14 Simplest Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lost in Life

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Are you extremely lost in life and want to find your purpose? Here are 14 things you can do when feeling lost in life.


Here we are with the second part of the series, “feeling lost in life.”

I hope you’ve checked out the first part and figured out the answer to the question, “why do you feel lost in life?”

Now it’s time to finish off (temporarily) with the journey of finding yourself.

So, let’s get started with this post.

As I’ve told you in the last part, to overcome the feeling of being lost in life, first of all, I figured out, “why am I even feeling lost?”

After getting my answer, I hopped onto the internet to explore “what are things that I can do when feeling lost in life?”

Unfortunately, most of the answers were focused on the topic, “things to do when you feel lost and ALONE.
I mean, a person could feel lost while not being alone, Right?

That’s when I picked up tips from multiple websites and combined them with my previous experiences.
Guess what? It worked, and I stopped feeling lost!

Want to try out the same?

Here’s the exact list of 14 things that you can do when feeling lost in life. Make sure to read each section thoroughly.

14 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lost in Life

1. Expose Yourself to New Role Models.

Find a new role model.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

– Jay Shetty

When you’re searching for a new path in life, it is vital to look at the things and opportunities that society never taught you.
Look for new role models in life, people who have done something different, and realize if that is what you really want to be.

If the answer is yes, get ready and start walking on the path.

2. Live the Way You Really Want to Live.

If you want to know your purpose in life, stop living upto society’s or your family’s expectations. Do whatever you love and start living the life that you always wanted to live.

For example, If you feel unhappy with your career, just go ahead and change it.
Stop thinking about “What will others say?”
Your fulfillment has a much higher value than their opinions.

3. Don’t Rush.

Self-exploration and finding your purpose isn’t something that you can figure out in a day or two.

It is a slow process and takes time.

Don’t try to rush yourself on the journey because you will end up making false conclusions.
Trust me. You aren’t wasting any time.

4. Focus on the Process, Not the Result.

Sometimes we focus so much on the result that we forget to fall in love with the process.

If you are just starting towards your goal and keep focusing on the end result, you’ll definitely feel lost. All because the journey would seem to be difficult and lengthy.

However, if you keep taking one step every day and focus on the next step, you’ll gradually reach there without getting lost in the way.

5. Take a Break.

Take a Break When you Feel Lost in Life

If you are feeling lost because you’re overworked or burned out, try giving yourself a break from your work. Go out on a vacation and come back once you feel better.

It might be possible that you aren’t actually lost, you’re getting the feeling it because you’ve worked hard for soo long. So, chill out for a few days and enjoy your life.

6. Glorify Your Strengths.

Focusing on your weaknesses for too long makes you feel lost.
You develop a poor self-image which makes you feel that you can’t do anything.

It’s time to realize your worth!

Everybody is good at something while bad at the other. So, choose the things you’re good at and become the best at them. Shadow your weaknesses with your strengths.

Don’t worry about what you can’t change, Instead, focus on what you can.

7. Read Books and Inspirational Biographies.

Books and biographies could undoubtedly help you provide a better direction in life.

You get to learn from the people who’ve already been where you are and became successful. Also, you can learn from the self-development books how to improve what you are struggling with and want to improve.

You never know what comes across you that makes you feel “Yes! I want to do this! This is what I’ve been looking for.”

8. Overcome your Regrets.

Your regrets navigate your thoughts into the past and make you feel guilty about your wrong decisions.

When you come back to reality, you feel lost, and your life feels scattered.
So, if you want to fix it, you need to realize that all of us make mistakes. No one could make fool-proof decisions and succeed at everything they want.

Forgive yourself, and don’t get stuck in your past. Come out of it and build a better future.

9. Spend time with yourself.

Remember the last time you spent some time alone analyzing what’s happening in your life?

Maybe, Not!

So, as you’re feeling lost it’s time to explore the inner you. Shut out yourself in a room for a few hours away from everyone. Switch off your mobile phone and think about your life.
Ask yourself questions like “where do I want to be?” or “Am I going right in my life?”

This self-analysis will help you figure out most of the confusion and help you get out of the rut.

10. Stop Seeking Support.

You don’t need to wonder at various places for the answers that you have within yourself.

Stop asking other people for help. Keep in mind that you are the one who can assist you. They won’t give you any solutions. Instead, they’ll make fun of you.

Trust me. Most people don’t care what you’re going through. They simply want to see you fail in life.

11. Share Yourself with People You Love.

It is better to share yourself with people who love you because it will help you calm down your feelings. They console you and take your stand when you feel like falling apart. They won’t let you panic and make you feel that it’s okay to feel lost in life.

You’ll feel as if there’s always someone ready to help you out in your time of need.

Also, sometimes, It is better to vent out yourself instead of fighting all alone. Just make sure you’re doing with your loved ones or the people who really care about you.

12. Take a Deep Sleep.

Nowadays, social media has created a standard you can become successful only when you sleep for 4 or 6 hours a day.

You might have adopted the same, but maybe it’s a reason for your harm.

Yeah, I know it’s good to work hard, but sacrificing your sleep for the long term might be the reason you’re feeling lost in life.

Try waking up one day without an alarm, and magically, you might stop feeling lost.

13. Maintain a Life-Work Balance.

Always Try to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Now it’s time to keep your life ahead of work.

Spend quality time with your friends and family. Foster a healthy relationship with your wife. Have fun with your kids.

The sole purpose is to recalibrate your life and make you feel happy. It will help you to overcome the problem of feeling lost quickly and easily.

14. Cry as hard as you can

People cry not because they are weak. It is because they’ve been strong for too long.

~Johnny Depp

When you feel overburdened, stressed out, and it feels as if you can’t handle it anymore, cry as hard as you can.

Don’t worry about what others will think of you.

You are the one who’s feeling the burden of being lost. So, do it for yourself and vent out all of your feelings.

Trust me. You will instantly feel better.

End of the Line

I hope these tips helped you figure out your life purpose the way they helped me.

But, does it ends here? Will you never feel lost again?
Of course, not!

You will question your life again and again, which will make you feel lost on several occasions. That’s the beauty of life.

Just bookmark this page and come back whenever it happens to you once again. It will help you get out of the feeling relatively quickly.

See you in the next post!



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