33 Effective Spiritual Affirmations To Help You Find Bliss

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Struggling to continue walking on your spiritual journey? These 33 powerful spiritual affirmations will massively assist you!


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Are you someone who’s traveling on the path to spirituality but struggling to keep going? Do you feel that you aren’t making any progress at all?

You are not alone!

Being spiritual requires a lot of effort. 
Sometimes, your lower consciousness tries to pull you back from touching your higher self, you question everything you’ve been taught since childhood, people around you start thinking you’re weird, and the list goes on.

Finally, with so many obstructions in the path, it becomes easier to feel lost and consider giving up in the process.😢

So, is there anything you can do so you never stop on your spiritual journey again?
Indeed. You just need to practice spiritual affirmations regularly.

Let’s dive right into the post where I’ll share everything about spirituality, spiritual affirmations, and how you can practice them daily despite having a hectic schedule.  

What is Spirituality?

Until now, you might’ve already come across various definitions of the term “spirituality,” which could’ve made it extremely difficult for you to identify its exact meaning.

But why don’t we have an exact definition of spirituality?

It’s because, in reality, spirituality is an enormous concept that has space for multiple perceptions and ideologies. Some people connect spirituality with God, some with religion, and others with the inner self.

In my opinion, here’s the simplest and most relevant answer to the question “what is spirituality?” :- 

The soul, the main component of our body, has innate qualities of absolute consciousness, absolute truth, and a permanent nature to stay in a blissful state. 
It is a fractional part of God, or as some people call it, “there’s God within each one of us.”

Everyone seeks blissfulness in life because it is our soul’s true nature. However, stress, greed for material things, hectic schedules, and several other factors become hurdles in achieving it. 

Spirituality means understanding your soul, along with maturing your emotions, mind, body, and energies to the extent that you experience blissfulness or the true nature of your soul.

Ultimately, when you experience your soul’s true nature, which seems to be something bigger than yourself, you call it “God.”

Any spiritual or ritual you perform (religious or non-religious) related to the spirit, such as yoga, meditation, arti, puja, or anything else with depth, intention, and devotion, helps you progress on the journey to achieve spirituality. 
The same journey involves asking yourself questions like:-

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Who am I?
  • Who created me and everything around me?
  • What will happen, and where will I go after death?     

What are Spiritual Affirmations?

Spiritual affirmations are the positive words you tell yourself as an everyday ritual that help you progress on the path of spirituality and get closer to experiencing the true nature of your soul.

If you’re already walking on the path of spirituality or following the list of spiritual goals I’ve shared before, using spiritual affirmations will surely help you out.

What are the Benefits of Spiritual Affirmations?

Benefits of Spiritual Affirmations

Benefits are the ones that can give you the answer to the question, “why should you include spiritual affirmations in your routine?”

So, here are four significant benefits of practicing spiritual affirmations regularly:-

1. They support you in making progress on your spiritual journey.

2. They turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, whenever you feel like you’re reaching nowhere on the path to spirituality, spiritual affirmations will help you revert the feeling by making you realize the progress you’ve made.

3. They assist your subconscious in embracing new beliefs.

4. They allow you to utilize the law of attraction to its fullest. For example, if you tell yourself every day that God loves you, you start experiencing that everything’s around you is falling into place because of the love of God.

The 33 Most Powerful Spiritual Affirmations To Change Your Life

After you’ve understood everything, here are the 33 best spiritual affirmations that will help you in your spiritual growth.  

1. My spirit is guiding me in the right direction.

2. I am focused on realizing my divine purpose.

3. I radiate positivity and joy in my surroundings.

4. God is inside me, so he’s always with me.

5. My spirit is infinite.

Daily Spiritual Affirmation - "My Spirit is Infinite"

6. I am not chasing the material things of the world.

7. I seek spirituality more than anything else in the world.

8. I am putting up the right questions in the universe.

9. I deeply connect to God.

10. I’m on a mission to discover the universe’s deepest secrets.

11. I am willing to align myself with the divine.

12. Every day, I discover something new about myself and my spirit.

13. I surrender myself to be guided by God.

Spiritual Affirmation - "I Surrender Myself to be Guided By God"

14. I live in harmony with the universe.

15. I choose peace over hatred.

16. I am grateful for everything God has gifted me in this life.

17. I am kind and compassionate to all living beings.

18. God has blessed me with an incredible life.

19. I focus on the present moment.

20. I am more intentional and less reactive.

21. I practice every spiritual with complete concentration and devotion.

22. I let go of my ego to strengthen my connection with my inner spirit.

23. I release any evil thoughts or judgments from my head.

24. Every challenge that I have in my life is an opportunity to get closer to God.

25. The universe supports me in every aspect.

26. I am ready to connect with my higher self.

27. My spirit’s light can outshine any darkness in the world.

My Spirit's Light Can Outshine Any Darkness in the World

28. I am a blissful soul having a human experience.   

29. My life is full of miracles.

30. I do good every day to boost my karma in this life.

31. I am on the journey to be an enlightened individual, and sooner or later, I’ll become one.

32. My routine is filled with rituals that are helping me incredibly well in my spiritual journey.

33. I let go of anyone or anything that’s holding me back on my spiritual journey.

7 Step Process to Practice Spiritual Affirmations Daily (Takes 5 Minutes Only!)

How to Use Spiritual Affirmations for Manifestation

I’ve shared some of the best spiritual affirmations with you. However, what’s the point of just reading these affirmations and not knowing how to use them correctly?

So, here’s a practical 7-step process that will help you practice spiritual affirmations every day in just five minutes!

I would highly recommend using it twice a day, once in the morning right after you wake up and once at night before going to bed.

Step #1: Choose any three affirmations from the list of spiritual affirmations given above as per your requirement, choice, or interest.

Step #2: When you’re ready to practice the affirmations, make sure that your environment is free from disturbances.

Step #3: Sit down on the floor in a relaxed position with your legs crossed.

Step #4: Close your eyes and notice your breath going in and out of your body. Observing your breaths is a great mindfulness exercise that helps you bring back focus to the present and get rid of any unnecessary thoughts.

Step #5: Recite all three affirmations 10-times each and let your voice go straight into your heart. Further, Prevent getting distracted in between.

Step #6: Feel the affirmations making a positive change to your life, vibes, and soul. Imagine your soul getting closer to its true nature.

Step #7: Finally, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes slowly.    

End of the Line

Spiritual process is not about going to heaven someday. It is about knowing life in all its profoundness.


Not everyone has the willpower and guts to explore life and the human body to its fullest. You’re trying to figure out such deep things, and that’s commendable.

I hope these spiritual affirmations will help you make swift progress on your spiritual journey.

Please forward this post to everyone to people you know walking on the spiritual path. If you want to stay updated with such content, hit the bell button on the bottom right of your screen.

I’ll see you in the next post.  



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