11 Shocking Signs Your Husband Likes His Co-worker!

Updated On: September 7, 2023

Is your husband cheating on you? Discover these 11 alarming signs your husband likes his co-worker. Know the truth now!


Signs your husband likes his co-worker

Have you been noticing something strange about your husband lately? Do you often see him hanging out with his female co-worker? Are you suspicious that your husband might have feelings for her?

My dear, I’m here to help you out.

In this post, I’ll share 11 brutal signs your husband likes his female co-worker. 

Watch out for these signs closely. If you relate to most of them, it could mean something’s cooking!

Is Your Husband Having an Affair? 11 Alarming Signs Your Husband Likes His Co-worker

A disclaimer before we get started: Please don’t create a mess just after looking at these signs. You know your husband better and will get a more precise idea by closely observing his behavior. 

Hence, these signs are there just to cross-check your doubts.

1. He’s Always on His Phone.

So, your husband never responds to your calls and messages at work but is always on his phone at home? 

Well, red flag!

If you constantly find him texting and smirking, it could mean he’s talking to a co-worker he secretly likes.

Think about it. Why is your husband so invested in his phone all the time? You ask him to do the dishes, and he’s texting ‘someone.’ Even while having dinner, he constantly receives notifications and jumps to check them out. 

You don’t see him without his phone even for a minute! And when you try to confront him, he calms you down by saying something like, “Oh, it’s just work. Things are pretty rough right now.”

If you notice this behavior, things are not good, my dear! Maybe his co-worker is all he can think of, even when he’s with you.

2. There’s No Intimacy (Physical or Emotional) Left in Your Marriage.

A couple sitting on a dining table that have no intimacy and are sad in each other's company.

When did you and your husband last have a deep and pleasant conversation about something? Do you always find him pulling away when you try to bring up topics to talk about? 

If yes, it probably means he no longer wishes to connect with you emotionally.

Maybe he has found someone else to meet his emotional needs. Perhaps he seeks comfort, love, and care from someone else. 

This emotional unavailability can also turn into physical distance between you. 

Your husband might shrug away every time you try getting physical or say, “I’ve had a long day today; I’m not really in the mood!” 

Okay, now get this. It’s perfectly normal for your husband not to want physical stuff after a long day at work. However, if you no longer get as hot and spicy in the bedroom as you used to, it could be a sign that he may be getting it elsewhere. 

Listen, lady, I don’t want to bum you out, but if your spidey senses tingle after reading this, you must acknowledge this sign.

3. They’re Always Hanging Out Together.

Who did your husband have dinner with last night? His co-worker. 
Who does he pick up on the way to the office? His co-worker. 
Who did he go out with for a hike last week? His co-worker!

If you constantly find your husband’s co-worker alongside him, it could be a sign he likes her. 

You will notice him going out of his way to spend time with her, and he will always be coming up with reasons to hang out with her.

Going on business trips, meetings, or parties is not a big deal, but if it’s always the two of them hanging out, that’s a red flag right there!

4. He’s Way Too Friendly With Her.

A guy who's over friendly with his female co-worker despite being married.

It may or may not mean anything, but if your husband is too friendly with his co-worker, he may be attracted to her. 

If he has an extrovert and cheerful personality, chances are he’s friendly with everyone. 

However, if your otherwise quiet, shy, and mellow husband is suddenly too comfortable around his co-worker, he may be crushing on her. 

You might notice them sharing a lot of inside jokes, playfully hitting each other, or flirting a lot. All these signs could mean he likes and wants more of her presence. 

He may not be in love with her yet, but it could mean the beginning of something. Feeling comfortable around someone you even mildly like or admire is natural.

5. He’s Always Working Late.

Is your husband putting in extra hours at work almost every day? Has work become his top priority all of a sudden? 

Your husband always believed in ‘work-life balance,’ but now he is not home for dinner most nights. There are never-ending assignments at work that he just can’t put off. Well, something is fishy.

If you find that he’s always making excuses for not spending time with you, my dear, he may be spending time with someone else (his co-worker).

If your husband likes his female co-worker, he may come up with excuses for burning the midnight oil at work. 

He’ll become a workaholic overnight. He’ll go to work early in the morning and come home late. And if this has been going on for a while, you may want to give this a serious thought. 

6. He’s Always Cranky and Mean to You.

Husband being cranky and mean to his wife, because of which his wife is crying.

This one will probably hurt, but if your husband is constantly picking fights with you out of nowhere, he is probably losing interest in you. 

You may notice he’s always in a bad mood at home or around you. He would suddenly get mad at things that never bothered him before. Or he’s just downright mean to you. 

There could be a reason behind his changed behavior. Perhaps he misses his co-worker when he is at home and channels all his anger at you. Maybe he’s uncomfortable sharing details about his life or feels guilty about being attracted to another woman

If he’s suddenly trying to push you away or create drama in your marriage, maybe his mind is occupied by someone else’s thoughts.

But hold on! It’s not only negative. 

There could also be other reasons why your husband always seems cranky. He probably didn’t get the promotion at work that he deserved. Or maybe the money is too tight for him this month. 

So, think about it objectively before coming to any conclusion. 

7. He Often Compares You to Her.

“Jennifer is doing so well in her career. Why aren’t you taking your job seriously?”
“Jennifer is so smart, beautiful, and has a brilliant sense of humor.”
“You really should put in more effort in the way you dress. Look at Jennifer; I love her fashion sense!”

Sounds familiar?

This is the biggest red flag to watch out for if you’re concerned about your husband’s affair with his co-worker.

He married you because he loved how you look, dress, and carry yourself. Now, suddenly, he wants you to be like his co-worker? 

Dear, this is so unfair to you! If he wants you to look, dress, and be a certain way like his female co-worker, he might be into her.

Casual comparisons about these things are no problem at all. But if he’s making you question your self-worth by complimenting another woman, just know your feelings don’t matter to him.

8. He Ignores Your Texts or Calls Very Often.

A lady who's crying because her husband often ignores her texts and calls.

You shot him a quick text, asking him about the grocery list – no response.

You called him to ask whether he’s down to hang out with your friends tonight – no response.

You FaceTime him during lunch to show him the watch you got for him – no response.

No one is ever too busy that they can’t check their phone once in a while. If your husband always avoids your messages and calls at work, he may not want your interference when he’s with his co-worker. 

Maybe he enjoys spending time with her so much that your messages annoy him. So he never bothers to respond. And at times, when he does reply, he constantly lashes out at you for disturbing him at work. 

If he likes his female co-worker, you may not be on his mind, so he could spend the entire day not communicating with you. 

9. He Doesn’t Give You Any Attention.

It’s one of the classic signs your husband likes his co-worker! I have touched upon this point earlier, but discussing this in detail is essential. 

If you find your husband pulling away at the slightest mention of your emotional needs, he may not be interested in you anymore.

You may notice that he dismisses you when you try to have a decent conversation, saying he had a busy day at work. 

Your husband, who once showered you with all his love and attention, is suddenly acting aloof. Why? Because he may think that you don’t deserve it. He may want to focus all his time and attention on his co-worker, whom he so dearly admires. 

I know it sucks to feel replaced like this, but this is one of the significant signs he likes his co-worker. There’s no other reason for him to behave like this if there wasn’t any other woman in his life.

10. You Notice a Change in His Demeanor When You Mention Her.

Husband getting awkward when his wife asked about his female co-worker.

Does your husband act awkward when you mention his female co-worker? Do you notice him avoiding eye contact when you’re talking about her? 

If so, It could mean that he’s scared you might discover his secret feelings for his co-worker.

Let’s say you just casually mention his co-worker, and he gets all weird and dismissive about it. It’s no big deal if it happens once or twice. 

However, if he avoids talking about her every time you mention her, he’s definitely trying to hide something from you. After all, if there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing to fear.

So, your husband’s strange behavior only points towards the possibility that he likes his female co-worker. And to avoid any suspicion, he never acknowledges her existence.

11. He Has Picked Up New Interests and Hobbies.

Your husband never enjoyed photography, but suddenly, he’s clicking selfies everywhere. He was never a fan of rock music, but that’s all he listens to these days. 

You see where I’m going with this? A sudden change in his interests may indicate he’s trying to impress his co-worker. Maybe he wants to align with his co-worker’s interests to get closer to her. 

It’s only natural to try out things that your crush likes so that you can make a move on her. When you share common interests with someone it’s easier to develop a deeper bond with them. 

So, if your husband has started to pick up new hobbies out of nowhere, maybe it’s for his co-worker.

What to Do When Your Husband Likes His Co-worker?

If you’ve read this far, it’s most likely because you think your husband is interested in his co-worker. 

My dear, I know it hurts, and it’s not easy to accept it. But, before taking any drastic steps, it’s important to think rationally and handle the situation in the best way possible. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Don’t Panic or Lash Out.

Panicking or lashing out will only make things worse! 

I know it can be a real task to keep calm in this situation but don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Else, your husband might pull away from you, and you won’t get the answer.

2. Ask Him What’s Going on.

Talk it out with your husband. Ask him whether or not he’s happy in this marriage. Ask him why he has been acting so strange and aloof lately.

If he refuses to talk or open up about his affair with his female co-worker, it’s the right time to decide whether you want to stick with him or move away.

3. Don’t Let This Affect Your Self-Esteem.

“My husband is too friendly with his female co-worker! Does this mean I failed as a wife?” 

Absolutely not. It’s none of your fault!

Whatever the outcome of your marriage will be, do not let it perish your self-confidence. Keeping your head high in times like these is always a good idea.

End of the Line

So, my dear, there you have it – 11 clear signs your husband likes his co-worker. 

Now that we’ve discussed every sign in detail, take your time and ponder them. 

I know it’s not easy to deal with this situation, but always remember, you have absolutely no reason to blame yourself. 

I hope you figure out a way to make your marriage work. 

All the best!



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