12 Reasons You’re Obsessed With Someone You Barely Know

Updated On: July 20, 2023

Unlocking the mystery: Why am I obsessed with someone I barely know? Uncover the 12 surprising reasons behind your fascination. Find out now!


Why am I obsessed with someone I barely know

I’m falling in love with a stranger.

As this famous background score suggests, being attracted to a stranger is nothing impossible. Are you through something similar? 

You bumped into a stranger and now can’t stop thinking about them. You feel weird and don’t know how to explain this feeling. If you have opened this post, you must have encountered something like that. 

Are you wondering why it is happening to you? Trying to find an answer to why am I obsessed with someone I barely know? 

Well, my dear, you’re not the first to feel this way. Findings suggest many people have been through the same at some point. I know some of my friends too, and I’m not an exception. 

Hold your breath, and let me help you uncover why you’re obsessed with someone you barely know. 

Unlocking the Mystery: Why Am I Obsessed With Someone I Barely Know?

Feeling obsessed with someone you barely know is natural. But understanding the reasons can surely help you tackle the situation with ease.

So, these could be the possible reasons behind your obsession:-

1. They Have an Appealing Appearance.

A guy with an appealing appearance.

Let’s face it. One of the easiest ways for someone to captivate us is the way they look. Over the years, people have admitted to love being around attractive people because they have an enjoyable sight.  

Okay, so what do I mean by an appealing appearance

  • A stunning dressing sense. 
  • A lovely smile. 
  • A top-notch personality. 
  • confident look

All these elements make a person look exciting and appealing. At least, In my case, it was so. In high school, I would crush on a guy in the neighborhood school, and I remember him bearing these qualities. I’d feel an unexplained spark towards him

However, it was very temporary, and eventually, that feeling faded as I grew up. Only some things are meant forever, you know?

If you’re feeling this sudden attraction to someone you barely know, it could be due to their enchanting looks. It can be a long-term thing or short-lived, like my case. 

2. They have a lot in Common With Your Ex. 

Well, this is something that you need to hear. If you’re suddenly obsessed with someone you barely know, a big reason could be they are like your ex-partner. 

A person who once made you happy is always in your mind, even if in the subconscious state. You have broken up with your ex and are leading a good life now, but the memories are with you. Deep down, you remember how you first met, how you spent your days, and how they once had a particular part in your life. 

When you bump into a stranger very similar to your ex, you might develop a soft corner for them. They are different human beings but somewhere identical to your ex-partner in looks, style, thoughts, or voice. It can be anything. 

I haven’t been through anything like this. But I can’t overlook that my cousin Ritam had a similar experience. He had a crush on a girl who very much resembled his ex-girlfriend. 

The fact they remind you of someone you once loved draws you more toward them. 

So, Have you crossed paths with the one who shares similarities with your ex? Do they remind you of the great times you had together? If yes, it could be why you’re obsessed with someone you barely know. 

3. You Have Been Lonely.

A lonely guy sitting near a window.

It’s common for human psychology to embrace a consoling heart during tough times. Let me elaborate on this part.

Suppose you have broken up recently or lost a favorite friendship. You might be having personal problems, or there’s too much on your plate. Long thing short: you’re having a rough patch. All you look for is a shoulder during this time. 

The one that lends it has a quick gateway to your heart. 

Hear this small story. Once, my friend Neeta was through a rough time. She met Raj, a common friend, and they started to know each other. Once, she shared her problems with him, and he was very empathetic. That’s it! Neeta slowly started feeling something different for him. 

Over time, they became good friends and started dating each other. So, it all began with a lending shoulder to a needy heart. 

Does this stranger you can’t stop thinking about has an empathetic attitude toward you? Did you have their shoulder when you were looking for some peace? If yes, this is a big reason you’re obsessed with them. 

4. You Find Them Similar to You.

Here’s another compelling reason that could be drawing you towards them. You find them a lot similar to yourself. You two might have many things in common, like the way you speak, talk, and think. Maybe, both of you have enrolled in the same new course. 

You will see them daily, and the chances of getting to know each other will increase. However, the instant spark you have felt may be due to your similarities. 

In some of my encounters with that neighbor school guy, his thoughts would match mine, whether in sports or politics. Now, as I look back, I realize that was one of the reasons I had a crush on him. 

Do you relate too much to this scenario? If you’re nodding yes, then this could be a potential reason you’re attracted to them. 

Your interaction can be long-term as you know each other better or, of course, just a fling too and fade away eventually. 

5. You Love Their Sense of Humor.

A girl and a guy laughing together as they love each other's sense of humor.

Another compelling reason you’re obsessed with someone you barely know is that you’re impressed with their sense of humor. 

You might only have a few chats because you barely know each other. However, the little encounters you two had, made you see their youthful and witty side. 

Tbh, That trait can actually pull you toward them like a magnet! 

Intelligent people have a thing for a sharp sense of humor, and that exactly might have worked for you. I had few chances to interact with the neighborhood school guy, and I must admit he had a great sense of humor. 

At that time, I wasn’t mature enough to gauge the signs, but now, as I look back, it might be one of the reasons I had a crush on him. You might have the same feeling too. 

You might be fond of their jokes. You might like how they could turn a painful moment into a lighter one. 

These reasons might unknowingly draw you towards them. 

6. They Give You a Comfort Zone. 

Sometimes, there is no underlying meaning, no in-depth signs or anything. You’re just drawn to their energy, their vibe. You find an unspoken comfort in their company. 

Every time you can’t explain how your heart works. The person you know the least might offer you a supreme comfort zone. You find ease in their company, feel an instant connection with their vibe and automatically start appreciating their presence. 

You might not know this person for long, but they remind you of something familiar: a friend, a partner, a family member, or anyone you’re very close with. They help your heart remember a feeling or experience you enjoyed and loved once. 

When you are at this much ease with someone, chances are high that you’ll be attracted to them. The feeling can be an everlasting one or, again, short-lived, and that depends on how you two move ahead. 

Does this new person help you connect some incredible dots in your life? Do you remember someone or something lovable looking at this person? If yes, that’s undoubtedly a cause why you’re obsessed with them.

7. The Person Distracts You. 

You have always led a life in a way or have stuck to specific thoughts. Suddenly this one person comes your way and distracts you from your thoughts. 

They give you a newer perspective to explore things. It could be a beautiful element. It isn’t something usual. But if it’s happening, there might be a spark. 

I can’t take my example here because I have yet to be through something as such. But I can talk about Neeta. 

The guy she started liking would also distract her from her regular thoughts and lifestyle and help her unveil a newer perspective. It implored her to crush harder on him. 

Did your cheeks turn pink as you read this point? If yes, that’s a good sign. You have slowly started getting attracted to someone who makes a difference in your life. 

Their way of leading life and a newer thought process might contribute to why you’re unknowingly drawn to them even if you aren’t connected for long.  

8. They Have an Impressive Voice.

A girl feeling attracted to a guy because of his impressive voice.

An attractive voice is often the gateway to capture someone’s heart. You might be into this TRAP too!

Calm down, my dear. I’m not discussing any serious plan that can trap you in something more significant. But I’m talking about a trap that can implore your heart to fall for someone. 

An individual’s voice can work wonders for your heart. Their tone, vocal quality, the depth when they speak: everything can be super impressive, and you can’t help but fall for it. And, when you fall for their voice, the genuine interest grows in the individual too. 

Here’s a funny experience. We had a professor in college with a fantastic voice. Half of the girls in the class would obsess over him, primarily because of his voice. 

So, have you met someone with a great voice? Have you started getting fond of that voice? If yes, it’s another reason you’re attracted to someone you barely know.

9. You Notice Their Behavioral Quality.

Another reason you might be obsessed with someone you barely know is because of their behavioral quality. Suppose they are very kind, and you’re pulled to their kindness. Or, they’re very empathetic, and you’re drawn to their empathy. 

Being attracted to someone for one of their personal qualities is sweet and exciting. 

One of the main reasons I was drawn to that guy was his gentle behavior. The few times we had spoken, he’d been very gentle and intelligent conversing. He spoke with the same modesty, not only with me but with others. 

As I analyzed the reason, his gentleness enticed me to crush him. The same can be true in your case too. You might have met someone with excellent quality, and you can’t stop but appreciate it. That’s what attracts you to them.

Have you met someone whose personality is excellent? Are you fond of any of their personal qualities? If yes, this is an important reason why you’re obsessed with someone who barely has a connection with you. 

10. You See Them Often.

The more you see them, the more you might like them. For instance, you saw someone while traveling on public transport and had a crush on them. However, the chances of crossing paths again are almost impossible, so they get out of your head with time. 

But the chances of forgetting are less with someone you’re seeing regularly. You have just met, and incidentally, you must visit each other frequently, whether at work or college. This way, the little crush can turn into a deep liking, and you can’t help but think about them all day. 

It happened to me, too, with that neighbor schoolboy. I’d see him daily on my way to and back from school. Sometimes, we would exchange warm smiles. Those little moments triggered my emotions, and I’d crush on him.

I don’t know what or how he felt. If he felt something too, regularly seeing each other had a big part. 

So, have you recently met someone you now like and see them almost every day for professional, academic, or other purposes? If yes, that may be why you’re obsessed with them. 

11. You Feel an Instant Sexual Connection.

A girl and a guy holding each other extremely close.

Feeling an instant sexual connection with someone isn’t a simple story. So, if you feel that towards someone you have just met, that’s exciting. 

Like, you feel comfortable with them, and sexual interest arose inside you. You might start imagining how spicy your physical chemistry would be and even think a little about how wild you might get together. 

No, no need to shy away. You haven’t done anything wrong. Urges are common, and if you’re having this about particular someone, that’s sweet and exciting. Because of that instant connection, they’re in your mind throughout the day, and you can’t stop thinking about them. 

There’s not always a reason to conclude why you feel this way for this stranger. Some things are always outside your hands, and there’s no need to stress why things are like this.

Take things slow and enjoy the moment. Whatever is meant to be will fall in place right on time.

12. They are a MYSTERY!

Yes, my dear! You read it right. They hide a little mystery with them, which attracts you the most. 

Now, what do I mean by a mystery? I’m not talking about holding precious secrets or being an undercover agent. But here’s what I mean. 

  • They’re only sometimes available for group plans.
  • They prefer something offbeat over the mainstream. 
  • They might notice you only sometimes.

The above pointers, especially the third, might trigger something inside you. And that, my dear, ignites the sensation inside you to be drawn towards them and be unable to take them off your mind. You can’t bear that they are not noticing you and want to know what’s inside their mind. 

Do you relate to someone you have recently met with these qualities? Can’t you stop thinking about their mysteries? 

If you affirm, then let me tell you their mysterious behavior is a major cause behind this attraction. 

Wrapping Up 

With that, we have come to the end of this post. I hope I could answer your question why am I obsessed with someone I barely know?

Lastly, I want to tell you one thing. You don’t need to stress yourself over the fact you’re obsessing over someone you barely know. It’s sometimes impossible to find an instant answer to something. 

Pause a little, hold on a bit, and wait. Take things slowly. 

Enjoy what’s happening now rather than being desperate to find an answer or draw a conclusion. It could turn into a beautiful long-term something. Or, it could be a lesson you need to master in the chapter of life. Or, it could just be a fling. 

Whatever it is, you’ll figure it out, my dear, with time. Until then, keep enjoying your obsession with this random stranger! 

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