soon.  



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