Can’t Get Someone off Your Mind? Here’s What It Truly Means!

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Are you stuck in a situation where you can’t get someone off your mind?

If “yes,” you may be fed up with wasting hours revolving your thoughts around them. Also, I can surely say that you would be feeling restless all the time and experiencing mental exhaustion often.

So, what can you do in such a situation?

You need to identify the cause to come up with a solution. In short, you need to figure out “why” you’re constantly thinking about the other person.

So, in this post, I’ll tell you 11 things being unable to get someone off your mind indicates. It will help you answer your “why” easily and quickly.
Moreover, I’ll share what to do when you can’t get someone off your mind.

Let’s dive right into it.

11 Things It Means When You Can’t Get Someone Off Your Mind (+ What To Do)

1. You’re in Love With Them.

Love is a beautiful emotion that makes life worth living! 

When you fall in love, you feel happy, excited, and become addicted to the other person. 

Your heart beats faster when you think about them, and your stomach flutters when they call. You feel butterflies in your tummy when you imagine seeing them again.

If there’s someone stuck in your mind, it may be because you’re in love with them.

When you’re in love, you don’t just think about your lover; you dream about them. And when you dream about them, you often find yourself thinking about them at odd times throughout the day. 

What To Do?

You might find your behavior abnormal if you’ve not been into relationships before, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just normal!

Falling in love is not a sin! 

If you’ve developed feelings for someone, why don’t you just admit it and express those feelings to the other person? Further, you can even go on a date with them.    

You might ask me, “What if the other person doesn’t love you back?”
To find out if they love you, ask yourself these seven questions:

Questions to determine if they love you or not.
  • Does the other person show interest in you?
  • Are they attentive and responsive?
  • Do you never have to force them to talk to you?
  • Does he (she) understand your needs and desires?
  • Does the other person seem genuinely concerned about your well-being?
  • Do they treat you with respect?
  • Does he (she) accept you for who you are?

If the answers are “yes” to most of these questions, the higher chances are that you’re being loved.

In the end, it’s better to express yourself now or regret it later. The choice is yours.

2. They’re Your Twin Flame.

Twin flames are two souls destined for each other. For your convenience, you can consider twin flames as “One soul split into two bodies.”

Twin flames share similar interests, goals, and values. They are the ones who complete each other. They might not find each other in this lifetime, but they are supposed to eventually reunite.

Some people believe they’ve found their twin flame, only to find out later they were mistaken. Others wait years, hoping against hope that their twin flame will come along.
In short, twin flames are super rare, and not everyone finds their twin flame.

But does it mean you won’t find your twin flame too?
Obviously not! 

One of the most common traits of twin flames is they constantly think about each other because of their intense soul connection. When one person thinks of the other, a connection is established, and the other person automatically starts thinking about them. 

If you are unable to get someone off your mind, it may be because they are your twin flame.

What To Do?

A single sign is not enough to surely predict that the other person is your twin flame! 

You actually need to identify whether the other person is your twin flame or not! For the same, you can check out my post on “twin flame relationships.”

Once you’re confirmed, you need to calm down because it’s natural for twin flames to think about each other. You can’t do anything about it.

JUST BE CAREFUL that your thoughts don’t turn into obsessive behavior. Obsessive thoughts can be very distracting and interfere with your ability to live a happy life.

When you notice yourself obsessing over your twin flame, try to identify the triggers and avoid them. For instance, if you think about your twin flame when you’re idle for long, make it a habit to keep yourself busy with small activities.

3. You Seek Revenge.

You Seek Revenge.

When someone hurts you, it feels highly terrible!

You may feel the urge to cry out loud, yell, or insult the other person. Some people may resist expressing all their emotions. But, either way, you’re full of anger and sadness.

Let me ask you:- Did the other person do something wrong with you? Did they humiliate you or hurt you?

If your answer is “yes,” It may be why you’re unable get them off your mind. 

Right now, your mind may be in “rebel mode.” Thus, you may be planning many things to teach them a lesson and take revenge. Further, to solidify the reason to take revenge, you may be gathering all the incidents where they previously hurt you.

Is “revenge” the only solution? Read on…

What To Do?

When you go after someone who wronged you, you feel great satisfaction when you finally get them. 

However, revenge is not always the right way to handle things. 

Revenge only hurts yourself and others.

You may feel better temporarily when you seek revenge, but it won’t solve any underlying issues. Furthermore, revenge usually backfires and makes things worse in the long run.

Rather than seeking revenge, find ways to forgive and move forward. There may be times when you need to let go of anger toward someone who hurt you if you genuinely want to move forward. Forgiveness makes you peaceful, stronger, and happier. It’s a win-win situation.  

4. They’ve Challenged Your Perceptions.

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

If the other person falls in the category of “smart people,” you must be having some really great discussions on various topics.

Do you remember the conversations both of you had with them last time? Were they around spirituality, politics, or any other topic that turned into a healthy argument?

If yes, it may be why you’re unable to get someone off your mind. The other person could’ve challenged your thoughts and ideologies so strongly that you may still be wondering which one of you was correct. Further, you may be recalling all the conversations that both of you had.

What To Do?

We gain perceptions from life experiences. Challenging them helps us grow in life and get rid of misconceptions.

However, there are some times when you become narrow-minded and closed to others’ perceptions. You lose the flexibility of your ideologies and start feeling that you’re the only right person.

Don’t let narrow-mindedness hamper your growth!

If someone has challenged your perceptions, at least try giving it an unbiased thought. Allow their ideas to get inside your head and work around them. Figure out what’s truly correct and stick to that ideology.

After making an unbiased decision, you’ll automatically stop getting unnecessary thoughts about the other person.

5. There’s a Deep Bond Between Both of You.

There's a Deep Bond Between Both of You

We all have our own unique personality traits, interests, and beliefs.

Do you remember what happened when the last time you met the other person? Did they create a profound effect on you? Was there a commonality between you that made you feel close to him (her)?

If the answer is “yes,” it means you have a connection with this person. And that connection can be very powerful. 

You make deep bonds with people who share similar interests and values. These deep connections create lasting friendships and healthy relationships.

When you find a person with whom you share common interests and values, you tend to feel comfortable talking to them and vice-versa. That comfort level creates a sense of trust, which leads to deeper conversations and greater understanding. And when you understand each other better, you’re more likely to enjoy each other’s presence.

Finally, you can’t get someone off your mind with whom you have fun, who understands you well and makes you feel comfortable. 

You feel excited imagining yourself with the other person. Further, you’re always wondering when you’ll meet them next.

What To Do?  

It’s not necessary to stress out about everything in the world! 

Just relax and enjoy the other person’s company when he (she) is with you. It’s okay to spend some time thinking about someone every day, especially when your thoughts are positive.

Instead of constantly worrying about how to permanently get rid of those thoughts (which you won’t be able to), learn to embrace them. Make them a part of your routine.

Just don’t let them interfere with your daily goals and tasks. 
If they do, face them consciously for a few minutes in a single go and finally get back to work. It is much better than allowing pieces of those thoughts to disturb you at regular intervals.

6. Your Mind Is Decoding Them.

Whenever you look at something new, how does your mind react? 
It starts to understand “what the new thing is,” right?

Similarly, if you’ve met the other person recently, your mind may be trying to decode “who they really are.” The same could also happen when you’ve learned something absolutely new (good or bad) about them.

Further, when your mind is in “learning mode,” you are unable to get someone off your mind. It is because you’re trying to deeply analyze whether the person is the right person to be with or not. If they are, you wonder how should you treat them, and what boundaries you need to set related to them.

What To Do?

Rather than escaping the thoughts about the other person, you can dedicate a few minutes to thinking about them.
When you’re doing so, try to answer each query about them that pops up in your head.

“Getting to know the other person” in detail would be highly beneficial in the long run. You won’t have to water a dead relationship that isn’t expected to flourish in the future. Further, you’ll get to stay away from the relationship problem which may arise with time.

There would be peace everywhere.

7. They Shine Differently.

They Shine Differently

There are instances in your life when you meet some people that are totally different from the crowd.
They are the people who always have a broad smile on their faces, have unique perspectives toward life, and are overflowing with positivity. In most cases, they have a bubbly personality too.

It feels like they are just built differently!

You can’t get someone off your mind if they have such a wonderful personality. 
It is because such people are infectious. And when you’re surrounded by these “shiny” people, you feel better too. They genuinely care about you and know how to make you laugh. 

Everything about their personality makes them very likable, and it’s easy to become good friends with them.

What To Do?

It’s natural to be attracted to people having such impressive personalities. You may even feel infatuated sometimes, but it’s vital not to consider it love.

When you’re frustrated or have wasted too much time thinking about the other person, just engage yourself in a different activity. Make sure to do something that you really love so that you can entirely focus on it.

If required, You can also try self-control techniques such as meditation, yoga, or mindfulness activities.

8. They Remind You of a Lost Loved One.

When you can’t get someone off your mind, it may be because the other person reminds you of someone else (maybe a loved one) who went away from you. It could be your ex, close friend, family member, or someone deceased.

If you are unsure who does the person “you’re always thinking about” reminds you of, ask yourself these questions:-

  • Did they speak similar to another person you knew? If yes, who sounded like them?
  • Are their qualities and values similar to someone else’s?
  • Do their overall style and attitude resemble someone else’s style and attitude?

Finally, when you connect the dots backward and answer all these questions, you’ll get to know who they remind you of.   

What To Do?

There could be two scenarios when you’re with the other person:-

1. You feel happy and enjoy each moment spent with them. It feels like the person you lost a long time ago came back into your life, and your life has changed for good. Further, you’ve started creating some new astonishing memories.

2. Their presence makes you sad, and you’re back into the memories of the person you lost. Further, the flashback makes you miss the person even more, and your emotions constantly deteriorate.

If it’s case one for you: 
Allow your thoughts to flow when thinking about the other person. Express gratitude towards the other person and the God that you received them once again into your life.

However, don’t just drain yourself the whole day wondering about them. Accept them into your life and start a new journey with them.

If it’s case two: 
I suggest you maintain some distance from the other person to prevent excruciating emotional pain. 

Yeah, Running away may not be the best choice, but if things are not under your control, there’s nothing else you can do. It’s much better than the constant suffering.  

9. You Want To Give Them a Hand.

It makes you feel good on the inside when you help others. And when you’re helping others, you’re actually helping yourself too! (I am talking about the karma game here.)

Did you realize any hidden potential inside the other person? Or are they suffering in life, and you’re concerned about them?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, maybe you want to help them, which is why you can’t get them off your mind. 

You don’t want that person’s potential to stay unrealized and go in vain. Or if they are stuck in something, You know there’s something you can do to provide them substantial help or maybe change their life forever.

What To Do?

Firstly, if you really have an intention to offer a helping hand to the other person, I salute you. There are much lesser people who want others to climb up than people who want to pull others down.

Coming back to the topic, if you really want to help the other person in any way, you need to identify it first whether they need your help or not. If they don’t require your assistance, they will obviously push you away.

These few signs will help you know that they need help:-

Signs that someone may need your help
  • They are unable to express their feelings.
  • Even when they smile, you can identify the pain they’re covering.
  • They’ve changed recently and seem to be more sad than happy.
  • They’ve started distancing themselves from people and spending more time alone.

When you’ve observed most of these signs, go ahead and talk to the person. Slowly and steadily, get a bit closer to them and help them vent out their feelings. Once you’re sure you can offer help, do the best you can do.

10. The Universe Has Planned Something for You.

You would’ve heard this phrase from couples around you:-“We just met by chance and started dating each other.”

What does “met by chance” mean? 

It means that the universe brought them together so they could enter into a relationship.

When you’re unable to get someone off your mind, it may signify that the universe is trying to bring both of you together.

These are five more common universe signs you can look for:-

  • Both of you cross each other paths often.
  • Your gut feeling tells you that good things are on their way.
  • You’ve entirely escaped your past.
  • You see love all around you.
  • You can observe repeating numbers.

If you see most of these signs, the chances are both of you will be together soon.

What To Do?

Firstly, don’t get confused that both of you would only form a “love relationship!”

There could be any reason behind the union. It may be the beginning of a karmic relationship, meeting a soul family member, or anything else. 
If any of you has been practicing the technique of “manifesting a specific person,” it could be the biggest reason behind the union too.

Further, clear your mind and acknowledge the universe’s signs. Once you’re done with it, make the first move, reach out to the other person and start interacting. The more you delay, the more you’ll keep having their thoughts.

11. They’ve Inspired You.

You are unable to get someone off your mind because they've inspired you

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some come from life experiences; others come from reading books or watching movies. And some inspiration comes from observing the actions of others.

You may be inspired by the way others live. Perhaps you’re inspired by their kindness, generosity, or selflessness. Or maybe you admire their success or the ability to overcome adversity.

Whatever the source of inspiration, we’re often motivated to take action after observing the behavior of others who inspire us.

So, Do you look up to the other person as an inspiration for you? Do you want to achieve what they have?

If yes, it may be why you can’t get them off your mind!

When you’re inspired by someone, you try to emulate their behavior. You’re always wondering how the other person would react if they were in your situation. You keep revolving thoughts about them in your head to be able to think, behave, and act like them.

What To Do?

Your life would be boring if you didn’t constantly strive to improve yourself. If you were not driven to better yourself, you’d never grow as a person.

Being inspired by someone is a part of the self-growth journey. 

As it’s said:

You can’t be what you can’t see.

~Marian Wright Edelman

You need to look up to your role model to realize that what you’re trying to achieve is possible. So, it’s okay to visualize them in your mind often.

Just make sure that you don’t get so involved in the process of imitating the other person that you lose your authentic self.

It won’t be worth it!

End of the Line

It is a fact that you won’t be able to get someone off your mind in a blink. It may even take a few weeks or months, depending upon the intensity of the connection between them and you.

So, don’t criticize or be too harsh on yourself. Give yourself sufficient time to overcome other person’s thoughts. Whatever you’re going through is totally normal!

Before you leave the post, I request you to come back in the future after applying the tips and comment below if you found them helpful. Forward it to your loved ones who need to read it too. To be updated with the upcoming posts, don’t forget to hit the bell icon at the bottom right of your screen.

I hope you get out of your “thoughts” rut soon!



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