Stages of Relationship You Must Know Before Falling In Love

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Stages of relationship you must know before falling in love · Reality of Relationships · 8 Stages · Beginning of Love · Sad Endings…


Stages of Relationship Featured

“Love is magical. Whenever you find your match, life becomes perfect, and it feels like heaven on earth.”
You would have heard similar lines in movies or TV series. Right?

Have you ever thought about it? Is it a reality, or is it just a fantasy?

According to my analysis, maybe a bit of both.

If that’s the case, then what is the reality of Love and Relationships?

The reality is that not every relationship works out. Instead, 30-60% of young dating adults give up on each other at some point or another. On the other hand, the remaining couples live their whole life, the way they wanted to live.

So, how to fall into the category of successful relationships?

To answer all such questions, here I am with a Free Relationship Series where I’ll cover everything about relationships you need to know.

The series is a must-read for everyone because:-

  • If you are new to this love world, the series would be super exciting for you.
  • If you are a couple going through relationship problems, I’ll try to provide you a way out of them.
  • And If you are already a blissful couple, your sweet memories will revive.

With that said, let’s start with our first part!

The 8 Stages of a Relationship

Let’s start with how new relationships form and what every relationship goes through. These stages of love are like a summary or outline of a relationship. You will get a hint about the reality of relationships and how they actually work.

When A Relationship Begins

It all begins when you meet someone you never thought you would. You initially become friends and start talking to each other. Now, here are the sweet early stages that occur: 

1. Friendship Phase

Nobody directly ends up in the commitment phase, right?

In the first phase, both of you get to know each other. You understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, nature, and personality. You start spending a few hours a day each day, and the time spent together keeps on increasing.

Quick Tip: Don’t act as if you are too desperate. Act maturely.

2. Attachment Stage

As long conversations start taking place, both of you start developing an interest in each other. Further, it becomes a habit to have these conversations each day. Otherwise, the day feels incomplete.

As conversations deepen, both of you start feeling attached. Both of you start sharing your problems and try to comfort your partner with solutions.

Quick Tip: Excessively long conversations might lead to obsession. Try not to get too obsessed.

3. Compatibility Stage

Compatibility of Partner

Now, as you know each other very well, both of you start determining whether you are compatible with each other or not. It is the time when you think about whether it is the right time to proceed further.
You further analyze whether the person has the same feelings, or is it just by your side. Questions such as “Am I ready for it?” start crossing your mind.

Quick Tip: Don’t expect your partner to be perfect. No one in this world is perfect. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Commitment Phase

Everything seems positive and working by this time. You start feeling nervous as it is the time when you have to take the bold step.
You express your feelings to your partner. Your partner accepts your proposal, and both of you end up with a happy commitment.

Quick Tip: Make sure that it’s love and not infatuation.

5. Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase comes after the commitment phase. In this phase, love, care, and affection intensify. It feels as if you have found your perfect life partner. The fun and romantic stages reach their peak, and your emotional bonds become much stronger.

However, the phase might not last for too long and might fade with time.

Quick Tip: Enjoy the phase and try to last it as long as possible. It is the fantasy you always had.

When It All Starts Moving In A Different Direction

What I wrote above was similar to what you would have seen in the movies and love stories. It might be the fantasy that you always had.

But wait! it’s not over yet.

Further, some of the relationships turn in the wrong direction. The phases that you never expected now appear.

6. Quarrels and Conflicts Stage


It is the stage when you start realizing the differences, and you start weighing the negative sides of your partner more than the positive sides. Quarrels and conflicts take place between both of you. Even small fights become lengthy arguments.

Quick Tip: It is the right time to save the relationship. The opportunity won’t come again. Try your best.

7. Disinterest Stage

The love that was present in the early stages of the relationship seems to fade. You start feeling disinterested in your partner and seek mental peace. Both of you try to avoid long conversations, and it starts feeling as if you are just friends.

Quick Tip: Try to re-ignite the flame of love. Don’t just give up.

8. Breakup Phase

At last, both of you gave up. You start feeling that you are losing your mental peace, and you can’t just hold onto it any longer. Both of you eventually decide to end the relationship, and everything falls apart.

Quick Tip: I know that it might seem as if everything has ended, but that’s not true. It’s all just a matter of time.    

Parting Words

The moving away stage might not always be in every case, yet it still happens, and it badly hurts. However, there is no option rather than to face it and go through it. Everything settles with time, and you will get back to your normal schedule.

It is no doubt that you miss that person a lot, but you never know when a much compatible and better person enters your life.

Keep your hopes alive! 

So, That’s it for this part of the series, and I hope you enjoyed it.

The next part will be out soon!

Till then, make sure to comment and allow the notifications to stay updated.

Stay Happy. Keep Reading.


A1. Knapp’s relationship model is a two-phase, ten steps relationship development model. The two phases described by Mark L. Knapp are the coming together phase and the coming apart phase.

A2. There isn’t any fixed period as it all depends upon the level of understanding. If you understand each other well and if you are ready to take up the responsibility. Then you are good to go.

A3. The honeymoon phase is the longest stage that lasts for an average of about six months to two years.



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