10 Alarming Signs He Likes His Female Friend!

Updated On: June 8, 2023

Is it just friendship or something more? Discover the 10 hidden signs he likes his female friend. Unveil the truth now!


10 signs he likes his female friend.

You love him with all your heart, but his female friend keeps coming into the picture. You’re trying your best to keep things great between you and your boyfriend, but you feel there’s something off. 

Is it an everyday scenario in your relationship that’s slowly getting on your nerves? Have you started doubting your partner secretly likes his female friend? 

If so, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your decision to continue the relationship. You must sort this issue out in the early phase of your relationship, or it may take a toll on your mental health in the future.

Look, I’m not trying to initiate jealousy or asking you to create a scene out of nowhere. But if your boyfriend’s female friend’s constant presence is hampering the equation between you two, you must speak up!

If he’s really into you, he will fix a thousand problems just to be with you. If not, things will never work out in the long run. 

In this post, I will share 10 telltale signs he likes his female friend. It consists of real-life experiences and stories to provide you with appropriate information. 

The Breakup Story of My Best Friend 

Before moving to the signs, I’ll tell you a short story about my friend “Nita.” 

I have seen Nita, one of my very close friends, experience something similar with her partner. I prefer not to disclose the names of her partner and her partner’s female friend, so let’s take it as “Ritesh” and “Molly.” 

Nital and Ritesh were going great initially, but Molly slowly started getting into the picture. She’d often cross the friendship line; surprisingly, Ritesh wouldn’t do much about it. 

Nita was reluctant at first to accept Ritesh’s soft corner towards Molly, but repeated scenarios implored her to believe the same. Despite unlimited chances, Ritesh never fixed the issue; eventually, they parted ways. 

Yes! It wasn’t the easiest decision for Nita, but she’s leading a happy life now, thanks to her brave choice. 

Beyond Friendship: Unveiling the 10 Signs He Likes His Female Friend

Coming back to you! Are you afraid that your boyfriend likes his female friend?

If so, observing the following 10 signs will help clarify your doubt:-

1. His Female Friend Is Always in Your Conversations.

His female friend is always in your conversations.

I’d see Nita stressing over this issue often. Ritesh was always bringing up Molly in their conversations. No matter the topic, most of the time, it’ll shift toward Molly, like how she dresses, her favorite cuisine, and so on. 

Initially, Nita thought that was because of their great friendship and because they had a lot in common. But, this went on to increase with time. 

Nita started feeling uncomfortable. Though reluctant earlier, she tried communicating this issue to Ritesh, but nothing changed! 

Here’s a little glimpse of the conversation that Nita shared with me following their breakup:

Nita: “Ritesh, don’t you think we are having too many discussions about Molly? We should also have more time to talk about ourselves.”
Ritesh: “I think you’re acting insecure now. Do I talk about your friendship with your male friends?”

That’s like clearly playing the victim card. He often used this tool to shut Nita up and continue his ways. 

Do you relate to these scenarios with your boyfriend? Is his female friend always in the picture, even during your cozy times? Does he bring her up often even though you’re having a different discussion?

If so, my friend, it’s a clear sign your boyfriend likes his female friend.

2. He Involves in Her Business a Lot.

You might wonder if friends should be concerned about each other, and that’s natural. Yes, that indeed is. 

Then, what’s not okay? It’s crossing the limits! 

This issue would take a toll on Nita’s mental health

Ritesh was always involved in Molly’s personal life, and so was she in his. Molly would often comment on Nita and Ritesh’s love life that the latter would gladly defend. 

The opposite was true too. Ritesh often engaged in Molly’s personal life too much, commenting about the men she chose to date, and the list is never-ending. 

There is a difference between being a concerned friend and a jealous friend because she’s picking up on another guy. Ritesh’s behavior always indicates the second. [You can see how Nita had hundreds of reasons before she called it quits with him.]

Let me ask you. Do you find your man way too involved in his female friend’s personal life? Does it seem like he crosses healthy boundaries often? 

If yes, it could be a significant red flag and one of the prominent signs he likes his female friend. 

3. He Compares You With His Female Friend. 

He compares you with his female friend.

A top-tier red flag is when he compares you to his female friend. No, that’s a big no! A man who’s into you will never put you in a position where you feel you’re anything less than someone. Ritesh did precisely the same to Nita. 

They were going well for the first few months. But, eventually, Ritesh would bring up Molly and draw a comparison with Nita. 

Some of Ritesh’s words were like this: 

“Why can’t you wear a black dress? Molly was looking beautiful the other day.”
“I can’t imagine my girlfriend isn’t into Hollywood. Molly and I had watched many of Tom Cruise’s movies together.” 

Initially, Nita would feel at fault and try adjusting to Ritesh’s ways. But no matter what she did, it would never satisfy Ritesh. Quite naturally, Nita burst out after some time and was blamed again for being “mean!” 

Have you ever been through such a situation? Does it repeat even after you express your concern to your partner? 

If yes, I’m sorry, my dear! He’s undoubtedly not the man of your life, and I promise you deserve better. 

Your man constantly comparing you with his female friend is among the most prominent signs he secretly likes his female friend.

4. He Behaves Weirdly When You Mention His Female Friend.

Trust me, my dear, when he’s into another girl, you’ll catch it in his eyes and body language. He will often act weird whenever his female friend is in the conversation. 

Honestly speaking, this was something that Nita never experienced. But, many people have admitted to facing this weird reaction from their partners whenever their opposite-gender friend is in the conversation. 

Now you may wonder – “What could be the possible weird reactions from him when his female friend is in the conversation?” 

Well, He might try to act too smart or start feeling a bit uneasy. You will catch it in his eyes. You’ll feel something strange and unnatural about his body language whenever you mention his female friend. 

Here’s a list of some possible weird body gestures:

  • Self-soothing smart gestures. 
  • Unsteady eye contact. 
  • Sudden rise or fall in vocal tone. 
  • Not making eye contact. 
  • Locking fingers too fast. 

Have you ever been surprised seeing your man acting weird when his female friend is in talks? Do you find it strange how his body language shifts to something unusual during these scenarios? 

If you affirm, then my friend, I must tell you that his behavior could be a subtle sign your boyfriend likes his female friend. 

5. They Are Always Flirting With Each Other. 

They are always flirting with each other.

Listen, my friend. I am not trying to ignite any jealousy in this blog. My sole aim is to help you understand whether your partner is faithful to you. 

The truth is: there exists a fine line between being friendly to each other and being flirtatious. If your partner is always flirting with his female friend and forgets to draw a line, consider discontinuing the relationship. 

Not only Nita, but I faced this too with my ex-boyfriend. He was always flirting with his female friends, even right before me. He would even comment flirty quotes on their pictures on social media, whereas he hardly had the time to react to mine.

His overly flirtatious behavior would upset me, and I tried communicating my feelings in the politest way possible.

Not only did that yield any results, but I heard, “Mohar, you should try clearing the dirt in your mind.” 

If you ever face something similar, you know what that indicates. Be a woman of your worth and walk away from the painful phase. Something much better is waiting for you. 

6. He Shares Every Tiny Detail With His Female Friend.

Having a best friend with whom you can share even the tiniest detail of your day is incredible. I completely agree with it. 

But what’s not okay is forgetting you also have a role to play in your partner’s life. Setting priorities is necessary; if your man fails to do so, it’s high time he realizes it. 

A common thing between Nita and Ritesh is that Ritesh often kept secrets from her. To add more to that bitterness, Molly would know those things way before Nita. 

Initially, Nita thought maybe he needed more time to settle into the relationship and kept quiet about it. And that’s where she went wrong. 

No matter how close they are, a man who’s into you will never keep you in the dark and discuss things with another girl. 

Ritesh utilized Nita’s quietness and went on to continue his acts. Slowly, she understood this was not going to change ever.

Does your boyfriend keep secrets from you often? Does he always share things with his female friend way before you? 

If so, it could be a prompt sign that he’s more interested romantically in his female friend than you. 

7. He Often Cuts You Off From the Picture. 

Here is another red flag that you must take note of. 

Do your boyfriend and his female friend often hang out together and don’t ask you? Does he always forget to mention it to you? 

If this happens frequently in your relationship, my dear, it’s a clear no. 

A man who loves you will never keep secrets about his whereabouts. He will never put you in a frustrated state with a confused mind. 

I had faced something similar. My ex-partner usually hung out with his office colleague and didn’t even bother inviting me. I tried making peace with it. But, eventually, he even stopped letting me know where he was going with her, which pissed me off. 

See, my dear. A relationship is supposed to give you comfort and joy, not sleepless nights where you constantly worry about your boyfriend being with another woman. 

If these are the repeated scenarios in your relationship, let me say out loud: You must move on! 

8. He Is Always Defending His Female Friend. 

He is always defending his female friend.

If your boyfriend defends his female friend always and hardly takes the time to listen to you, that’s another red flag.

Yes, I understand arguments are natural in a relationship. You can have differences of opinion. 

But is he too critical of you about it? Is he always taking the side of his female friend? 

If yes, it clearly indicates he secretly likes his female friend. 

Nita had been through this, and it was terrible for her. Ritesh would criticize her during their arguments while he would always take Molly’s side. It’s impossible to bear this behavior from your loved one, which can affect your mental well-being. 

If your boyfriend does it often, try talking it out with him. If things keep unchanged even after that, you better cut off ties with him.

9. His Female Friend is Causing Problems Between You Two.

Have you started getting problems in your relationship because of your boyfriend’s female friend? Is she constantly pushing him against you, and he’s totally numb? 

If yes, it indicates something wrong. 

No woman ever wants to keep arguing with the man he loves. It causes her mental and emotional stress. The same is true with men too. Yes, ups and downs are natural in a relationship. But a problem due to a third person, must not be entertained. 

This was a common scenario with both me and Nita. Problems wouldn’t stop, and our boyfriend’s female buddies kept coming into the picture. It’s not that we didn’t try, but you see, what’s not meant to be, will never fall in place.  

Have you been through something similar? 

If yes, then the first step to solving this issue is to accept something similar is happening between you and your partner. Try communicating it with him in the humblest way possible. 

Now, observe how things are after that. Does your boyfriend change? Is he all ears to what you’re conveying to him? Does he try to solve the issue between you two?

If not, and he still takes sides with his female friend, that’s another clue for you to leave the relationship.

10. You Have a Strong Gut Feeling. 

By far, I have told you almost all the possible signs your boyfriend likes his female friend. And here is the last one. 

Sometimes, you sense it happening – You can feel something’s off with your boyfriend. 

You have a gut feeling that something is wrong with him, and his present behavior doesn’t match his earlier gestures. He isn’t invested in the relationship like he was initially and is more inclined towards his female friend. 

Nita would always feel it inside. No matter what she said, deep inside she knew things weren’t the best between her and Ritesh. And that’s when the consistent signs helped her understand the fact, Ritesh has a soft corner for Molly. 

You have this feeling inside, but is this a good idea to make a decision immediately? 

No, not at all! 

That’s why the above signs are for. If you feel your partner and his female friend have a secret chemistry cooking between them, try looking out for the mentioned signs and see if they align with your gut feeling.

Is It Okay If My Boyfriend Has Female Friends? 

Should you let such thoughts empower your mind at all? 

Come on, girl! You’re not a school-going kid anymore. Feeling jealous of your partner’s female friends doesn’t suit you. 

It is excellent if he has female friends; you should respect their friendship.

But what’s not okay? When he doesn’t introduce you to his female friends or when his friends overstep your relationship boundaries

These concerning issues require your immediate attention. 

Is it a Red Flag if He Has Lots of Female Friends?

The straight answer is “No!” 

Your boyfriend has ‘many’ female friends, which suggests he is just friends with all of them. 

Still worried? Okay, These questions might help. 

  • Does he introduce you to his female friends? 
  • Are his female friends aware of the importance you hold in his life?
  • Do his female friends respect your bond? 

If you affirm these questions, trust me, dear, there is nothing more to worry about. You have the best partner in the world. 

Now, let me reverse the situation. 

  • Does he hold secrets about your relationship with his female friends? 
  • Does he breach the friendship line and flirt with his female friends? 
  • Does he turn a deaf ear to your suggestions? 

If so, my dear, that’s a major red flag. 

Many people need help here. They think time will fix everything. But let me tell you, time only makes the situation worse. He won’t change and would have changed long ago if he wanted to. 

Wrapping Up 

With that, it’s time to conclude our discussion on the possible signs your boyfriend likes his female friend. 

See, my dear, keeping a relationship smooth and beautiful is challenging. It comes with lots of forgiveness, sacrifices, and dedication. 

But do you know what makes it easy? 

Transparency and loyalty between you two! If that’s missing in your partner, he might not be the one. 

I want to help you understand that you are fantastic and deserve the best. So, never settle for someone who keeps you in the dark, is not loyal, and keeps getting attracted to other women. 

Did you find the signs helpful? Do you have anything to share? Feel free to let me know in the comments! 

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