19 Surefire Signs He Will Never Come Back!

Updated On: August 28, 2023

Shall you really wait or is it completely over? Your heart deserves to know these 19 signs he will never come back!


Signs he will never come back

Goodbyes are hard, and the last thing you’d want is to part ways with your loved one. 

You gathered so many moments together and dreamt of having a future, but now it’s all gone; in a fraction of an eye. That breakup has left you shattered, and you can’t think but wonder if your ex will ever come back to you. 

If you have opened this article, you’re likely going through a similar situation. 

In many instances, the partners get back together, while sometimes, there are hardly any chances for reconciliation. In the latter case, it’s better to prepare your mind in a way that you avoid long-term hurt. 

In this post, I’ll point out 19 prominent signs he will never come back so you can finally move on too. 

Honestly, I don’t want to break your heart, my dear. I just want to prepare you for what’s coming your way.

Breaking Up or Just a Break? 19 Clear Signs He Will Never Come Back 

I understand a plethora of emotions are running in your mind right now. It’s unbearable to think that the person you loved so much will not come back to you. 

Still, take a deep breath and go through these points. It’s time to decide what’s best for you: stick with the fragile old relationship that no longer exists or prepare for a beautiful future for yourself.

1. He Doesn’t Reciprocate Your Flirty Gestures.

A guy resisting a girl's flirty gestures.

Much effort, patience, promises, and hard work contribute to a couple’s patch-up after a breakup. 

Being flirty and playful is one of the vital ingredients to spice things up like the old times and ensure reconciliation. 

If you’re considering a patch-up, you might try flirting with your ex or tease him and observe his reaction. If he responds positively or reciprocates, things are moving in your desired direction, and the chances are high that he’s interested in getting back to you. 

However, if your ex doesn’t respond to your flirty messages, that might suggest he’s not interested in a patch-up.

His body language will further clear his intentions about you. He might avoid your touch, avoid eye contact, or slide away so he can stand away from you, etc. 

All these gestures clearly indicate he will never come back, and it’s time for you to move on. 

2. He Returns Your Gifts.

Presents are beautiful love languages, and it’s obvious to shower each other with gifts in a relationship. 

However, if the guy is willing to return the gifts after a breakup, that suggests he has turned absolutely bitter to you and is not interested in a patch-up. 

See, my dear. There have been examples where even after severe quarrels and breakup threats, the couple has sorted it out between themselves. 

But returning the gifts? Well, that’s the final nail in the coffin!

It suggests he’s willing to get ahead and is not ready to keep any of your signs. 

So, here’s the question for you. Has your ex returned your gifts after your breakup? Has he returned the stuff you gave each other during the relationship? If yes, it’s a clear sign he will never come back.

3. His Friends Ignore You.

A girl getting ignored by his ex-boyfriend's friends'.

You are already in too much pain, and a pinch of salt to the wound is when his friends start avoiding you too. 

Your ex might have blocked you from all kinds of communication, and tracking him through his friends’ seemed the only option to you. However, his friends are indifferent to you as well. 

He might have simply instructed them not to entertain you or provide you with his information. This clearly suggests he no longer wants you to communicate with him in any way and is ready to move on with his life. 

4. He Has Stopped Making Efforts.

Efforts are a reflection of interest. It’s better to consider it a sign of disinterest if those efforts are absent. 

Okay, let me clear things up for you. 

There are several stories of reconciliation among couples, even after a breakup. Such patch-ups need effort from both ends which shows equal interest from both partners. 

In case of reluctance from one partner, re-establishing the relationship is impossible. 

Ask yourself. Are you constantly making efforts to get in touch with your ex-boyfriend, but he’s only giving you cold responses? Are you the one trying to make plans for a meet-up, but he’s always canceling it? 

If you say yes to these questions, it’s a clear sign he’s not up for a patch-up and will never come back. 

5. He Has Cut You Off Completely.

No matter if you two decided to part ways, if there’s still love, staying away from each other for long would be impossible. If things are happening otherwise, then that suggests the reconciliation chances are less. 

I hate to break it to you, my dear, but it’s true. If your ex doesn’t want to get back, besides cutting ties from social media, he would even change his number. 

To add more to it, he might shift his house to a new address and stop paying visits to the places you’re earlier sure to find him. These are clear indications he’s no longer interested in seeing you. 

6. The Breakup Was Too Harsh.

A tore apart image of the couple whose breakup was too harsh

Your relationship ended on a heavy note. Both of you said insulting and too many hurtful things to each other. In the heat of the moment, you shouted and gave many harsh comments to each other. 

In such a case, a reunion is quite challenging!

No matter how hard you try to forget the hurtful comments, it’s impossible to get them out of your head. 

The same is happening with your ex-boyfriend. He can’t ignore what you told him during the breakup and embrace you again. 

So, the question is: Did your breakup end on harsh terms? Were you two extremely insulting to each other? If yes, there are high chances he won’t come back to you. 

7. He Has Asked You to Move On.

No matter how angry an individual is with their loved one, they’ll never ask them to move on. The fear of losing the loved one will restrict them from saying so. 

However, if your guy dares to say that, then it’s a probable sign he has zero plans to get back to you. 

I know it’s difficult to bear this gesture from your loved one, and that’s the last thing you want him to say. But my dear, if he’s asking you to get ahead in your life, that suggests he’s not coming back. He would think an infinite number of times if you mattered to him anymore before asking to move on. 

Think about this. Has your ex said something similar to you? Did you try for a patch, but all he said was, “Forget me and move on?” 

If yes, it’s high time to shift your focus from him.

8. He Avoids Your Friends.

Whether supporting you during quarrels or helping with brilliant proposals or gift ideas, friends become integral to couples. It’s the loyal friends who stand by them through thick and thin. 

Now, if your ex has started ignoring your mutual friends’ group, it clearly shows he’s no longer interested in you. 

A relevant example could be: suppose you have a friend, and you introduced her to your boyfriend during your relationship. They bonded well over time. Now, after the breakup, he is ignoring your friend as well. 

This behavior suggests that your ex no longer wants an acquaintance with your friends or anyone who shares a strong connection with you. 

He is willing to move on in his life and wants to discard everything that reminds him of you. 

Think about it. Has your ex-boyfriend started ignoring your friends? Did he cut all communication with them? If yes, that’s another sign he will never come back. 

9. He Doesn’t Respond to Your Texts.

A guy not responding to a girl's text and the girl staring at her mobile.

Okay, your ex might not block you from social media and keep the communication channels open, but he doesn’t bother to text you back.

“Hey, how are you doing?” 
“Hey, shall we meet?”

You’re sending these kinds of texts, but he leaves it on “seen” or doesn’t open it. In such a case, it’s a warning sign that he’s not coming back. 

I’m simply trying to convey that he may not block you but will be cold enough not to reply back to your texts. Not once or twice, but every time you text him

I understand emotions. I understand quarrels. But again, my dear, someone can’t go without talking to their loved one for days.

10. He’s Unapologetic.

When two souls love each other, no matter the differences in opinion or the reason behind the breakup, they find a thousand ways to be together. 

So, even if it was not your ex’s fault and he loves you, he would not think twice about apologizing to bring you back. You’ll do the same, too. 

However, in case of an exception, it’s better to consider the chances of reconciliation are zero.

Has he apologized to you yet? Have you told him sorry, and he’s still indifferent? If so, it’s yet another sign he will never come back! 

11. He Blocks You From Social Media for a Long Time. 

Blocking on social media after a quarrel and then unblocking again has always been a silly practice between friends and couples. 

However, if you end up in a breakup and he blocks you right after for a long time, that indicates he’s willing to move on. 

If your ex has blocked you, he’s uninterested in keeping your track and wants to distract himself. He has clear plans to move on from you and start a new chapter of life. 

No matter how angry, when someone is in love, it’s impossible for them not to talk to their partner for so long. Anything otherwise suggests they’re not coming back.

12. Your Pain Doesn’t Bother Him.

It’s natural for loved ones to care for each other and feel hurt if the other one is upset. 

However, if your ex doesn’t seem to care anymore or stays indifferent to your pain, it’s a big sign he has no intentions of returning to you.

The truth is: No man can stay cold seeing his lady love in pain, no matter how angry. If he cares for you, he can’t stay unbothered seeing you in pain for the separation. 

However, if he hardly lends his hand to calm you down, it’s all OVER from his end. 

13. He Is in a Serious Relationship.

A guy who's in a serious relationship with another girl and his ex feeling disappointed.

It’s healthy to meet with other people after your breakup. It helps you distract yourself from the pain and boosts your confidence

You or your ex-boyfriend might consider choosing this step, and that’s okay. 

However, if the equation goes beyond just a “meet” and involves something “serious,” then the situation is different. 

Long story short, if your ex is in a serious relationship after your breakup, that’s a prominent sign he won’t ever come back to you. He wouldn’t have moved on with a new lady if his heart was still yours. 

Have you heard something about his new relationship? Is it a serious one? If yes, my heart breaks to say it’s a sign he won’t come back. 

14. There Is Zero Warmth in His Eyes.

Sometimes, your ex-boyfriend’s self-conceit might restrict him from saying he’s still in love with you despite the breakup. But, you can feel it in his eyes, get a hint from his body language that he’d never be able to hide.

However, seeing a lack of warmth in his eyes while speaking to you, as he had earlier, suggests something different. 

Eyes never lie, and those cold eyes are enough to tell you, you don’t dwell in his heart anymore. 

Answer this: Have you met him in person after your breakup? Did you see warmth and care for you in his eyes? 

If “no,” it’s time to burn your hopes of him coming back to you. 

15. He Is Indifferent to Your Problems.

Couples in love are bound to care for each other and stick together in all good and bad times. 

Your partner becomes an extended part of your family and can share any problems without hesitation. You feel a sense of peace in their support. 

However, if your ex seems least interested in having you back in his life, he won’t be concerned about any problem you might face. He won’t bother helping you, and your issues won’t make a difference to him. 

In such a case, it’s another indication he won’t come back and has turned absolutely cold toward you.

16. He Flaunts His New Partner on Social Media.

Your ex might have blocked you, but your common acquaintances might have told you he has been posting many pictures with his new girlfriend lately on his social media. 

On the other hand, if he hasn’t blocked you, you will see him openly posting pictures with his new partner. 

Such a scenario is only possible when your ex has erased all the romantic memories you shared with each other and has embraced his new life. He would never flaunt his new girlfriend on his socials if he had feelings for you.

So, have you ever observed your ex sharing his relationship status on social media? Are his partner’s pictures an add-on? 

If yes, it’s another reminder that he’s not coming back to you. 

17. You Shared a Toxic Relationship.

A toxic relationship between a girl and guy who're yelling at each other.

Returns are possible even after a messy breakup, but it’s impossible if you share an abusive relationship with each other. 

You have constantly insulted each other while in the relationship. You lacked trust, and there were quarrels often. There could have been instances of physical abuse. 

In such a case, a reunion is almost impossible after a breakup because feelings are usually long gone.

Think about it. Did you share a toxic relationship with your ex-boyfriend? Did your equation often revolve around differences, disagreements, and abuse? 

If yes, there’s a high chance he won’t come back after the breakup. 

18. He Is Not Bothered if You’re Meeting New People.

Despite anger and grudges, a loved one definitely feels jealous if you meet or casually date new people. 

The fear of losing you permanently will scare your ex, no matter the breakup. He will put his best foot forward to stop you from seeing someone else and initiate a reunion proposal. 

However, if your ex doesn’t react to your meetings with new men, he’s no longer concerned about your life. 

He has discarded your thoughts entirely and isn’t afraid to lose you anymore. So, what you do, whom you date, doesn’t make a difference to him.  

19. He’s Being Friendly.

Staying friends after a breakup is the hardest. It’s only possible when both people have let go of their feelings and hold no more grudges. 

Being friendly is often mistaken as the partners can reunite. However, that might suggest something different. 

For example, he will not avoid you if you bump into each other. Or, he’ll give you a smile and greet you warmly. Suppose it’s your birthday and you see him; he might even wish you a happy birthday. 

These are all friendly gestures that suggest he has abandoned his romantic feelings for you but respects the time you had together. 

However, if he doesn’t try to hit on you or flirt with you playfully, it indicates he looks at you indifferently and has no intentions of getting back to you in a romantic relationship.

Wrapping Up

With that, we conclude our 19 clear signs he will never come back. 

Calm down, dear; I know processing this fact isn’t easy. But, I request you to refrain from revolving your life around this. 

Take your time to heal; distract yourself. Focus on studies or work. Eventually, you’ll start feeling better. 

Better days are ahead, dear, and who knows if the future has some incredible plans for you? 

Get ready to embrace the new beginnings in your life with a smile!

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