The Reason Behind Our Presence

You know the feeling of being stuck in a situation with no one to help you out.

You seek support but you are unable to get it. The situation worsens up a lot more due to the emptiness of mind and the lack of proper support.

We all have been there and, I know how it feels.

So, Why not have a platform as a best friend that can help you out in most such situations?

A reliable platform where you can seek the right advice and help each other. A platform that can really bring change.

Let’s join hands through Uprisehigh and make the world a better place than ever.

Reason Behind Our Presence

“The only way to live life without regrets is by giving a hand to the ones who need you”

Mission Of Touching Hearts

The Mission of Touching Hearts

Yes, You read it right.
We are on a mission!

A mission to touch millions of hearts. A mission where we can help you pass the bad times of your life.


We will always be standing with you whenever you’ll need us. We will provide you with all the required articles to help you with all of your problems.
Yes, I know that we won’t be able to solve all of your problems yet, we will reduce them.
You are the one who will have to walk through the spiny path and, I trust you that you’ll do it bravely. Still, we will be there for you as your helping slippers, which will reduce the pain.

“The wildest smiles are born after traveling the roughest miles”

What We Cover

Here are some of the topics that we have on the website. Further, you can have a look at a lot more topics that are present on the website.

Life Lessons

Articles on life lessons will include all the tips that are required to simplify life. In this portion, we will make you understand how to visualize the positive side of problems.
One thing is for sure that your perception of life and its problems will never be the same again.

Inspiring Stories

The inspiring stories section will include the stories of some of the most successful people. We will be covering mostly everyone who started from zero and reached massive success.
The articles will help you let your inside beast out. Also, they will help you stay motivated even in the worst of the times.


Isn’t it true that everybody is born the same way as a blank book?
If yes, then why are the leaders considered as extraordinary?
The answer is that they teach themselves to become leaders, not followers.
In the articles on leadership, we will cover all the traits of a perfect leader. Also, we will teach you the methods of being a great leader, not a great follower.


Under the category of self-esteem, we will work on your self-love and how you visualize yourself.
Your self-perception will become a lot better, and your inner love for your own personality will reach the peak. After all, you are the most beautiful the way you are, and you should feel proud of it as well.


“A confident personality is what everyone aspires.”
Want to boost up your confidence and stand out from crowd?
Articles on confidence will be present under the build ourselves tab. They will guide you on how you can also shine in a crowd and will help you take your confidence to the next level.

Emotional Instability

Do you suffer from mood swings too frequently and too often?
Are you looking for its solution?
Don’t worry! We got your back.
Articles on emotional instability will help you get rid of such mood swings. They will help you to have great control over yourself. One thing is for sure that you will be much calmer than ever.

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Are you Willing to Share Yourself?

Do you want to share your problems or life story with us?
Hop onto the “heartfelt talks” sections and introduce yourself to the world.