9 Vital Things to Remember When Feeling Lost in Life

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Are you lost and purposeless? Here are the 9 things you must remember when feeling lost in life.


Things To Remember When Feeling Lost In Life Featured

Have you been through the phase when your life felt meaningless, and you felt lost?

Well, you aren’t alone.

I often used to feel the same way. So, one day I decided to fix it up and hopped onto the internet to explore “what to do when I feel lost in life?”

I got a few answers, but something felt incomplete.

That is when I started to dig deep in myself and figured out that the solution to the problem lies in the process.  

So, I asked myself a few questions, and the answers to those questions gradually took me to the solution. 

Finally, I found myself and my path again.
This time everything became better than ever.

Want to know how all of it happened?

Hold my hand till I take you through the whole journey, the journey of finding yourself and your life. 

Why Do You Feel Lost in Life?

It all starts with why. 

Have you ever thought about the reason why did you suddenly start feeling lost when your life seemed to be going in the right direction? 

I guess your answer would be a No.

So, now it’s time to give it a thought because you can’t find a new path until you don’t know why you lost the old one.

Further, here are the 9 possible answers to the question, “Why do you feel lost in life?”

1. You are Overworked.

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed the things that you love to do?

If you are a working professional, the chances are extremely high that your answer would be a NO!

In today’s hectic era, where jobs are time-consuming, everyone’s chasing money, and there’s no work-life balance, it is easy to feel lost.

We’ve started putting work ahead of our lives when it should be life before work. The family responsibilities or financial requirements become a cherry on the top, and you can’t get out of the trap.

All these hectic work routines, sleepless nights, and over-times make you experience burnout which makes you feel lost in life.

2. You’ve Got Nobody to Vent Your Feelings.     

Human is a social being. 

All of us want someone to share ourselves. A person who could give a shoulder to cry upon when things are going wrong in life.

You start feeling lost in life when there’s no one to give you a hand whenever you seek emotional support. The situation worsens when you realize that you are always available when people need you, but you are left alone when you are in need.

3. You’re Always Busy in Self-Development.

Feeling Lost In Life meme

Do you feel that you somehow resonate with this meme?

If yes, the list of your never-ending personal development goals might be doing more harm than good.    

You start to feel lost when you take life too seriously!

You get too harsh on yourself and aim towards achieving perfection. You keep working on yourself and your goals day and night and forget the true essence of life. You skip your chill-out sessions and avoid going to any parties, which would take up a few hours from your schedule.

4. You Live Life on other People’s Expectations.

Have you ever realized most of us tried to live life the way others wanted to live?

Since the day we were born, our elders taught us to live upon our parents’ expectations. As we grew up, we entered into relationships, and we started living upto our girlfriend’s or wife’s expectations. At last, we began living upto our family expectations.

Shocking, right?

The truth is, you never had the freedom to live how you truly wanted to live because you never wanted to disappoint others. You seek the approval of others to live your life so that you can fit into society. Being a puppet who has lost its happiness to others might make you feel lost.

5. You’re Always Multitasking.

Do you find yourself multitasking on several occasions?

If your answer is yes, this point is just for you.

As per research by NPR, humans were not made for multitasking. 

Why? Because we can’t keep switching our focus from one task to another and perform well at all of them.

So, when you pick up multiple things altogether, you don’t know which one needs to be done first. Thus, you partially complete all of them, get success at none, and start to feel lost.

6. You are more of a Thinker than a Doer.

Isn’t it true that some of us over-analyze decisions and end up making none of them?

Do you fall in the same category? If yes, read on!

Overthinking about anything in life leads to nothing but confusion. The more you think, the more your mind gets confused between the different options. You think about multiple options but find it impossible to choose one of them. Hence, you find yourself in the same place.

Research even shows that over-analyzing interferes with your problem-solving skills and makes you focus on the problem instead of looking for solutions. Thus, you aren’t able to make even the simple decisions of life and start feeling lost.

7. You’re Fed Up of Your Daily Routine

Burnout due to daily routine since past few years

Change is part of life. But, for you, constant life is the new change.  

Monotony is a disaster that can make you feel like being stuck in a rut.

You might start feeling lost when you are fed up with your daily routine and want to try new things but can’t do it. Even when you are at your lowest or don’t have the will to continue, you are bound to go through the same routine. You can’t control anything or find the solutions for the same problem, and all of it turns into frustration.

8. You’ve Lost Someone Close to You.

The pain of losing someone close to your heart couldn’t be described in words. 

If you’ve broken up with your partner recently or if someone close to you has passed away, I am pretty sure you already know what I’m talking about. 

You miss them the whole day, and their memories keep coming back to you. You feel helpless and can’t figure out where to go. It just makes you feel hollow and incomplete. You know they aren’t going to come back, or you won’t be able to meet them. Hence, you feel lost.

9. You Compare Yourself

It is no doubt that all of us have faced comparison since childhood. 

During school time, our parents compared us with other students in terms of our behavior and grades. Further, as we grew up, we started comparing ourselves with other people on social media based on likes and comments on photos.

So, what happened next?

You fell into the same trap and started to compare yourself with others and feel inferior to them. You tried your best to achieve their looks, personality, attitude and become like them. 

Since you aren’t them, you failed and started to lower down your self-image
In the end, you started feeling lost.

9 Things to Remember When Feeling Lost in Life

The previous section would have now given you a reason to search for a new path in life.

So, as you proceed forward in the journey, here are the 9 things that you have to keep in mind when feeling lost in life. They will help you stay strong and calm.

1. It’s Normal to Feel Lost

The first thing that you need to remember is that you aren’t going through something that doesn’t happen with others.

Trust me. You aren’t an exception, and it’s OK to feel lost in life.

In fact, everyone goes through the phase when they feel lost and don’t know what to do.

These are just some of your bad days, and they too shall pass.

So, just calm down. You got this!

2. Be Optimistic

I am pretty sure you would have read about the law of attraction. So, according to it, if you think positively, you will automatically attract good things towards yourself.

So, stay optimistic. Have a strong belief that you’ll get out of the rut soon.

3. Life is all about Highs and Lows 

Always remember, life isn’t always constant. It is full of ups and downs, and these are the events that make it fascinating.

You go through the challenges of life to keep learning and growing.
Being lost in the journey of life is nothing but a challenge that you need to overcome.

Once you get out of it, you’ll be better than ever.

4. Perfection is a “Pure Fiction.”

The reality is, nobody in this world can be perfect. Each one of us has our own pros and cons.
They are the ones that distinguish us from each other.

Everybody has their own skin color, looks, and personality. You can never be them, and they can’t be you.

Always remember, you are amazing and you don’t need to become anyone else.

5. You Can’t Control Everything.

In life, sometimes, you are just required to go with the flow. 

It is a fact that you can’t gain control over some things in life. You can’t change how they’re supposed to be, and it’s totally fine. Just let them happen and continue moving forward.

Some days, you’ll feel that everything’s going wrong in your life but remember when you’ll proceed in life and look back, you’ll realize why all of it happened.

6. You are your own Savior.

You might be reading several articles or getting different pieces of advice from your friends or family on how you can get over the feelings of being lost.

But, the question is, “Will it even help you if you don’t have the will to help yourself?”

Of course, Not!

Remember, there’s nobody in this world who can help you out until you decide to take the actions yourself. 

They actually don’t know what you’re going through, and in most cases, they don’t even care.

7. You Need to Rethink Your Life

You would have heard it often that everything happens for a reason. 

The point is, sometimes, you realize the reason when you get ahead in your life, while sometimes, you get to know it instantly. 

So remember, whenever you feel lost in life, it might be happening for the simple reason that you were somehow going wrong in life. Maybe, you were wasting too much time on things that you shouldn’t do, or you were going on the wrong path in life.

Feeling lost might be an alarm for you that you need to change a few things in life to get back on the right track.

8. The Clock is Ticking.

Feeling Lost? It might be your self exploration time

The feeling of being lost in life is just like wandering in an ocean looking for a seashore. 

Right now, as you are lost, you might not understand what’s going around you, but I want to bring your attention to the point that time doesn’t stop for anyone. Also, the time getting used up in the process of self-exploration won’t come back. 

I understand that you’re at your lowest at the present moment, but you have to keep in mind so that you don’t leave your goals behind. Always remember that you have to maintain a balance of moving forward in life along with self-exploration.

9. God is Watching You.

When your life feels broken, and you feel totally lost, remember, the god is watching you. He’s just creating a new plan for your better life. 

When you’ve tried your best to figure out your direction but still had no answers, he’s the one who will show you the path you’ve been looking for. 
He chose you for the suffering because you’re strong. He’ll keep testing you but won’t ever leave you. You just need to keep going without giving up.

End of the Line

Wait, the journey feels incomplete, Right?

Yes, it is!

Now I am giving you the time to find answers to the questions patiently.

Until you figure out all of it, I’ll soon be out with the final part, “things to do when you feel lost in life.” It would hopefully help you find a new you.

So, if you are curious to read the final part as well, make sure to hit the bell icon to stay updated. Share it with your friends if you feel it will help them too.

See you soon!

UPDATE: The post on things to do when feeling lost in life is out now! Go ahead and check it right away.



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