15 Subtle Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Updated On: September 14, 2023

Is your ex actually over you or do they still think about you? Discover these 15 spiritual signs your ex misses you!


15 spiritual signs your ex misses you

Ana is still madly in love with her ex, Ankit. They haven’t met for months; hence, she is unsure about his feelings.

So she plucks one petal from a rose for ‘he misses me’ and the other for ‘he misses me not.’ And keeps repeating till the last petal to get the divine answer.

Have you ever tried this method? Or are you intuitive enough to catch the spiritual signs of the universe?

Well, if you’re unable to understand, stay tuned to learn about 15 spiritual signs your ex misses you.

The Cosmic Connection: 15 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Most people don’t believe in psychic signs. They think of it as a myth. But suppose you are empathetic and have a deep connection with your ex. In that case, the universe helps you understand whether they truly miss you. 

Let’s see what are those signs.

1. They Meet You In Your Dreams.

A guy getting dreams about being with his ex.

You’ve gone through a breakup and are trying to move on. But suddenly, you’ve started dreaming of your ex! Your friends say you subconsciously want your ex to think of you, so you meet them in your dreams. 

But you and I know this is not true. 

Then why do they visit you in your dreams? 

Well, here is the thing. Dreams carry universal messages to help you with advice and suggestions or as a sign to divert your attention to a particular person or situation. 

It is said that when two souls are connected, they often meet in their dreams. Thus, if the connection between you and your ex-beloved is solid, you may dream about them. 

So, in short, if you usually meet them in your dreams, you can consider it a spiritual sign that you’re on your ex’s mind and the universe is trying to convey their feelings. 

2. You Get Hiccups Without Any Reason.

You get hiccups when you eat spicy food or swallow air while chewing the food. But what if you get hiccups without having experienced any of these things? 

Let me explain it to you in detail.

Have you heard someone say if you get hiccups, it means someone is thinking about you? And if you take that person’s name, your hiccups will stop. 

Do you believe in this statement? I do. 

I have been hearing this since childhood but realized it was real when one of my friends went through the experience. Let me share the incident with you.

‘Roma’ used to get hiccups every day since her breakup. She knew Pratik, her boyfriend, was missing her and trying to reconnect. 

Although Roma, too, wanted to get back to him, she decided to take it slow. But Pratik was impatient, and he kept thinking about her day in and day out. 

So whenever Roma got hiccups, she used to say, ‘Pratik,’ and the next moment, her hiccups were gone. Fascinating. Isn’t it? But to her surprise, her parents got too worried and dragged her to the doctor. 

And guess what? The doctor looked at her and just giggled. Later, we both literally burst out laughing when she shared this incident with me. 

Do I need to say more? So, If you get unusual hiccups and they stop once you take your ex’s name, it is a psychic sign that your ex misses you and is thinking about you.

3. You Have a Fixed Sneezing Pattern.

Friends and family might bless you when you sneeze. And if you keep sneezing consistently, you need to see a doctor. 😅 

However, out of the blue moon, if you sneeze three times in a row, someone is missing you too deeply, my dear, as sneezing three times in a row is rare. 

So, if you’re wondering whether your ex-partner still remembers you, consider this a spiritual sign that you’re on your former partner’s mind. 

4. You Smile Without A Reason.

A girl smiling without any reason.

“Hey, why are you smiling? What’s the matter, dear?”

Has anyone said this when you feel lost in your own world while thinking about your ex? Have you ever given it a thought?

Okay, let’s do a rapid-fire round. 

Do you smile because your ex keeps staring at you in your dreams for a long? Or do you blush because he radiates warm and loving vibes toward you? 

Do you hear him whisper in your ears that you mean the whole world to him? Or is his smile contagious? 

Whether you realize it or not, your ex is deeply connected with your soul and can light up your face even when you’re 2,000 miles apart. It is a spiritual sign telling you that your ex misses you and is thinking about you.

5. The Spiritual Connection Between You Two Still Exists.

Have you ever felt a deep psychic connection with your ex when you were together? And do you still feel the cosmic push toward each other even after your breakup?

Then, my friend, it is a spiritual sign that your former partner still misses you.

You think about the past, remember the good old days you spent together, and want to live those moments again because deep down, you feel that everything is not over yet. 

Maybe you both want to clear some misunderstandings, say sorry for what you didn’t mean to say, or let each other know how lonely you feel without them in this world. 

Whatever it is, there is some karma left with your ex that you want to fulfill.

6. Some Strange Energies Impact Your Mood.

Have you ever suddenly felt blue or over the moon without any reason? Do you go wild or feel restless even when everything is okay? 

If you do, you might have caught up with the current feelings of your ex. 

When you and your beloved share a strong bond, you are physically and emotionally attached to each other. Thus, your body quickly catches your ex’s energy. 

You’ll feel sad when they are down in the dumps and get angry when they’re in a heated conversation with someone in their life. You’ll feel the blissful energy surrounding you when your ex is happy. 

You’ll feel every emotion your former partner goes through because they’re thinking strongly about you at the back of their mind. As your bond is strong, the energies will definitely reach you.

7. They Are Always On Your Mind.

A girl constantly thinking about his ex

Another psychic sign that your ex misses you is you keep thinking about them.

Let me share the story of my friends with you. 

My friends ‘Nikita’ and ‘Pankaj’ were madly in love with each other during school days. But unfortunately, they got separated due to some misunderstandings. And Pankaj started dating other girls

Seeing him flirting around, Nikita felt jealous. But she was unable to forget him and always wondered, “He likes someone else and doesn’t even think of me. So, why do I keep getting his vibes filled with love and care? Why can’t I resist my intention to stop thinking about him?”

A few weeks later, something strange happened. Pankaj proposed to her and said, “Nikita, I still love you. I’ve missed you a lot since our breakup. Shall we give our relationship another shot?” 

Now, why did he not contact her before? He didn’t because he wanted Nikita to feel jealous and make the first move. Unfortunately, Nikita missed his signs.

But Pankaj was so much into her that his deep love made Nikita wait for him unconsciously. 

See, guys, this proves that love never dies. Nikita could not stop thinking about Pankaj because his intense thoughts never let her forget him. Now you know why you keep thinking about your ex. 

8. Pink Feathers: Unconditional Love With Your Ex.

Have you ever come across feathers in unexpected places? Like you’re reading a book online, and a pink feather image pops up out of nowhere?

Do you know the spiritual meaning of feathers, especially the pink ones? 

Well, pink feathers symbolize unconditional love, care, and friendship. It is also believed that when you see feathers, you’re surrounded by angels and spirits who want to give you a specific message. 

Suppose you wonder whether your ex still loves you, and you stumble upon a pink feather. In that case, it’s a strong message that your partner counts the minutes until you reunite. 

So don’t hesitate to make the first move if you get a spiritual sign of your ex missing you.

9. You Bump Into Your Ex At Strange Places.

Imagine this: You want to stop thinking about your ex. So you decide to hang out with your friends. And instead of going to a regular cafe, you feel the urge to visit a new place for a change. 

You have decided to talk only about new topics, get new experiences, try out fresh food, or do anything on earth. But you definitely won’t talk or think about your ex. 

And guess what? You bump into your ex at the same cafe. 

Is it a coincidence? Or is it a cosmic push to bring you two together at the same place and time? Did it ring the bell?

Well, it’s because you and your ex are spiritually connected and have ignored your feelings for long. 

So this is a spiritual sign to show you that your ex, too, misses you, and things between you two should move forward. 

If the cosmos wants them to meet, even if they are away, they will meet. If it doesn’t, even if they are face to face, they will not see each other.

~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

10. Universe Plays Your Favorite Song.

A guy listening to a random song that reminds him of his ex

You both loved hearing your favorite songs when you were together, and the lyrics of those songs still make you feel like love is in the air. 

Guess what? The universe knows that, too! 

Hence, the universe will play the song wherever you go to give you a spiritual sign that your beloved ex is missing you. Whether on a long drive, at a party, or in a cafe, the track would start playing out of nowhere. 

For instance, take the lines from ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’ by Frank Ocean. The lyrics go like this:

“I’ve been thinking ’bout you. Do you still think about me too? Do ya, do ya?” 

Aren’t these lines perfect for your situation? 

11. You Feel They Are Sitting Next To You.

Have you ever felt that your ex-partner is sitting right next to you even when you’re alone in your room? Or have you felt their aura so close to your body that you can hear their deep breaths and heartbeats?

Yes, my dear friend, this can happen when two souls are entangled deeply in each other’s energy. It is another psychic sign your ex misses you. 

You and your ex might have had a good time together, and staying away from you might be difficult for them. Hence, they want to reconnect, talk, and share their feelings with you.

They think about you sincerely from the bottom of their heart, and every cell of their body wants to tell you that their heart aches for you. These intense energies are at play, making you feel their presence beside you. 

12. You Feel Like They Are Keeping a Close Watch on You.

Have you ever felt someone is highly interested in you and keeping a close watch on your moves? 

For example, they are observing where you are going, what you are up to, what your thoughts are on a particular topic, with whom you hang out, and so on. 

If you’ve ever felt like this, it is a spiritual sign your ex misses you. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that your ex is following you physically. It means your ex is watching over you with their mind’s eye as your energies are strongly connected

13. You Often Experience Clairsentience.

A guy experiencing clairsentience

Picture this: You’re missing your ex a lot. So you go away from the daily hustle of life to a lonely place to settle all your thoughts.

“Does this person still think of me? Or is it only me carrying deep, painful emotions in my heart? Why do I get carried away in his thoughts always? Why don’t I have control over them? Has he moved on in his life?”

You’re lost in your deep thoughts, seeking answers to the above questions. 

And suddenly… You feel a touch on your shoulders. Startled, you look back. But alas! There’s no one behind you!

Did this give you goosebumps? Well, there’s nothing to fear. 

What you experience is called “clairsentience,” which means clear sensation, where you feel like someone has touched you. 

The universe has its own ways to give you a specific sign. You can feel their touch when your vibrations are high, and you and your ex are connected firmly. 

 So, this is a clear psychic sign your ex misses you. 

14. You Feel an Astral Body Connection.

Have you ever heard about meeting someone in an astral body where the souls meet each other in dreams? 

No? Okay, I will explain.

The astral body, or subtle body, is a non-physical energy body that coexists with the physical body. It is composed of subtle energy and provides a connection between the physical realm and spiritual realms. 

When you think deeply about someone, your body emits emotions into the atmosphere. And those emotions reach the people who can intensely feel your energy. 

In the first point, I talked about dreams where you get messages that they miss you. However, on an astral level, your dreams are so real and vivid that you can feel or touch your partner, talk to them, hear their heartbeats, or experience their warmth when you’re in their arms. 

And this can happen only when you vibrate at a higher frequency and have strong feelings toward someone. 

If you’ve met your beloved ex in such a way, consider it a spiritual sign your ex misses you. 

15. You Become Over-Sensitive on Special Occasions.

Have you and your ex celebrated special moments together, like birthdays, festivals, or anniversaries? 

Do those moments still hold a special place in your heart? 

After break up, you might feel sensitive during those dates as your emotions get triggered. It happens because, deep down, your ex is thinking about those shared moments on those specific occasions. 

Their intense energy reaches your soul, making you feel restless from within. Their vibrations attract you, and slowly, you, too, start to feel deeply about your ex. 

You might want to meet them, talk to them, or want to wish them on their special day. But you’re unsure of their feelings, and that hurts the most. 

Thus, getting sensitive on special occasions is a psychic sign your ex misses you. 

End of the Line

So now you know spiritual signs are not a myth! If you’re intuitive enough, you keep getting signs from the universe. 

It is said, “The closer you become to your higher self, the closer you draw towards the beloved who can only be found on the same level of higher consciousness.” 

So, are you still plucking the rose petals to know whether your ex misses you? Or you’ve got the spiritual sign from the universe?

Make sure to let me know in the comments below.



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