70 Tuesday Affirmations To Bear Monday’s Ugly Sister!

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Let’s be honest. Tuesdays suck! They’re no more than second Mondays. To make them feel better, just use these powerful Tuesday affirmations.


Tuesday Affirmations

After a struggling Monday, Finally, Tuesday arrives.

But the problem is that Tuesdays suck too! They’re nothing more than second Mondays.

Just like me, do you also feel like your brain is stuck in a rut on Tuesday? Do you get confused about what to do with yourself, and everything feels like a pain in the neck?

Well, that’s okay! Because on Tuesdays, you can use Tuesday affirmations to cheer yourself up. 

In this post, I’ll share some most powerful Tuesday affirmations that will help you have a tip-top Tuesday.

Time to check them out.

Why Should You Use Tuesday Affirmations?

Affirmations are simple statements you repeat to yourself, either out loud or in your head, to encourage yourself in any given situation. They can be anything you want them to be as long as they help you feel positive and motivated.

Here are three reasons you should start using Tuesday affirmations:

1. They Can Be a Great Way To Start Your Day.

Tuesday affirmations can help you get out of bed on a Tuesday morning feeling good about yourself. It will set the tone for the rest of the day when you start your day with positive thoughts.

 2. Affirmations Can Be a Great Way To Encourage Yourself During Tough Times.

When things get tough, it can be hard to stay positive. Affirmations can help you get through tough times by reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Rather than focusing on the negative things, use affirmations to focus on your strengths and what you can do to improve things.

3. Affirmations Help You Stay Motivated.

Staying motivated is vital, but it can be hard when you don’t feel good about yourself. 

By using affirmations, you can start to feel good about yourself and stay motivated.

How Do Tuesday Affirmations Work?

There are a few different ways that Tuesday affirmations can work. 

The most common way is that they work as a form of self-motivation. By saying your affirmations to yourself, you’re reminding yourself why you should continue working hard.

Another way Tuesday affirmations can work is by changing your mindset. By repeating your affirmations, you’re training your brain to think positively. It will help you to be happier and more successful in your life.

70 Tuesday Affirmations To Have a Tip-Top Tuesday

1. I don’t let yesterday’s negativity ruin today’s positivity.

2. There’s no doubt I’m magnificent.

3. I can easily get over this Monday’s ugly sister.

Affirmation about Tuesday - "I can easily get over this Monday's ugly sister."

4. Finally, I am one day closer to the weekend.

5. I am grateful for the peace in my heart.

6. I am making the best decisions for myself and my future.

7. I reaffirm my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

8. I will stay positive and hopeful through all of my challenges.

9. Today, I am grateful for the bounty of nature around me.

10. I am content with myself and my abilities.

I am content with myself and my abilities.

11. I am happy with the way my life is going.

12. I am proud of how I always defeat my biggest challenges.

13. I am thrilled to be alive and kicking butt this Tuesday!

14. I am confident and fearless in who I am.

15. I am proud of myself for taking action despite my fears.

16. I am super excited about what lies ahead. 

17. I am a valuable contributor to the community.

18. I am beautiful and talented.

19. I am consistently achieving every goal.

20. I am at the peak of my powers today.

21. I am in the present moment, and everything is perfect.

22. I am an extremely competent individual.

23. I am a survivor capable of conquering anything.

24. Today, I will do my best to be a kind and caring person, always putting others first.

25. I am lucky to have a loving family and friends.

Tuesday Morning Affirmations

26. I choose to wake up to my potential today.

27. Today is a new opportunity to start afresh and make something beautiful happen.

28. I am grateful for this Tuesday morning’s bright sunshine and freshness.

Tuesday Morning Affirmation - "I am grateful for this Tuesday morning's bright sunshine and freshness."

29. I am accepting and forgiving of myself and others.

30. I am at the helm of my own life and can make decisions that affect me positively.

31. I am in control of my emotions today.

32. I am blessed with financial security.

33. I am healing from the past and moving forward to the future.

34. I handle stress and adversity with ease.

35. I am committed to working hard and doing my best.

Tuesday Morning Affirmation - "I am committed to working hard and doing my best."

36. I am peaceful and calm today.

37. I am aware of my own positive energy and intent, and I will bring that into every aspect of my life today. 

38. I am ready to seize all of today’s opportunities with both hands.

39. I am living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

40. I deeply connect with my inner wisdom and guidance.

Tuesday Positive Affirmations

41. My hard work has started paying off.

42. I have extraordinary skills and talent.

43. I am constructive and resourceful.

44. I am safe and secure.

45. I’m grateful for the new knowledge that I’ve been able to gain.

Affirmation for Tuesday - "I'm grateful for the new knowledge that I've been able to gain."

46. I am blessed with abundant resources.

47. I am perfect for my purpose.

48. I firmly believe that good things are on their way.

49. I am a remarkable person with much to offer the world.

50. I am on the right path in life.

51. Today is a perfect day to turn my dreams into reality.

52. Today, I will take the time to appreciate the things around me and savor the little moments.

53. Today is a chance to stay away from worries and keep smiling.

54. I trust my instincts because they always lead me to a better place in life.

55. I am grateful for a wonderful home.

Happy Tuesday Affirmations

56. I am blessed with good health and happiness.

57. I am stress-free.

58. Every moment fills me with immense joy.

59. I am in perfect harmony with my body and mind.

60. I am alive and thriving.

61. My friends, family, and partner shower me with lots of love.

62. I am at ease in all situations.

63. I am victorious over my challenges.

Happy Tuesday Affirmation - "I am victorious over my challenges."

64. I am taking care of myself mentally and spiritually.

65. I trust the universe to give me what I need.

66. Serving others makes me happy.

67. I choose to create a bunch of happiness for myself.

68. I am loving and kind to myself, and I know that this attitude will stay with me for the long haul. 

69. My dreams and goals are worth pursuing.

70. I am guided and supported by positive forces.

5 Tips To Use Tuesday Affirmations Effectively  

1. Choose Statements That Resonate With You. 

Try to choose statements that represent your personal values and aspirations. You can even choose to focus on generic positive statements. (e.g., “I am capable” rather than “I am not capable”).

2. Choose Short, Repetitive Affirmations. 

Keeping a positive affirmation in your mind is easier if it is short and simple.

3. Repeat Your Affirmations.

Start by saying Tuesday affirmations to yourself in the morning before you start your day, and continue speaking them throughout the day.

4. Visualize Your Positive Affirmations. 

When you repeat your affirmations, picture yourself living the goal you’ve set through them. Imagine yourself feeling happy and confident as a result.

5. Be Patient With Yourself. 

Affirmations can take some time to work their benefits. Be patient, and allow yourself to experience the positive effects of using affirmations throughout the day.

End of the Line 

The best way to approach life is to have a set of positive affirmations added to the routine. 

By repeating Tuesday affirmations to yourself, you can start to change your mindset and approach life with a more positive attitude.

So, that’s it for this post!

I hope you enjoyed my collection of Tuesday affirmations. Don’t forget to use them every Tuesday; let me know in the comments below if they helped you.

I’ll see you in the next post.



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