9 Awesome Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Friend!

Updated On: July 4, 2023

Discover the 9 unmistakable signs you’ve found your soul friend. Unlock a bond that transcends time and space. Read now!


Signs you've found your soul friend.

Life is already hard. Relationships and friendships should be the least of our worries.

This particular quote revolves a lot in social media these days. No wonder the author has spoken their words wisely and emphatically. With life getting so hard amidst the different challenges, precious people around us can make a little difference. 

Very few have the privilege of having a soul connection in their life. And let me tell you, my dear, many people misunderstand that soul connections can only be romantic. 

However, that’s not true. You can develop a great bond with your friend, eventually becoming a soul friend. 

Did someone flash in your eyes while you read this? Do you imagine if both of you are soul friends or not? 

If so, I’m excited to tell you the signs of a soul friend in this blog to help you clear the doubts in your mind. 

What is a Soul Friend?

Before moving into the signs, let me tell you who is a soul friend. 

Soul friendships go beyond “normal friendship,” and you vibe at a higher frequency. An instant connection sparks right in your first meeting. You feel like you have been knowing each other for ages. 

Your relationship comes without dramas and tantrums, and they become an extended part of your family. You find peace in their company and wish for the bond to be a forever one! 

9 Surefire Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Friend 

It’s time to discover the most awaited 9 signs you’ve found your soul friend. So, here are they:-

1. You and Your Friend Have a Great Understanding of Each Other.

Soul friends are just opposite halves of each other. Naturally, they understand each other in a way that hardly anyone else can. 

You don’t have to explain yourself because, deep inside, you already know they understand you even when you’re silent. 

I’d bring up the instance of my friendship with “Divya.” We have been friends since college and, with time, bonded well. Five years later, we both beautifully understand each other; no drama, no hide and seek. 

Listen, my friend; I’m not exaggerating here. I only want to tell you that you’ll automatically feel comfortable with your soul friend without having the anxiety to explain or defend yourself. 

“What if they misunderstand me?”
“What if they don’t believe me?’
“What if they find it wrong?”

With your soul friend, your mind is hardly occupied with these questions because they understand you even when you don’t utter a single word. 

2. They Give You Constructive Feedback.

They give you constructive feedback.

Who pulls you down in life? Who wants to block you from moving ahead? 

Someone who doesn’t feel good about you or doesn’t want you to shine in life, Right? 

The scenario is the exact opposite with soul friends. 

I’m going to say it loudly! Sometimes, there are “wolves in sheep’s clothing!” 

There will be ‘friends’ who will be jealous of your achievements. But you’re lucky if you have a soul friend who wishes to see you grow and tries to point out your mistakes at every step. 

They don’t get you teary-eyed with hurtful words and destructive criticism. Instead, they provide constructive feedback that helps you connect the dots and improve yourself

I relate to this a lot with Divya. Both of us are constantly sharing our career thoughts and perspectives. If I’m wrong, she corrects it, and so do I. This makes our friendship even more fulfilling. 

Does your friend politely correct you when you’re on the verge of making a mistake? Do they give you honest feedback and not sugar-coated lies?

Then, my dear, it’s a great sign you’ve found your soul friend! 

3. You Are Free to Discuss Anything With Each Other.

You can discuss anything that you like. You can speak anything without a single thought to them. You never fear being judged. A sensational equation, right? 

Yes, that’s the case with soul friends! 

I’ll give you a small example. A few days ago, Divya and I finished watching a series. While she didn’t seem to like it all, it captured my heart. I shared the same with her. Even though she disagreed with me, she supported my choice without any hard feelings. 

That’s just one such example. There have been numerous cases where I have freely discussed things with Divya, even though we didn’t have a mutual point: sports, movies, my romantic life, or personal secrets. She also does the same. 

However, I have never worried about her rebuking me or rejecting my thoughts. 

Can you discuss anything and everything with your friend freely? Do they always respect your opinion even if theirs is contrary? Do you share your darkest secrets? 

If you affirm, I’m glad to tell you this is a prominent sign of soul friendship. 

4. You Have Unconditional Support for Each Other.

You have unconditional support for each other.

Sadly, the world today is devoid of unconditional love. Very few people are lucky enough to get this from their friend or partner. Extreme care and support are subtle signs of understanding if you have a soul friend. 

I have this top-notch feeling with Divya. After my family, if someone is pouring unconditional love into my life, it’s her. 

I might make mistakes, unsee the evidence, and be in the worst mood; she’s always there to lift me, to help me identify the line between right and wrong. 

I try to do the same with her. If she’s going through a bad time, I propose the best ways to cheer her up; be it hitting the nearby cafe or getting into an hour-long video call. 

All these signs implore me to believe Divya and I are connected by soul. 

Do you feel something similar with your best friend? Do you always have each other’s back, no matter the situation? If yes, then my dear, I’m glad to tell you, it’s more than just friendship. Probably, you are soul friends

5. You Never Hold Onto Arguments for Long. 

Okay, we can’t help but accept that arguments are a part of any relationship. It strengthens the bond. But what’s toxic? Holding onto arguments for long and not valuing forgiveness. 

See my friend. It’s natural if you quarrel with your friend or have a different opinion. You don’t always need to have a sugary discussion. But, if you two keep holding onto it for a long span, that can hamper your bond. For soul friends, it’s never the case. 

Divya and I have always behaved the same with each other. We’ve had many arguments, be it about our favorite actors or sports teams. We have debated that have gone on to a quarrel. But that’s it. We never stick to it or hold grudges. 

Soul friends have a similar chemistry. You are free to have fights, but that must not take a toll on your friendship. You must be willing to forgive each other soon and get back to your usual form. 

Do you relate this equation with someone? 

If you nod yes, there are high chances you are soul friends.

6. Time and Distance Hardly Matter in Your Relationship.

Time and distance hardly matter in your relationship.

Do you know one of the spot-on signs to recognize soul friendship? It’s when you know time and distance can hardly impact your company. 

Soul friends are fantastic, and they can never think of doing anything that drifts them apart. 

I have found this time and again in my friendship with Divya. Suppose it’s exam time, and we’re stuck at home with preparations. We don’t see each other in weeks. But when we finally get back, it’s just where we left off. We do not feel distant for long and get along with utmost enthusiasm. 

That’s the beauty of soul friends. You might be away. There could be a long gap from when you last met together. Yet, you won’t feel like giving up on your friendship. Instead, the distance will help you realize how important you’re to each other. 

Did anyone flash in your mind while you read this? Can you relate to this feeling with someone? 

If yes, then my friend, I’m pleased to inform you that person could be your soul friend. 

7. You Respect Each Other’s Boundaries.

No matter how close you’re to someone, you need privacy at certain places, or you must draw a few boundaries when required. 

Unfortunately, some people take that personally, which creates an uncomfortable situation between you. 

However, that’s never the case with soul friends! They have a solid understanding of themselves and know precisely the boundaries. 

The same is the case with me and Divya. Sometimes she needs time to show up or isn’t available to talk. I gladly accept it and wait for her to get back. So does she with me. 

We respect each other’s boundaries and never consider breaching any privacy line. We never had a rift regarding this, as none of us took it personally. This fantastic relationship with Divya always makes me believe in the power of soul friendship. 

Does your friend respect your boundaries without taking it on themselves? Do both of you maintain a transparent equation while respecting each other’s limitations? 

If yes, it’s a beautiful sign that you’re soul friends.  

8. Your Friend Brings Out the Best in You.

Your friend brings out the best in you.

Life is full of challenges, and there are times when you feel low. 

You might feel like you can never improve yourself or often think about giving up on your goals. A soul friend not only stands by you during your dark hours but also brings out the best in you. 

Let me share a small story. Once Divya was agitated, her teacher scolded her for not delivering the assignment as expected. She kept thinking she’ll fail the upcoming exam and that her goal to clear the finals with a straight “A” would go in vain. 

“Come on, Divya! You can’t let a bad assignment ruin your entire exams. You did well last time.”
“Listen, Divya. You can’t let this get to your head. We all know how talented you are.” 

The list continues. I kept saying this daily to remind Diyva that she could do it. I never let her negative thoughts occupy her mind. 

Guess what? She came out with flying colors in the finals and stood second in her department. 

There have been multiple instances where my mood went downhill, and I couldn’t keep believing in myself. But it was Divya who kept pushing me to do better. 

Do you have a friend like this who insists on bringing the best for you? Who sticks to you through thick and thin and reminds you, you’re the best

Then, there is a high chance they are your soul friend. 

9. You Had an Instant and Unexpected Connection. 

The best things are unexpected! Yes, that’s true in many aspects of life. You’ll encounter something extraordinary when you’re least looking for it. That could be the case with your soul friend too. 

Let’s move back to history. I have known Divya since college, don’t remember the date. Tough to remember so much detail, you see! 

I was disturbed then and was not looking to connect with someone on a deeper level. But I met Divya and boom! It felt like we were destined to meet and have known each other forever. We had a strong, instant connection.

Does it feel like you’ve known each other for long? Did you feel an instant connection when you first met? Were you least expecting a friendship when you met them? 

I want to tell you dearly that if you say yes with a broad smile, they might be your soul friend.

Wrapping Up

That summarizes our discussion on the great signs that you are soul friends. It’s a rare connection that must be cherished. 

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you resonate with the above signs with a friend! Be grateful to have received such a priceless connection in your life. 

Both you and your friend should nurture it to keep it life-long!

Was the blog helpful in helping you understand the potential signs of soul friendship? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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