How to Make a Man Want You Bad? (10 Ultra-Secret Tips)

Updated On: August 4, 2023

Want to unlock his heart? Discover 10 irresistible secrets about how to make a man want you bad. Get his attention now!


How to make a man want you bad?

You like a man, but you’re receiving mixed signals from him. It is pissing you off, right? The last thing you’ll want is a cold response from the man of your dreams.

He might like you too but is wondering if he should show it. Your gestures haven’t implored him to face his emotions about you. He might think you’ll miss it in the long run. Who knows? 

Do you like someone and feel the same worrying about where the spark is? Wondering how to make him crave you mentally, emotionally, and physically

My dear, you’re in the perfect place! 

In this post, I’ll tell you 10 mind-blowing ways you could adopt to make a man want you bad and draw him towards you. 

The Story of My Love 

See, my dear. I’m not asking you to adopt “mean” ways to forcibly attract a man toward you. But I’m trying to ignite the missing spark that’ll benefit both of you. 

Before moving into the signs, let me quickly share my love story with you. Soon, you’ll realize why the share is essential here. 

After meeting Ankit, we developed a good bond over time. We started talking, and I developed a liking for him. I’d also sense his affection toward me, but he’d sometimes be too reluctant to show that. 

Thanks to me, I didn’t give up but worked on my behavior, which helped us get together, and we’re doing great now!😊 I’ll share the storyline with you as we move ahead in the blog. 

Now, without further delay, let’s jump straight to how to make a man want you badly. 

Unleashing Irresistible Charisma: 10 Secrets to Make a Man Want You Bad

1. Be a Positive, Self-Confident Woman. 

A woman who's seeing herself in a mirror and the mirror reflection is saying "you can do it!"

The first step to making a man value you start with valuing yourself. Well, How can you expect someone else to see your worth if you undervalue yourself? 

Let me make things simpler for you. 

I’d be engrossed during our talking stage to impress Ankit. As much as he wanted it, sometimes things would go wrong. I’d often try to convince him that I was flawless (I believed he’d only date an ideal woman). 

Better late than never, I realized everyone is flawed, and those imperfections make us beautiful. 

“Am I working to be a better version of myself? Am I a positive and self-confident lady?” Answering these questions helped me ease the equation with Ankit. 

He loved the “confident” me and started being more frank. 

Moral? Be confident in your own skin and have a positive mindset. Your personality has a lot to do with drawing a man towards you. Also, ensure to radiate good vibes with your words and actions. Trust me, my dear; he is bound to take note. 

2. Be an Ambitious Woman. 

The ultimate thing that would attract a man towards you is your goals and ambition. An aimless lady with no plans for the future and zero hard work can attract cowards and kids but not a MAN!

Ankit would often appreciate me for my dedicated work and passion for reaching my goals. He would often ask me what I wished to pursue in the future, how I decided to move ahead, and everything that revolved around my professional life. I’d discuss his career goals, too, with him. 

Even today, we appreciate each other for our work and keep pushing each other to improve. 

So, what do you learn from this? 

Being goal-oriented helps you attract a quality man in your life. Men love it when a woman is ambitious, works hard to achieve her goals, and desires independence.

Are you following your goals? If yes, awesome! He’ll start noticing the fire in you soon. 

3. Let him See Your Sexy Side. 

A girl showing her sexy personality.

Oh, that was quick! Did it get over your head? Worry less, my dear. I’m going to tell you an exciting thing. 

We often mistake sexy as dirty or slutty. But that isn’t the case. Attracting a man doesn’t need you to share your naked pictures or wear sexy clothes together. 

Here, it means having a sexy and wonderful personality. Yes, my dear. That’s what I meant. Sexy isn’t a shape; it’s an attitude, it’s a personality. Many men like you. But they value you only when you have a mesmerizing personality

Now, What does an awesome personality look like? 

  • Be a woman of your word. Try not to deviate from what you say or promise. 
  • Don’t find lame excuses if you’re late for a meeting with him. Be honest. 
  • Don’t make exaggerated claims.
  • Be willing to say sorry if you’re wrong. 

With these traits, he can’t ignore you. He’ll want you badly and crave you for the wonderful woman you are.

4 Be Vocal About Your Feelings.

Okay, this is a bold move. Don’t worry, my dear; I’ll guide you through it. 

I’m not asking you to go straight to a guy and propose to him on your knees. No, you’ll have time for it. 

What you can do now is let him softly know that you like his gestures. You like how he talks or does a particular thing. 

Trust me. The guy would love to hear compliments from you. I’d often compliment Ankit for his styling and appreciate his sense of humor. 

No, that didn’t happen in a day. It took me a while to get comfortable with him. When I started sensing his soft corner towards me, I went on to become a little vocal about my thoughts and feelings.

“Does she like me?”
“Did she like what I did for her?” 
“Did she like this dress?”

Questions like this are sure to pop up in his mind. Chances are high; he’d start thinking of other ways to impress you and be a part of your life. 

If you sense his feelings towards you, this is one of the best things to do. Try being vocal about what you feel inside. Let him know he matters. I’m telling you, my dear, these little gestures will make him want you badly. 

5. FLIRT With Him.

A girl flirting with a guy.

Yes, you read it right. Even if you’re together, never stop flirting with him. Tease him sometimes and ask him playful questions to make it even more exciting. 

“Did I tell you you’re my life’s hottest man?”
“Do you know you’re the best thing that has happened to me?”
“Do you know I love seeing you in black?”
“Did you know I couldn’t get my eyes off you at the party yesterday?”

These are some examples. Being a little playful towards a guy will make butterflies dance in his stomach. He’d love being treated this way and enjoy every bit of it. I’m having a broad smile as I write this, as I can’t help but think about the new ways to flirt with Ankit. 

When you’re together, throw him smiles often, lean towards him, and hold his arms. All these sweet and flirty gestures will make him happy. He wouldn’t stop thinking about you and go crazy. 

Are you doing this with your man? If not, try incorporating these little changes; you’ll see the fire lighting up soon between you two. 

6. Make Him Feel Needed. 

We all want attention from the person we love, don’t we? Similarly, he will expect the same from you. Like women, men need attention and care too; they crave to feel valued and loved. 

You can be a super confident woman with superb life goals. Great! But, if you’re always bragging about yourself in front of him and are too self-obsessed, then, my dear, I’m sorry. He’ll soon lose interest in you and pull away. 

I have always been extra cautious on this part. I never wanted to make Ankit feel less cared about before we officially got together. What did I do? 

  • I shared things with him and asked about his thoughts on the same. 
  • I sought help from him when required. 
  • I complimented him when he did something good or posted a picture in which he looked handsome. 
  • I tried cheering him up during his mood swings. 

And the list will go big. Long story short: I tried making Ankit feel wanted without looking too desperate. Ankit confessed later that this was one of the things that he loved the most about me. 

Do you make him feel wanted? Show him he’s needed. Show him you care. It’ll drive him crazy for you. 

7. Be His Home.

A girl comforting a guy and having him in her arms.

This is a significant thing that you must keep in mind. As I have already said, men love to be loved, cared for, and valued like women. 

A guy might have a lot of responsibilities on his head and you should be the least of his worries

Try being by his side when he has a rough patch. Encourage him to do better. Push him to go beyond his dreams. Tell him that he matters to you. 

My dear, he will never forget your empathy during his bad times. And this empathy will make him go blind for you, in a good sense! There is this famous line circulating on social media often these days: 

“She was by his side when he had nothing. Now that he has everything, he treats her like a queen.” 

You might feel it’s too good to be true. Or, that’s only the case with celebrities. But no, my dear. Men like this exist in real life. You should be keen to understand which flower deserves water to bloom! 

8. Have Your Own Opinion.

This is an essential aspect of any successful relationshipYou must have your own voice and not let the man decide everything for you. 

If he doesn’t see this in you, he’ll lose interest with time. Or, he might get a green signal to operate you just the way he wants. 

A real MAN craves a woman who stands up for herself, has a voice, and is not afraid to opine on different things. He will not look for a girl with no strict standpoint. 

Ankit and I always had a sharp difference regarding our favorite sports stars. Yet, I was always open to giving my opinion whenever needed, whether after losing a game or making an average prediction. We have arguments even today, but we know how to respect each other’s opinions. 

Do you have your own voice? Do you carry your own opinion? If yes, that’s wonderful. He will only be more attracted to you with time. If not, start practicing it today, my friend. 

9. Be a Little Unavailable at Times.

Yes, making a guy realize how much he wants you is essential. Being a little unavailable at times actually strengthens your bond. 

You’re always a yes-man to what he says. You’re replying to his texts instantly. You’re constantly available for him. Well, I understand the excitement to immediately reply to the person you like. But at times, you must take a pause. 

If a guy sees you’re too much into him right from the beginning, he might take you for granted. He might think he can ask for anything anytime, and you’ll affirm.

See, I’m not asking you to pull away when he needs you. But a little mystery spices up things at times. Take time to reply to his texts. Get a little distant at times; keep yourself busy with your hobbies. 

This slight distance from your end will make him go crazy. He will put effort into talking to you, seeing you, and spending time with you. That way, you also know if he is the right man.

Ankit and I had a similar equation when we had just started to see each other. The thoughts make me nostalgic even today.

10. Surprise Him Often. 

A girl surprising a guy with a gift.

I often plan surprise dates with Ankit. The first time I cooked for him and gave him the surprise, he was ecstatic. I still remember the charming smile on his face. He, too, plans a lot of surprises for me. 

I’m telling you here to recognize your “special one” in your life and surprise him often. This would let him know that you’re thinking about him. You care for his happiness. And that, my dear, is enough for him to crave your presence and want you badly in this life. 

Just ensure to be mindful while planning gifts or surprises; otherwise, it could be a guy’s biggest turn-off. 

Suppose he’s allergic to roses, and you give her a rose bouquet. Or, he doesn’t eat ice cream, but you buy him one. This gesture might make him feel you ignore him and his preferences. 

That would be the last thing you’d want, right? So, gather your thoughts and plan surprises thoughtfully that he has no other option but to love you passionately and feel blessed for having a woman like you in his life. 

Final Thoughts

With that, we have reached the end of this post. The above techniques will help you reach your destination- the man of your life and spice up the chemistry! 

See, what’s meant to be will always fall into place. 

However, the little efforts and the right moves make it worth cherishing a thousand times!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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