Soul Family: Definition, 15 Signs, & How To Find Yours

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Are you looking for a supportive tribe? Soul Family is all you need! Check out this post to know, What is a soul family, Its signs, & How to find your soul family.


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It is a well-known fact that “We are an average of 5 people we spend most of the time with.”

Imagine – What if you had the best companionship anyone could ever have? People that would nurture, support, love, and help you grow?

Life would feel so beautiful and complete, Right?

In an era where most people are jealous, selfish, or greedy, having such a great social circle might feel like a dream to you.
However, Did you know that such people REALLY EXIST? In fact, such a social circle exists for all of us, and it is called the “Soul Family.”  

Your brain would have already started popping up questions like:- “What are soul families? What is their purpose? and How can you identify or find them?

I got all the answers for you!
Continue reading the post as I uncover everything about soul families and answer all your queries.

It’s time to find your soul family.

What is a Soul Family?

In simple words, the Soul Family, also known as the “Soul Tribe,” is a group of people who have the same mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels as your soul. 

You have a spiritual connection with your soul tribe members, and the bond is unbreakable.

What is the Purpose of Soul Family?

Purpose of Soul Tribe

After reading the definition of the soul family mentioned above, you might be wondering, “Why do we even have soul families?”

The purpose of your soul tribe is to:-

Soul Family vs. Blood Family

Let me ask you a question. Do you think your blood family is a part of your soul family?

You would probably say yes, but that’s incorrect!

Your blood family may or may not be a part of your soul family. In fact, the higher chances are they are not!

Yeah, I know your blood family uplifts you, teaches you, and always wants the best for you, but that isn’t enough to consider them a part of your soul family. A soul family is much more than that. 

Think about how your blood family members reacted the last time you wanted to do or achieve something out of the box.

Did they support you or hold you back?

If they didn’t let you chase your dream because of their own fear of failure or insecurities, you can’t consider them a part of your soul family. Your soul family allows and assists you as you spread your wings to fly.

Similarly, if any members of your blood family abuse you, make you feel worthless, or constantly bring you down, they aren’t your soul family at all. 

Who is Your Soul Family?

Now you might be curious to know, “Who is your soul tribe?” 
Is it your birth family, a group of close friends, or someone else?

Well, it could be any of them or no one. The signs that I’ll share in the next section will help you get the answer.

One thing for sure is that anyone who harms you mentally, physically, or energetically isn’t a part of your soul tribe.

15 Clear Signs You’ve Met Someone From Your Soul Family (Or Soul Tribe)

Soul Family Signs

You might be wondering:- “How can you identify your soul family among anyone you’ve met in your lifetime?”

The answer is simple! 
You just need to check out these 15 signs that would help you identify who belongs to your soul family and who does not.

1. There’s a Deep Connection. 

You might feel it difficult to look into someone’s eyes, but that isn’t the case with your soul family member. There is prolonged, deep, and comfortable eye contact with them.

Even when you met initially, it didn’t feel like meeting your soul tribe member for the first time. It felt as if you already knew each other, and it was your destiny to meet in this lifetime.   

2. You Feel Understood. 

Even when nobody else understands you or your feelings, your soul family member does. You don’t have to provide explanations or justify anything to them because they already know who you are.

Whenever you’re low or stuck in some problem, you know there’s someone who would understand your situation, help you and be there for you.

3. You Can Vent Out Your Feelings. 

You might be a reserved or introverted kind of person in general. But when you’re around your soul tribe member, you entirely become someone else.

You feel comfortable sharing anything with them without giving it a second thought. They know how to keep your secrets safe, handle you at your worst, make you happy, and help you grow.

4. Your Soul Tribe Member is Wise.

Your soul family member is a one-stop solution to all your problems. 

They are wise and help you out with the right advice in each situation of your life. They listen to you with patience, never misguide you, and you find their opinions useful.

5. They Give You Fresh Perspectives. 

Your soul family members make you explore brand new horizons of life and help you overcome your narrow-mindedness. They have a simplistic approach with unique and brand-new perceptions that just blow you away. 

6. Time Flies Away When You’re with Your Soul Family Member. 

Soul Family Time Flies Away

When your soul tribe member is around, you want the clock to stop ticking, but unfortunately, your time flies away. 

Even an hour of conversation feels like a second. You want to stay with them forever and keep a lookout for opportunities to meet them again and again.

7. They Don’t Have a High Ego. 

In a world full of people with high ego and attitude levels, your soul family members feel the most humble. They are accountable, realize it when they are at fault, and never hesitate to apologize.
They adore you the way you adore them and realize your importance in their life as much as you do.

Also, it isn’t a one-sided relationship. You can easily observe the equal efforts to maintain the connection from both sides.

8. It Feels Like Both of You are the Same. 

You and your soul tribe member share the same set of life stories, experiences, and struggles. You share your dark pasts without any hesitation and laugh at the common mistakes that both of you made.

You might have been through different situations, but the values and lessons learned from them are almost similar.

9. Their Presence Light You Up. 

You can feel a different kind of energy and positivity when your soul family member is around you. Something that you’ve never experienced before. 

You feel cheerful, happy, comfortable, and safe around them. It feels like living an ideal life that you always wanted to live. Everything feels complete, and all the stress and difficulties just vanish into thin air.

10. You Can Be Yourself Around Them. 

You don’t have to hide anything, fake yourself or pretend to be someone else to impress your soul tribe. They’ve accepted your authentic self, including your flaws. You know that you can show them your true colors, and that’s what they love you for.

11. They Push You to Be the Best Version of Yourself. 

While most of your friends and society members pull you back, your soul family members keep pushing you forward.

They are your source of inspiration and motivation. When you feel lost, they turn into a “guiding angel” for you and help you get back on track.

12. Telepathic Communications are Common. 

Your soul family members can understand “how you’re feeling at the moment” without you telling them anything. 

They can easily differentiate when you’re lying and when you’re being honest. Your eyes are enough to narrate your whole story and what’s hidden inside you. 
They can even identify your mood by hearing your tone, or sometimes, just by reading your texts.

13. Distance Doesn’t Affect Your Relation. 

Even a distance of a thousand miles from your soul tribe member can’t break the bond between both of you. You get in touch with each other often, and whenever you meet, the relationship and connection are always the same. There is no awkwardness, and it feels like no one among you has changed or would ever change.

14. You Complete Each Other’s Communications. 

There are repeated instances when you and your soul family member speak up the exact same words. You feel that you were just about to say something, and they land the same statement right before you.
Further, there are moments when they even speak up about your thoughts and emotions.

All of it seems to be a coincidence when it’s actually your powerful mental connection with them.

15. They Want the Best for You. 

Your soul family members are your genuine well-wishers.
Instead of feeling jealous, your soul tribe members want the best for you. They are the ones who celebrate with you and applaud you when you’re doing well.  

They want you to be successful and attain heights of self-growth. They give you the strength to get back up when you are down and uplift you, even more, when you’re doing well.   

How To Find Your Soul Family? (8 Working Ways)

how to find your soul family

If you haven’t met your soul family yet, does it mean that you won’t get a chance to meet them in a lifetime?

The answer is NO!

There is a significant probability that you’ll get to meet your soul family if they were reincarnated on earth. The best part is – they are looking for you and waiting to embrace you.

However, you won’t just find them if you do nothing!

Here are the eight ways that can help you find your soul family. It might take a bit longer, but you’ll surely meet them when the right time comes.

1. Be Your True Self 

“You attract what you are. Not what you want. So if you want it, then reflect it!”

~Tony Gaskins 

You attract people that don’t vibe with you because you aren’t emitting the right vibes! In simple words, you aren’t being your true self.

So, what’s the solution?

Just be yourself.
Remove all the societal expectations from yourself. Stop pretending to be someone else and explore what you really are. 

You could start your self-exploration journey by performing mindfulness activities, meditating, journaling, and choosing to live life on your own terms.

2. Better Vibes. Better Connections. 

how to raise your vibrations

You might be experiencing difficulty connecting with your soul family because of your lower vibrational energy.

You need to raise your vibrations to make it easier to connect, receive intuitions, and find people from your soul tribe.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can do it:-

  • Practice gratitude.
  • Be humble and forgiving.
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises.
  • Meat, dried, and processed foods lower your vibration. So, eat healthily.
  • Be optimistic.

3. Authenticity is the Key. 

If you want to speed up the process of finding your soul family, you need to be original to all the people you meet.

Show them what you really are instead of pretending what you aren’t. It’s because when you show your unreal identity to fit in society, you attract people who are impressed by your unreal side.

However, when you be yourself and emit your genuine vibes, people who resonate with your true vibrations get attracted. They like you the way you are, and you never know which of them come out to be the members of your soul tribe.

4. Let People Enter Your Life.

Do you let people inside your lives?
If you are a reserved type of person (Which is extremely common nowadays), your answer would be a NO.

Undoubtedly, you might be avoiding many toxic people from entering your life which is excellent. But there’s something nasty attached to it as well.

You might be stopping your soul family members from connecting with you.

So, what’s the solution?

Understand everyone. Let a few in!

Start having conversations with the people around you. Don’t just have a “stay away” attitude. Figure out which of those people are similar to you. Further, you can choose to stay away from the ones totally different from you. People similar to you might turn out to be your soul tribe members.

5. Don’t Give Up So Early. 

As you already know, your soul family is there to help you achieve growth in life and become a better self. 

Sometimes, there are sufferings involved in the path of self-growth. They push you mentally and physically to become a better version of yourself. Therefore, it becomes easier to give up on your soul family members because of the confusion that they aren’t a member of your soul tribe at all.

However, It’s not true. Never commit the mistake of letting your soul family detach from you so quickly!

Realize that nothing ever grows without pain. Observe that they are the ones who push you higher and help you get back up when you’re down. Look how happy they feel and appreciate you when you achieve something.

Never miss out on the soul family members’ connections that you already have while looking for new ones!

6. Break Your Judgemental Barriers.

Break your judgemental barrier

A person could have the same perceptions and values as you but still not be a member of your soul family. In contrast, a person with a different set of opinions and values could be a member of your soul tribe.

Another fact is that your soul member might not be of your caste, religion, color, economic background, etc.

All of it implies that you need to let go of your judgemental barriers (if any). You have to learn how to accept people without having pre-made perceptions about their background, looks, or anything else.

You can find your true soul family members only if you are ready to search for them in anyone without any conditions.

7. Know that You are Worthy.

Do you feel that your family, friends, or society mostly criticize you? 

If Yes, there are extremely high chances that such criticism could’ve led to an inner feeling that you don’t deserve the love and care of your soul family.

Is it the truth?
Of course, Not!

Everyone deserves to have a soul family, including you. You need to lift your poor self-image and get over your obsession with constantly looking into your flaws.

Practice positive affirmations and begin each day by writing everything you love about yourself. Start focusing on your positive sides and believe that you are worthy of being with your soul tribe.

Never let anyone feel that you aren’t worthy enough. Not even yourself! 

8. Imagine Your Soul Family With You.

You would’ve undoubtedly heard about the law of attraction, which states you attract what you imagine.

It’s time to make use of it!

To attract your soul family, start imagining what your soul family members would look like. You need to manifest them in your life.

Think of all the qualities that you want them to have. Think about how it would feel like to be talking with them. Imagine they are getting attracted to you, and you are getting attracted to them.

Force the universe to bring your soul family members towards you.

End of the Line

Sometimes, even after being in touch with your soul family, you might underestimate the value that it adds upto your life.
You need to realize the importance of the relationship, foster it, and give it your best. 

Let your soul family members know how much they matter to you and your life. If you feel uncomfortable putting your feelings into words, you can use these touching affirmations

Never forget to show your gratitude towards your soul family. Your heartfelt expressions REALLY matter!

So, that’s it for this post. I hope you loved it. 
Write down in the comments section if you have any other queries regarding soul families. Make sure to share it with your friends, and hit the bell icon to stay updated. 

Finally, If you’ve found your soul family already, I hope you stick to them forever. If not, I hope you meet them soon!



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