17 Signs Your Prince Charming is a Unicorn Man (+Quiz)

Updated On: December 24, 2022

A unicorn man could be around. Don’t miss out on such an ideal guy! Check out these 17 signs and play the quiz to identify the unicorn man.


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Just imagine – I am a genie, and I grant you a wish that you can get a partner with all your desired qualities, no limits at all. So, what qualities would you love to have in your partner?

Let me guess. You would choose a guy who’s handsome, tall, loving, caring, compassionate, etc. And, the list would have hundreds of other qualities, Right?     

In reality, do guys with such “ideal” qualities exist?

The good news is, “they do exist!” 
The bad news is, “they’re hard to find.” (But they’re worth the wait)

These flawless men are called “unicorn men.”  

In this post, I’ll share 17 signs of a unicorn man that will help you identify them clearly. Additionally, I’ll give you a few tips to find them and tell you the experience of being in a relationship with them.

Let’s jump right into it. 

Who Is a Unicorn Guy?

What comes to your mind after hearing the word “unicorn?”

A beautiful white creature from childhood stories with a horn on the forehead, right?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a reality!

When we talk about a unicorn man, it means a man of your dreams; A guy with every quality you wanted to be present in your partner.

However, unlike the mythical unicornthe unicorn guy exists in reality. The word “unicorn” attached to man represents that such a perfect man is rare and hard to find (just like unicorns).

What’s the Difference Between a Unicorn Boyfriend and an Average Boyfriend?

An average boyfriend might not consider you their priority, but a unicorn boyfriend does. He puts you ahead of himself and takes care of your needs.

Even when there’s a conflict between you and your unicorn boyfriend, you will find him by your side in your time of need. He won’t let his ego come in the way of your relationship.

You’ll find your unicorn boyfriend simply “perfect” in every aspect.

17 Surefire Signs Your Darling is a Unicorn Man

If your guy possesses these 17 stunning qualities, he’s definitely a unicorn man:-

1. He’s Genuine.

A unicorn man shows you who he actually is rather than faking himself to make you like him. He isn’t reluctant to express his emotions and is at ease being himself. His conversations don’t seem shady. Instead, they carry extreme clarity. 

A unicorn guy is entirely opposite to the fake guys who pretend to be too perfect and end up being jerks.

2. He Knows You More Than You Even Know Yourself.

He Knows You More Than You Even Know Yourself

A unicorn man knows you exceptionally well. He can easily judge what you’re feeling at the moment by looking at your gestures and voice tone. He catches you immediately when you try to hide something from him.

You don’t need to tell him you’re having a bad day because he is already aware of it. Further, he tries his best to make the day better for you.

3. He Respects Every Woman.

A unicorn man not just respects you! Instead, he respects every woman around him and treats them well. 

You won’t find him abusing any lady or talking shit behind their back, nor would you find him staring creepily or passing comments on some random women. 

4. He’s Reliable.

You can’t share your secrets with everyone, Right?

But that’s not the case with a unicorn man.

A unicorn man is reliable, so you know you can share secrets with him, and he’ll keep them safe. He won’t ever back down, so you can depend on him in times of need.

Whenever you’re going through any pain in your life, you can vent your feelings with him, and he’ll actually help you out instead of giving fake sympathy.

5. He’s Just a Call Away From You.

He's Just a Call Away From You

Even when you live distant from your unicorn boyfriend, you feel like you’re always next to him. He’s always there for you through thick and thin, rain or shine.
He knows how to cheer you up when you’re having a bad day. He makes you laugh when you need it most. And he never lets you down.

A unicorn man loves you unconditionally. He’s the guy who always puts you first and always makes you feel special.

6. He Prefers Being Straightforward Rather Than Being a Back Bitcher.

If a unicorn man doesn’t like anything or has any complaints, he would tell you directly in the face. He won’t much think about how you would feel because he doesn’t prefer holding any misunderstandings or grudges. 

A unicorn guy is super honest. If he wants something, he doesn’t hide it from you. Instead, he’s always upfront about his needs and expectations.

He doesn’t lie to you, nor he’s afraid to share minor details about him with you. He’s open about everything – from his exes’ names to the reasons for breaking up. 

He doesn’t say mean things about you behind your back. In fact, he doesn’t gossip about your friends or family members either.

7. He Gives You the Space When Needed.

Some people love their “me time.”

So, if you are one of those people, I’m pretty sure you don’t like it when someone intrudes into your “me time.”

An average boyfriend may not realize the importance of personal space, but a unicorn boyfriend does!

A unicorn man gives you personal space and time when needed. During such moments, he won’t spam you with calls or texts and force you to talk with them. Instead, he will give you the time you need to grow or heal.     

8. He’s Ambitious.

Unicorn boyfriend is Ambitious

You can undoubtedly expect a secure future with a unicorn man.

He’s not just obsessed with women or relationships. Instead, he’s ambitious and driven to achieve his goals.

He focuses on building finances and a better future rather than flirting or trying to impress women. He’s not afraid to try new things and pushes himself to be better than yesterday.

He’s a hard worker willing to achieve success and make dreams come true. He puts in long hours at his job and is happy to take on extra responsibilities when necessary. 

A unicorn guy is always ready to learn from others and enhance himself. And most importantly, he’s open to change.

9. He Doesn’t Lose Self-Control.

A unicorn man is mature enough to handle himself well in extreme situations. He doesn’t lose his temper in insignificant problems and knows when to be silent.

A unicorn guy doesn’t just yell at you or curse you when there’s a conflict between him and you. Instead, he tries to understand the exact situation and handle it patiently

10. He Knows How To Handle You the Right Way.

A unicorn man knows how to treat you right and can handle you in every situation. Even when busy, he’s willing to listen to you, understand you, and give you undivided attention when you need him most.

He knows how to lift you from your worst and keep you safe when you fly joyfully in the air with excitement. He knows how to calm you when you’re overwhelmed with emotions. Whenever you ask him for help, he’s always ready to do it.

11. He Listens to You.

Unicorn guy listens to you

A unicorn man listens to you not just to fulfill his responsibility of being there for you. Instead, he always listens to you to be close to you. 

He intently listens when you speak and loves it when you share things with him. He lets you talk until you’ve finished talking. He doesn’t interrupt you unless he has something important to say. 

He doesn’t care if you’re right or wrong; he only cares that you feel better when you talk to him.

12. He’s Open About His Relationship Plans and Purpose.

In an era of fling dating, searching for someone serious about having a lifelong relationship has become really difficult. Thus, people hide dating plans from their partners so they can change their minds anytime and escape the relationship.

On the other hand, a unicorn man is open to talking about the relationship’s future. He shares his plans with you and tells you what he desires from the relationship.

He doesn’t keep you uncertain whether he would marry you or not. Further, he never shows you the relationship dreams that will never become real.  

13. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Inferior.

A unicorn man doesn’t point out your flaws or imperfections to make you feel weak and glorify his strengths. Instead, he loves the way you are and compliments you for your qualities. He values your opinions and acknowledges the sacrifices you’ve always made for the relationship.

He truly believes in complete equality in the relationship.   

14. He Gives You All the Freedom You Need.

A unicorn man doesn’t manipulate or force his decisions on you. He lets you control your life and live on your own terms. 

He never holds you back from meeting your friends or family members. He has no problem if you want to hang out with your friends or enjoy yourself alone. He trusts you from all his heart and encourages you to be who you are.

15. He Radiates Positivity.

Unicorn man Radiates Positivity.

Average boyfriends keep ranting about their problems and emit soo much negativity that sometimes, it becomes hard to be around them. 

That’s not the case with unicorn boyfriends!

A unicorn boyfriend is lively, cheerful, and looks at the bright side of life. He spreads his happiness through his actions. He smiles at strangers, laughs at jokes, and treats everyone kindly.

His aura is stunning, and his presence makes you feel joyful and ecstatic.

16. He’s a Man of Words and Actions.

A unicorn guy is a man of honor who sticks to his promises and commitments. If he has told you to meet on a specific day, he’ll be there no matter what.

He is a man who treats you well, respects your feelings, and doesn’t cheat on you. He shows he cares through sweet gestures, such as sending flowers, taking you out to dinner, and giving you gifts. He respects your privacy and does not pry into your personal life. 

17. He’s Well Aware of His Limits.

A unicorn man acknowledges the limits and boundaries he shouldn’t cross in a relationship. 

Since the beginning of the relationship, he never forces you to enter into a physical relationship with him until you’re actually ready. He allows you to make moves in the relationship at your pace.

A unicorn guy takes time and gives you time so you can understand each other well. He doesn’t intrude into your family matters or say anything rude about them. Further, he never says anything too personal that could hurt you.

Still, Confused? Try This Unicorn Man Quiz

Now, you might have a question, “What if all the signs I shared above do not match your guy? Isn’t he a unicorn man?”

Well, he could still be a unicorn man if a majority of signs resonate with him!

To clarify it, take this quiz, and confirm whether your partner is a unicorn man or not.

Unicorn Man Quiz

Unicorn Man Quiz

1 / 11

1. Is he always there for you? (Despite his own struggles)

2 / 11

2. Do you often feel suspicious that he’s lying to you?

3 / 11

3. Is he aware of your likes and dislikes?

4 / 11

4. Is he a mature and rational guy?

5 / 11

5. Does he understand and help you overcome your fears?

6 / 11

6. Does he know how to make you smile?

7 / 11

7. Does he support your dreams and want them to become a reality?

8 / 11

8. Does he apologize when he makes mistakes?

9 / 11

9. Does he let things go?

10 / 11

10. Does he behave well with your friends and family?

11 / 11

11. Does he find you perfect the way you are?

How Does It Feel To Be in a Relationship With Unicorn Man?

A relationship with a unicorn man is just heavenly, much like the perfect relationships you see in romantic movies.

So, here’s what you exactly experience when you have a unicorn boyfriend:-

  • Like every other relationship, your relationship goes through highs and lows, but none of you give up on each other.
  • You don’t feel insecure about your relationship.
  • There are minimum (or no) trust issues in your relationship.
  • Both of you balance each other exceptionally well.
  • You complete each other.
  • There are no loyalty issues.
  • Every meeting feels fresh and magical.
  • Both of you have a great time together.
  • You never feel ignored or abandoned.
  • You know your unicorn man always got your back.
  • You feel safe with him.

How Can You Find a Unicorn Man?

Finding a unicorn man isn’t easy. If they cross your path by chance, consider it a miracle and hold them tight.

However, you might have to put in a lot of effort if you’re intentionally looking for a unicorn guy. You may have to go on several dates and meet many people.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to find a unicorn man is “dating with a purpose.” 

While dating with a purpose, you look for a partner with your desired qualities and don’t stop until you get them. Club it with the “manifestation of a specific person,” and you’ll attract your dream guy much faster.      

End of the Line

Whenever you find (or if you’ve already found) your unicorn man, never take him for granted! 

He might make compromises for you, accept his fault (even when he wasn’t at fault), and give his best to nurture the relationship. But, this doesn’t mean you always have the upper hand.

Realize that relationships are reciprocal. 
If a unicorn guy loves you, shower him with equal love. If he respects you, respect him. If he understands you, understand him.

Trust me. If you lose your unicorn man by any chance, you won’t get him back into your life or find someone else better than him.



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