Beyond Love: 13 Surprising Signs He’s Obsessed With You

Updated On: May 25, 2023

Discover the undeniable signs he’s obsessed with you! Don’t miss these 13 clues that reveal his intense love and devotion. Read now!

Signs he's obsessed with you.

Love can make us do some crazy things, right? But you know what’s even crazier? When someone becomes totally obsessed with you!

You feel an intense rush when they’re head over heels for you. It’s like they can’t get enough of you, and their actions scream, “I’m obsessed with you!”

Now, you might ask yourself, “How do I identify if a guy is obsessed with me?”

I got you covered!

In this post, I’ll share 13 surefire signs a guy is obsessed with you, so you can get a clear picture if it’s actually obsession or just your imagination!

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive right into it.

Cracking the Code: 13 Undeniable Signs He’s Obsessed with You

It can be exciting and overwhelming when a guy is obsessed with you. He goes above his way to make you feel you’re extremely precious to him.

Here are 13 genuine signs he’s obsessed with you:-

1. He Craves Your Presence. 

Imagine you’re going through a busy day, minding your things, and then out of the blue, he appears around you.

You may wonder, “How does he find me every time? Is it just a coincidence, or is it something more?

Well, here’s the fact: If a guy is truly obsessed with you, it’s not just a coincidence.

He goes out of his way to see you out, as he can’t resist being around you. Whether it’s at your favorite coffee shop or the places you hang out, he shows up when you least expect it.

If you notice him consistently popping up in your life, his obsession is the real deal.

2. He Goes Out of His Way To Surprise You. 

When a guy is obsessed with you, he goes out of his way to surprise you.

Assume you had a tiring day and you’re feeling absolutely drained out. You rush towards your room, desperate to take a nap, but when you enter your room, you notice something surprising that catches your eye.

As soon as you step inside, you see the setup of lighting candles, the smell of your favorite dishes on the table, and the guy welcoming you.

How cute, isn’t it? Now you may wonder why he did this to you.

The truth is – When a guy makes out-of-the-way efforts to surprise you this way, it’s a sure sign that he’s truly obsessed with you. All he genuinely wants is to see you happy.

3. He Enjoys Spending Time With You. 

You know that amazing feeling when a guy just can’t get enough of your company? Like he enjoys being around you and can’t wait to hang out again?

Well, it may be a clear sign that he’s genuinely obsessed with you.

When you’re hanging out, he’s fully present in the moment. Even if you’re not doing anything exciting, he still enjoys spending time with you. This shows his feelings are beyond infatuation, and he’s truly obsessed with you!

If you have such a guy in your life, don’t let him go!

4. He Looks at You With Intense Love & Affection.

When a guy is obsessed with you, he looks at you with intense love and affection.

Have you ever had an experience where a guy who looks at you can’t stop staring at you? It’s like all he wants to do is to look at you with intense love & care all day!

It sounds adorable, right?

Well, if this has happened to you, then it’s clear that he’s obsessed with you. He feels like you’re a magnetic pull that draws him into you, and he can’t resist showering you with his love and affection.

Whether you’re talking or simply being, his eyes light up every time he sees you, and he can’t look away!

5. He Remembers the Smallest Details About You. 

Isn’t it amazing when a guy remembers even the minute details about you? Like you are just having a casual conversation, and out of nowhere, he surprises you with your favorite food!

You feel amazed, thinking, “How did he even remember that?”

Let me tell you – Here, it’s not about the food; it’s about the smallest things he remembered to make you happy.

When a guy tries to remember everything about you, it means he’s obsessed with you.

6. He Showers You With Compliments. 

There’s no such amazing feeling as being showered with compliments, right?

I mean, who doesn’t love receiving kind words and appreciation? After all, it’s like a warm hug to lift your confidence!

Now, when a guy goes out of his way to compliment you, it takes that amazing feeling to a whole new level. He compliments your unique style, personality, and even your kindness. He tells you how incredible you are. 

Here’s the thing: when a guy compliments you constantly, it clearly indicates he’s obsessed with you. 

Embrace those compliments, and know that you deserve them!

7. He Tries To Stay Involved in Your Activities. 

He tries to stay involved in your activities.

Imagine having someone in your life who wants to be a part of your every life event.

I’ve seen it happen with my friend’s situation. She has a partner who’s always eager to join her. Whenever she goes hiking, tries out new recipes, or visits an art gallery, her partner is the first to say, “Count me in!”

I must say, it’s pretty incredible to witness this.

Let me tell you – If a guy shows such genuine interest in every activity you do, it speaks about his level of obsession with you.

Having someone who gets excited to join in your everyday activities is like having an adventure buddy and partner in crime. So, embrace and enjoy sharing your lives!

8. He Prioritizes Your Happiness Above Everything 

When you’re with him, he becomes your happiness! You might notice his presence makes you feel much better.

He pays attention to every little thing you like, surprising you with your favorite drink, sending your favorite flowers, and planning date nights.

His goal is simple – to make you happy! And let me tell you, when he’s obsessed with you, your happiness becomes his number one mission. 

So, when you find he’s putting in the effort to make you happy all the time, cherish it wholeheartedly, mate!

Let his obsession shower you with all the love and care you need. Remember that you deserve someone who sees your happiness as his top priority.

9. He Introduces You to His Family. 

He introduces you to his family.

Picture this scenario: You’re learning more about a guy who has caught your attention. You’ve been spending time together, and on one fine day, he invites you to meet his family.

Woah! This is a huge thing, right? I mean, meeting his family itself is a big deal.

You may even start wondering, “Why did he only invite you? What does it mean?”

You may think it’s a casual introduction, but he’s actually showing signs of being obsessed with you.

When a guy introduces you to his family, it’s not just a casual introduction or a fling – it’s a sign that he’s obsessed with you! Further, he also wishes you to be involved in his life.

10. He’s Your Biggest Cheerleader. 

We all need that one person who’s always there to support us every time, right? 

You’ve got your dreams and goals, and there’s a guy who always hypes you. 

Whether you face challenges or are ready to take new risks, he cheers you like nobody else. And the best part – He means every word of his appreciation.

You can clearly see his obsession through the way he cheers you. Even if it’s a small win, he’s there to celebrate with you.

11. He’s Always Eager To Help You. 

You’ve been facing a challenge and going through a hard time. Guess who’s there by your side to help you? Yep, it’s him!

No matter the situation, he can’t let you struggle alone and will do whatever it takes to help you.

Isn’t it amazing to have such a guy when life gets tough?

But hold on. Before you wonder if his eagerness to help you is just a random act of kindness. There’s more beyond it.

Well, it clearly indicates he’s truly obsessed with you. When a guy is obsessed with you, he wants to make things better for you!

If you have a guy who stands by your side to help you, appreciate his support.

12. He Listens And Responds to Your Needs. 

He listens and responds to your needs.

You know. We live in such a world where no one’s actually there to listen to you! 

But, If you have someone eager to listen and respond to your needs, you’ve found a rare gem.

It’s a sign that he’s not only into you but completely obsessed with you! 

You may wonder how?

Let me tell you – when a guy is obsessed with you, he sees your needs as an opportunity to deepen your connection. And the best thing – he doesn’t see it as a burden. He genuinely listens & responds to your needs. 

13. He Respects Your Boundaries. 

What’s extremely important when you’re dating someone? 

Yep! It’s having your boundaries respected. 

And guess what? If he’s truly obsessed with you, he’ll go beyond to ensure he respects your boundaries.

Picture this: You’re dating a guy and have your own boundaries. Maybe you need your own space and are uncomfortable hugging him or have certain limits regarding physical intimacy.

Now, here’s something interesting – he’ll be totally okay!

When it comes to getting physical, he will not force you into anything you’re uncomfortable with. No guilt trips, no pressure, nothing!

You see. When a guy is obsessed with you, he’s not only focused on his own desires. He genuinely cares about how you feel and respects who you are.

End of the line

In conclusion, recognizing the signs that a guy is obsessed with you can be challenging.

While it’s essential to approach any relationship cautiously and ensure healthy boundaries, these signs can help you identify when a guy truly cherishes and adores you.

From his unwavering support and constant presence to his genuine interest in your life and happiness, it’s clear that his feelings go beyond the ordinary.

So, if you’ve found someone who exhibits these signs of obsession, embrace the love and appreciation they have for you.

Enjoy the journey of deepening your connection, and may your lives be filled with endless joy, laughter, and lifelong companionship.



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