11 Sneaky Signs He Likes You More Than You Think

Updated On: September 3, 2023

Do you like a guy but don’t know whether he’s into you enough? These are 11 subtle signs he likes you more than you think.


Signs he likes you more than you think

Do you often sense butterflies dancing in your stomach? Does your cheeks turn red the moment he walks in?

Well, my dear, congrats! You have started to fall for him. 

Now, as you slowly start to dream about being together, you can’t help but think, does he have feelings for you? 

He might care for you and is friendly, but you need clarification on whether he likes you romantically. All you want are some hints that clear away all your doubts. 

I have great news! In this blog, I’ll share 11 clear signs he likes you more than you think. Check out if you relate these to him and you have an answer.

Sounds exciting? Perfect! Read on!

About My Love Story

Hold on, dear, let me share a little glimpse of my love story with my beloved. 

I remember my talking stage with Ankit, which was filled with excitement and a bit of tension. I would understand his care but remain confused if he fell for me too. 

Although, there were obvious signs to point his weakness toward me. Now that I look back, I realize what a fool I was not to notice the signs and keep blabbering to myself if he liked me or not.

Worry not, my dear; I’ll try to help you figure out the signs that will confirm if he likes you more than you think.

I’ll share my personal storyline throughout the article to help you better connect and understand what might be happening in his mind.

The Heart’s Clues: 11 Secret Signs He Likes You More Than You Think!

Finally, the most anticipated part. Hold your breath and dive into the signs telling you a guy likes you more than you imagine. 

1. He Remembers Every Little Detail About You.

When an individual is not interested in someone, they hardly bother remembering details about them. But if they have a sharp memory of that person, something tempting might be in the making! 

My dear, if he remembers the minute details about you, that’s a sign that he likes you more than you think. 

I relate this to Ankit, as he seldom forgets any facts about me or us, and it’s been this way since our talking stage. He would remember the little things I shared during our casual conversations.

So my dear, does that lucky man remember the details about you? Does he often surprise you with things you didn’t expect him to remember? 

If yes, that’s clearly a sign of affection from his end, and he likes you more than you think. 

2. He Often Makes Eye Contact.

A guy keeping eye contact with a girl.

Well, eye contact is among the sweetest love languages between two individuals. 

If a guy tries to make eye contact with you often, something intriguing might be happening inside them. 

Once, I was in a mall with Ankit and looked at him while walking. I caught him staring at me, and he just gave me a soft shy smile. This wasn’t the only occasion, but it happened multiple times. 

Later, when we got into a relationship, he admitted clearly he was trying to drop hints with his gaze and admirable smile. Imagine what a noob I was to overlook these signs out of nervousness! XD

Okay, so let’s talk about you. Do you often catch the guy staring at you? Is he always trying to make eye contact and give you a brief smile when you look at him? 

If yes, that’s another sign of his immense interest in you. 

3. He Does Thoughtful Things to Make You Smile.

Who would put an effort to see you happy and smiling? Of course, someone who likes you and wants to see your gorgeous happy face. 

If a guy does this, count these efforts as a reflection of his interest in you.

Ankit would always do thoughtful things like bringing me chocolates if I was unhappy and tuning in to my favorite music if stressed. 

At that time, I was highly amazed to see his gesture as he did so many things to make me feel better. Later, when we confessed our feelings, I understood why he was putting in those efforts.

Now think. Do you see the guy doing thoughtful things for you just to make your day brighter? Does he put an effort into making you happy, no matter how tiny it is? 

If yes, I am glad to tell you he likes you more deeply than you can imagine. 

4. He Is Always Curious About You.

A guy sitting on a couch constantly asking questions to a girl as he's curious about her.

You might need clarification about his feelings and keep thinking, does he like me the way I do? On the other hand, he will keep thinking of you and ways to know you better. 

Okay, let me put it clearly. When a man likes someone, he always tries to know the girl, her hobbies, what she does, etc. His curiosity seems never-ending as he tries his best to know everything about his beloved. 

Not going to lie; both me and Ankit were equally good in this curiosity game and the desire to know about each other during our talking stage. 

So my dear, is he always curious to know about you? 

“What are your future plans?”
“How are you trying to achieve them?”
“What’s your favorite movie?” 

Do you keep getting a lot of similar questions as such from him? If you affirm, that’s a clear sign he likes you more than you think. 

5. He Enacts You to Tease You a Bit.

Remembering every detail is awesome; the icing on the cake is when he enacts to tease you a bit. 

Yes, my dear, enacting someone or repeating someone’s gestures is among the most underrated love languages. If you see him doing this often, take notice of the sign. 

My smile is getting broader as I write this, but I again relate this to my relationship. 

Initially, when Ankit would mimic me, I would think he was just being funny, but I understood the real scenario later. 

Following someone and acting like them is possible only when the other person observes you minutely and pays attention to the small details. I mean, why would someone just observe your actions if they’re not into you?

So my dear, does the guy enact you? Does he love to tease you a bit by performing your actions? If yes, it’s another sign he likes you more than you think. 

6. He’s Always Continuing Conversations.

A guy who's keeping the conversation going.

Whether physically or on social media, if he keeps the conversation going by hook or crook, that’s a prominent sign of his interest in you beyond your imagination. 

Think about it. Why would someone try to hold onto a conversation if they’re least bothered about the other person?

Ankit and I have always been equally good at this. None of us would like the conversation to end. Sometimes it was him taking it further; sometimes, it was me. 

Everything was because we liked each other. At that time, it seemed spontaneous, and now it’s an amazing love language to let the opposite person hint about your interest in them. 

So my dear, do you relate this scenario to the man you like? Is he always trying to initiate a chat or carry it forward, no matter how minimal the discussion is? 

If yes, that’s another sign that he likes you more than you think. 

7. He Is Consistent With His Behavior.

When he likes you, you’ll keep getting consistent behavior from him. You’ll feel happy, loved, and belong because his gestures and actions will make you feel that way. In case he’s not interested, you’ll never feel this way. 

Now, what do I mean by consistent behavior? 

He will keep up with all the gestures mentioned above. He’ll be playful, pay dedicated attention to every detail you share with him, do thoughtful things to make you happy, and the list continues. 

You won’t feel something is off, neither will you feel ignored. Rather, the butterflies will double their dancing speed. 

Quick question. How is the guy with you? Is he consistent with his efforts and gestures? Do his actions put a smile on your face regularly? 

If yes, it again reminds you that he likes you more than you think. 

8. He Turns Into Your Home.

A guy providing comfort to a girl.

Being completely yourself with someone: Isn’t that already enough to tell that he likes you? Well, friends also like us the way we are. True that. And that’s why we will talk about a few add-ons. 

Not only you’re yourself with him, but overwhelming happiness and positivity wrap around you when he’s around. His gestures make you feel comfortable; you can laugh out loud, eat like anything, weep like a child, and still, deep inside, you know he won’t judge you. 

Moreover, he’s playful with you. He can tease you, get flirty playfully, and complement how you look. All this pushes you to be more into him and be yourself when he’s around with zero hesitations. 

Does your guy do these things I mentioned above? Do you find ultimate comfort in his company? Is he being playful at times that automatically puts a shy smile on your face? 

If yes, it’s another sign he likes you more than you think. 

9. He Helps You Without Asking for Any Favor.

When a guy likes you, he will surely be there for you without expecting anything in return. 

You can reach out to him, and he’ll be all ears, trying his best to provide you with a solution. Most importantly, he won’t ask you any favor for the help he’s doing. 

He’ll give you a shoulder when you feel low, stressed, or sad. He doesn’t need to keep saying, “I like you,” but his actions say it all. 

This has always been true for me and Ankit. From our talking stage till now, we have tried to have each other back no matter the return. 

So, if your guy is trying to do that, you must be very special to him. Can you ask for help during your tough times from him? Does he try to solve your problem without asking anything in return? 

If yes, it’s another sign that he likes you more than you think. 

10. He Always Finds an Excuse to Be With You.

A guy who always finds excuses to be with a girl.

Someone who likes you will always try to opt for ways to be with you. You need to observe sharply to see if the guy is acting this way and always looking for excuses to be with you. 

Once, on our way home from college, Ankit accompanied me to the nearby metro station even though he had to go the opposite way. The first day, I thought it to be a friendly gesture, but he would do this often. 

As I look back, I pity my poor sensing skills that I overlooked this hint. This was just one occasion; there were various times when he would even find the lamest excuses to have my company. 

Now, let me get back to you. Do you feel the guy is eager to spend some time with you? Is he always making up things just to be with you for some extra minutes? 

If yes, consider it as a sign he likes you more than you think.

11. He Wants to Make Plans With You.

When a guy likes a girl, he will try his best to create plans with that girl to be in her company. He would suggest hanging out, watching a movie, or exploring the latest cafe in town. All these are nothing but his interest in spending time with her.

Not only me and Ankit but most of the couples admit having gone through this stage. One would do anything to spend time with the other and ask them out. They will try to run the plan successfully and have a good time together.

So my dear, does the guy try to make plans with you often? Does he cancel his pre-planned outings to go out with you? 

If yes, you’re his priority; he likes you more than you think. 

Wrapping Up

With that, we have reached the end of the blog. 

The above signs will hopefully satisfy your curiosity about what’s going on in your mind. 

See, my dear, it’s obvious to get impatient, questioning if he likes you. But, out of anxiety, don’t spoil your present moments. Go with the flow, enjoy every little thing, and see where it goes! 

Trust me. Whatever is meant for you will find its way to come to you. And yes, pay attention to the hints he is dropping you. 

Good luck, my dear! 

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