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Updated On: December 24, 2022

Are you tired of giving a 100% in friendships and still getting backstabbed? No more! This post will give you the definition of true friend and their characteristics.


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True friendship is an art.
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Do you remember the last time when you nicely said hello or goodbye to your best friend or your true friend?

I guess you don’t!

An obvious way we greet our close friends is by showing them the middle finger followed by a weird laugh. The feeling right at the moment is so savage.

Further, In an era where most friendships are casual, the question is – “How do you form friendships that are so transparent? Friendships that can make you live your life to the fullest.”

The short answer to the question is:-

  • You become a casual friend with someone, and the bond becomes deeper until you find yourself comfortable with them.
  • The friendship levels up, and you start counting them as your good friend.
  • You meet them often, and they eventually become your true friend/best friend.

The process looks simple, but the fact is that it’s hard and takes a lot of time.

True friendship is an art. It is a skill that demands learning and practice.

Most people these days confuse their “casual friends” as “real friends” without even knowing it, and you might be in the same boat too.

Well, I don’t want you to remain in the pitfall any longer as it might hurt you in the long run.

So, In this post, I’ll tell you:- What is the real definition of a true friend, and what are the characteristics of a true friend?

It will help you get deeper into your friendships, analyze them, and set the required boundaries for them.

Carefully read the whole post, and make sure to take the “true friend quiz” waiting at the bottom for you.

10 Unique Characteristics that Define a Person as your True Friend

1. A True Friend Accepts You the Way you are.

A person that is your true friend accepts you by heart and never wants you to change. They accept everything about you, be it positive or negative.

They know who you truly are and never leave you alone, be it a rainfall or a storm.

They know how to handle your weaknesses and glorify your strengths. They don’t care about your looks, your personality, your income, or anything else. The only thing they care about is your friendship.

A real friend also helps you to create a positive self-image. Alongside, they appreciate your positive traits and help you to work on the negative ones.

All that matters to them is your heart, soul, and your friendship.

2. You Find it Comfortable to Share Anything with Them.

sharing is a trait of friendship.

True friends are the ones with whom you share your health, wealth, and reputation. They are the only ones who can soften your pain even if your health degrades or wealth departs.

You don’t have any conversational limits when interacting with your true friends. You don’t need to think twice before expressing yourself. You are free to speak anything without considering whether they will feel good or bad. You just express what’s inside you.

Also, they realize that everybody has ups and downs, and you might be rude sometimes, but it doesn’t affect your friendship. You get back to them, and you feel as if they were waiting for you to come back. They are still the same with no harsh feelings or grudges.

3. They aren’t Judgemental.

Only a true friend knows what’s inside you. They are fully aware of the purity of your heart and soul.
They don’t ever judge you no matter what. Others’ opinions do not influence their opinion about you.
They know you already, and they chose you. That’s why they are your true friends.
A few mistakes or a slight change in your attitude doesn’t bother them at all.

4. They Realize their Fault.

A real friend doesn’t feel ashamed to apologize for their mistakes. You don’t need to make them realize, and they already know when they are at fault.
They don’t put their ego ahead of the friendship.

In case both you and your friend fall into an argument, they won’t push you to accept their opinion only. They would equally value your opinion and back off if they are wrong.

5. Their Presence Make You Feel Happy.

You would have observed it already that having a group of negative people around you makes you unhappy.

The same is the scenario for friends.

Some of your casual friends who are negative emit negative vibes, which ultimately make you unhappy.
Having a true friend around you will make you feel positive and happier than ever. You laugh and enjoy yourself more than ever.

You miss them when they aren’t around.

Both of you try to spend the maximum possible time with each other. You pre-plan meetings and stay excited to meet each other.

6. They Don’t Hesitate to Make the First Move.

Quote on Friendship
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You would have read the quote in several places, but the fact is that it’s true.

Stop messaging or calling the friends in your contact list and wait for them to reach out to you.

You’ll observe yourself that the ones who aren’t your real friends won’t even bother you. They will automatically start fading from your lives.
However, a true friend will reach back to you the same way you used to reach out to them.

7. They aren’t Jealous of You.

True friends don’t only work upon their upliftment. They help you to improve your personality and reach heights of success. They help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations instead of pulling you back to get themselves ahead.

They never steal your ideas. Rather, they provide you with new visions and opportunities so that you can move forward in life.

When you feel low, your true friends are the source of motivation for you.

They don’t feel jealous when you work on yourself. Instead, they applaud you when you achieve something and criticize you when you do something wrong.

8. A True Friend is Always there for You.

The real friendship test is when you fall into a difficult situation.

The friends who stand with you the whole time are the ones that are your true friends. They try their best to provide you with the support you need and stick by your side until things get better.
While, on the other hand, fake friends are the ones who leave you alone to struggle in the situation.

A true friend doesn’t insult you behind your back. Instead, they defend or take your stand when someone says wrong about you. They don’t require any justifications or explanations from your side as they already know the reality.

They don’t ever try to fake that they love you. It’s all for real.

9. True Friendship is Understanding. Not an Agreement.

A true friend cares for you, and there are no terms attached to it. They understand you, and they are there with you when there’s nobody with you.

A true friend prefers honesty over anything else. If they feel something wrong about you, they don’t play any games and straight away tell you.

A true friend knows when you need them. So, if they are busy, they will take time out of their busy schedule. They’ll always give you the time, care, and support that you need.

You don’t need to ask for any of it. A real friend already knows when you need them.

10. You are Never Afraid of Losing them.

Even if the physical distance between you and your friend increases, the mental connection remains the same.

The bond is eternal, and no distance can separate your friendship.
They crave to meet you and miss you the same way you miss them.

A true friend will remain the same even when you do not meet them often. You aren’t afraid of losing them as you know that both of you are a part of each other’s life.

You know you can count on them anytime if something goes wrong.

Even if there’s a serious conflict between you and your real friend, you know that it all will be back to normal soon. You aren’t afraid that anything can permanently affect your friendship. When it’s all settled, your friendship is back to normal, and both of you are back to the best friends mode.

True Friend Quiz

If you feel that you are still confused about whether your friend is a true friend or not, take this “true friend quiz,” and it might help you clear things up.

Created by Varun Pahwa
True Friends Friendship Quiz

True Friend Quiz

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1. Do your parents like your friends?

2 / 7

2. Have you ever heard that your friend talks behind your back?

3 / 7

3. How do you feel when you spend time with your friend?

4 / 7

4. Does your friend make you feel confident about yourself?

5 / 7

5. Does your friend stick to you during the bad times?

6 / 7

6. Does your friend push you to work for your goals?

7 / 7

7. Does your friend try to ignore or prevent you? (You can answer this by observing their actions like late replies to your texts, rejecting your calls, making lame excuses before your meet-ups, etc.)

End of the Line

Living in a world where most people are either fake or selfish, it isn’t easy to find a real friend.

If you’ve already found someone, never let them go.

Such friendships are for a lifetime.

You know that there’s always someone to listen to you, celebrate with you, and feel happy for you.
A person who would cheer you upon every win and give you a shoulder to cry upon every loss.

The feeling of having a true friend isn’t something that you could describe in a few words. It’s just priceless.

Remember, having a lot of fake or casual friends would never fulfill you. While having a single true friend will make you feel much more loved than ever.

I hope you’ve found your true friend until now. If not, don’t worry, just keep interacting with new people, make new friends, and you’ll find them soon.

If you loved the post, make sure to drop a comment and let me know whether you’ve found your true friend or not.

I’ll see you in the next post. Till then, make sure to press the bell icon to stay updated for such content.

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Ans. A true friend knows you well and understands you. They will always forgive you if you apologize from your heart. Beware! They know when you are trying to fake it and when it’s real.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it was so insightful! I never had a true friend at any point throughout my life. The COVID-19 pandemic really made it really clear for me. I am not sure if I will meet a friend like this one day, but I am grateful to no longer be in friendships that are not genuine.

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