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Updated On: December 24, 2022

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Here’s food for thought:- “Think of the most vital factor required for a healthy relationship?”

I am pretty sure that most of you will get ‘Trust‘ as an answer.

Further, Is it possible for a relationship to last long when there are several trust issues in it?

Of course not! 

It is no doubt that the couple in a relationship having excessive trust issues might be either forcing themselves or each other to stay in the relationship, but they won’t be happy. 
Another reason for holding onto the relationship is – They are already too attached and can’t bear the pain of separation.

If you are in a relationship, Do you also feel as if you have started facing trust issues?

Let’s end your confusion right now.

Have a look at these four signs of trust issues in a relationship. They will clear your doubts.

4 Signs of Trust Issues in a Relationship  

1. You are Over Protective

You do not let your partner interact with a different person of the opposite gender. All because you feel that your partner and the other person will get attracted to each other.
Thus, you don’t let your partner make friends freely and want them to seek your validation first.

2. You Require Justifications

Justification in relationship

Your partner needs to provide you justification for almost everything they do in your absence.

For example, If your partner didn’t pick up your call, you seek proper justification of ‘why didn’t they pick your call’ or ‘who were they talking to.’ Further, you ask questions such as ‘what was the conversation all about’ until you get the feeling that everything’s alright.

3. You are Always Suspicious

You are always alert and looking for pieces of evidence that your partner is cheating on you.
You over-analyze every situation like what could be the reason he/she wants some personal space. 
Further, you start creating negative perceptions about your partner even when you know why they need some time for themselves.

4. You are Over Possessive

 You do not let your partner make any decisions on their own. You want them to seek your validation when they go to a party, shopping mall, restaurant, or anywhere else.
You want to be the topmost priority of your partner, even above their family or close childhood friends.

Importance of Trust in a Relationship

What next if the signs that I’ve mentioned are there in your relationship?

Don’t worry! I’ll let you know how to rebuild the trust as well.

But, before that, here is ‘why trust is vital for your relationship’ and ‘why both of you should have unbreakable trust in each other.’

  • You cannot fall in love with someone you do not trust. You might get attached to them, but the bond could never be eternal.
  • It makes you feel that your partner won’t ever cheat you, which ultimately leads to satisfaction and freedom.
  • Trust helps to fix most of your relationship problems.
  • It leads to a much happier and blissful relationship.
  • Trust leads to lesser conflicts and arguments with your partner.
  • Trust boosts your confidence as you know that your partner is always there for you in every situation.

How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship?

Rebuild trust in a relationship

Trust in a relationship, once broken, is hard to rebuild and regain.

So, is it impossible to build that trust again?

No, It is possible, but it will require effort and patience. 
However, I know that you will get it back. 
How? Because I know that you want pure love back in your life. 

Here are 8 methods that you could try which might help you to rebuild trust in your relationship:-

When You Have Trust Issues

1. Vent out all your feelings

Communicate with your partner regarding what’s been going on in your head again and again. What are the reasons you aren’t able to trust them again, what hurts you, and what pricks you the most?

Make sure to be open to your partner’s thoughts as well. I know that you are heartbroken and angry right now, but I guess your partner deserves at least one explanation, right?

Trust me. Your partner’s words might heal your heart. 

2. Don’t let your past ruin your present

It might be possible that your partner hasn’t betrayed you until now. Still, you might feel insecure and have trust issues.

The reason behind it could be your past relationships in which your partner betrayed you.

If that’s the reason, you need to realize that nobody is the same. 

You cannot punish your present lover due to the partner in your past, just like you cannot compare your current relationship with the one in the past.

3. Forgive

Pic credits: Facebook

I know it is much easier for me to suggest you ‘forgive your partner’ but extremely hard for you to practice.

Ask yourself these two questions:-

1. Do you feel that your partner is just like a twin flame for you? 
2. Will you be much happier if they come back into your life?

If the answer is Yes, I can tell you one thing for sure, my friend, You’ll regret letting them go in your future.
You can try accepting your partner’s apology first and later on forgiving them for what they did.
It will take time, but forgiving is better than regret, right?

4. Don’t push yourself

You don’t need to rush yourself into rebuilding the trust.

Take your time. 
Listen to your heart. 
Analyze the situations and think of how you can rebuild the trust that you’ve lost in your partner. Clear out the misconceptions in your mind, if any.

When Your Partner Has Trust Issues

1. Be honest

Be honest and transparent with your partner. 
Try to figure out what’s causing trust issues in your relationship and provide clarifications if possible.

Tell the truths and practice healthy communication. Avoid arguments and conflicts.
Try to put up your thoughts and concerns as well.

2. Apologize

It is incredible how many hurts can be healed by the two words, “I’m sorry.”

~Matshona Dhliwayo

Your apology could be a relationship saver if you feel that you’ve betrayed your partner, but that too only if it comes from your heart.

Hold yourself accountable for everything that happened. Explain everything that made you betray them and provide the confidence that you won’t do it again.

3. Understand their concerns

It is far more important to be a good listener than to be a good speaker. 

Listen to your partner’s concerns carefully, understand what they feel, and try to provide a solution to them. 
Gather their needs and fulfill them. Provide them enough support until they go through the phase of overcoming trust issues.

4. Give them time

Don’t expect your partner to rebuild trust in you overnight. 
Advise them to take enough time.

Make your partner feel comfortable and give them time. Don’t fill up their mind with confusion. Instead, Clear up their perception and help them if you find them struggling with too many thoughts.

Parting Thoughts

With you and your partner’s combined efforts, it isn’t impossible to rebuild trust in your relationship. 
It will take a lot of time, effort, and you will have to face multiple ups and downs. In the end, it will be worth it. 

It will be a new beginning to your relationship. 
This time, the relationship would be better than ever. The bond will reform, and you will experience the feeling of deep love once again.



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