Love or Lust? 20 Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body

Updated On: April 4, 2023

Are you just a physical object to him? Don’t be fooled any longer! Discover the 20 telltale signs he only wants you for your body, not your heart.


Signs he only wants you for your body

Are you in a new relationship? Have you found someone ready to proclaim his love to you in front of the whole world?

Well, being in love is a euphoric feeling. It involves infatuation, happiness, excitement, nervousness, and physical attraction.

The initial relationship phase gives you butterflies. Your boyfriend calls you daily, surprises you with gifts, and takes you on the best dates.

But as time passes, you feel something’s off the track.

You realize your man has started showing more interest and excitement while getting dirty. Soon, you start questioning whether he genuinely likes you or only wants you for your body.

If you are in a similar situation now, don’t worry! I am here to help you.

In this post, I will share the body language of a womanizer. Further, to find out if a man only wants to get into your pants, I’ll share 20 signs he only wants you for your body.

That’s not it! 

The cherry on the cake is the “signs of a gentleman interested in you” written at the end of the post.

So, without further delay, let’s decode a womanizer.

From Smooth Talk to Slick Moves: The 9 Telltale Gestures of a Womanizer

Throughout history, men have always taken the first step right from persuading women to expressing their love, pleading with them, dining with them, and finally bribing them to lie down.

Women are more driven by crappy romance novels, which give them an unrealistic idea about a ‘perfect man‘ who is more of a leach than a gentleman.

What happens next?

They fall into the trap of f**kboys! 

But no more! Here are some subtle body languages of a womanizer that you must be careful about:-

  • He raises his eyebrows to open his eyes and watch your physical features.
  • His lips automatically part when he locks eyes with you. 
  • He will do everything to grab your attention. 
  • He will try to present the best of himself with smooth hair and proper attire.
  • He will utilize every second to show off his body and muscles. 
  • He will scan your body from top to toe. (Male gaze) 
  • He will try to imagine himself with you to gain physical pleasure.
  • He will always sit with his legs apart to display his crotch. 
  • He will try every other means to touch you subtly.

20 Surefire Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body

There is nothing wrong with having a physical desire. In fact, physical attraction is part of a healthy relationship.

However, the problem is when your man knows nothing apart from physical attachment and is ready to force you to sleep with him.

How to know if your guy is only interested in your body? Here are 20 rock-solid signs he only wants you for your body:-

1. Like a Nocturnal Owl, He Chooses to Meet You at Night. 

Like a nocturnal owl, he choses to meet you at night.

Sure, it might sound romantic at first – meeting up after dark, the moonlight casting a soft glow on the two of you as you walk hand-in-hand. 

But when you notice that this is the only time he’s available to see you, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions.

If he’s always too busy to see you during the day but suddenly has plenty of free time after dark, it’s worth considering whether he’s only interested in you for one thing – your body.

Meeting up at night can be a convenient cover for someone only looking for a physical relationship. It’s easier to keep things low-key and under the radar when meeting up after dark, away from prying eyes.

And if he’s always suggesting things that involve getting physical – like going for a late-night walk in a secluded area – it’s a big red flag that he’s not interested in getting to know you as a person.

2. He Is Always in Awe of Your Physical Features.

This is the most obvious sign.

When you go out on a first date with a guy, you will obviously dress well. On the very first date, a guy can compliment you on your appearance as a form of courtesy.

But, when this goes on constantly, it is a warning sign.

If a man genuinely loves you, he will like every aspect of you. He will first notice the kind of human being you are, irrespective of your looks.

Getting compliments about your physical features from your man every time you meet him clearly indicates his inclination to getting physical and physical attractiveness.

3. He Doesn’t Respect Women.  

When you meet your man, be all ears. Why?

If you are a patient listener, you can identify whether to continue with this guy.

Let him talk continuously and see how he talks about women. For a womanizer, a woman is more of a visually appealing object that he wants to get. Besides, he will never be respectful to women.

4. He Does Not Remember the Things Related to You. 

He only wants you for your body if he does not remember things related to you.

If your physique drives a man, he will never remember what you told him. He will not remember your birthday, your likes and dislikes, and every other important detail about your life.

Because he is only interested in getting physical with you and can see nothing beyond getting physical, his only aim in meeting you is to touch you and satisfy his hormones.

5. He Prefers Getting Physical Over Deep and Healthy Conversations. 

Communication is an integral part of a healthy relationship. To communicate well, you have to engage in conversations with your partner.

If your man feels delighted only when you are making out and avoids discussing essential things, it is a clear sign that he only wants you for your body.

Highs and lows are part and parcel of everyone’s life.

But if the man you are dating always persuades you to get physical and avoids regular conversations, he has no interest in building the relationship. Neither is he taking the relationship seriously.   

6. He Calls You According to His Needs. 

Sign a busy man likes you - "He calls you according to his needs."

Every relationship is based on the policy of give and take.

If your guy only remembers you and calls you when he needs help and is never available when you need him, it is a clear sign that he only wants you for your body.

Such people are always emotionally unavailable. They are only available when you agree to get physical with them. You will never get them if you have a bad day at the office and feel like talking to someone close to you.

Well, respect yourself and know that you definitely deserve someone better.

7. He Makes Inappropriate Jokes or Comments in the Initial Stage.

When you first start dating someone, it’s natural to want to impress them and make them laugh. 

But if your guy is making inappropriate comments or jokes early on in your interactions, it could be a sign that he’s not interested in getting to know you as a person but rather only wants you for your body.

It’s vital to recognize the difference between flirting and making inappropriate comments. Flirting can be fun and playful, but when someone starts making jokes or comments that make you feel uncomfortable or objectified, it’s a red flag.

8. He Is Not Interested in the Future of the Relationship. 

When you are in a relationship, you want to take it forward. You want to have a future with the man you love.

However, when a man only wants you for your body, he will avoid discussing the relationship’s future. 

It is because he’s stuck in the superficial stage. Your physicality is something that attracts him. He sees nothing beyond your body. Therefore, he would be hardly interested in setting up a family with you.

Every time you try to bring up the conversation about the future of your relationship, either he walks out or shuts you down.

Once he is done having fun with you, he will proceed to the next woman. After all, he considers your body only a tool to satisfy his physical needs.

If it’s happening to you, leave the relationship and live a better life

9. He Pressurizes You to Get Physical With Him.  

Getting physical with your loved one is definitely one of the best ways to show compassion.

But if your man does not like your mood swings, upheavals in your health, and forces you to get physical, end the relationship immediately.

From his behavior, you realize two things: 

  • Your man only wants you for your body. 
  • Your man does not respect and value your needs. 

“Getting physical” should always be consensual and never a result of pressure. Engaging in a physical act to make your man like you will never give you happiness. In the long run, the relationship will fall apart.

10. He Doesn’t Respect Your Opinions. 

When you notice that the person you are dating never asks you any questions or is least bothered about your opinions, know that he is not serious about the relationship. He simply wants you for your body.

Just like the man, you can go for a casual relationship or what Gen Z calls “friends with benefits.”

But, if you are looking for a serious relationship and are willing to settle down, be careful about the man. See if he wants the same thing from the relationship as you.

11. He Finds Ways and Means to Get Physical With You. 

Womanizer finds ways and means to get physical with you

Holding hands, giving a peck, or hugging are some of the sweetest gestures of expressing your love for another.

But if he constantly tries to touch you to the point you start feeling uncomfortable, know that he is only interested in your body. It also shows that the man is more interested in satisfying his physical desire than respecting your boundaries.

He will try touching you when you two are alone or even in public places in a subtle way. Some inappropriate ways of touching a woman include groping, grabbing, nudging, etc.

In conditions like these, know that the man is simply playing around. The moment you stop satisfying him, he will call it a quit.

12. He Prefers Gazing at Your Nudes Rather Than Watching a Movie Together.

When a man is interested in your body, he thinks of nothing beyond your physique.

So, at the end of the day, when you call him to spend some time, he asks you to go for a video call. This does not end here. He’s least bothered about what you are saying. After a point of time, he asks you to go nude.

It’s not that couples in a committed relationship do not send nudes to each other. They do. But a womanizer demands nudes way too much.

If he asks for nudes but is not interested in a glimpse of a trophy you won, you should start doubting his intentions.

Ask yourself these questions, and I’m sure you will get the answer: 

  • Do you enjoy sharing your nudity with him?
  • Are these nudes essential to take the relationship to the next step? 

13. You Become a Stranger to Him After Hookup. 

If, right after you getting physical, he is busy getting back to his usual course of life, know that he is only interested in your body.

You want to live with a man who is caring and attentive enough to understand your emotional and vulnerable side. 

Your man can be busy. But he cannot always be unavailable when you are not getting physical with him.

14. He Is Not Possessive About You. 

A certain amount of possession over your partner is healthy when in love. It keeps both of you attracted to each other.

But, when your man is a womanizer, he will hardly care about you. All he needs from you is a wonderful physical pleasure. Beyond your body, you don’t exist to him.

Even though you try several ways to make him feel insecure, he will hardly pay heed to it.

For a healthy relationship, possessiveness is vital. If you find it missing in your man, know he is with you only for physical satisfaction.

15. He Still Uses Dating Apps. 

He still uses dating apps.

As long as you are single, there’s no harm in joining dating sites.

But, if a man dating you is active on a dating site, it means he is not satisfied with you and looking for other options. He is precisely on a hunt for women who agrees to his terms. Further, he may be using you for your body until he gets someone better.

In most cases, if men are on a dating site, they do not reveal it to their women.

If you want to be on the safer side, join some dating sites temporarily to find out if he is a part of it.

16. You Are an Absolute Stranger to His Friends and Family.

Many people lead a private life and want to keep their love life a secret. In the initial phase of a relationship, it’s okay not to speak much about it. But once you are sure about your partner, you share this happy news with your friends and family.

If you are in a relationship for some time and your partner still keeps you as a dirty little secret, girl, it won’t end on a positive note!

He may not be serious about the relationship and could be using you for your body.

17. He Still Ponders Over His Ex.

It’s common to find yourself falling for a guy who has just exited a relationship. You might think that he’s ready to move on and start something new with you.

If your guy constantly brings up his ex, talks about her, or compares you to her, it’s a red flag that he hasn’t moved on. It’s natural to discuss past relationships, but when it becomes a frequent topic of conversation, it’s a sign that he’s not emotionally detached.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s not over their ex, there’s a good chance you’re just a rebound! 

He might be using you as a distraction to help him move on, but not because he genuinely wants to be with you. He might only want you for your body and may not be interested in developing an emotional connection with you.

18. He Is a Casanova. 

He is a Casanova
Pic Credit: Kawaii Aeon

Men are highly driven by visuals. So, they tend to get attracted to multiple women simultaneously.

He may feel infatuated with other women, which is normal. 

But, when your man flirts with other women and passes comments on their appearance in front of you, it is disgracing. It shows he is least bothered about your feelings and more interested in temporary flings.

So, be observant when you are in public with your man. See if he stares at other women or comments on their physique. Check if your man finds ways to initiate a conversation with an attractive woman even though you are with him.

If you notice all of this drama, consider ditching him and looking for a better one. 

19. He Has No Interest in Any Other Activities. 

In a relationship, the man and the woman must become each other’s best friends.

In this journey to become good friends, you can include some fun activities, adventure sports, traveling, indoor games, visiting different places, and everything that both of you like doing.

If you notice your man is not interested or not participating in any of these activities and likes to make out much more than engage in them, he is not the right one for you.

The day his lust for your body ends, he will not think twice about dumping you.

20. He Prefers Meeting You Indoors Than Outdoors.

He prefers meeting you indoors than outdoors.

If a guy tells you he is more ‘comfortable’ in his house than going out with you to a café, consider it a warning sign. 

It clearly indicates that he doesn’t want to keep this meeting only to conversations. Instead, he wants something more from you.

Womanizers are very creative with their words. Their language is too convincing for people to figure out the trouble. And they have millions of excuses.

To convince you, they come up with statements like: 

  • “I want to spend some quality time with you without any distractions.”
  • “Let’s have a candlelight dinner at home.”
  • “Let’s not be a part of the crowd outside. Why don’t we play some indoor games at home?”

All of these are common in the dating phase. However, be careful in the initial dating period. If the guy uses these excuses in the initial period of your relationship, know that he is not the right man for you.

Not every first or second date has to end up with a hookup. Keep the dates restricted to knowing each other.

14 Signs He’s Truly Interested in You

Not all men are womanizers! Some are pure gentlemen.

It might seem challenging to find good men these days. But they still exist. 

Here are 14 signs of a guy who is genuinely interested in you:-

1. He pays attention to you.

2. He initiates contact.

3. He makes fun of guys that you have dated in the past. 

4. He is proud of you as a person. 

5. He likes to celebrate your achievements. 

6. He goes out of his way to make time for you. 

7. He introduces you to his friends and family.

8. He is not afraid of posting pictures with you on social media. 

9. He may not be very vocal about his feelings, but his actions speak louder than words. 

10. He respects you.

11. He plans to surprise you. 

12. He likes helping you without expecting anything in return. 

13. He likes discussing his future with you. 

14. He compliments you.

End of the Line

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the signs that someone is only interested in you for your body.

While it can be flattering to receive attention and affection from someone, it is vital to ensure that your relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, and genuine interest in each other.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned in this article, re-evaluate your relationship and consider whether it truly fulfills your emotional and physical needs.

Remember, you deserve to be with someone who values you for who you are, not just your physical appearance.



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