“Why Am I Bad at Everything?” – Busting Your Worst Myth!

Updated On: December 24, 2022

Are you fed up with always criticizing and questioning yourself, “Why am I bad at everything?” Read this post for a permanent fix!


Why Am I Bad At Everything?

Question. Do you often succeed or fall flat on your face whenever you try new things?

If you’re on this post, you’ll probably choose the latter.

Let me guess. After struggling and failing so much, your self-image would have deteriorated, and you would’ve started asking yourself, “Why am I bad at everything?”

So, what’s the solution? How can you get your life back on track?

You just need to read this post carefully! 

This post will help you understand why you feel you suck at everything and identify how to stop feeling that way.  

Let’s dive right into it.    

“Why Am I Bad at Everything I Do?” – 7 Reasons Why You Feel This Way

1. You Aren’t Doing What You Love.

Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Unfortunately, the statement isn’t true for most people. We are often so wrapped up in being part of the rat race that we forget to do what we love.

Answer honestly – “Do you follow what your heart says or follow what society says?”    

If it’s the latter, it may be why you feel you’re bad at everything. You can’t excel at the things you don’t enjoy.  

You’re forcing yourself to do something not made for you. But the fact is, everyone’s built differently and has a different life purpose. You can’t just fit a square peg in a circular hole.

2. You’re Overwhelmed With Negative Self-Talk.

You're Overwhelmed with Negative Self-Talk

It’s tough being bad at everything. You feel like you’re missing out on so much because you can’t seem to get things right. It feels like your skills are limited, and you’re just not cut out for anything.

But is that true? 

Do you really have no talent or ability? Or are you just overwhelmed by negative self-talk?

If you’re like most people, you probably have some doubts about your abilities. There may be a little voice in the back of your mind that tells you you’re bad at one thing or another. Or you might even believe that you’re completely worthless.

Negative self-talk can be a real obstacle to your success. It can make you feel like you’re not good enough and can’t do anything. It can keep you from trying new things or from taking risks.

3. You Don’t Have Faith in Yourself.

I want you to recall your past. How was it? How did people treat you?

Were you always judged by society and told that you couldn’t do anything?

If so, it may be why you’ve lost faith in yourself. You didn’t know how to ignore the outside noise, so it went deep into your heart and killed your inner belief. 

Finally, your lack of self-faith took you to a point in life where you feel that you can’t accomplish anything. Hence, you often ask yourself, “Why am I bad at everything?”  

4. You Trust the Naysayers.

You Trust The Naysayers

Some people tell you that you are incapable of doing anything. They tell you that you are a terrible person, a failure, and you can never be good at anything. These people are known as naysayers.

While some defend themselves exceptionally well from the naysayers, others fall into their trap. They start believing the naysayers more than themselves.

If you’re too convinced by the sh*t talk of naysayers, it may be why you feel you’re bad at everything. 

5. You’re Fed Up With Failures.

It’s normal to feel like you can’t do anything right, and it can be hard to shake that feeling. 

Everybody struggles at some point in their life. However, for some people, their struggles turn into a never-ending cycle of self-doubt and inadequacy. They never seem to be able to succeed, no matter how hard they try. They feel like a “complete failure” and hate themselves for it.

Are you one of those people who’ve failed too much? Has failure started wearing you out?

If so, it may be the reason you ask yourself, “Why am I so bad at everything?”

6. You Focus Too Much on Your Weaknesses.

You focus too much on your weakness

Even the best athletes have weaknesses, and the best artists have flaws.

Unfortunately, most people think that focusing only on fixing their shortcomings will make them better at life.

But that’s not true! 

If you constantly worry about your weaknesses, you are unable to do anything about them. You get stuck in a negative spiral where you focus on your weaknesses and become even more embarrassed. Finally, when you’re only obsessed with your flaws, you start feeling that you’re bad at everything.

7. You Over-Expect From Yourself.

Are you a human or a robot?

Obviously, a human! But do you behave like one? 

I mean, whenever you work on something, do you respect your limits and work accordingly? Or do you overwork every time, sacrifice your health, and still fail to achieve your goals?

If it’s the latter, it may be why you think that you’re at everything.

How? I’ll explain.   

When you expect too much from yourself, you create unrealistic goals, hence, fail to accomplish them. 

You ignore the fact that you gave your best and performed well. Further, your focal point becomes that “you failed to achieve your goals and didn’t meet your own expectations.” 

Why Am I Bad At Everything All Of A Sudden? (When You Were Actually Good Earlier)

1. You’ve Lost Motivation.

You're bad at everything all of a sudden because you've lost motivation

Whenever you start something new, you’re motivated and driven to accomplish it. You create a timetable and decide to stay consistent

However, after some time, that task becomes a part of your routine, and the fire inside you starts dimming. You begin losing motivation to put in the effort. 

Further, your productivity levels start declining, and you are unable to perform exceptionally well at the task. Thus, you may start feeling, “Why am I bad at everything all of a sudden?” 

2. You’ve Lost Interest in What You Were Doing.

If you’re someone like me, you get tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. You love to try new things, experiment with your schedule, and push yourself until you give your best.

But if you’ve been stuck in the same task recently, you could’ve started losing interest. You may be bored with your constant lifestyle and don’t enjoy it anymore. So, you are unable to push yourself to work hard and feel that you aren’t good at anything.      

3. You’re Experiencing Burnout.

Burnout is what happens when you avoid being human for too long.

~Michael Gungor

There’s something about burnout that feels like it’s swallowing you whole. You feel like you can’t do anything right. Everything feels like a chore.

It’s hard to tell when burnout is starting to set in. But if you begin to experience the following, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate your situation:

  • You feel overwhelmed by your workload.
  • You feel drained and unproductive after typical work hours.
  • It’s hard for you to focus.
  • You’re losing motivation.
  • You often experience mood swings and feelings of stress.

If you’re actually going through burnout, it could be the answer to your question, “Why am I bad at everything all of a sudden?”

4. You’ve Lost Support.

You've Lost Support

Support of our loved ones is vital for us to achieve greatness in life. Through their encouragement and support, we can become the best we can be. In fact, studies have shown that having a supportive network can help us in many ways, including making us healthier and more resilient to stress.

So, are you the kind of person whose friends and family have always been supportive?

If so, have you lost their support in the past? Maybe, because you decided to do something they couldn’t believe in.

If it’s a yes once again, it may be why you feel you’re bad at everything. 

When you lose support from loved ones in life, the effects can be devastating. You have no one to turn to and feel alone in your struggle. You start doubting yourself and your abilities. Hence, you feel led down and completely helpless.

5. You’re Going Through a Tough Phase.

When we’re younger, we always think that life will be sunshine and roses. We believe everything will be perfect, and we won’t have to suffer.

But that’s not true. Life is full of tough challenges, and sometimes things are just not fair.

Have you been going through a difficult phase lately? For example, struggling to keep your family together or fulfilling daily needs. 

If so, it may be why you always ask yourself, “Why am I bad at everything suddenly?” 

When you’re going through a challenging situation in life, it becomes hard for you to focus elsewhere. That problem constantly stays in the back of your head and frustrates you when you try to do something. Thus, you struggle to do anything properly.  

Are You Really Bad at Everything? (My Opinion)

Nope! You aren’t bad at everything.

In fact, you can never be bad at everything (even if you want to be) because all of us are born with some qualities and unfair advantages. 

When you identify and work on those qualities and advantages, you realize what you’re exceptional at.

So, rather than obsessing over the thought, “Why am I bad at everything I do,” start thinking, “What can I do in which no one can ever outperform me?”

Trust yourself, mate. You’re your greatest supporter.        

7 Ridiculously Helpful Tips To Stop Feeling That You’re Bad at Everything

1. Do What You Love. 

Do what you love to stop feeling bad at everything

Live life the way you truly want to!

So, what exactly does it mean?

It means trusting your intuition and instincts, following your heart, and doing what makes you happy. It means staying true to yourself, even if you have to go against the opinions of others.

If you find your work or hobby enjoyable, you can be more productive and less stressed. Hence, you won’t feel that you’re bad at everything.

Follow your dreams and passions. Without them, you’re just going through the motions. You’re not really alive! 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do something because it’s not what they do. 

Be yourself. Live life to the fullest and be content with who you are.

You can do anything you set your mind to. So go for it! And may the world be kind to you as you are to it. 

2. Use Positive Affirmations.

Positive affirmations can help eliminate all the negative self-talk that makes you question, “why am I bad at everything?”

Rather than thinking, “I’m a bad person who can’t do anything right,” try thinking, “I’m capable of doing amazing things,” or “I’m a smart, capable person who can figure this out.”

By giving yourself positive affirmations, you can actually change your perception of yourself and your skills. Not only will you start believing that you’re capable of achieving your goals, but you’ll also feel a sense of empowerment.

3. Look at Your Past Achievements.

Restoring positive feelings is tough when you think you’re bad at everything.

However, your past achievements can reassure you that you’re capable of much more. Even recalling the texts or conversations of your loved ones who told you, “they’re proud of you,” can make you feel better.

Those accomplishments can help you realize that you’ve always come out on top despite all adversities. You’ve overcome challenges and proven you’re determined and resilient.

Further, all these thoughts will lead to positive self-talk and gradually improve your self-image. You will be ready to face new challenges again.

So take a moment to cherish your past successes and feel good about yourself. 

After all, you deserve it! 

4. End the Comparison Game.

Do you often compare yourself to others? 

You’re not alone. 

We all want to feel like we’re worth something, and comparing ourselves to others is a quick and easy way to get it.

But it’s not healthy. In fact, it’s probably doing more harm than good.

When you compare yourself to others, you start to devalue yourself. You begin to think less of yourself and feel that you’re bad at everything.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, you should focus on looking for ways to be your best self. You must aim to be proud of your accomplishments and be content with who you are.

Stop lowering your value by comparing yourself to others. You’ll be happier and more content in the long run. 

5. Create Realistic Goals.

If you want to stop thinking, “why am I bad at everything I do,” start setting realistic goals.  

It’s vital to have achievable goals you’re willing to work for and be committed to, as this will help you to stay motivated throughout the process. Further, succeeding at them will help you feel better about yourself and push forward.

Start by breaking your goal down into smaller, more manageable pieces. It will help you stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Once you have your goals set, make a plan of how you’re going to achieve them. It will help you to stay organized and on track.

Finally, stay positive. It can be hard to stay motivated when things get tough, but if you keep your head afloat and stay positive, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals.

Remember, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. So don’t be afraid to take the necessary steps to get there. If you put in the hard work, there’s no reason you can’t get what you want.

6. Treat Yourself Like a Human, Not Like a Robot.

Treat yourself like a human, not like a robot.

Nowadays, social media teaches us to treat ourselves like a robot if we want to become successful. We are told to work tirelessly like a robot. Else, we’d become a liability.

Such mentality has unfortunately stuck many people out there, and you may be one of them.

Have you been working hard for your entire life to be a perfect robot? 

If so, it may have taken a toll on your body. Hence, you’re unable to perform well and feel like you’re bad at everything.

You must stop working like a robot to get back on track again!

Well, I am not saying that you shouldn’t be a hard-working person. However, you should respect your body and work according to its limits. Take breaks whenever required and go out on vacations from time to time for a change.

Such a mentality will help you stay healthy and robust for the years to come. Also, you won’t question yourself, “why am I bad at everything” repeatedly. 

7. Ignore the Naysayers.

You will meet many people in your life who will tell you that you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, and it’s not possible. 

But that doesn’t stop anyone from trying. Does it?

I won’t sugarcoat it for you; excelling at something won’t be easy. In fact, it might even be the most challenging thing you’ll ever do. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’re ready to perform your best.

Those naysayers will come your way and try their best to pull you down. Their criticism will constantly force you to ask yourself, “Why am I bad at everything.”

So, the best idea is to ignore them. You must develop a strong belief that you’re capable and you can do it.

Still, if you’re one of those who find it hard to ignore the naysayers, I would suggest you completely cut off from them. If they are a part of your social circle, change your company. I know good friends are hard to come by, but they do exist! 

Always remember. Ensure to listen to your inner voice. Else, the external noise won’t leave any opportunity to kill it.

End of the Line

Many times in your life, you’ll feel that you don’t have a knack for anything. 

However, in the back of your head, there would be a voice that will force you not to give up and try again.

Don’t let that voice fade away!

You can’t excel at everything in life. And that’s okay! Striving for perfection is totally BS.

Be proud of who you are, and never underestimate yourself. You are far better than you think.

I believe in you! 



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