Even Stupids Prefer Quality Over Quantity! (13 Reasons Why)

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Here are 13 reasons why you must switch to quality over quantity approach for a happier and more fulfilling life!


Quality over Quantity

Question. Do you feel stressed, unhappy, and dissatisfied even when you have almost everything in life?

If “yes,” have you ever tried figuring out why you feel this way?

Well, it may be because you’ve been hoarding (or doing) too much unnecessary stuff instead of getting (or doing) those things that truly give you joy.
In short, you may be focusing on quantity over quality in life!

So, how can you fix it?

You just need to switch the positions of quantity and quality. Focusing on quality over quantity can massively help you live a fulfilling and happier life. 

Want to know more about it?

I got you covered!

Without any further ado, dive right into the post where I’ll tell you everything about the quality over quantity lifestyle you must know.

What Does Quality Over Quantity Mean?

The philosophy “quality over quantity” means that you should prefer high-standard things instead of getting a number of things for a happy life. 

So, if you’re given two options:-

  • Buy one thing that makes you happy.
  • Buy ten things you can flaunt that don’t make you happy.    

You will choose the “first” option if you have a “quality over quantity” approach in life.

7 Fabulous Examples of Quality Over Quantity

Here are seven “quality over quantity” examples from day-to-day life:-

1. Working for two hours with complete focus gives better results than working an entire day without focus.

2. One genuine relationship offers better companionship than ten fake relationships.

3. Dating with a purpose can get you a more compatible partner than dating randomly.

4. One pair of high-quality shoes lasts longer than many low-quality shoes.

5. Spending quality time with close ones makes you feel much better than spending hours with strangers at a party.

6. Eating nourishing food helps keep your body fit, but eating a large quantity of junk food hampers it.

7. Focusing on a single task yields high productivity, while trying to do different things at once kills your entire productivity.      

Why Should You Choose Quality Over Quantity? (13 Practical Reasons)

1. Quality Helps You Foster Healthy Relationships.

In quality vs quantity, quality helps you foster healthy relationships.

Numerous pieces of research depict that the amount of time spent with your partnerfamily, and friends improves your relationship.

But what if you’re fighting and abusing them all the time? Will it create a healthy relationship?

Obviously, not!

To improve your relationships, you must spend quality time with the other person. 

Spending 7 toxic hours a day with someone doesn’t make sense. It will just hurt you and the other person. However, spending only 2 happy hours with them, where both of you give your best, will deepen the bond.  

2. Quality Increases the Probability of Success.

Many people think it’s vital to have a vast skill set to be successful. They believe that if you can learn any skill and be proficient at it, then you will be successful. 

Well, that’s not always the case. 

In order to be truly successful, you need to master just one skill and be the best at it (in other words, be high quality at a skill). So, when you are the best at something, you are able to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

3. Quality Helps You Excel in the Workplace.

Look. Most people come to work just to finish their assigned tasks and leave home quickly. They don’t bother about the quality of what they’re delivering.

However, if you want to stand apart from the crowd, you must deliver high-quality work instead of churning out tons of low-quality work!

High-quality work eventually catches people’s attention, making them more likely to remember and recommend you. 

They appreciate the time and effort that you’ve put into your work and respect you for it. It shows them you’re dedicated to your career and not just looking to finish tasks as quickly as possible.

All of it increases the probability of getting promotions and better work opportunities.

4. Quality Offers You Better Support in Life.

Quality provides better support over quantity.

Think about all the friends that you’ve made till now. Did all of them stick with you and always support you?

Probably not! Only a few quality friends would’ve stayed with you.

So, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. The only thing that matters is what type of friends you have. Having just one or two true friends is far better than having 100 shitty friends.

Your true friends are the ones who actually offer you companionship. They always have your back when you need them. You can have any conversation with them, but they never judge you. They help you solve your problems and do their best to fix things for you. You can always count on them, and they never let you down.

5. Quality Is Long-Lasting. 

I am pretty sure you would’ve purchased branded and non-branded shoes. So, which of them last longer?

Most of the time, it’s branded shoes, Right? 

But why do they have a better life?

It’s because they have high quality. High-quality stuff always lasts longer. You can own quantity items, but generally, they deteriorate and die quickly.

The same is valid for any relationship. Quality relations last long (or maybe for a lifetime). However, not everyone you meet in your life stays with you till the end.    

6. Quality Saves Your Pocket.

When you are focused on quantity, you purchase a bunch of items even when most of them aren’t helpful. Therefore, you spend a lot more money than required.

However, when you focus on quality over quantity, you purchase only the necessary items. Hence, it saves a good proportion of your finances in the long run.   

7. Quality Improves Your Health.

Quality improves your health.

Quality over quantity matters a lot when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Think about it. If you eat a high quantity of junk food all day, will it positively impact your body?

Nope! Foods high in sugar, fat, and calories make you obese and unhealthy. No matter how much you eat such foods, you won’t get any benefits. 
On the other hand, if you eat foods high in nutrients and fiber, you can keep your weight stable and your health intact.

After food, let’s talk about sleep.

As per research, sleep quality is more important than quantity for healthy living. People who sleep poorly are prone to have problems with their health, moods, and ability to think clearly.  

8. Quality Comes With Uniqueness.

Everyone can rack up a bunch of items, but just a few can rack quality items.

Quality items are often unique and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Whether it’s a handmade doll, a finely crafted piece of jewelry, or a hand-painted picture, quality stuff always stands out.

9. Quality Keeps You Full.

Focusing on quantity puts you in a constant chase to horde things. You always feel unsatisfied because of your never-ending demands.

However, when you choose quality over quantity, your demands narrow as your focus shifts to the things that matter to you. Further, you start feeling peaceful and content because you know you don’t need to gather anything quickly. 

10. Quality Makes Your Life Better.

Quality makes your life better.

Purging unnecessary items and making more space for the things that matter can lead to a sense of joy and purpose in your life. You get rid of the excess baggage that’s been weighing you down. Further, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter to you.

There are so many things in life that can bring us happiness. For example, spending time with close friends and family, enjoying a beautiful sunset or a nice cup of coffee, or simply taking a moment to yourself to relax. 

When you declutter your life, you can enjoy these moments more. Also, you’re more likely to find joy in other aspects of your life.

Choosing quality over quantity makes you feel lighter and happier.

11. Quality Gives You What You Desire.

Whenever you’re looking for something, be it relationships, items, or memories, you wish to have the best of them, right?

Quality actually gives you what you desire. 

For example, if you want caring people around you, you can’t build an extensive network and expect everyone to care for you. You must create good relationships with just a few quality people.

Similarly, if you want the best fabric for your clothes, you can’t just accumulate a bunch of random clothes. You have to choose quality cloth even when it’s expensive.

12. Quality Creates Lifelong Memories.

Quality creates lifelong memories.

Question. Do you remember every moment of your life?

I am damn sure your answer would be a big “No!” 

So, which times do you actually remember?

Quality moments, right?

Whether it’s catching up on old news, cooking together, or just spending time in each other’s company, quality time with those you care about remains with you for a lifetime.   

13. In General, Quality of Life Matters Much More Than Quantity.

If I give you two options:-

  • Live 30 years of a stress-free life.
  • Live 60 years of a shitty life.

What would you choose?

The first one, Right?

When you live a quality life, you focus on things crucial for you and ensure you’re spending your time on things that bring you joy. You live a life full of meaning and purpose. A life programmed by your own thoughts and actions. 

When you focus on quality in life, you don’t just live for the “sake” of living. You live because you genuinely “love being alive.” 

End of the Line

Too often, we allow our lives to become dominated by things that don’t really matter. Our responsibilities take too much time. Hence, we neglect the things that actually matter.

Quality over quantity is a great mantra that helps you to be selective with what you choose to focus on.

By having quality over quantity mindset, you can easily manage your time, respond to your priorities, and do things that are really important to you.

I hope you have a superb life ahead.



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