13 Tips For Dating a Busy Man: The Right Way To Do It!

Updated On: January 6, 2023

Do you feel that your relationship won’t last long because you are dating a busy man who can’t give you time? Read these 13 tips that can help it last forever!


Dating a Busy Man Featured

Have you ever faced the situation that you called someone close to you, they didn’t pick up the phone, you expected a callback, but you never got one?

What did you do next? You called them again. They picked up the call and told you that they were BUSY, so they forgot to give you a callback.

It feels so disgusting, Right? It feels as if you are worthless and mostly ignored!

In short, things don’t generally work according to your expectations.

The bitter truth is:- The scenario mentioned above is what dating a busy man looks like! You call him, but he’s busy, so he doesn’t have time to talk. You plan a date night with him, but it mostly gets postponed.

So, Does it mean that dating a busy guy leads to a toxic relationship?

Dating a busy man could turn into the wonderful relationship that you always wanted. You can get the love, pamper, and care that you expect from your partner.

But, how?

Being a busy man myself, who’s in a lovely relationship (since the past few years), I am pretty eligible to answer all your queries. 
I can tell you exactly how we want to be treated so that we can shower you with the massive amount of love that’s hidden inside us.

Trust me. Treating a busy guy the right way could turn into the best relationship of your life.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with this “dating a busy man guide.”

9 Clear Signs a Busy Man Likes You

One common trait among busy people is that they are inexpressive, and they don’t share it directly if they have feelings for you.

So, if your friend is a busy man, he might have never given it a thought if he wants to enter into a relationship or not. It is because his dreams and responsibilities kept him occupied.

Now, you might be thinking, “If he won’t tell me that he likes me, how can I know he’s interested in dating me or not?”

Well, I can help you out!

Just observe these nine signs that will help you know the busy man likes you.

1. There are Incomplete Conversations.

Whenever both of you have discussions regarding dating, past relationships, or love, the conversation ends abruptly.

It seems like he wanted to share his feelings, but he didn’t because he was shy. Both of you feel nervous, and there is an awkward silence. Soon, the topic gets changed.

2. He Values Your Opinion.

You can observe that he values your opinion equally as much as he values his opinion.

Your thoughts matter to him, and you don’t feel ignored or unheard.

He listens to you patiently and makes conclusions keeping your interests in mind. Also, he considers you competent enough to help him make big decisions in life.

3. He Understands You.

One of the most vital signs a busy man likes you is that you don’t need to over-explain anything to him.  

He knows who you are, and he trusts you. So, you don’t have to provide him with justifications for anything. 
Your voice is sufficient to make him understand what you’re feeling at the moment, and he treats you accordingly.

4. He Bows Down When Needed.

Conflicts are a part of every relationship. 

So, whenever there’s an argument between both of you, he doesn’t recklessly try to prove you wrong. He knows when he’s at fault and accepts his mistake. 
Even when he’s right, he might sometimes accept that he’s wrong if it makes you feel better. He does all of it just because he likes you. 

5. He Pampers You, Takes Care of You, and Make You Feel Better.

It is a fact that women want someone to pamper them and take care of them.

If he likes you, you might observe that he pampers you and takes care of you even when he’s busy. He shows you affection and makes you feel that you are loved. Even when he’s your friend, he takes care of your demands and fulfills them.
He makes you feel amazing and worthy of having every happiness of life.    

6. He Makes Time for You.

Even when he’s working on a deadline, he manages time and ensures to take out at least a few minutes for you daily.

Both of you have regular conversations. He might spend less time with you, but the time spent is actually quality time. When he’s a bit free, he loves to spend a few hours with you.

7. He is always there for You in Time of Need.

When A Busy Man Gives You Time

Whenever you need comfort, he becomes your home. 
Whenever you are sad, he is there to make you smile. 
And whenever you want to cry, he is there to give you a shoulder.

He shows empathy and is always there for you when you need him. Even when he’s busy with his problems, he fixes yours first. You can see from his behavior that he can’t see you unhappy, and he just does anything to keep you shining bright.

8. He Protects You.

One of the sweetest signs to know a busy man likes you is that he doesn’t tolerate anyone saying anything wrong about you, including yourself.
He makes you feel safe when he’s around and guards you in every situation. He doesn’t let anyone hurt you in any way. 

9. He Shares Himself With You.

Busy people generally don’t prefer to share themselves with others, and they just open up to their close ones.

So, if he likes you, he might share insights from his life with you. He would talk to you even more as compared to his close friends. He might even share his family details, daily routine, and problems with you.

What to Expect When Dating a Busy Man? (Know if He’s the Right Choice for You or Not)

Until now, the signals above would have helped you realize if your friend likes you or not. 
If he does, it’s your turn to identify whether you should take a step ahead and turn this friendship into a sweet relationship.

But why do you need to think so much before dating him?

It is because dating a busy guy isn’t easy as it seems! 
It involves a lot of sacrifices and acceptance from both sides. If there’s a lack of effort from any side, the relationship might become toxic and eventually fail.

So, before you make a move, have a look at the positives and negatives of dating a busy man. They would give you an idea of what your relationship would look like in the future.

9 Bright Sides of Dating a Busy Man

  • You’ll get a lot of personal space. He won’t keep you occupied over text messages or call.
  • He will support you in achieving your dreams and won’t disturb you while working on them.
  • He’ll value your time as much as he values his own time.
  • Busy men are generally responsible. He’ll consider it his responsibility to protect you and take care of you.
  • He’ll handle every situation maturely. Be it arguments between both of you, your mood swings, trauma, or anything else.
  • He won’t ever leave you struggling in bad times.
  • He would prefer to avoid entering into conflicts because they consume a lot of time and energy.
  • He won’t waste time creating misconceptions about you. He’ll clear things up straight away.
  • There would be no relationship obsession.

9 Dark Sides of Dating a Busy Man

9 Dark Sides of Dating a Busy Man that Works A Lot
  • You’ll have to accept that his #1 priority would be you, his family, and his work. NOT ONLY YOU!
  • You’ll have to fit yourself according to his schedule as he won’t always be available.
  • He will take a lot of time to get comfortable upto the extent that he could start sharing his deep secrets with you. 
  • You’ll have to be patient while dealing with him. He might experience a lot of highs and lows.
  • He’ll be stressed, frustrated, and anxious a lot of days. You’ll have to support him well at those moments.
  • He can be inexpressive sometimes. You’ll have to make a few intelligent guesses to understand his feelings.
  • He would require personal space more often because he would be busy figuring out his life.
  • Busy people work in silence, making them fall in love with the silent atmosphere. So, he would be more of a listener than a speaker. In case of an argument between both of you, he might prefer to be silent, which could be sometimes frustrating for you.
  • You’ll often find him lost in his own thoughts. When he does, he might suddenly stop listening to you.

If you accept both sides of the relationship happily, you are good to enter into a relationship with that guy.

13 Tips for Dating a Busy Man: How To Deal With A Guy Who is Always on the Go?

Once you’ve started dating a busy man, it’s time for you to know how to make your relationship bloom. 

So, here are 13 tips you can apply to have a successful & everlasting love life. You can apply these dating tips even when you’re in a long-distance relationship with a busy man.

1. Understand Why He’s Busy.

Have you ever thought about why your partner works so much and what’s the need? 

If you dig deep, you’ll get to know there are multiple reasons for him to work this way. 

The reasons could be responsibilities, family expectations, goals, or anything else. 
Among them, you’ll find a hidden motive that he wants a bright future for both of you, and he wants to have a happy family with you.

You need to realize that he’s working for the betterment of both of your lives. Once you do, you’ll be able to see your relationship in a positive light. 

2. Make Adjustments According to His Schedule.

When you’re dating a busy man, it’s a wise choice to adjust the schedule as per his time considerations.

Don’t message him or call him when you know he’s busy. 
Don’t be too rigid while planning things. For example, If he can’t afford to meet you on weekdays, opt for the weekend.

There will be times when he will have to postpone some events, such as date nights, movies, trips, or anything else.

I know it will hurt especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship. But, please don’t feel sad about it.

He wants to spend time with you as much as you do, but he’s just helpless. 
Don’t have fights with him. Instead, comfort him that it’s okay.

3. Speak Up.

When you feel it’s been so long since you spent quality time with your partner and you’ve started losing your mind, it’s time to speak up.

Tell him how you feel. Express what’s going on within you. Ask him to spend more time with you. 

You can also suggest a few ways he can fit you into his daily routine. For example, tell him to call you for a few minutes after the lunch break or when he’s just taking a break to relax.   

Be calm and don’t lose control. Don’t just start yelling at him. Explain to him nicely that the relationship won’t work this way and you aren’t happy.

Try it out. He’ll surely understand.

4. Stay Occupied.

Dating A Busy Man

You know that your partner is busy. So, It’s time for you to get busy as well.

You can work towards your goals, enjoy your hobby, catch up with your old friends, or simply relax. Just do whatever you love.

It will help you get through the time with ease when your partner isn’t around. Further, you won’t feel alone and miss him as much as you do now. 

Time will pass, and you won’t even notice.    

5. Never Break His Trust.

Higher chances are that your partner is busy, so he won’t be asking you many questions related to “where are you going” or “who are you meeting.”
It is also because he blindly trusts you that you won’t ever betray him.

If you want your relationship to last forever, stay truthful and loyal to your partner. Because if you don’t, he’ll get to know the reality someday, and he won’t ever forgive you.

6. Don’t Over-Expect.

You already know your partner is too busy, so expecting a lot of effort from his side won’t be justice, Right?

If he can’t talk to you for hours and calls you for a few minutes, it’s okay. Just look at how he’s always available for you when you need him. How he takes care of you, provides you support, comforts you, and helps you out in challenging situations.

Never ignore multiple positives because of a single flaw.      

7. Don’t Let Him Struggle Alone.

Working day and night isn’t easy, and it’s excruciating. You have to cut off from the world and focus on a single task.

Sometimes, in the process, a person starts to feel lonely. But don’t let your partner feel the same.
Be with him when he’s struggling. Make him realize that you are always there for him. Provide him with the support that he needs.

It will definitely strengthen your relationship.

8. Have the Best Time Together.

I know that both of you don’t meet often. But when you do, can’t you make every meeting memorable, even if it’s a short one?

Yes, You can!

Whenever you meet, make the best out of time. Enjoy each other’s company. Grab the opportunity to take him away from his work.
Don’t fight over small things. Instead, be happy. Do crazy stuff, laugh at silly things, click pictures, and enjoy life.

Quantity of time doesn’t matter. Quality does!

9. Surprise Him Often.

How To Deal With A Busy Boyfriend

Everyone loves surprises! We love them, even more, when they are useful.

To make your partner realize that you support him in what he’s doing, surprise him with things that would be helpful for him. 
For example, if he’s busy creating graphics, gift him a tool that could help him make the process simple and time-effective. Else, you can go with productivity or time-management planners as well. 

10. Have Small But Quality Conversations.

Your partner is primarily short on time. So, it’s pretty evident that you get limited time to talk to him, Right?

Why not utilize the time to its fullest?

Whenever you talk to your partner, instead of telling him your daily routine that he already knows, directly hop onto the things you want him to know.  

In simple words, declutter the shit.

11. Don’t Exaggerate Any Conflict.

Conflicts are regular in any relationship. But, when you are dating a busy man, they shouldn’t continue for long.

Whenever you have a conflict with your busy partner, try to solve it on the same day or within a few hours. Don’t hold onto it for long.
If there are any misunderstandings, clear them up right away.

If you hold onto a conflict for long, it might affect your partner’s work schedule and make him feel irritated. It’s something that we don’t want.

12. Be Expressive.

As I’ve told you earlier, busy men are mostly inexpressive. So, if you want him to open up well with you, make sure to open up yourself.

Share everything about yourself with him, for example, your past life, past relationships, and life problems. Tell him how much you love him and appreciate his positive characteristics. 

Make him comfortable with you, and soon, you’ll see that he’ll start sharing himself and his feelings with you.

13. Take Him Out for a Break.

When you’re dating a busy man, he might not realize that he needs a break. 

He’ll continue to work until he gets burnout.

In reality, those burnouts are incredibly frustrating and kill productivity. He might even go through severe mood swings, yell at you, feel anxious at night, or even go through sleepless nights. 

It really becomes difficult for both partners to handle the situation.

So, all you need to do is prevent burnout before it happens. What you can do is take him out for a break, maybe a trip, so that he can relax. Make him do the things that he loves. 

Just make sure that he’s totally isolated from his work.

How To Text a Busy Man?

How to text a busy man

1. Be a Partner, Not an Owner.

Ordering your busy boyfriend to do something isn’t a good idea. He may get annoyed by such pushy messages and get frustrated.

For example, it’s better to text: “Babe! Can we have a beautiful candlelight dinner this Friday night?😍”
Instead of texting: “We’re going out for dinner this Friday night. Be ready by 8’o clock.”

2. Keep Your Texts Short and Sweet.

Don’t send “long articles” as texts to a busy man as he won’t have much time to read them. Keep your messages short, crisp, and to the point. 

Also, avoid flooding his message list with tens of messages. Send him limited texts and wait for his reply.

3. Let Your Texts Show that You Care.

Often sending texts that make your boyfriend feel loved and cared for isn’t a bad idea, Right?

For example, texting “Darling! I know you’re busy throughout the day at work, but please don’t forget to have your lunch🥰” after he goes to work would make him feel really special.

Just ensure you don’t spam him with such messages throughout the day. Keep it natural.  

4. Send Him Heart-Touching Texts.

Sending heart-touching messages to your boyfriend every once in a while is an amazing way to keep the bond fresh and new. It even helps your love grow forever.

An example of such beautiful messages could be: 
“Hey, Babe! Thank you for making each day of my life so joyful and special. I feel I’ve found the unicorn man I was always looking for. You are far beyond perfect, my darling💕.” 

5. Send Him Pics.

Sending a few routine pictures to your boyfriend is a great idea to bring a smile to his face and make him feel close to you. The best part is that he might also start sharing his images with you in his free time.

Such a small gesture would surely improve the bond between both of you.  

9 Deep & Meaningful Dating a Busy Man Quotes

1. You can either build with a busy man or babysit a broke one.

2. A real woman can handle a busy man. She’ll respect his hustle. And if he’s a real man, he’ll know how to make time for her.

3. Date a man who’s busy building his own empire, not who’s busy ruining the inherited one.

Dating a busy man quote - "Date a man who's busy building his own empire, not who's busy ruining the inherited one."

4. A busy man might not spend plenty of time with you. But he can spend plenty of “quality” time with you.

5. Falling in love with a busy man is easy, but it’s actually hard to make it grow.

6. Respect a man’s time, and he’ll respect yours.

7. If you don’t want a broke man, you’re gonna have to put up with a busy man.

8. Dating a busy man is like a throuple where the third partner is “his work.”

Quote about dating a busy man - "Date a man who's busy building his own empire, not who's busy ruining the inherited one."

9. Dating a busy, purpose-driven, and responsible man is much better than dating a free, purposeless, and immature guy.   

End of the Line

A relationship is a two-sided game involving similar efforts from both sides.
Despite being busy, if your partner is trying his best to balance the relationship, he wants the relationship to last forever. Once he gets bandwidth from his work, he’ll surely give you all the time that you need.

Till the time he gets free, just make a few adjustments, look at the positive sides of your relationship, and you’ll realize how perfect your relationship already is.

Let me know in the comments if the tips mentioned in the post helped you out on your relationship journey. Make sure to share it with your friends who are dating a busy partner as well.

I wish you a happy and peaceful love life!





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